A Meeting of Consequence Ch. 02

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Suzanne Farrell was not exactly sure what she was doing.

What had she been thinking when she invited a former boyfriend from high school to her home?

What the hell had she been thinking when she stripped naked and waited for him at the front door?

She had no answer other than pure animal lust. After all he was married. She thought that was what made the whole situation such a turn on. She had to admit to herself that it was. She had sat there on that pillow waiting for him for about ten minutes before he arrived and she had been so wet that she had been literally dripping. She had found it hard to resist rubbing her clit and after a few minutes it was impossible to ignore her desire. She dipped a finger into her wetness and circled her clit lightly. Each time she passed over it she jerked a little. Both legs shook slightly as she went around it softly and slowly. When she changed the direction of her circle she thought she would cum right there. She slowed down and enjoyed the sensation of rubbing her own clit naked kneeling on a pillow at her own front door. The taboo factor of it all was just too much for her to take. When he had knocked on her door and entered she was ready, waiting as she had been instructed and wanting to be fucked so devilishly she could not stand it. That was exactly what he did and she loved every second of it.

She had replayed it in her mind several times since it happened and had found it no less appealing. It became better and better each time she relived it in her mind.

Jonathan stayed with her that night in her apartment. It wasn’t quite an apartment actually. It was actually a guest house attached to the home of a person she worked with. They had offered to rent it to her so she could be closer to work and she moved in immediately. Suzanne enjoyed the company of the people and the quiet solitude it offered her. It did make having male company a little awkward at times. She was sure they knew what was going on when guys came over but they never questioned her and never looked at her awkwardly or like she had done anything wrong.

He had shared her bed with her the night before and they had fucked like lovers most of the night. She enjoyed his touch and had forgotten how good he felt inside of her after all these years. She had forgotten how well he could lick her pussy too. When they had dated they were both young and naïve and had been each others first sexual experiences. Hell, most all of their first’s had been with each other. They had done so much experimenting on each other’s willing bodies. When they were together someone was always cumming. Even in the car, she was either sucking his cock while he drove or he was fingering her to an orgasm. They had never wasted any alone time then and they weren’t wasting any now. She could not believe all this was happening. Throughout all her thoughts Suzanne wondered if it was wrong or right to be doing this. Honestly, she did not care. It felt right and that was all that mattered to her at this moment. With that thought she lowered her mouth back down on his cock and continued sucking it for him. She had been sucking his cock for a few minutes now and laughed to herself about how it had started that morning. It all boiled down to being controlled. Suzanne had agreed to let him dominate her while he was in her apartment. She had wanted it to be that way. It was, after all, her suggestion. She had done it like women do so often. Giving a man the idea ever so craftily and then making them believe it was their own idea so they would revel in it and Jonathan had done just that.

Jonathan had never done anything like it before and was amazed at how much he liked the feeling of commanding her. He had not been brazen or hard on her. Not yet anyway. His commands were softly spoken but with enough authority for her to understand what he wanted and what the consequences of not obeing would be. He was not ready to move beyond that. Not yet anyway. Here she was sucking his cock and all he had to do was tell her.

“Suck my cock”.

He had instructed her to remain nude while he was there and she complied. She made breakfast nude and once done eating he sat on her couch and instructed her once again.

“Kneel beside my left side on the floor and watch TV with me.”

She had done as was told and he stroked her hair lovingly and found something for them to watch.

She rested there on her pillow and knelt with a straight back that forced her tits to stick out and accentuated them. Her ass pouted outwardly from her posture and she liked the way it felt to be there beside him with his hand on her hair. Occasionally he would reach down and tease her nipples. Pinching them and rolling them between his fingers and thumb bakırköy escort as he watched the screen. Each time he touched them it sent a wave of electric shock directly to her moistened clit. She wiggled her ass a little to get more comfortable and then settled back down on her haunches as he rubbed her hair again.

Without speaking he unzipped his shorts, reached inside them and freed his cock. It wasn’t the biggest cock she had ever had but it was the first and for that reason it had a special place inside of her, both literally and figuratively. His cock was nice at a little over 7 ½” long and 2 ½” thick. It wasn’t too big and wasn’t too small. He had let his cock bob there for a few seconds and she had waited patiently, eying his cock, not moving or speaking. He kept his eyes on the television and slowly began to stroke it up and down right in front of her. He had two fingers hooked around it and his thumb and was slowly moving from the base to the head. He would then circle the head with his thumb right underneath the lip where the head met the shaft, which made him shiver, and the move back down his cock. She watched him intently as he stroked his cock and waited for his instruction. One hand on her hair the other jerking off his own cock while she watched.

Jonathan had never really masturbated in front of a woman before. The thought of doing it in front of Suzanne was amazing. He loved how liberating it felt to just be able to remove his cock and stroke freely without anyone wondering what the hell he was doing. As he stroked his cock he felt her looking at him. He knew she was watching as he moved his hands up and down his shaft and that thrilled him. He put a little extra show into it for her and gave in to the feeling of pleasure his hands elicited from his cock as he rubbed. As he rubbed over his cock head the precum leaking from his shaft helped to moisten things and when it did it caused him to shudder involuntarily. He felt his breathing pick up and his eyes shut. He was enjoying the feeling of having himself in his hands with a willing spectator.

After a few minutes he unbuttoned his shorts and slid both his shorts and his boxers down past his ankles and laid them on the couch to his right. He spread his legs a little and then began to pull on his balls, stretching them out. It was slightly painful but he had told her how much he enjoyed doing it and having it done for him so he did it for her so she would be able to see and understand what it did to him. He wanted her to see him like this. He wanted her to know how hard he was because of her and the freedom she had given him to do anything he liked whenever he felt like it.

Suzanne watched him as he stroked himself for her. She was acutely aware of her own arousal. Her nipples had been hard but she had become very wet and her clit throbbed, needing attention. She was lost in that thought when he turned to her and looked into her eyes greedily and instructed her once again.

“Wrap your hand around my cock and jerk me off with one hand and pull on my balls with your other hand. Make sure you use your fingernails when you pull on my balls. I love the way that feels.”

Suzanne moved over between his legs and slowly wrapped her small hands around his cock. She moved them up and down his shaft softly and then used her nails to pull on his balls with the other hand.

Jonathan’s eyes rolled back in his head. He could not believe how good her hands felt all over his cock and pulling on his balls. Her hands were soft and ger strokes were slowly moving up and down the length of his shaft. She was scraping her nails on his balls as she pulled them and his cock lurched when she did it the first time. He looked at her and their eyes met. It was the sexiest look he had ever seen from her. Jonathan could not believe this was happening. He settled down into the rhythm of her slow strokes and sharp tugs at his balls. He wanted to enjoy the way this felt right now. He wanted this feeling of being with her to last.

Suzanne wanted to do this right for him and be rewarded. She continued to move slowly up and down his cock and on about every third stroke she would pull on his balls, scraping them with her fingernails. Each time she became bolder than the last until she was sure she was hurting him but he did not stop her. He arched his back and his hips jerked each time she did it. His cock was leaking pre-cum and she wanted to lick it off but knew better than to do anything before she had been instructed to do so.

After a few minutes Jonathan told her, “Kneel next to me on the couch.”

Suzanne silently complied with his command and climbed up beside him, kneeling perpendicularly to him. She then bent beşiktaş escort at the waist and began stroking his cock and tugging and scraping at his balls once again. She was enjoying this. The control, having his warm, hard cock in her hands and causing him a gentle amount of pain each time she pulled and scraped.

She had been jerking him off for a few minutes when she felt him slap her ass. She yelped loudly in surprise and closed her eyes to the sweet sting of her left ass cheek. Suzanne inhaled deeply and began stroking his cock again in earnest. Jonathan reared back again and swung swiftly. The slap was louder and more painful this time. She lurched with it and bit her lip to keep from vocalizing the pain. She loved this. The third slap hit her right ass cheek and made her wince from the pain. Her left cheek was now pleasantly pink and beginning to deepen to a nice red color.

Jonathan rubbed her ass softly and told her “Suck my cock.”

She had been waiting for this and dove down on his stiff member with her mouth. Taking it all in her mouth and coating it with her saliva. As his cock was wedged in her mouth Suzanne had become lost in thought about what had begun the day before and was happening now and how she had gotten here. Giggling to herself silently as she went through it all she continued to suck and lather his cock with her tongue and lips.

Jonathan moaned as she sucked him.

“You are an exquisite cocksucker!” He had told her then in the heat of the moment. Her lips swelled around his girth and her cheeks convex with the gentle sucking she applied as she slurped noisily on his cock. She twirled her head violently from left to right and Jonathan thought he would lose control and cum in her mouth right then. The way the head of his cock rubbed up against the sides of her throat and cheeks as she moved made his balls tense up and he grabbed her hair forcefully in response. He was not ready to cum yet. His body told him to but he had more plans for her.

She was an exquisite cocksucker. It was something Suzanne had always been good at. The biggest part of being good at anything was to like what you were doing and she loved sucking cock. She moved back to the top of his cock and swirled her tongue around its sensitive head while still jerking his shaft and pulling his balls. He shot a small stream of pre-cum in her mouth and she lapped it up greedily. She dropped back down his shaft with her warm mouth and soft lips moving her tongue around the shaft as she did so. The bobbing of her head became furiously fast and she felt him arch himself into her mouth. She felt Jonathan slide a finger into her pussy and she groaned with his cock in her mouth. He slid it all the way in and moved it in and out of her pussy slowly. Suzanne closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on sucking his cock but found it hard to do. He inserted a second finger into her pussy and began to fuck her with both of them. The palm of his hand slapped against her clit every time he bottomed out on her. She kept his cock in her mouth and continued to suck it. Suzanne moved off his cock and licked his balls and then took each one into her mouth and let her tongue bathe them.

Jonathan was shocked when she sucked one of his testicles into her mouth and swirled it around. He had been having trouble not cumming earlier and now it was even harder to keep from doing it. She had his balls in his mouth and was stroking his shaft quickly with one hand. He had to slow her down some so he could keep from bathing her in cum and decided to try something with her that had always been off limits to him with other women.

Her hands were still stroking him with his balls in her mouth when he removed his fingers from her pussy and she stopped dead in her tracks when she felt his finger penetrate her asshole slowly. She loved to have her ass played with. It was something they had never done together. Neither of them knew at the time they were together that they would enjoy it and so neither had ever broached the subject. It was too taboo a subject for beginning lovers but in their respective years apart they had both tried many things and become familiar with their sexual likes and dislikes. She had told him about this one over the phone. She knew he was testing her so Suzanne decided to play the game herself. As his fingers moved slowly in and out of her ass she moved down from his balls and stuck her tongue on his asshole. Now he had frozen. She licked around the outside of his asshole while stroking his cock and felt him try to catch his breath. She licked it and probed it with her tongue. His hips were moving to meet her tongue each time she touched his asshole.

“Holy shit! She just licked my ass.” beylikdüzü escort Jonathan thought to himself. He did not know whether or not to stop her or what to do. All he knew was that once he got past the initial shock of it that he liked it. She moved her tongue all around it and could not believe she was doing it. He had been continually on the edge of orgasm ever since she started playing with his cock and this wasn’t helping him fight that urge at all.

Suzanne felt his finger begin to move again in her ass. She took a hand and moved between her legs, under her belly and inserted it into her pussy. She withdrew it and placed it at his opening asshole and then slowly inserted it.

Once again Jonathan froze. Suzanne was taking him right over the edge over virgin territory. He had never had anyone lick his ass before and he had definitely never had anything inserted into his ass at all. His breathing stopped as he felt the pressure of her finger increase and he waited for her to do whatever she was going to do. The feeling was intense. The pressure was not painful. It was just pressure. It definitely was pleasurable though. He did not know why but he liked the way it felt. He liked the way she made him feel. She made him feel that nothing was taboo when they were together.

That had definitely gotten his attention. She inserted it slowly and not very far to make sure it was ok and held it in place. From there she went back to sucking his cock. As she moved up and down his cock she inserted her finger more into his ass until it was knuckle deep and his breathing was shallow. His finger was still moving in her ass but she could tell he was having trouble concentrating on what he was doing.

Jonathan removed his fingers from Suzanne’s ass and told her “Sit on my cock now.”

She was only happy to oblige him. She straightened up and straddled his cock. She was right above it and took it in her hands and rubbed the head against her clit and then separated her pussy lips with it and moved it to the opening of her wet and waiting pussy. She held it there a second and then slowly slid down its entire length. When she reached bottom she moved her hips back and forth, grinding her clit on his pelvic bone. He felt so good inside of her. She felt completely filled and totally in lust. She looked into his eyes and kissed his lips and then began rhythmically moving up and down on his cock.

Her pussy was on fire. Jonathan rolled his eyes back and thought it felt as if it could warm the room like a fireplace. The feeling was incredible. She was so wet. God she felt good to him. He held onto her hips as she moved up and down on top of him. He rubbed up and down her back and enjoyed the softness of her skin. Her hair smelled like shampoo as it draped over his face and splashed onto his chest with each fall of her body. He marveled at the swelling of her breasts with each breath she took as she rhythmically pumped his cock and her body up and down. Once again their eyes met within a lusty gaze they both shared. Her eyes glazed over and her head fell back exposing her neck to him. He could not help but think how sexy she looked there in that pose.

She rolled her hips when she met his pelvic bone to get her clit into the mix and continued to ride him. Her tits swung in front of Jonathans face and as she came near he took a nipple in his mouth and sucked it until she removed it on her upstroke. The nipple he wasn’t sucking he rolled between his forefinger and thumb and then pinched nice and hard. That pinch sent a shot to her clit and she uttered a guttural growl growl at him. His arms wrapped around her and pulled her close to him until her body was mashed against his. She raised her ass to accommodate him and he began thrusting his cock up into her quickly and savagely. She had ripples of pleasure coursing through her body and began to tremble.

Jonathan asked her, “Do you want me to let you cum?”

“Oh yes! Yes, Please may I cum for you?” Suzanne replied.

Suzanne was ready. She told him, “Tell me when it is ok for me to cum.”

With that Jonathan began pounding into her pussy and told her, “Cum for me now!”

That was all it took. She felt the orgasm build deep inside of her and then burst. Jonathan picked up his pace and she came all over his cock. She could feel herself cumming on him. Suzanne heard Jonathan groan and his hips began to buck sporadically and then she felt him fill her with his cum. It felt so good to have him cum in her. His hips stopped moving but she continued to move slowly on his spent cock causing him to jerk slightly as she did so.

When they had stopped she pulled back from him and looked into his eyes. She wasn’t sure who had enjoyed themselves more but they were both spent. The clock over his shoulder showed that it was only 9:30 in the morning. They still had plenty of time. She let his cock slip out of her as she stood up. She grabbed him by the hand.

“Come take a shower with me, please.” Suzanne asked coyly.

They still had time.

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