Anne Meets the Ridges

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This story contains themes of swinging, cuckolding, light domination, watersports, lesbianism, and of course a loving wife. If any of these turns you off, please read one of the many other great stories here.

For those of you who have read my story, My Beautiful Hotwife Part 1, you will know some of the characters in this story. For those that haven’t, my name is Ken, and my wife is Anne. We are an early 50’s couple married close to 30 years. We had always been faithful to each other until I convinced her to have sex with another man. When meeting that man a few months ago, she also met Debbie who plays a role in this story.

Anne and I had spent a quiet Thursday evening at home. Debbie texted Anne about 8:00 and asked if we were busy Saturday. Anne and Debbie had gone shopping, to lunch, and gotten together for sex several times since meeting her. Anne figured she wanted to get together for lunch. Anne texted back that we had nothing planned.

Debbie then sent a more detailed text, “A couple who I’ve gotten together with a few times got a hold of me and wants to meet Saturday, but I’m busy with my daughter’s volleyball. I thought you may be interested. They are kinky, but I always am so satisfied when I leave. He’s got a nice cock and knows how to use it. She has a tasty pussy. They also like the husband to come along to watch which doesn’t always work for us because then I have to find a babysitter. I sent them a picture of you, and they are interested.”

Anne read me the text and asked what I thought. I told her as always it was up to her, but it sounded interesting.

She texted Debbie back, “What are they like? How old are they? Where are they located? What are they into?”

Debbie replied, “They are Dan and Mary Ridge. They are early 40’s but look younger. He’s about 6 foot and slim with the widest cock you’ve ever seen. She’s about 5’3 and pDanably 140 pounds. A little overweight but curvy. They’re both freckled natural redheads. They live about 30 minutes north of you. They are both into dominating married women and making them their playthings while the husband watches. Like I said, you’ll leave satisfied”

Anne told Debbie we were in. Debbie said the Ridges would contact us. An hour later Anne got a text from an unrecognized number.

It read, “Hello. We are interested in you and your husband coming to our house Saturday for playtime. If you agree your husband will turn you over to us naked at our front door at 10:00 am. We will then entertain each other sexually while your husband watches until we are done with you. Please provide an email so we can send further instructions if you’re interested.”

Anne said, “I’m interested if you are.”

I responded in the affirmative and we sent them our email. Almost an hour later, as we were getting ready for bed, we received the email. It gave their address and told us to ring the bell at the gate when we arrived. The gate would open, and we were to drive up to the front door. I was to strip my wife naked and knock on the front door.

When they opened the door, I was to say, “I give you my wife for the day for your pleasure.”

They would take over from there and we would both have wild and satisfying day. Wow. Sounds hot.

We drove up to their house and noticed as we got closer that these houses were huge and set back a ways from the road. These people definitely had money. We arrived promptly at 10:00 on Saturday morning and were admitted through the gate. The driveway was over a thousand feet long and led back to an older, well kept, what I would refer to as a mansion. We got out of the car and walked up the stone steps to the front door. We kind of gave each other a look that said are we going to do this, and both gave a short nod at the same time.

Anne had only worn a sundress and sandals, so it didn’t take long for me to strip her. There she stood in all her naked glory on a stranger’s front porch, waiting to be used for the day for another couple’s pleasure. My wife looked beautiful standing there. She had taken her time this morning doing her hair and applying her makeup. Her shaved pussy was already glistening in the sunlight. I knocked on the door as instructed.

A couple of seconds later, the door was opened and there stood the couple we had come to see. They were exactly as Debbie had described. They looked at us for a few awkward seconds and then I remembered.

“I give you my wife for the day for your pleasure.”

Dan said, “excellent” and invited us inside.

The house was just as spectacular inside as it was out. We were led into a large living room and offered some bottled water. They said the three of them would need to stay hydrated since they would be getting quite a workout. We told them how nice their house was.

Dan stood up said, “Ken, stay down here until 10:30 and then come upstairs to the last door on the right. We’ll be ready for you then. Sit in the chair in front of the bed. Don’t talk unless you’re spoken to.”

I told him ankarada sakso çeken escortlar I understood and the two of them led my naked wife out of the room and up the stairs. As I sat there my cuckold angst hit me. What were they doing with my wife? What if these people were into something that Anne didn’t like? What if she loved it and couldn’t get enough? I looked at the clock and it was 10:10. 2 minutes since they left. The next 20 minutes was going to be an eternity.

For the next 20 minutes I thought about all that had happened in the last few months. From the time she decided to start sleeping with other men, with my encouragement, to her sleeping with women and couples. Now here we are today. I sit downstairs, while a very attractive couple has their way with my wife. I finally had to pace around to relieve some of the thoughts running through my head. Just as the clock was about to hit 10:30, I started heading up the stairs to the last door on the right.

I turned the knob and opened the door and was greeted with a large well lit room. There were four windows along the walls and two large skylights in the roughly 20ft x 20ft room. There was a large tub along one wall which I assumed was probably a whirlpool tub that could seat at least two or maybe three people. Dominating the room was an oversized king sized bed.

On that bed lay my beautiful wife Anne. Her legs were spread wide and I noticed two things immediately. She had a clamp attached to her clit with a chain that ran up towards chest and branched off into two chains which were attached to a clamp on each nipple. I also saw that she now had a tattoo just above her pussy. It said Dan and Mary’s in about 2 inch cursive and below that was SLUT in 3 inch capitalized bold print. My breath caught in my throat. Had she agreed to this? WTF? As those thoughts were rattling around in my head, I realized it must be a temporary tattoo since they didn’t have time or a tattoo gun laying around.

I sat down in the chair that was at the corner of the bed. I had a good view of what was going to happen. As I sat down in the chair, Mary was sitting down too. Right on my wife’s face. Mary’s sparsely covered red muff was right over Anne’s tongue. Anne didn’t need to be told what to do, she just started licking. Dan walked up and I noticed his cock for the first time. While probably eight inches long it was the circumference which was scary. It was probably nine or ten inches around. It was wider than a beer can. It was by far the widest cock I’d ever seen.

Dan took hold of the chain holding the clamps together and gave it a little tug causing Anne to moan into Mary’s pussy. Anne squirmed a little too but that only caused her nipples and clit to stretch more resulting in more muffled moaning. Dan moved onto the bed between Anne’s legs and began slapping her pussy with his weighty cock. After several slaps he started pushing that log into her. I could only hope her pussy wasn’t destroyed after this.

After he had a few inches in, Mary asked, “Is she tight? Do you think she’ll take it all?”

Dan answered, “Her cunt is super tight. Her husband must have a tiny dick. By the time I’m done she’ll take it all and beg for more.”

Dan slowly started moving in and out. It took a few minutes, but he was finally balls deep inside my wife. He stayed fully embedded in her pussy for a short time and then started fucking her with full strokes. Mary came on Anne’s face and rolled off. Dan started really pounding Anne now. It was a brutal fucking. You could hear flesh slapping loudly each time he bottomed out. Anne would definitely be sore later. I just hope it’s a good sore.

Without Mary’s pussy on her face, Anne was able to speak. She cried, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuuuck, fuuuuuck, sooo goooood, I’m cuuuuuummmming!”

Wow did she cum. Her head shot up and her toes curled. She stayed like that for about a minute and then laid back while Dan kept pounding her. He was like an iron man continually fucking her. She had several more orgasms and finally he blew a huge load inside her.

Anne laid there trying to catch her breath. She was covered in sweat and her face glistened with Mary’s spend. Her pussy was gaped at having such a wide cock inside of her and was drooling Dan’s cum. She looked so beautiful to me.

Dan and Mary each grabbed a bottle of water and started drinking. Mary brought one over for Anne to replenish her fluids. They both told her to drink up to stay hydrated. Dan gave a little tug on the chain connecting the clamps and Anne moaned.

Dan asked, “Are you ready for more?”

Anne replied, “Bring it on.”

Dan got up on the big king size bed and laid down on his back. He told Anne to suck him and get him hard. She couldn’t take much past the head but stroking with both hands she was able to get him hard again.

Once he was hard, he said, “Get up here and ride my cock.”

Anne moved up and Mary lined up his cock with Anne’s pussy. As she sank down on elvankent prezervatifsiz sikişen escortlar it, I think she came again. As they were fucking, Dan reached up and started playing with Anne’s tits. She was making noises I’d never heard her make before. He then pulled the clamps off of her nipples and she cried out and I think she came again. She laid unmoving on top of him for a minute or two until he pushed her up so she was riding again and doing all of the work.

Anne was riding his big cock and seemed to be in ecstasy. She had her eyes closed and her head tilted back, just riding for all she was worth. I saw Dan grab the chain holding the clamp on her clit and give it a yank. The clamp came off and Anne went into convulsions riding his cock. I have no idea how he didn’t cum again. Anne certainly came.

As Anne came down from this orgasm, she was still embedded on Dan’s cock. Her tits were red, and nipples swollen. Her clit was also swollen and larger than I’d ever seen it. Before she could start riding Dan’s cock again, Mary walked up and I noticed she was wearing a strap-on and was rubbing lube on it.

She climbed up onto the bed and said, “Is she ready?”

Dan replied, “Stick it in and we’ll find out.

Mary put the tip of her strap-on at Anne’s asshole and started pushing it in. She reached up and started playing with Anne’s tits while doing this. Soon she was all the way in and both husband and wife started fucking my wife. Both were mauling her tits, which had to be sore. Anne screamed in orgasm, and both kept plowing her harder.

A few minutes later, Anne came again, and Mary said, “Switch?”

Dan said, “Sure. I can’t wait to get at her ass.”

Mary pulled out and Anne rolled off Dan. Mary handed Anne the lube and she went to work rubbing it on his cock. Her pussy was still gaped and now she was going to take it in her ass. Good luck. Anne threw the strap-on from Anne’s ass in the sink and put on a slightly larger one.

Mary laid down on the bed and Anne climbed on top of her and slid right down on her strap-on. Dan moved behind Anne and placed his greased pole at the entrance to her ass. As he started pushing in, Anne’s head popped up and she cried, “Wow that’s big.”

Mary told her, “Just relax your ass and it will go in much easier. Breathe and relax. It’ll feel great in a minute and the orgasms will be phenomenal.”

Dan kept sliding in until he was balls deep. He stayed fully inserted for a couple of minutes while Anne got used to it. He then started moving in and out. Mary got into the action, and both got a rhythm going. In and out, they went.

Anne shouted, “I. Feel. So. Full. Keep going. They’re tearing my big ass apart. Fuck me. Fuck Meeee. I’m cumming.”

She might have cum, but that didn’t affect Dan and Mary. They kept fucking her without slowing down. Anne came again and again, crying out each time. After about fifteen minutes of this brutal fucking, Dan grabbed Anne’s shoulders and pulled her back while burying himself as far in her ass as possible. He ground into her as he came, pumping a massive load into her ass. When he was done unloading, he pulled out and rolled Anne off his wife.

Dan went to clean up and he asked me to get some waters for us. I grabbed four bottles and handed them out. Anne just laid there leaking cum from her distended asshole. Mary stood and removed the strap-on. She finished her water and got another asking if anyone else wanted one. Dan took another.

Dan asked Anne, “Are you enjoying yourself so far?”

Anne replied, “Yes, it’s been wonderful. I’ve been cumming all day.”

Dan said, “Good, cause we’re not done yet. We are really pleased with you. When Debbie recommended you, we didn’t know if you’d be up for as much as Debbie is. She can’t get enough. We love her but she usually can’t bring her husband along due to childcare issues. We both really love for a husband to watch us defile his wife.”

I took a good look at my wife while we were talking. She had a light sheen of sweat over her entire body. Her nipples were red and swollen. Her breasts had red splotches all over them where they had been pinched and slapped. Her clit was swollen and sticking out further than I’d ever seen it. Her pelvic region was red from the pounding both had given her, and her pussy and asshole were wide open and still leaking.

She saw me looking at her and mouthed, “I love you” to me. She looked beautiful to me, and she was happy doing what she was doing. I mouthed, “I love you too” back to her.

Dan and Mary were still talking and drinking their water. Mary said, “I hope you will want to come back after we’re finished today. We’ve really enjoyed you so far. It’s so nice having an experienced women and an understanding husband who is happy for his wife to let her inner slut out. Just make sure both of you make it when we set another date. Dan and I get very perturbed when a couple is supposed to meet us and only the wife sincan gece kalan escortlar shows up. Did Debbie tell you about the last time we met?”

Anne said, “No, she just told me what a pleasurable afternoon I’d have. I trust her so here we are.”

Mary said, “Well, she was begging for mercy last time she left. She told us that her and her husband would be showing up with her but showed up alone. She got quite a spanking for that. Show them the pictures from that.”

Dan went and grabbed a tablet and came back and pulled up a picture. It was a full frontal of a nude Debbie. Her hair was soaked, and her body wet. She had hickeys on her neck and breasts. Her breasts were red. She had the same tattoo above her pussy that Anne had, and below that a QOS tattoo that Chet had requested. Her pussy was red and gaping. Dan scrolled to the next picture, and it was a view of Debbie from the back.

I think we both gasped. Her ass was fire engine red. They must have used a paddle or something. Her asshole was open and leaking and above her ass someone had written, “DEPOSIT CUM HERE” with an arrow pointing to her asshole. Wow, they really did a number on her.

Mary said, “That’s how we sent her home to her husband who couldn’t make it. We just opened the door and told her to go. She jumped in her SUV and drove away. We figured she’d be okay since her truck sits up so high and has tinted window.”

Dan jumped in, “Besides, unknown to her I put her clothes in the back of her truck. Anyway, she drove home leaking all the way. She got into the garage at home but ran into her daughter and husband as they were leaving for her school play. She told them to go, and she’d meet up later. She told us it was an uncomfortable conversation with her daughter later, but they got through it.”

I said, “If my wife and I decide to play with you again, I will always be right by her side. Nothing to worry about there.”

Dan was ready to go again and told Anne to lay on her back in the middle of the bed. She did and Mary immediately straddled her face. Anne started eating her and Dan climbed on the bed behind his wife and started fucking her. He fucked her for about twenty strokes, then pulled out and moved around and fucked Anne for another twenty strokes. He kept switching off. Both women came more than once while this was happening. As he was fucking his wife, he came.

As soon as he pulled out, he looked down at Anne and said, “Clean her pussy up. Make sure you get it all.”

Anne went to work licking and sucking. A few times Mary lifted up and you could see a large glob of come drip into Anne’s mouth. She kept at it until Mary came again. Mary rolled off and all three laid on the bed. I thought we were done for the day. We’d been there almost five hours and most of it all three were having some kind of sex.

Dan and Mary were both stroking and fondling Anne, telling her how wonderful she was and what a good time they had. They both flicked her nipples and pinched her clit. Finally, Mary started sucking her husband’s cock. I couldn’t believe it, but it was getting hard again. My only thought was he must be taking the little blue pill whenever he gets water.

Anne was still laying there watching. When Dan was hard, he moved over to Anne and started fucking her. I think she was a little surprised but started fucking him back. They were both grunting and moaning, and Anne came again. Dan told Mary to sit on her face and she scrambled on top of Anne.

Anne started eating her and Dan pulled out. Dan applied some lube to the end of his cock and lifted Anne’s legs. He handed her legs off to Mary, who pulled them back and wide. Anne was practically bent in half with her gaping pussy and ass on full display. Mary ground on her face while Dan slid easily into her ass.

Mary came on Anne’s face and kept riding. Dan sawed in and out of Anne’s ass. Mary started rubbing Anne’s pussy. The three of them were building to something big judging by the noises they were making. Mary was the first to cum, with a few small squirts on Anne’s face and neck. Anne was right behind her with Dan following. Dan pulled out and jerked his load onto Anne’s pussy and ass.

All three caught their breath for several minutes. Dan was the first to move. He got up and picked Anne up

He began walking toward the tub and said, “Time to clean you up. Might have to get a little dirty first though.”

Dan laid her down in the tub, so her head was at the bottom and her body was on the upward slope. Her knees were right at the edge and her lower legs hung over the side. Mary moved over and got into the tub with Anne, straddling her. Dan was standing at the end between Anne’s legs. Mary reached up and spread Anne’s pussy and ass.

With a nod to each other, Dan and Mary both started peeing. Mary on Anne’s face and chest and Dan right in her pussy and ass. Anne moaned as the hot piss rained down on her and began frigging her clit. Her whole body and hair were soaked. It sounded like her ass and pussy were filling with piss. It was quite a sight.

About the time the two of them finished peeing, Anne had a powerful orgasm, crying out, “I’m cuuummmiiiing,” and sloshing more piss around.

Anne slid farther down into the tub and Mary turned on the water to rinse off. Once they were both rinsed off, Anne got out and her and Mary dried off.

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