Best of Friends Ch. 03

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No one wanted the weekend to end, the magic to evaporate. They were like teenagers, could not get enough of one another. Holding hands, hugging, kissing as they walked through shops, before they knew it was lunchtime. With bags and bags of this and that, like little kids in a candy store.

Shopping had them all ravenous, for food that is. Being ravenous for one another was never in short supply. One wonders how a person would know that they were bisexual. Wanting to have sex with both sexes, though it is very uncommon, it is uncommon to find women who are not turned off by their men having sex with another man in their company. Some women find that a very sexy thing.

Lunch over with; it was time for some dessert. They head back to the cabin, with packages in tow. Time to dig out the toys, adult toys, strap on, vibrators all those wonderful inventions, they huddle together for a group hug snuggling closer, bodies pressing against one another. Heat emanating through the warm clothes, hardening, cocks pressing against thighs.

Slowly clothes start coming off tossed into a chair the floor, no one could care less where they land. They are hungry for one another; they need to feel flesh to flesh. Needing to satisfy those needs, Lorrie pulls away and opens the case that holds those magnificent toys. Toys that will tease please and fill every orifice that can they can fill.

Lorrie takes out another strap on one with a bullet vibrator at the tip of it. Debbie helps her with the straps. There she stands with a life like cock protruding from the center of the leather straps. A look of hunger and lust flow across her face as she strokes the cock; she smiles a leering look. “Ok who wants me to fill them first?” One by one, they kneel as if they were kneeling before a queen. Oh, what a royal moment it was she thought to herself. To have them submit to allowing her to pleasure them. They were so in tune with one another, they all knew what pleasured them, what turned them on. Moreover, at that moment Lorrie was so turned on, seeing the naked flesh before her. Steve and Sam with their cocks hard and pulsating, with the anticipation of what is about to happen. Lorrie could see Debbie’s pussy, all wet and hot, the lips slightly swollen and the clit started to rear its head. The warm blood flowing through their veins, heart beating faster with every waiting moment, they wanted this they needed this. Sam turns and slides behind Debbie, his cock feeling the need to fill that wondrous pussy of hers. Slowly he rubs the head over her pussy lips, teasing her. She moans from deep with in herself. She ankara moldovyalı escortlar reaches for Sam’s cock stroking it feeling it come alive in her hands. She wants this she need this. “Please she whines, please fill me up.” Sam continues to tease her waiting pussy, he can see that she is wet, her pussy glistens from her wetness, and he can smell her scent. The musky smell of sweet sex permeates the room.

It arouses the senses, the more you breathed it in the more turned on you became. Meantime Lorrie had moved over to Steve and was rubbing the tip of the strap on around his anus. Then she would slide it under his balls, feeling him quiver from the sensation. He grows harder with each movement. The teasing was turning him on more and more. Pre cum leaked from the tip, dripping down the under side of his cock. He strokes himself. Lorrie taps him on the shoulder and tells him. “No I do not want you to stroke your self. I want to wrap my fingers around your stiff cock and I want to feel the blood fill it until it feels like it might burst.

Finally, she slips the tip into his ass, slowly at first letting him getting used to the feel of it. She would wait a second then lets it slide further. Lorrie hears Steve moan, as his body responds to the pressure of the cock as it fills him. This turns Lorrie on even more, she is not sure that she can control herself; she waits for a response from Steve. He finally can take no more and he lets her know. “Please just fuck me Lorrie; now I can take no more, I want to feel you fill me up.”

They can hear the sounds of Sam and Debbie, skin against skin, debs whimpers of passion, her begging Sam to fuck her harder. Lorrie watches Debbie’s breast bounce her nipples hard as rock. They turned very rosy when she was excited, they glistened with perspiration. That was so sexy; she was a very hot sexy woman. Her long reddish hair swept around her face as her head bent down to allow more advantage.

Steve’s ass grabbed at that cock like he was thirsty, and as if he needed it to survive. Oh god what a feeling it was, filling him more and more. Deeper each time, wanting more, wanting it all. More and more the sounds filled the room, it echoed through out the cabin. Like music, a symphony. Each in tune with one another. Oh, to be able to record that wondrous sound, sell it. Nevertheless, it is a precious sound, a sound for lovers to share. Hearts beating faster, breaths coming deeper and faster, filling their lungs, trying to catch their breath. One must learn to breathe through their nose so as not to choke. That musky scent filled ankara ukraynalı escortlar the air again, like incense. The aroma was so intoxicating, you drink it in and the more you drink the more you want and need.

Cocks lying placid against glistening thighs, pussies dripping with the warm scented juice, they lay exhausted bodies entwined. Breaths coming in deep and shallow hearts beating hard and now just slowing down catching one’s breath so they could go on again. P

There is a chill now in the cabin as the day wanes to dusk. Sam and Steve think it is time to fill up the woodbin, they notice it is starting to snow again; maybe just maybe they will be stranded here. Wow what a wonderful thought this was like a dream come true for them. It would be wonderful to live like this on a daily basis. Of course then nothing would be done, but what you only live once.

Fire back up and roaring, it became toasty and warm, Sam wanted to check the news and see about the storm if it was going to amount to anything. According to the weather channel, the storm was going to pick up in intensity. There would be a substantial amount of snow before this storm was over. They had some flashlights in the car and plenty of candles. Therefore, if for some reason the power went they would be able to find their way around in the dark.

Dinner eaten and dishes done, time to settle in for the ride. Wind started swirling the snow around the cabin; it was hard to see anything when you looked out the window. Lorrie suggested they play a game of cards, to wile away the hours. Sam laughed, “Oh yes let’s play strip poker again and see who the first to lose their clothes again is.” Debbie chuckled, “No need to play cards all you have to do is ask and you shall receive.”

They all started to laugh it was such a joyous time for them. Feeling so carefree and alive, for so long life was the same thing day in and day out. When Steve discussed with Debbie about trying the swinging lifestyle, she agreed although nervous she figured it would not hurt to try it. Debbie had fantasized a few times being with another woman what it would be like, how it would feel to have a woman licking her pussy teasing her nipples.

She was not sure how she would feel about Steve sucking on another man’s cock. It was a little strange at first but she warmed up to it very quickly. It was such a turn on, watching two men together, sucking each other, kissing and the fondling. Sending shivers up her spine, making her pussy wet and tremble with desire.

Being with Sam and Lorrie was so natural making you ankara minyon tipli escortlar feel at ease with their company. Sex with them just was as natural as having dinner with them. They were the best of friends although they did not live close to one another they kept one weekend a month open for play dates.

Debbie looked over the scene the laughter the silliness just like teenagers. It was time to turn up the heat. “Okay everyone off with the clothes, I think it is time to get down to some serious game playing here if you know what I mean?” She laughed huskily. Sam loved her voice; he said it was very seductive with its low octave when she spoke. What a turn on.

Clothes started being shed cocks were starting the familiar twinge; wetness started flowing from twitching pussies. Firelight placing shadows of the bodies on the walls. Lorrie laid across the arm of the couch, spreading herself open for inspection. She brushed her finger across her clit sending a surge of energy throughout her body. Sam watched as she touched herself deciding to lend her a hand tongue finger whatever she would like to use.

As Sam was down to business helping Lorrie relieve that ache inside, Debbie watched with eager eyes. The scene that was unfolding before her eyes was such a turn on, she found herself opening her legs wider fingers brushing over the lips of her pussy, feeling the blood fill them, as they got bigger. A slight brush from the edge of her finger against her clit sent a tremble throughout her whole body. Her head went slightly back, her lips parted they were slightly dry so she ran her tongue over them to moisten them.

Steve watched his wife touch herself and it filled him with so much love. He loved her so very much. For her to give of herself to Sam and to Lorrie and with so much passion he was a lucky man to have her in his life. Her face was aglow with pleasure that she was giving herself her chest rising and falling from the way her breath gets deeper and heavier.

Steve loved the way that she was not ashamed of touching herself; rarely did she do this with anyone else. This action turned him on even more he was eager to help her with that need that he could see that she had. A need that she wanted release, that rush that she gets when she orgasms. A wetness he had not see in some time the lips had swollen pulsating from the blood that flowed through her veins. For she was a very passionate woman, still sexy and very much beautiful but never as beautiful as she was at that very moment. He watched as she arched her back her breast swelling with the onset of her climax, her body shuddered nipples as erect and the size of dimes. A deep rose color were her nipples, in comparison to her freckled skin.

He loved her freckles always kidding with her about trying to connect the dots. Nevertheless, there were so many it would take ages to even attempt to try that.

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