A New Life Ch. 02

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Mona Comes to Visit

I awoke as I had fallen asleep, lying atop my son, with his arms around me, and his flaccid member inside me. That was the best morning of my life, unsurpassed by any other. I lay there, feeling my darling son’s heart beating against my chest; the scent of our sex still hanging in the air. What a wonderful smell, his seed mixed with my own cream…

I nuzzled his neck gently, eliciting a sharp intake of breath from Matthew. I almost mistook the sound as pleasure, but quickly realized that it was pain that made my son gasp out and wake. I had forgotten about the savage bite I had given him.

“I’m sorry, sweetie,” I whispered to my boy as his eyelids slowly opened and closed, attempting to clear away the haze of a good nights sleep. “I didn’t mean to hurt you, love.”

Matt smiled blearily at me, and raised a hand to brush a stray strand of hair from my cheek, his eyes moving over me, taking me in.

“That’s alright mom, I think after last night I can find it in my heart to forgive you.”

The intense love in his face and voice would have made me collapse, had I not already been lying on top of him. I gave a soft sigh, and snuggled tighter into him, my head resting on his firm and toned chest, as he stroked his fingers through my hair slowly, gently. I would have been content to lie in that way for an eternity, and in fact gave a small prayer for it to be so. His hands began to roam elsewhere, however, and I knew the peaceful rest would not last much longer if he continued.

The feel of his fingers gliding over my naked body was one I will never forget. In truth, I doubt I could forget anything that happened during that time with my baby. The course he traced with his fingers will forever be etched in my memory however, standing out from all the rest. I was all shivers and soft mewing sounds as he caressed over my shoulders; my back; my sides; my hips (oh god how I love the feel of his hands on my hips!) down over my rear. He gently parted my cheeks, and I felt his finger slide down between them, caressing me gently down there.

“Do you like being touched there as much as you liked touching me, mom?” Matt asked me, his voice low and soft.

My breath caught for a moment, and he chuckled softly, his finger still probing gently. I felt him twitch inside me, and that decided me. I pushed my hips back against his hand, letting the tip of his finger push inside me, shocking him, while I gently licked at his left nipple, then suckled on it like a babe at a bottle. He began to grow hard quite quickly, and within seconds was fully erect inside of me. I suckled on his hardening nipple a bit more forcefully, and ground my hips down against his, taking him in as deep as I could, our pelvic bones grinding together, making him moan loudly.

“Oh my god, mom, that’s so hot!” he cried out to me as my tongue flickered over his nipple, and my crotch gyrated over his in slow circles, stirring him inside my still come-filled entrance.

I pulled my mouth from his nipple, and looked him dead in the eye, my face going stern, and my voice sterner still. “You are to call me “mommy” from now on, do you hear me, boy?” I commanded him seriously.

He nodded vigorously, his cock throbbing inside me, making me stifle a moan as I tried to keep my expression businesslike.

“Good. Now I want you to fill mommy with your sweet seed again, then you need a shower. I believe you have somewhere to be today, yes?” I asked him, my eyebrow aching with my inquiry.

Another nod for my answer. I didn’t care. Right then all I cared about was having my son fill me again, and I let him know it. I began rocking against him slowly, my lips clinging to his stiff shaft as I took him in and out of me, moaning against his nipple as I resumed sucking. He quickly got the idea and began returning the strokes, his hips meeting mine as I came back down onto him. I was torn between wanting him slow and soft, and wanting him hard and nasty. It took all of two seconds to decide on hard and nasty, reasoning that he had me soft and slow the night before.

“Baby, I want you to fuck mommy now, fuck mommy hard and good, and fill her with your hot come, ok?” I asked him huskily, and he was quick to oblige. He rolled over, keeping himself inside of me, so he was on top of me. I looked up into his eyes, and held them as he began to thrust his hips against me; picking up pace and force with each pass. I was soon clinging to him, my fingertips digging into his shoulder blades and my legs wrapped around his waist, helping pull him down into me as he fucked me.

He pushed me into the bed, his hips rising and falling against me in a fury of pent up desire. I could tell that this is what he has been waiting for all these years, to be allowed to really fuck his mother.

“Give it to me baby, fuck mommy as hard as you like, don’t hold back for mommy!” I cried out against his neck, and cried out in joy as he took my words kadıköy escort to heart and went at me for all he was worth. I reached down between our bodies and rubbed my clit as he pounded into me, grunting over me, moaning in pleasure, sweat dripping from his body onto mine. I looked down and saw his length piercing me like a velvet spear, and the sight sent me crashing over the edge, screaming at the ceiling, my vaginal muscles spasming on his manhood as I thrashed on the bed underneath him. I milked his cock, and was rewarded by a cry of his own as he climaxed inside of me, thrusting himself as deep and hard inside of me as possible as his first jet of sticky cum shot inside of me.

I had never had multiple orgasms before, but that morning I experienced my first. The sensation of him filling me so deeply, and the knowledge that it was my own son that was inside me, sent me over the edge yet again, my thick cream spilling out around his member as it spurted wave after wave inside me.

Afterward, he collapsed on top of me, panting harshly, his body trembling almost as badly as my own. We lay there for a while, trying to catch our breath and slow our speeding hearts, covered in sweat and the delicious smell of fresh sex. Once we had recovered, I shooed my boy off to the shower. I remained there, lying in my sons’ sweat-soaked bed, smiling contentedly to myself. My hand slid down between my thighs, and I pushed a finger inside myself slowly, moaning with the joy of feeling his hot semen inside me, trickle out of me, down the crack of my rear. I pulled my finger out, and slowly put it into my mouth, sucking it clean of his cream. My first taste of my sons’ cum. God, how I love the taste of him. I made a mental note to take him in my mouth next time, so I could taste every drop of him.

My finger returned to the mess that had leaked from my well-fucked pussy, and scooped it up with two fingers, so I could lick that clean too. Imagining him in my mouth, his head tilted back in pleasure, his hips rocking gently against my face as he sent his hard prick bumping against the back of my throat made me drip in anticipation.

I reconciled myself to taking that pleasure later. My son needed to get dressed and leave to answer questions about a man he was forced to kill, and a tickle in my mind told me he had begun thinking of that, and sex was the last thing on his mind, now.

My heart ached to go to him, hold him, comfort him, kiss his worries and pain away, but I steadied myself. This is something he needed to do on his own. Some things even his mother can’t make better, not even with blowjobs. I sighed to myself, and stretched out on his bed. It was actually quite comfortable, and I entertained thoughts of sleeping in his bed with him from then on.

While I lay there, trying to decide what to do, the phone rang in the other room. I contemplated ignoring it, but decided it just might be important enough to get out of bed for. I padded naked down the hall, and into the living room, where the nearest phone is kept. The caller ID informed me that it was Matt’s sister, Mona. I clicked the phone on, and chatted with my daughter. I heard the shower turn off, and I moved back down the hall, all the while listening to my girl as she told me how her week had been going, which wasn’t well. She broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years, and needed consolation.

I stood outside the bathroom door, waiting, and when it opened, I deftly hit the mute button on the phone with one hand, and snaked a hand out to grab my sons limp cock. He jumped in surprised, and I squealed with laughter and ran off down the hall again. Once I had got my giggling under control and things had quieted again, I turned off the mute and resumed my conversation with my daughter, whom was now telling me she’d be coming up that night and staying until Sunday. Before I could relay this information to Matt, he kissed me goodbye (a deep, open-mouthed kiss now, no more peck on the cheek for me!) and headed out the door to his appointment.

Oh well, he’d find out soon enough.

Shortly after my son left, my daughter told me she had to go and pack her stuff for her little visit with us, and that she’d see us in about an hour, and we hung up. I sighed to myself, knowing I would have to shower, but not wanting to be rid of my sons’ cream still inside me.

Sighing inwardly to myself, I went down the hall, towards the bathroom. On the way there, I paused outside Matt’s bedroom, and gazed in at his bed, which was still a mess from our playtime together. I decided to wash the bedclothes before I took my shower, and stepped into his room, to begin removing the sheets and comforter. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of his computer; the video card I bought him still in the box on his desk. His computer was turned on, I noticed, but appeared to be in sleep mode.

I thought back üsküdar escort to some of the erotic incest stories I had read, and how in some the mother had checked her sons’ computer’s Internet history for porn and such. With a twinkle in my eye, I silently thanked the authors for supplying me with the idea, and sat down in the big, leather office chair that my son spent so much time in before he got a job. I pressed the spacebar, and watched as the computer slowly awakened.

Once it stopped working, and was fully booted up, I opened my son’s web browser. I was a little surprised to see that his homepage was an erotic stories site, and quickly elated to know that my search wouldn’t be so difficult as I had anticipated. I opened the History folder, and saw link after link of stories relating to the same website. Every single link was incest. Most were Mother/Son stories, and I spent an hour reading the same stories my son had read, and most likely, masturbated to. I was already turned on by the stories themselves, but that thought made me wet.

As I skimmed through the list of stories, I came across one that was different from the others. It started off seemingly like the others, with the mother and son finally getting together and having wild, passionate sex, but after a couple chapters, something altogether different happened.

In the story, the mother and son were in the middle of making love on the sofa in the living room (an idea I filed away for later), when a girl walked in the house door. She had stopped dead in her tracks, and watched as the couple went on obliviously. After a few moments of watching, the girl stripped down and went to them. As she kneeled down in front of them, they both were startled aware of her presence. The girl quickly calmed the mother and son down, telling them she had come in and seen what was going on, and got so turned on she just had to join them. She asked if that was okay, and after a moments dumbfounded silence, the two on the sofa quickly assented.

It was obvious from the start that the girl was the boy’s sister. As they started a threesome, I realized that my hand was between my thighs, my fingers stroking my lips and clit as I read. As I was playing, I realized I was imagining the characters in the story being my family. My little boy and girl inside my pussy and against my mouth. I stroked my clit as I had a powerful orgasm, my hips rising off my son’s seat (imagining him doing the same thing, his naked ass in the same seat as my own as he spilled his cream, thinking of his sister and I, just as I was thinking of them), my fingers pushing deeply inside of me as I thrust up against my hand, my head tilted back, eyes squeezed shut as my orgasm thundered through my body. Afterward, I collapsed back into his chair, gasping for breath, my mind reeling with the sudden inspiration that the story had struck in me.

I had never entertained fantasies of other women before, but at that moment I knew I wanted my daughter, too. I sat there, my cream dripping down between my legs and pattering softly onto my son’s seat, my mind racing to find a way to seduce my little girl and bring her into our new activities.

While puzzling out the solution to my naughty idea, I stood and quickly stripped my son’s bed, taking the items to the washing machine and pushing them inside, adding the detergent and setting the machine, before resuming my previous course, to the bathroom for a shower. I stood there, under the spray of hot water, my back arched against it, the water feeling heavenly against my chest, pondering my options.

“I could copy the story,” I thought to myself… just take my son on the sofa and “forget” that my daughter was coming up. She had a key and wouldn’t bother to knock, so I could guarantee that she would indeed walk in on us. The idea seemed pretty risky however, and also a little drab, so I discarded it. I wanted to seduce my daughter, not shock her into arousal.

As I was soaping up my chest, the bathroom door opened, letting in a swirl of cold air. I gasped as goosebumps rose over my skin, and turned to face the shower door.

“Don’t just stand there letting in the cold air, Matt! Shut the door and get in here! Mommy wants you!” I cried out, knowing it must be my son.

The bathroom door closed slowly, and all was silent. I opened the shower-stall door and peeked out, but the room was empty. I shrugged to myself, and went back to my shower, deciding to finish up and get out quickly so I could see my son.

I stepped out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around myself, and padded barefoot down the carpeted hall, towards the living room.

“Matt, why didn’t you join me, love?” I asked before I made it to the living room. My mouth was opening to continue when my eyes alighted upon my daughter, sitting on the sofa, a happily growling Kero sitting between her knees as she stroked his soft fur.

“Mona! I thought you were tuzla escort coming up later tonight, hon,” I stated, wrapping my towel around myself tighter.

“I decided I wanted to get out of my apartment, and the sooner the better,” she replied, still not looking at me. “I’m sorry I barged in, mom. I was just wondering who it was in there.”

My mouth opened and closed, a fish out of water, as I stammered for an explanation. This is definitely not how I wanted my daughter to find out about us.

“Don’t look so shocked, mom! Or so guilty. I totally understand,” she looked up at me then, almost shyly. A wicked grin turned up the corner of her mouth, as she continued, “How is he? Is he as good as he looks?”

The glint in her eye told me a lot, but not quite everything. I sat down on the sofa beside her, my towel coming apart at the legs, revealing up to my thighs, my bush just barely concealed. I looked her in the eye, and told her what she wanted to know.

“He’s incredible. Just the right size, and I think he might have great endurance. We haven’t tried marathon fucking yet, but I think he’d be able to go quite a long time.”

Mona’s eyes shimmered, and her tongue darted out to lick her lips “Have you tasted him yet?” she asked me, all but hanging on my words.

“Not directly, no…. but what I have tasted was very, very yummy.” I told her, and she let out a little moan.

“Not directly… so you haven’t…?” she asked, trailing off at the end,

“No, not yet… well, I’ve had him in my mouth, but I didn’t let him come there yet, no. I was planning on doing that as soon as he got home, actually.” I couldn’t believe I was telling her all this.

What shocked me more was when her hand settled on my exposed thigh, just below the towel, a mere inch from my bush, her fingertips trailing across my skin softly, sending visible shivers through me.

“Perhaps we could give him a special welcome home surprise?” she asked me in a whisper, and I found all I could do was nod. When she continued, she sounded hesitant however, even a bit afraid. “Do you think he’d like to be with me, too, mom?”

“Oh, babygirl, I know he’ll be ecstatic to have you, too. I read some of the stories he likes online, and some included the sister.”

She positively beamed with happiness, and leaned in to kiss me. I expected a short peck on the cheek, but what I got was a long, deep, sensual kiss on the mouth. I was even more surprised when her tongue licked across my lips, and gently parted them, snaking into my mouth, exploring softly. He hand slid up my thigh, and I gasped into her mouth when her fingers gently brushed over my pussy, caressing over my lips. I spread my thighs wider apart, but she pulled her hand away, making me whimper. She slowly broke the kiss, and leaned back, smiling at me.

“No time for this now, mom… or should I call you mommy, too? In any case… we need to prepare for Matt.”

I nodded my agreement, and we both stood. Mona took hold of my towel, and pulled it away from my body, looking me up and down. The way she sucked on her lower lip was enough to tell me that she approved of what she saw. She quickly began taking her clothes off, until she was standing naked in front of me.

My eyes roamed her body, taking in every detail. “She has a lot of me in her,” I thought to myself. Same hair, same shade of eyes, and the same wide hips. “We could pose as sisters, easily.”

She, however, shaved her pubic hair, I saw. I resolved myself to at least trim myself down, later. Mona left a little strip of short, red fur above her slit, and I found that incredibly sexy.

I had her help me make my son’s bed with fresh sheets, and I decided how we would wait for Matt to get home. I directed Mona to get some candles from the hall closet, and she quickly got the idea, placing them about Matt’s room and lighting them. Meanwhile, I went into the kitchen and brought out the champagne bucket I had never used before, and filled it with ice from the freezer.

I set the bucket of ice on the counter top, then opened a cupboard and removed a squeeze-bottle of honey. I set that, too, on the counter, and stood there, thinking a moment. I smiled to myself, and went into the garage, digging in a drawer beside the washing machine and coming up with a handful of clothespins. I took those into the house, and collected the other items, and went back into his bedroom, where I deposited them on the nightstand beside his bed. Mona looked up at me, an eyebrow arched, and I just gave her a wink in return and again left Matt’s room. There was a scarf I wanted from my closet, and I quickly retrieved it and returned to his room.

“Lie down, sweetie,” I told Mona, and finished positioning items around so they would be within easy reach. I flicked off the light, then crawled into bed beside her, wrapping my arms around her and pulling her against my body, our breasts pressed together as we began kissing again.

We lay in each other’s arms, kissing and touching each other everywhere we could reach, playing for over an hour before we both heard the front door open, and my son step inside.

“Hey mom? Mona?” he called out. Damn, I forgot Mona’s car was parked outside. It won’t be an absolute shock, but it will still be plenty surprising.

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