What It Would Feel Like: Kaele

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She’s pretty sure she’s straight. She’s only ever had boyfriends, but she’s always found her eyes drifting to a pretty woman’s chest once in a while. That’s normal, right? Everyone does that occasionally. She has been having these feelings for you. Feelings that she’s only ever had for boys before and she can’t take it anymore, she needs to do something about it. She called you in the morning to ask to hang out later that night. You’re free, of course, and you agree to.

You two would be watching a movie, some 00s romcom, but she hasn’t been paying any attention to the plot of the movie since it started. She would breathe hard as soon as you scoot closer to her on the couch. Her leg would bounce softly because she’s nervous, and curious. She’s trying to conceal her feelings but you’ve already noticed. She would touch your hand, get flustered and say it’s on accident. You would smile sweetly and sigh a little giggle. You would grab her hand and hold it firmly in yours, saying “oh, that’s okay!” She would glance at your hands intertwined then look you deep in the eyes for a brief moment, her expression changing. She would lean in and kiss you on the lips. Your tongue would touch her teeth, making her whimper into your mouth. When she realizes you’ve placed your hand on her thigh, she would put hers on top of it and stroke your fingers gently. Her eyes would be closed shut, focusing on your mouth on hers. She would then realize that your other hand had snaked its way up her back. She would open her eyes and break the kiss. You would ask her if she’s okay to keep going. She would respond by grabbing the hem of her tee shirt and pulling it over her head, exposing her bra-clad chest. She would be wearing one of her nice ones, one that would have extra pieces of fabric stitched across the cups. It would be black, like her hair. She would then pull that straight hair of hers out of the ponytail, it falling on her shoulders and flowing down to her breasts.

You would be watching patiently and in awe because holy shit this is happening. She would freeze for a moment and contemplate if she should take her bra off next or wait. You would smile at her and tell her how beautiful she looks. She would blush and push her hair back behind her ear. You would lean in this time and take her chin in your hand, bringing it to your mouth for another kiss. This kiss would be more passionate and frenzied. She would scoot closer until her knees touched yours. Your tongue would be touching hers when she would start to make small noises into your mouth. You would glance downward and realize she is rocking her hips back and forth on the couch.

This, you would decide, would be the time to take off that bra. You would reach around her back and unclip her bra without breaking the kiss. The bra would slip down her arms and be tossed aside by you. She would gasp softly when she feels the night air touch her fully balıkesir escort naked upper half. You would start to move your kisses away from her mouth, down her chin and neck. Her breath would hike each time you move lower. You would stop for a brief moment at the nape of her shoulder to smell her vanilla perfume. It would be intoxicating. This brief moment would make you realize that you are already wet. And if you are, then… Your kisses would continue to move lower until you reach the top of her breasts. You would look up at her.

She would be gritting her teeth in an anticipatory smile, a deep red blush would have consumed her entire face by now. She wouldn’t be able to help it, and a small moan would leave her mouth. You would sit up facing her, savoring making her wait. Your hands would reach towards her chest. Your small hand could cover the entirety of one of her tiny breasts. You would decide to place a thumb on her erect dark brown nipple. You would push it side to side, she would be looking down watching you the whole time, gasping softly. You would feel a burst of vivacity and lean forward so your mouth meets her breast. She would sigh loudly and lean back on her hands, supporting herself.

“Oh, oh my god.” She would whisper to herself. This would spur you on even more; you would push yourself on top of her, positioning your knee between her legs. She would suddenly gasp and look very concerned. You would look up and ask what’s wrong, worried she decided she doesn’t actually want this anymore.

She would sputter, “uh, uh, I’m all wet?” This would make you laugh. You’d kiss her on the chin,

“that’s a good thing, dummy.” She would look relieved, but you would start to feel self conscious.

“Are you sure you want to go on, we can stop if you’d like.”

“No,” she would blurt, “I like this, please.” She’d reach for your hand. There would be a glint in her eyes, maybe reflecting the street light through the window. Okay, you’d think, this is what she wants. You’d kiss her once again on the chin and start to move lower, past her chest, down her tummy, to the zipper of her jeans. You would reach your hands to touch her stomach and realize how shaky you are. You would look up to see her, see if anything has changed. She would look back at you and smile softly, no trace of regret or hesitation. You’d gather your courage, and place two fingers on the zipper of her jeans. She would bite her lip. You’d unbutton her jeans, and pull the zipper down. You’d move your hands to her hips and grab the fabric where it meets her skin. She’d place her hands on yours, as to say it’s okay, go on and you’d both pull her jeans down her legs. They would bunch up at her ankle and you’d both laugh as you yank them off her and cast them aside like her bra. She would lift her feet and pull her knees up. You’d glance between her legs and wouldn’t balıkesir escort bayan be able to look away – a dark gray wet spot on her white cotton panties.

You’d swallow, oh, shit. You would realize you can’t wait any longer and you don’t want her to wait any longer, either. You would then pull her panties off in one quick motion. She would gasp and giggle in surprise. Your tongue would move over your teeth in your mouth and she would bite her lip. You’d tell her how beautiful she was again and it would make her legs fall open, her hand resting on her lower abdomen. She would be glowing and driving you wild. Her scent would fill the air and make you both groan happily. When you lean down to kiss her tummy, she’ll squirm and giggle. She’ll mention how awkward she feels to be the only one naked. You’ll blush then pull your shirt over your head. “Better,” she’ll say, “but…” You’d realize she wants you to take your bra off, so you oblige, and toss it aside once again.

“They’re so small and cute!” She’d gleam, staring at your bare chest. You would blush, but was that a compliment? You’d wonder.

When you lean forward to kiss her again, both your chests would touch. She would moan and you would gasp. Then, you would slip your hand between your bodies, and find a little pearl, open, pink and warm, between her legs. The sensation would elicit a small moan from your mouth. You would chuckle under your breath and try to regain your composure. You would all the sudden not know what to do next. Does she like it rough, does she like to go slow? Oh, God, argh! I’ll go slowly, you would decide then. So, then you would rub her clit, slowly. When you do, she’ll moan, “perfect, perfect.” You’d chuckle to yourself, nice, nice. One of your fingers would stay there slowly circling, while the others would travel to another warm, wet opening. Very wet, you’d notice. The feeling would make you groan and make your chest tighten. She would sigh deeply and lovingly. You would look up at her and make eye contact. Her face would have an expression of total repose. When she nods and bites her lip, you’ll bring your free hand to her clit to continue the circle and use the other hand to stick two fingers inside. She will moan your name loudly, her hips begin bumping up and down rhythmically. Small “oo”s and “ah”s will escape her mouth. As you scrape your fingers against her walls, you’ll feel your fingers gather moisture and the hunger will take over. When you remove your fingers, she’ll make a dissatisfied groan that would soon be replaced by a surprised gasp as your mouth takes the place of your hand. The taste, the smell, it would be almost too much to handle and you’ll moan into her, feeling more moist yourself. God, you wish you could take off your pants right now. But what if she doesn’t want that, what if that would upset her and make her realize how escort balıkesir absurd the current situation is? Two ex-coworkers, current classmate aquatintences wrapped up on your apartment couch? Seems pretty unlikely, but nevertheless pretty hot. So, you would glance upward to make sure her eyes are closed, and nonchalantly slip your free hand down the front of your joggers.

She’ll start to shake, her hips thrusting forcefully into your chin and nose. She would be moaning over and over, each thrust accompanied by an “uh” or an “ooh”.

She’d be panting, her hands grasping the cushions of the couch desperately for support, her feet wildly twitching. “I feel like I’m going to explode,” she’d murmur. This would make you wonder if she has ever had an orgasm before. Maybe she’s never even had sex. And if she hasn’t, then you would become determined to make this experience one to remember. So, you would start to rub her harder, dig deeper with your tongue. Your fingers mindlessly rubbing yourself as well. She would become frenzied, practically screaming with pleasure. It would feel like she is punching your face with her sex. You would feel her muscles tighten around your tongue as her voice raised in pitch. She’d scream your name as a gush of salty warm liquid would fill your mouth, practically choking you as you continue to swallow. You’d lick her as she came down, the muscles around your tongue throbbing rhythmically. You’d feel her heartbeat slowing as she took deep breaths, in and out.

“Oh, my… oh, my..” she would slowly repeat to herself. She’d place a hand on your forehead, gently asking you to stop. You’d sit up, pull your hand out of your pants and wipe the wetness dripping from your chin away with your forearm. You’d softly chuckle to yourself as you watch her bare chest rising and falling, her body spent, head against the armrest. Her body glistening with sweat, her face plastered with hair. She’d make such a beautiful mess. Suddenly, you’d hear a phone start to ring. She would sit up and look around. She’d reach for the coffee table where her phone is laying, pick it up and answer.

“Hey babe, what’s up?” She’d say into the speaker. “Yeah, I’m fine, just over at a friends house for a movie. What, no? I’m fine, it was a scary movie.” Ha! You’d think, she’s still panting.

“Sure, babe, be home soon. Love you.” She’d hang up the phone and put it back on the table.

She’d look at you, “my boyfriend,” she’d say. She would stand up, her wobbly feet would touch the floor, and she’d gather her clothes. She’d pull her shirt over her head and pull her jeans back on. She’d put her shoes on and stop at the door. She’d glance back at you, “uh, thank you,” she’d say in a soft tone.

“I’ll, uh, I’ll call you.”

“Yeah, okay, yeah.” You snap your bra back in place. You’d pull the blanket from the back of the couch and wrap it around yourself.

“See you later,” you’d say to her.

“See you later,” she’d say as she grabbed the door handle.

Your mind is brought back to reality by a knocking at your door. That must be Kaele, you think. You pull your hand out of the front of your joggers and reposition them on your waist. You stride over to the door and grab the handle.

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