A Lust for Life Ch. 01

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I… need… sleep!

I felt like I was going mad, I swear it had been a month since I last slept properly. I don’t know whats causing it, stress, bad diet who knows and to be honest who cares, I certainly didn’t feeling like I haven’t slept in weeks. This insomnia was grueling.

My ever supportive wife laughed at me as I clumsily walked into cupboard doors, forgot things, or stumbled around like a zombie.

This morning I came downstairs having dressed perfectly for work, my hair freshly washed and loose, my short beard sharp, my tie immaculately in place, my lower half minus the trousers.

In contrast Andrea as usual looked perfect, her business attire effortlessly stylish, an air of I’ll fuck you up authority, awesomely professional and just the subtlest hint of sex appeal. Damn my wife is amazing.

“You should pay attention,” Andrea laughed at me as I walked into the kitchen half dressed, ” one of these mornings you’ll walk downstairs with your cock hanging out”.

Damn, and how my wife emphasized the word ‘cock’, a little too loud, a little too forcefully, the way she said those four letters said so much more.

With just the tone of her voice, that slight smile and devilish glint in her eye she was saying:

“your beautiful cock.”

“Your fat, veiny, cock that I want to wrap my lips around”

“Your cock that makes me shudder when I feel it spreading my lips”

“Your cock that always takes me by surprise when I sink my ass down onto it”.

I looked at my wife adoringly and hungrily, my eyes dropping to her semi fitting shirt closely cut at the bust valiantly trying to constrain her heavy breasts. Breasts that hypnotize me when she’s on top of me, that I love to feel swinging against my face as she rides me, their weight against my skin, her nipples I love to clamp my lips around and suck hard on till she screams.

I laughed too, feeling how lucky I was to have this powerhouse of a women, a natural leader who inspires and awes people, who I know can switch from supremely tall, curvaceous dom decisive in satisfying her sexual desires to a begging sweaty mess, deliriously grunting, begging me to fuck my cock into her tight ass.

My wife and I have always enjoyed an honest sex life, we know everything each other wants and desires, and we have been happily comfortable with allowing each other to explore them.

Andrea enjoys pushing my boundaries and takes a small perverse delight in gently teasing me about them while helping me explore them.

Andrea knows that I have a particular weakness for well endowed women like herself, which she finds incredibly amusing. She likes to tease me about how stereotypical I am, “”your soooo… obvious ” she told me, “everyone likes boobs, but come on that’s so vanilla”.

She also loved to embarrass me by drawing attention to them in public, she’d point out women in films or tv, in the street or on public transport who she knew would make me horny.

Andrea especially liked to tease me about younger women, she both knew how horny it made me and how embarrassed I got about it, feeling like a dirty old man. She’d take great delight in pointing out women young enough to be my daughter knowing how awkward it made me feel and act, especially as she had no problem seducing and ravishing young women for her own pleasure.

“Look at the tit’s on that girl” she’d say, “God bet you’d love a firm young pair of tit’s like that wrapped around your cock”.

Sometimes Andrea would take things too far, sometimes she pushed my boundaries further than I thought I was comfortable with.

Only recently we had been on the train home from slightly too many drinks at a bar, sat side-by-side, tucked away at the end of the carriage.

Andrea feeling naughty and vindictive had put her coat over my lap, pulled my cock out of the fly of my trousers and started to bring me off while whispering the rudest things she could think of in my ear.

Whereas Andrea is a confident exhibitionist I’m very easily embarrassed, She knows this which gives her more satisfaction, and so it was she sat there working her fingers up and down my cock.

There was no-one nearby and sat as we were, anyone glancing at us would have just assumed we were a slightly tired couple on the way home, her head resting on his shoulder for comfort. I shut my eyes briefly enjoying the sensations and her words tickling my ears, pretending this wasn’t happening in public.

My pleasure was suddenly interrupted as I realized we had reached a station and the doors were opening and Andrea’s hand movement was speeding up! I shot an angry, alarmed glance at her to stop and she laughed.

Knowing how far to push my discomfort she relented as the doors opened, leaned her head on my shoulder and stopped moving her hand, her fingers still but clenching my hard cock, squeezing it like a heart beat, stopping me from going soft.

There was a stumbling sound and a young pendik escort women made a valiant effort to enter the train while her obviously inebriated legs tried to go in two directions at once. She lunged for the hand rail and stood tall, proudly proving her ability to stay upright.

“Wow” Andrea breathed in my ear, her fingers tensing around my cock which had itself tensed for the same reason as her.

The young women, slightly worse for wear stood swaying in a beautiful red cocktail dress, it was split up both thighs spreading slightly to reveal long legs. Tight at the waist it then blossomed out around the largest bust I had ever seen in real life. The dress did little to cover her breasts, a thin red strap around her neck trying to carry out the impossible task of supporting her huge breasts, only succeeding in creating a deep inviting cleavage.

“fuck, they are huge” Andrea whispered, “what do you reckon?”

Like there was anyway I could answer at that moment!

“Jeeez… they must be at least a F, no a G cup. what do you think? She’s your perfect wet dream I bet”

“uhhuh.” was all I could manage, I was trying my best not to stare at the women’s breasts. I looked up at her face. She was cute as opposed to beautiful, her face slightly rounded with light blond hair framing her dark hazel eyes, her nose was small and slightly upturned, above full lips that broke into an embarrassed smile as our eyes met.

“I know,” she said “I’m very sophisticated.” I smiled back as she flopped inelegantly down in the seat opposite us, her breasts heaving up and and down as she did, and for a moment I thought her dress would give up and they would spill out before my eyes..

“Did you have a good night?” Andrea asked striking up conversation as she always does, though not normally with her hand wrapped around my cock.

I realized I was obviously glancing at the woman’s glorious cleavage and the more I tried not to look the more I seemed to be drawn back, my cock grew harder, Andrea noticed.

“I’m Andrea and this is my husband John” she continued, her hand starting its motion again as the train started it’s own. The movement of the train as it rattled along caused the woman’s breasts to wobble and shake gently.

“Sally” the girl replied, “very nice to meet you,” in a mock posh voice. “Very sophisticated am I not?” We all laughed.

“I love that dress” said Andrea, “you look very beautiful in it”

“I know, I loved it the moment I saw it, even though I knew it was going to be a bit, eh, …snug” she replied, readjusting herself, pulling at the front of the dress that threatened to reveal all, “I knew it was the wrong size but I really, really wanted it, you don’t think it’s too snug do you…” she trailed off.

She caught my eye as she glanced up, a knowing look of what I was trying not to stare at. “…yeah… well… pretty damn snug” she said looking me dead in the eye, Andrea’s hand squeezed my cock firmly and I went bright red.

“You’re husband is soo cute,” Sally gushed to Andrea laughing heartily at my embarrassment “I think my preDICKament might be causing him a preDICKament,” She elongated the word to sound as vulgar as possible and laughed at her own joke, obviously enjoying how I squirmed and went a deeper red.

Andrea laughed along with Sally, ” yeah well I’ve got to say that you are exactly the type of woman he’s a sucker for, but don’t worry he’s generally harmless and I keep him in HAND.”

Great now my wife and this beautiful stranger were sharing a joke about my inability to keep my eyes off her chest. Andrea enjoyed flirting and no doubt she was getting wet at the sight of my discomfort. Her hand tightened and slowly moved up and down, I groaned inwardly.

Sally rolled her eyes, laughing heavily, her huge breasts trying to escape with every sound. She looked across at me, leaning forward enough to make her cleavage even more pronounced, ” I don’t mind, you seem nice and most men are suckers… are you a sucker?”

Andrea couldn’t keep from laughing now, her hand paused as she rolled around in hysterics, as she did the coat briefly moved. I grabbed it back before Sally saw anything.

Sally sat silently for a moment as is she was considering something.

“How old are you?” Sally asked us.

“I’m 38 and the old man is 43,” Andrea replied, ribbing me about my age again.

“wow, you don’t seem that old!!” Sally exclaimed at me, before rushing to apologize at my obviously hurt expression. “I didn’t mean it like that… I like older guys… anyway”

Andrea, always the one to push things asked, “and how old are you?”

“oh I’m 22,” she replied slightly coyly, “so I guess to you two I must just seem like some silly drunk young girl”.

“Not at all,” Andrea replied reassuringly, “and anyway he likes young girls!”

“Andrea” I exclaimed shocked at her presenting me as some kind of dirty old perv to this young stranger.

They kartal escort both laughed at me.

“You seem nice” Sally said looking at me, changing the subject “I wish I had a nice guy.”

“I was supposed to meet this hot guy for a date this evening and then he goes and stands me up, didn’t tell me till I was already at the bar!”

“men are the worst” Andrea agreed, “they’re all creeps,” she said a sideways glance catching me ogling Sally’s breasts again.

“Arrren’t they,” Sally slurred slightly, “all creeps…no offence, you seem nice, are you nice? or are you a sucker?” she laughed again, “as long as you’re nice I don’t mind if you’re a sucker…if your wife doesn’t mind?”.

“I’m a nice guy,” I managed to croak, my throat suddenly dry, “though Andrea would probably disagree”.

“Yup” Andrea replied, “John can be a proper creep” her hand pumping up and down, the hypocrite. “And I don’t mind my husband being a bit of a sucker…as long as I can watch”.

It was Sally’s turn to blush, making her look cuter, the blush spreading from her cheeks down her neck to the top of her chest inviting me to my doom. Her nipples were hard beneath the sheer material, had they been before?

She paused again, a small frown of concentration then lean’t forward towards us her cleavage getting even more obscenely squashed.

“So many nasty guys tonight were just hitting on me,” she said “cos of these,” holding her hands to her breasts she pressed them together presenting them to us. “I love them, and I know they get attention but why is it that sleazy men seem to think they’re a welcome one-and-all sign? If I want to talk to you I’ll decide that and if I don’t you can fuck off.”

Andrea’s hand sped up slightly, I groaned as quietly as I could. I caught Sally giving us a strange look and I went red again.

“How long have you been married,” she asked, still leaning forward, her eyes seeming to flutter every now and then to my lap.

“17 years,” I replied hoarsely.

“Wow… 17 years,” she repeated softly almost to herself. She leaned in even more, conspiratorially, “I’m not being funny but I can’t imagine being with someone for 17 weeks let alone 17 years. I’m afraid…” she trailed off.

“Afraid?” Andrea asked.

Sally laughed and leaned in further still, whispering even quieter as though we were sharing the darkest secrets, she was almost bent double in her seat and her face was less than a foot from my crotch, “I’m afraid I’d get bored, if you know what I mean.” her eyes fluttered again.

Andrea’s easy laugh filled the carriage, “when you’re with someone for a long time you have to be honest about your needs and wants, as long as you both understand each other and are open, it’s easy to keep things… interesting…” My wife trailed off letting the words linger in the air, her hand making smooth long obvious movements up and down.

Sally seemed to glance at my crotch and then looked directly at Andrea, “can I see?” she asked in a low breathy voice. Neither women was looking at me now.

The silence was thick in the air and I felt like it was getting caught in my throat, I got a rush of aroused panic, a feeling I’d not felt since I was a teenager and my aunt had walked in on me masturbating. The shame and embarrassment I didn’t know I could feel in that moment and how much more aroused that had made me.

I had paused as she walked in, my hand wrapped around my cock, the whirring sound of the old VCR noisily playing the porn video I’d borrowed from a friend. The sound was muted as a big breasted mature women wrapped her huge fake tits around a guys cock, his mouth silently groaning.

She hadn’t moved her hand from the door knob, her eyes silently staring as she just stood there watching. We had stayed there for what seemed an eternity our eyes locked, then her eyes had flicked to the screen where the young man was now athletically pounding away, the woman bent over mouthing fake climaxes as his huge cock rode in and out of her ass, her huge breasts tumbling back and forth.

Then my aunts gaze had dropped slightly and I knew she was looking at me.

My own gaze had sunk down to where her bosom was rising and falling underneath her thin summer dress and my hand had started to move again. I looked at the screen as the guys rammed his cock into the thick round ass of the grey haired woman and in that moment I imagined my aunt bent over my desk and it was my cock violating her ass.

My cum spurted from my cock across my chest and bed all while I watched her watching me. She had glanced once more at the video, and then saying nothing left the room.

Now sitting in the train carriage, my wife’s hand around me as this stranger sat within breathing distance, I knew that Sally was well aware of what my wife’s hand was doing and what Andrea was about to do. My voice caught in my throat as I tried to stop her.

Andrea looked down the carriage but no one was paying maltepe escort attention to the three of us. She moved the coat off my crotch triumphantly, the sudden cold on my skin and the shock of being exposed sending shivers of embarrassment and arousal through me.

“Wow, you’re really big,” Sally giggled at me. Andrea looked over at Sally, holding her gaze as she took the opportunity to lean over and dribble a thick line of drool over my cock, shifting in her seat and turning towards me so her back shielded me from the view of the rest of the carriage.

Andrea carried on her steady rhythm, my cock now wet and slick with her saliva. Smiling at Sally she said softly and firmly “why don’t you go and sit next to John” her words had an authority that made it clear it was not a question.

Sally wordlessly got up and took a couple of wobbly steps across the carriage, setting herself down next to me on my right. She leant against me and I felt the weight of her breast pressed against my arm.

I looked at my reflection in the dark window opposite, surrounded by these two women their bodies pressed against mine.

“You’ve seen John, only fair that Johns see you,” Andrea instructed. Sally seemed to be dazed or hypnotized as she reached a hand into the front of her dress and pulled first one then the other breast out of her dress. Despite their size, they only hung slightly down across her front and heaved in time to her breathing.

“I want you to kiss my husband,” Andrea ordered and Sally, suddenly seeming to realize I was also here tore her eyes from my cock and looked at my face. She smiled nervously at me, leaned in and I felt her soft lips against mine, I tasted the sweetness of her last drink as my tongue entered her mouth.

My left hand reached across to her right breast and I lifted it slightly feeling the weight as it spilled over my hand, rolling her nipple between my fingers eliciting a small gasp.

Sally’s hand drifted down and joined my wife’s, their fingers playing with each other around my cock.

I pulled away from her and lifting her breast I latched onto her left nipple sucking it hard. I swapped over to her other breast enjoying the actualization of my wet dream.

Sally made small appreciative gasping noises as I hungrily worshiped her breasts.

“I want to see you titfuck him now,” Andrea demanded and I noticed that her free hand had slipped under her own skirt, my nostrils flared and I was sure I could smell how wet they both were.

Sally looked at me and lifted her huge breasts together and placed them over my lap, Andrea released my cock and between the two of them they enveloped my cock with her tits.

Though not small my cock disappeared from sight between them, Sally and Andrea hands molded the sides of her tits, using them to massage her breasts up and down. As they pushed down the head of my cock appeared.

“Spit on him” Andrea ordered and Sally dutifully obliged, Andrea added her own drool to Sally’s cleavage and I felt the warm wet sensation of the the best titfuck I had ever had.

My wife leaned over and in front of me started to french kiss the woman who until a few minutes ago had been a stranger to us.

I started to thrust and grunt, Andrea knowing me knew that I was not going to last much longer, “no,” she whispered in my ear, “I want you to cum in her pretty little mouth”. I nodded.

Andrea looked at Sally and told her what to do, Sally happily obliged. I felt the warmth and weight leave my groin, replaced a moment later by the wetter, soft embrace of her lips. She started to bob her head sloppily, her coordination in sucking about as good as her ability to walk straight right now.

I was about to suggest that we revert to the titfucking when she paused, rearranged herself and taking a deep breath, plunged her head down and effortlessly took my whole length into her throat.

“Wow,” I heard Andrea say, Sally came up noisily, drool hanging from her chin to my cock, “I might be a little drunk but not bad for a young girl?

“Not bad,” my wife agreed, “but less talk, make him cum”. She put her hand on the back of Sally’s head and forced her head back down on my cock, Sally gurgled slightly as she took my full length again.

I noticed that Sally’s hand had disappeared inside her own dress and was playing with her clit furiously. She started to make low groaning noises around my cock, Andrea’s hand held her head in place and she looked at me giving me permission to cum in this young strangers throat.

I put my own hands on Sally’s head, my fingers running through her soft blond hair and started to thrust my hips harder against her face, she gagged momentarily then pushed back against me. I tensed and pushed her head as low as possible onto me, shooting my cum down her throat.

She stayed there as I came, sucking my cock as it grew limp and soft in her mouth until it plopped out with a giggle. Andrea lifted her face up with a finger and slowly licked the cum dribbling down her chin, her tongue working it’s way vulgarly across her face and then forcing it’s way into Sally’s mouth. She eagerly responded and kissed Andrea back.

“Wow, too” said Sally, “you guy’s are kinda crazy”, we all laughed together our disheveled reflections staring back at us.

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