Brothers and Sisters Ch. 05

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Chapter 5 — Visitors and Surprising Results

Anna’s and my twin sisters, Cindy and Sandy, arrived on schedule two weeks after we and our close friends made the discovery and revelation to each other that we were all in love with our sibling. Our mutual affection for each other was also flourishing in that we often had sex with each other.

We needed to hide our incestuous love from our visiting siblings. Thus, for this visit, Penny was going to be my erstwhile girlfriend, and Anna would have Dave as her boyfriend. That arrangement, also allowed Marie and Ryan to get together for some loving.

Cindy and Sandy flew in on Wednesday afternoon from up north where our parents lived. They planned to visit the two nearby colleges on Thursday and Friday, and stay over with us until Sunday afternoon.

I drove to the airport and picked the two of them up at curbside as we’d arranged. We drove back to the apartment and I helped by carrying their two small bags upstairs as they carried their backpacks. They were now both seniors in high school and worried about getting their college applications submitted before the holidays. We’d pledged to help them however we could.

At the apartment, Penny greeted us as we came inside. I got a kiss and made introductions of my younger siblings. They were about eight years younger than me; a second family my parents had decided on as Anna and I achieved some independence earlier in our lives. I could still tell them apart despite their classification as identical twins.

Penny announced dinner plans, specifically that Dave and Anna were also joining us after Anna closed up her shop. We were certainly playing the ‘girlfriend’ and ‘boyfriend’ chips in our game of subterfuge.

The girls were going to use our convertible sofa since it was queen size and could easily sleep the two of them. We hadn’t planned much else, other than to be near constant companions with our BF and GF when we weren’t working.

The six of us went out to dinner: Dave, Penny, Anna, me, and our twin sisters — Cindy and Sandy. We had fun, and talked about what we knew about the two schools they were looking at.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how we looked at it, Cindy and Sandy were looking favorably on the two schools because we lived nearby to either campus. They also felt their grades and activities would position them well to be accepted and maybe to even get financial aid.

If they were in town, Anna and I would have to be on near constant alert to hide our emotional and physical relationship. We would have to always appear to be aloof and brotherly or sisterly to the other, and not romantic lovebirds that we usually were.

Dave and Anna put on a good show, often displaying the legitimate new relationship energy they felt for each other. Of course, Penny and I were likewise involved. The small touches, kisses, hugs, and gestures or words of affection were not lost on the twins.

By agreement, Penny went home that night and Dave stayed over with Anna, sleeping in her bed with her. The twins seemed mildly shocked that their older sister was so casual about sleeping with a guy, but Penny and I made no big deal about it as bedtime neared. Dave brought in his overnight kit, but noted that he’d already left a bunch of stuff in Anna’s bathroom, such as his toothbrush and shaving kit.

I expected that would be the first night I slept alone in ages. A couple of times, I’d had Marie and Penny overnight with me while Anna romanced Ryan or Dave in her bed.

After the apartment got quiet with everyone in bed, I shot awake as my door opened and one of the twins came into my room. It was hard to tell in the dark which one it was.

My sheet was lifted and my younger sibling slipped under and then came right into my arms. This might have been all right, except I was naked. Anna and I both slept au naturel because we didn’t want any impediments to our lovemaking when the mood struck.

It turned out that my visitor was also deliciously naked.

“Cindy? Sandy? What are you doing?”

“I’m planning on loving my older brother. I don’t want you to think of me as your sister. I want you to think of me as a young woman that just adores you and always has. Please let me love you, and please make love to me.”

Young lips locked onto mine and then I had a teenage tongue deep in my mouth as we French kissed. It was Cindy, I learned. Sandy drew a short straw, but I’d have her the next night, because she felt the same way about me.

Before I could blink, Cindy had my cock in her mouth as I felt her breasts along my legs. My teenage sister actually had significant skill in giving blowjobs. I’d have to learn more about that later. In the meanwhile, I was going through all the pros and cons of whether to do what I seemed to want to do with Cindy. It was obviously what she wanted me to do, too.

I trabzon escort was already involved in a deep incestuous relationship with one sister. I thought, what was one more or two more. I was already doomed and going to hell. I didn’t resist very much. In fact, I started to respond and reciprocate with more enthusiasm. I even turned on my bedside light so we could see each other and I could marvel at her sexy body.

Cindy maneuvered us into a sixty-nine position at my request, and I started to eat her pussy and finger her holes. She purred like a kitten as I worked on her. I was sure I was making noises of satisfaction, as well. I wondered whether Anna and Dave could hear us.

Cindy spun around on my body and fed me one of her young breasts. I devoured the boob, sucking on the nipple until I had it highly aroused. This girl was in heat and needed cock. My cock.

I was hard. Cindy had gotten me that way and kept me that way while we did oral and fondled each other.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked. “This would be incest — a very taboo thing to do.”

“I’m legally an adult. Yes, I’m sure. Please forget I’m your sister and just make love with me. Have sex with me. Fuck me. I need you — every inch of you. I promise we won’t say anything to mom or dad, Anna, or to your girlfriend. Sandy will make the same promise, too.”

I was clearly thinking with my little head. Cindy pushed me onto my back, and then mounted me and slithered her tight teenage cunt down my cock until I was fully embedded inside her. I was surprised she took all of me without a single complaint, only a sigh of satisfaction and a moan of supreme pleasure. We then started to move together as our fucking started. We kept kissing and using our tongues, too.

Cindy gasped, “Oh, fuck. You feel so fuckin’ good inside me. I’m on the pill, so you can blast away when you’re ready, but not just yet. I want to try to have an orgasm on you. This is so much better than I ever dreamed.”

I knew how to solve the orgasm problem. Sixty seconds later, Cindy squeaked and moaned loudly as her first orgasm rolled through her body. I continued to use my fingers on her clit after she rode that one through; she had another and then another. I kept plunging my cock into her, too. We changed positions so I could take a more assertive role in our lovemaking.

My other sister snuck into my room and shut the door. She quickly doffed her PJs so she was as nude and desirable as her sister. I got more kisses but continued to focus on Cindy. Sandy sat with her legs spread in my line of sight and stroked her pussy. Occasionally, she’d put two or three fingers into her vagina and pump them around with attendant wet sounds.

The presence and horniness of my two younger siblings pushed me over the top. I warned Cindy that I was near, and brought her to the edge again. As she started to topple into an orgasm, I came, too. I probably disgorged about a gallon of potent cum into the small warm and snug pussy surrounding my shaft.

Cindy’s orgasm seemed transcendental and transformative. She almost levitated into some other ethereal realm of joy, bliss, and happiness, as we came to a stop and my spasms into her body stopped. We kissed for a long time.

We separated and I could see the presence of my semen leaking from Cindy’s pussy almost immediately. I suddenly had a devilish idea.

I turned to Sandy and said, “Well, don’t just sit there. Clean up your sister with your mouth. Get busy.” I pointed at Cindy’s leaky quim and physically nudged Sandy in that direction.

Sandy protested, “But… but…”

“No, you have to do it. I do it with my girlfriend all the time. It’s a normal part of sex. You both want this, I assure you.”

Sandy said, “How do I… I’ve never done anything like this.”

I leaned down and licked my tongue up one side of Cindy’s labia. I then turned to Sandy, “Does that give you a hint? It’s not rocket science. Just get in there with your tongue and lick and suck up the juices. If you want to do something really sexy, collect a bunch of the cum and fluids and then bring it up to Cindy so you can snowball what you find.”

“Sno… sno… snowball?” Sandy said in obvious innocence. Cindy was suddenly looking worried. This was a learning experience that big brother was providing.

“I’ll show you.” I bent my body forward to Cindy’s slit again, and lapped up some of the evident fluids. I then came up and initiated a French kiss with Cindy. At first, she was standoffish, but I think as she actually got a taste of the fluids, she got into it, until we were very open-mouthed in our kissing and trading fluids back and forth as we turned our heads back and forth. I broke away and looked at Sandy.

Sandy slowly leaned into her sister’s twat with her tongue extended. She made some tentative swipes and then increasingly got into trabzon escort bayan the lewd act. I secretly congratulated myself for further corrupting my twin sisters.

Sandy made several up and down trips to collect and snowball with Cindy. They got into it. I explained about extracting my cum from inside her with two fingers, and Sandy tried that. She got more into the act with each second.

At one point, I pulled Sandy to me and snowballed with her. I could feel her melting into a passionate pile of needy teenager right in my presence. I fondled her breasts, and brought her nipples to an erect state. God, they were both so sexy.

Ten minutes later, I fucked Sandy as Cindy lowered her pussy to her sister’s mouth to be eaten some more. I was showing the twins more of what ‘big brother’ was involved in and they loved it.

Sandy asked, “Do you do this type of thing with Penny?”

I just laughed as though the answer to that question was beyond obvious. I’d already started to wonder just how much to tell them about what our lives were like. I felt sure they’d guess when we were through with our sexual encounter, that they’d accurately guess that Anna and I also had sexual relations. I had a thing about lying, and didn’t want to get into that position with them. Subterfuge was acceptable, but not lying.

The night continued despite the somewhat late hour. I made love to my two sisters again before we slept cuddled together. Just as we were starting our last round, I could hear the thumping of Anna’s headboard against the wall. I pointed that out to Cindy and Sandy, emphasizing that Anna was also engaged in some hot sex with her ‘boyfriend’.

Anna found us in the morning — three nude lovers in bed together, with me in the middle. The room smelled like a French whorehouse from all the sex. The twin’s PJs were in piles where they’d been discarded. I wondered what would happen next, but I had a good guess since Anna was also naked.

Anna wasn’t at all perturbed. She kissed each of us and told us it was time to get up. She was not only naked, she also had that ‘ridden hard and put away wet’ look to her from some morning sex with Dave.

In the living room and kitchen area, we found Dave was making coffee with only a towel wrapped around his midsection. He and I bumped fists as our way to say hello that morning. I think there was also some bravado about each of us having had a copious quantity of sex the night before.

After that, the three women came out of my bedroom still naked. Dave’s eyes flared at the twins, but he just carried on as though the nudity was a normal event. I did note a large bump in his towel.

We sat and planned out the day. I had to make an appearance at work and so did Anna, although she’d arranged staffing to allow her to be off work earlier in the afternoon than usual.

Later, I dropped the twins off at the administration building for one of the colleges they wanted to tour. They’d dressed up nicely, and had an appointment starting at the admissions office.

At my work, Marie asked how the visit was going. I laughed and told her I didn’t dare get into a description of what was going on until we were really alone. I think she read the right nuance into my remarks, so she didn’t push for answers. I went to work on creating the specs for the whole electrical system for a new mixed-use building being built just outside the city center.

I texted Anna about ten a.m. when I had a break, and told her that we should talk by phone before we reconnected with the twins after work that afternoon. The result was my cell phone rang. She had a moment free.

I took the call into one of the empty conference rooms so I could talk. “Anna, I did NOT expect two nude nymphs in my bed last night. I just couldn’t say no to them. I have no willpower, I guess.”

“I am not the least bit disturbed by what you or they did. I love it, in fact. I bet you’re calling because you wonder how much we should tell them about our romantic history and more recently our lifestyle.”

I made a strange sound. “You are psychic. My inclination is to tell them everything, and trust that they won’t say anything to mom or dad, or to anybody else that might matter back home.”

Anna said, “I agree, but I think we should be together. Anybody else like Dave or Penny is also welcome to be with us, but the discussion will be mainly about our family and our inclusive lifestyle.”

“I’m good with that.”

The twins texted me about three o’clock that they were through with their campus visit and talks to several of the staff and a couple of professors. I told them where I’d meet them, and I left work early, as planned.

Sandy immediately wanted to start talking in the car about what had happened the previous night, but I held my hand up and said, “Wait until we’re with Anna. We’ll have a better discussion escort trabzon with all of us together than you two with just me.” That seemed to mollify them for the time being, although I think they were somewhat puzzled by my remark. Instead, I had them tell me about their campus tour and their impressions of the college.

Anna was home when we arrived and greeted us with hugs and, for me, some romantic kisses that brought the twins to a standstill as they watched the two of us. We didn’t hold back.

I hugged Anna and she hugged me, and we turned to Cindy and Sandy.

Anna said, “In case you’re wondering, the reason we live together is that we love each other. We’ve been living as husband and wife for three years now since we got this apartment. We’ve been having romantic sex with each other since high school when we were legal. I suspect, especially after last night, that you have some thoughts and questions.” Anna’s blunt statements were met with wide eyes of amazement.

The twins were nonplused and silent for a minute. Their eyes darted back and forth between the two of us and each other.

Cindy asked, “So, you’ve been having sex with each other for almost ten years?”

We both nodded as we sat down on the sofa at our coffee table. The twins sat in the two chairs.

Sandy said, “But you had sex with Dave last night, didn’t you?”

Anna nodded, “I did. Dave is a good friend. We thought we’d have to present a façade to you two to convince you that I had a boyfriend, and that Matt had a girlfriend. That’s why Penny was here. They have significant others that also hooked up last night, at least until Penny joined them. We kind of enjoy group sex together. Having sex with them is a relatively new experience for us, although all of us have occasionally had sex with some other partner to reinforce the pretense that we weren’t sexually interested in our sibling. The other two couples are also brother-sister pairs that fell in love many years ago, just the way we did. Somehow, we all found each other.”

“Wow. So, not only do you and Matt have sex, but you have sex with two other incestuous couples?”

“We make love,” I corrected them.

Cindy asked, “What did we do last night?”

“We made love, sweetheart. I do love you both, and even though we were all kind of horny, I also felt great affection and love for you. I still do.”

Cindy leapt across the space between us and smashed her mouth into mine in an epic kiss. “Oh, God, Matt, I love you so. Sandy and I both love you both so much.” I got some more kisses.

Sandy had gone to Anna, and they were hugging right next to us. She told Anna, “We love you, too.”

Anna said, “I guess I don’t have to tell you that you can never say anything to mom and dad about us.”

“Oh, God, no. We’d NEVER say anything. Besides, we’re now part of the situation, at least we hope we are and that we’ll continue to have a loving relationship with you Matt… and with you Anna. We’ve not done much together, but we have done a little girl-girl stuff. Matt had us doing stuff last night, too.”

Anna and I hugged each of the girls. I said, “if you come to school near here, we can figure out how to best include you in our lives. We’d like that. I think you may want your own social life a good part of the time, however.”

Sandy said, “Don’t be so sure. Cindy and I have had hero worship about you ever since we realized we had a big brother. You always included us in your life back when you were in junior high and high school. This just feels so right for us – to be back in your presence.”

Anna said, “You need to think about what you’re gaining and what you’re giving up by putting all your eggs in this one basket. We’ll talk more about that with you. I imagine you could shift back and forth.”

Cindy and Sandy both started to fire questions at us about how we started with each other, how we knew it was love, what steps we took to hide the relationship from our parents, and more. They then wanted to know about Dave, Marie, Ryan, and Penny, and how that started, and how far it had gone.

I told them, “We are just starting to understand the opportunities that we have as three brother-sister couples that want to hide the reality of what we’re doing from the rest of the world.”

“Like what?” Sandy asked.

“Like, we could each have a real boyfriend or girlfriend all the time, and maybe even marry that person, yet we’d still have our sister or brother as our lover whenever we wanted.”

“Would you all live together?”

Anna and I looked at each other with surprised looks on our face.

Anna said slowly as the idea grew on her, “We very well might do that. We hadn’t discussed that possibility, but… I love your idea.”

“I hope we could live with you, too. I liked Dave and Penny. Do you think they liked us enough to allow us to be included in your clique?”

“I don’t know. Let’s see how this weekend goes, and maybe you can come and make another visit or two in the near future to help built a relationship with them.”

We continued talking, and then the front door opened and Penny came in from her job as a substitute teacher. Four people greeted her with hugs and kisses.

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