A Once Upon a Time with Mom

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Have you ever had a moment in your life that seemed like a dream? One that you wish you could go back to? One that you wish you could live forever? That is the exactly the situation that I am in now. Wishing that I could go back to the winter in my life that seemed so magical, the one that seemed so right, the one that I still live inside of my dreams. Every morning I have woken up from the same dream, the same heart breaking remembrance, the same misery, for the last while now till I finally couldn’t take it anymore. I had to write down my story in some way to try and forget. Some way to try and move on. Someway to try and live again. I only hope, for my heart’s sake, that this will somehow work. It has to work.

As I go deep inside I can remember that it was a snowy day in mid December when some of my friends from school and I decided to go on a skiing trip up in the mountains. We had actually been planning it for 3 weeks but didn’t actually get around to doing it until that cold, snowy December day. After some thinking and moaning we finally decided that there would be no girlfriends coming along, no parents coming along, there would only be us. Boners and all. We wanted no distractions from the constant partying and girl macking that we had so carefully been planning to do.

It was me, my friend Bob, and my best friend John. We were going to go on a 3-week skiing vacation up in the mountains a couple of hundred miles from my house , which was actually a fantastic idea as far as I was concerned because of the current situation that I was in. My steady girlfriend of 2 years had suddenly decided that she was tired of being tied down. Starting to feel bored. Not enough screwing I guess. She decided that she wanted to date other people and of course wanted me to understand and get over it. Yeah right. I politely told her to fuck herself, and told her not to worry about me because I would shortly find another girl that would so graciously replace her. How very true that was I was soon to know. That I still know. That I still long for.

Just imagine. It is a mid December day and you and your friends have just gotten done with the half hour job of packing up the car to go on your skiing trip up in the mountains when you are leaning back in the front seat of the car and you suddenly become aware of the sounds of the unbelievably loud gusts of wind that you can now hear outside the car. Hearing the sounds of children playing outside, hearing the sounds of dogs barking, hearing the sounds of cars driving on the snow.

Hearing the sounds of birds chirping. Hearing the piercing sound of a woman screaming from outside, the woman you can now see running towards your car. The 5 ’10 woman with long brown hair, deep blue eyes, big pouty lips, 34/dd breasts, and long skinny legs who is wearing a tight white sweater, tight blue jeans, dark red boots and a bright white hat, running towards your car. You see her running towards your car with her arms stretched forward and crying, seeing the tears streaming down her face. Seeing the hurt in her eyes. Seeing her bloodshot eyes. Seeing the 8 inches of snow laying on the ground in the background around her. Seeing the snow falling off the roof of the house across the street. Seeing cars slowly rolling over the snow-covered road. Seeing children sledding. Seeing the woman that was approaching your car now at your car door. Seeing her opening your door, seeing her throwing herself in. Seeing the woman throwing her head on your shoulder, the shaking head that you can now feel on your shoulder, feeling her silky hair on your face, feeling her trembling hand on your leg.

Feeling her other hand on the back of your neck. Feeling her cold tears as she rubs her warm cheek against yours. Crying uncontrollably. Making you feel aroused. Making your heart flutter. You start to feel a little guilty because this unbelievable woman, this goddess of a human being, this gift upon the face of the earth, is someone you shouldn’t be getting aroused over. Someone you can’t get aroused over. Ever. She is your mother. Your totally distraught, destroyed mother.

“Billy,” your mother says, crying into your shoulder, hardly able to get her words out. “Your father Billy. He is leaving me. That bastard is leaving me. What am I going to do?”

“What mom?” you ask, totally taken by shock. “What are you talking about? How do you know that dad’s leaving you? Who have you been talking to?”

Your friends that you now see standing outside in front of the car are watching in shock. Not wanting the fantastic trip to be ruined. Not wanting all the planning to go to waste. They put their heads down and start to walk away.

“He just called,” your mom says, taking her head away from your shoulder and looking into your eyes. “He was supposed to come home today Billy and we were going to go out to eat and to a movie tonight. We were going to have such a romantic weekend together but he just called and said that he met someone on his trip and that they decided to go to Paris and get married. Just like that. That was all he said. Nothing else. How could he do that to me Billy? Out of the clear blue. Was I not good enough to him? sarıyer escort Good enough for him?”

You now see your mother put her head down and put her hand over her eyes.

“Am I really that ugly Billy?”

Still in a state of disbelief, you now put your fingers on your mother’s chin and pull her face up, looking at your mother’s face, your mother’s 38 year old face, and realize that she is starting to look her years, knowing that that might be the reason. Knowing that this is probably the reason. Wanting to just come out and tell her that her fantastic body should make up for her aging face but you just can’t. You can’t reveal the feelings that you’ve had for her for so long. The feelings of lust you have had towards her. You just can’t tell her that. Not yet.

“Mom,” you say, putting your hand on her cheek, wiping away some of her tears. “He is such a fucking idiot mom. He didn’t realize what he had. What he should have cherished every day, every day that he was married to you. Everyone thought that he never appreciated you mom. They always said that you deserve better. And you definitely do. If I had a wife as fantastic as you I’d be thankful every day of my life mom. You would be all I would think of. You’d be treated like a queen.”

You see your mother lean back and look into your eyes with total admiration, taking her trembling hand and rubbing your cheek. Tears in her eyes.

“I’m sure there will be someone else that will come into your life soon mom. Someone that will help you realize what true love really is. What I know you’ve longed for. What you definitely deserve. Someday that will happen. You have to believe that.”

Your mother looks into your eyes with a shocked look on her face and sits silent for a couple of seconds. Not wanting to reveal the thoughts that are going through her head right now. Not wanting to reveal her sudden feelings of lust. Knowing that you have said, in a few short sentences, everything she has longed to hear from her husband for such a long time. She is speechless.

“Billy,” your mom finally says, putting her head back down onto your shoulder. “Do you think I could go along on the trip with you guys? I really don’t want to be alone right now. Not now. After all that’s happened. I could use a vacation right now anyway. I won’t be any trouble. I promise.”

No kidding, you now think to yourself, looking down at your mom’s big tits that are looking like they are about to break through her sweater. Sitting and thinking for a few seconds. Remembering how your friends had said that they wanted just the three of you to go. How they wanted no parents. You have doubts but you realize that you can’t say no. You know that might destroy her. Besides. This might be the right time. The time you have waited for. The time that you’ve dreamed of. This could be it.

“Of course mom,” you finally say, rubbing her warm sweater, stroking the back of her head. “You can come with us. We don’t mind. Just go pack some stuff up real quick and we’ll get going. I have some extra money on me so I’ll take care of renting you some skis or whatever else you need. Just give me some time to tell the guys ok?”

You now hear the sudden soft breath from the red lips that you can now see in front of you, the warm lips you can now feel kissing yours. Feeling her wet tongue lash out. Feeling her squeeze at your crotch. Feeling her breath on your nose. You taste her strawberry lipstick and then feel her large breasts. A feeling that you’ve longed for for such a long time.

“Oh shit Billy,” your mom sighs after finally breaking the kiss, obviously very aroused, breathing fast, looking down. “You are hung like a horse aren’t you Billy? Wow. How could you keep that big guy from me? You bad boy.”

You are a little shocked, not being used to hearing these things, these erotic things, from your own mother. You now see your friends approaching the car, you both straighten up.

“Ok mom,” you quickly say, raising her hand from your now hard cock. “You’re coming with us. Go get your stuff ready.”

Your mom giggles and then goes inside the house and starts to pack her things when you tell the guys about her wanting to come with you. They are a little upset but quickly get over it. Realizing that your mother had kept their cocks at full mast all afternoon also. Deciding that they would endure.

“Ok guys!” your mom yells playfully as she finally comes back outside, holding a brown suitcase in one hand and a red tote bag in the other. “I’m ready when you are. Let’s get out of here”

You now see your friends look at each other. Revealing their wicked thoughts. Saying that they were ready for a lot more than she realized.

“Ok,” you say, getting up from the front seat. “I’ll sit back here with mom guys, you can sit up front Bob and you can drive John. I’ll take over if you get tired.”

“Ok,” John says, getting out of the back seat and then sitting in front of the steering wheel, shutting the door. “Let’s get outta here guys. We have a two hour trip ahead of us. Better get started.”

You now drive the whole two esenyurt escort hour trip, non – stop, with your mother’s head on your shoulder and her hand on your leg until you get to the large skiing lodge. Quickly getting out of the car and rising up, hearing the sounds of all the people around you. Hearing the sounds of the people skiing bye, hearing the sounds of music playing loudly, hearing the sounds of the children laughing that you can now see getting onto the lifts that are being raised in the air above you. Going to the top of the snow covered mountain that you see as you look up in front of you, seeing people coming down the mountain on their skis, looking back down from the mountain and seeing a large brown, wooden lodge in front of you with people filing in and out. Seeing smoke coming out of a chimnee on top of the lodge. Seeing the group of young girls posing for pictures that you can feel as you walk past them. Feeling the firmness of one of their breasts. Feeling one touch your leg. Feeling one’s hand. You are now on your way up to your rooms. Going up to take a break before skiing. Going up to bathe.

You decide that you and your mother will have one room and John and Bob will have the other. Which is perfect as far as you are concerned. Helping you to go through with your special plan. Your special plan of seduction.

As you are in the bathroom, getting undressed, getting ready to get into the bathtub. You suddenly hear the creaking of the bathroom door slowly opening, hearing the sound of soft breathing, hearing the sound of the beautiful bare foot stepping down that you can now see completely on the floor. Seeing a bare leg following next, seeing a hand reaching around the door, seeing painted nails. You see her come in. Your mother. You see her standing there nude with her giant tits looking so firm and beautiful. Seeing her big red nipples erect. Seeing her long brown hair down past her shoulders, seeing her flat, silky stomach and her beautiful brown muff looking so lovely. You are truly without words.

“Hey there baby boy,” your mother says seductively, looking at you coyly and then looking down at your big dong, having completely come in the door, closing it behind her. “Damn Billy. What have you been feeding that thing?”

“Hey mom,” you stammer out, feeling totally embarrassed.

“I knew you were big but damn,” she says, bulging her eyes out, pointing to your dick. “How big is that thing anyway?”

“A little over ten inches,” you finally say, feeling shocked, looking down and realizing that your dick is now hard as concrete.

“Thought we might save some time by showering together,” she says, stepping forward and rubbing your arm, talking seductively. “Is that ok Billy?”

Dumb question, you think to yourself.

“Um,” you stammer, not being able to make out words. “Sure mom. Guess it will be hard for us with only one bathroom and all. Guess this would save time.”

Your mother realizes that you want this as bad as she does and smiles knowingly. Knowing this was meant to be. Knowing that this is what you want. You see her smile wickedly and then see her suddenly drop to her knees in front of you. Looking up at you hungrily. Smiling so coyly.

“Ready for this baby boy?” your mother asks, licking her lips.

You now hear the slurping of the bright red lips that you can see as you look down. Feeling the warm lips tightly wrapped around your dong. Feeling her quickly bob her head back and forth. Feeling her take your dick out of her mouth and licking you all the way up and down. Feeling her sucking on your balls while quickly jacking you off. Feeling her deepthroat you. Feeling her flick her tongue right under the head. You feel a pressure building. Feeling your balls tightening. Feeling the wet cum flooding out of your dick right down her throat. Feeling her jack you off while you cum. Feeling her swallow. You suddenly realize something. That was the best blowjob of your life. Your mother has just given you the blowjob of your life.

“Uh,” you moan, having just dumped your load down your mom’s throat. “Shit mom. That was the most fucking unbelievable thing I’ve ever felt. Where did you learn how to suck cock like that? You suck like a Hoover.”

Your mom sits back on her knees silent for a few seconds then finally speaks. Obviously worried.

“My father,” your mom says, looking up at you in an innocent way. “My father taught me a lot of things while I was growing up Billy and one of them was how to give a mind blowing blowjob. He made me swear that I’d never tell anyone about our secret and told me that he would beat me if I ever did. That’s why I’ve never told anyone about it til now Billy. I’m glad I was able to show you what I learned from him. I’ve wanted to for so long.”

“Really?” you ask, slowly turning around and then turning on the water for the shower. “You mean you’ve wanted this as bad as I have mom? You wanted to fuck me too?”

Your mom rises to her feet, stepping forward and looking into your eyes while rubbing your now soft dick.

“Of course,” your mom answers, reaching up to caress your cheek. “You avrupa yakası escort don’t know what you’ve been doing to me lately Billy. Every time I look at you now it seems like I just want you more and more. Like I just want to be with you more and more. That I’ve wanted to see you more and more. I’ve wanted this to happen ever since I realized what a stud you are becoming Billy. Those muscles and all. I just can’t believe I didn’t notice that big stalk between your legs. You are hung like a fucking horse.”

“Thank you very much,” you say in a funny Elvis voice, putting your hands on your ass and thrusting your hip forward.

“I was just waiting for the right time to reveal my feelings to you,” your mother says, smiling while breathing fast. “Funny how it took your father cheating on me and leaving me for us to get together like this. Makes everything else not seem so bad.”

You now reach forward and take your mother’s warm hand and lead her back to the shower. Turning the knob and hearing the sound of the water that you can now see spraying from the water head. Feeling the water cover your nude body as you step inside. Feeling the water run on your hard dick. Feeling the warm water running down your balls. Feeling your mother’s soft hand as you take it and turn her around. Feeling her wet tits as you reach around her and squeeze them. Feeling her firm wet ass. Feeling her wet stomach. Feel the warm suction of her tight pussy as you ram her from behind. Feeling her fall forward into the side of the shower. Feeling yourself piston your big dick in and out of her tight pussy. Feeling her tighten around your dick. Feeling her wrap her hands around you and grab your ass. Feeling her pull you to her and ram your dick in harder. Feeling her squeezing your wet balls. You are in heaven.

“Oh shit!” your mother yells after a few minutes of intense fucking, throwing her head back, kissing your cheek. “Oh pump me Billy! Ram that big dick in me! Shit that feels good! Faster Billy! Faster! Uhhhhhh Shit you are good! I’m cummmmming Billy! I’m cummming!”

You now feel her explode around your dick. Mixing with the cum you had just dumped into her pussy. Feeling the cum as you continue to pound your mother’s pussy, You now pull out your softening dick and see your mother quickly turn around, falling to her knees. Taking your dick in her hands.

“I want you to cum all over my face Billy. I want you to cum all over my face and then I want you to eat me out. Have you ever done that to a girl baby boy?”

“Um yeah,” you stammer, hardly able to speak, grabbing a hold of the back of your mother’s head and pulling her forward to your dick. “I’ll do whatever you want me to mom. You are the woman of my dreams. The woman I’ve been waiting for. I just can’t believe how good you are. Damn you give un-fucking-believable head.”

You now see your mother look up at you. Smiling coyly.

“My peepee needs some more lovin mom. Please help him.”

Your mother laughs and now sticks your big dick in her mouth. Making loud slurping noises with the lips you see wrapped around your dong. Sucking it in as far as she can. Massaging your balls while she sucks you hard.

“Oh shit,” you finally yell after six minutes of intense. “She’s gonna blow captain! Get ready! Uhhhhhhh. Shit!”

“Mmm,” your mother purrs as your cum dumps down her throat. Making her gag, taking it out after sucking all the cum off for a few more minutes. “Your cum tastes like cookie dough Billy. I’ve never tasted cum that good. Just like sweet cookie dough. The cookie dough I will be eating forever. The cookie dough that will be mine forever.”

“That’s a can do,” you answer, knowing that you were thinking the same exact thing. “My dick will always have your name tattooed on it mom.”

You now both stand up and wash each other off. Scrubbing your bodies completely clean. Finally speaking.

“I want you to marry me Billy,” your mother whispers in your ear, totally shocking you. “Now that your father is gone I now know what I have always wanted. What I have always needed. What I’ve denied myself. I want you to be my husband Billy. I want us to be together forever.”

Standing with the shower water spraying on your back you are in total shock. Not clearly understanding what she means.

“Let’s get out of the shower,” you say, reaching back to turn off the shower water and opening the sliding glass door. “Let’s go into the other room and talk about this mom. If I’m right I think you just said what my heart has been longing to hear for such a long time. But I’m not really sure.”

After exiting the bathroom and going to the king sized bed in the adjoining room you jump in the air. Hearing the sound of the bed squeak as you jump onto it. Hearing the loud sound of thunder from outside the window. Hearing the sound of the heavy of the woman you can now see kneeling on the bed in front of you. Seeing the white walls around you. Seeing the brown drapes at the window. Seeing the beautiful small hand that you can now feel grabbing your dick. Feeling her pulling you down. Feeling the wetness of her bush as she opens her legs and pulls your face to it. Feeling her nails on the back of your head as you eagerly eat her out. Feeling her warm, smooth legs wrapping around your neck. Feeling her big firm tits as you reach up to grab them. Tasting the sweetness of her cum as she covers your tongue with her tasty love juice. Screaming so loud that the plaster might come off the walls.

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