Blindfold Pleasures

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It was the blindfold that made all the difference. Steph knew that she would probably know everyone in the room but because she couldn’t see she had no way of knowing who was doing what, or indeed just how many others there were.

Steph let her T-shirt be lifted over her head. A pair of hands started to caress her breasts though her bra. Then her bra was removed and she felt a tongue tease her left nipple. A hand was stoking the other as the tongue teased her. With a circling movement the tongue was working outwards from the centre until her breast was soaked with saliva. This action was repeated with her right breast until once again hands caressed them both.

As the hands slide easily over her wet flesh, Steph felt her skirt being lifted and the gusset of her knickers being pulled aside. Suddenly a tongue darted out to play with her clit. Steph moaned with pleasure as the tongue worked its way into ankara moldovyalı escortlar the folds of her pussy lips.

The tongue lapped at her with long, slow, deliberate strokes. The hands were still caressing her breasts. Someone was rubbing some scented skin crème into them.

Step began squirming with pleasure. The hands continued their gentle kneading of her tits while the tongue teased her clit. Occasionally the tongue would be flicked into her pussy. “Oh yes!” Steph cried, “Fuck me with your tongue!”

Suddenly she began to tremble. She could feel the pulsations begin to rise within her. She opened her mouth to let out a cry of pure pleasure but had to choke it back as a juicy cock was forced between her lips.

Steph eagerly began to suck as her orgasm wracked her body. She allowed herself to be positioned on all fours as she slid her mouth up and down on the fat cock ankara ukraynalı escortlar that was between her lips.

The tongue had removed itself from her clit and her body was recovering from the throes of orgasm. She still sucked greedily on the cock in front of her. The noises coming from its owner suggesting that she was not the only one enjoying this.

The pair of hands at her breasts moved down and grabbed her hips. She obligingly lowered them and felt another cock begin to slide into her pussy. Steph quickly got herself into a rhythm; back, slowly impaling herself on the cock underneath her, forward, taking as much of the other cock into her mouth as possible.

A pair of hands massaged her back with some of the crème that had been applied to her breasts. The hands worked their way down until they came to her bum. One finger started to spread some form of lubricant around ankara minyon tipli escortlar her hole. Then the finger was inserted up her arse. After a few stokes it was removed and another cock started to press its way in.

Three cocks were now fucking Steph. The sensations she was feeling would have made her cry out had her mouth not been full. She bucked her hips against the cocks that were invading her from the rear. As she did so the cock in her mouth erupted and sent two great wads of cum into her mouth. As that cock was withdrawn another wad struck her in the face while she greedily swallowed down the cum in her mouth.

She writhed furiously against the two cocks that were still inside her. She could feel those cocks stretching her as she ground against them. She cried out “Oh God, harder. Fuck me harder. Fuck me deeper. Ohh God, Oh God I’m coming, I’m coming, fuck me, fuck me FUCK Meeeeeee!!!!!!”

As Steph screamed her pleasure both cocks emptied their loads inside her. She lay back on the floor as the cum dribbled from her holes. She wanted to remove her blindfold but found she hadn’t the strength. In stead she stretched out and luxuriated in the feeling of being happily well fucked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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