Dark Desire Ch. 04

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I wake up on my side, and I hear music coming from the kitchen. It took me a while to wake up fully. Finally, I lift myself only to see Selina walking towards me, completely naked for only me to see.

“You slept for far too long,” she says.

I groan and look around for my phone to check the time.

“You slept for seven hours.”

I scrunch my eyes, “really?”

“Yeah, I usually sleep around five hours a night, so you, in comparison, sleep a lot.”

I lift myself and kiss her cheek as she settles the tray down between my legs. I’m still naked from last night, but I hardly notice. I cover myself with the duvet and try not to spill the coffee she brought out for me.

“Come and join me.”

She made me freshly pressed coffee and a full English breakfast. Of course, I was starving from all the exercise last night. But, I couldn’t say no to the food even if I wanted to.

I sat cross-legged so she could sit on the opposite side of the bed. My stomach starts to rumble, and I inhale breakfast as though I’ve never eaten before. It’s so hot to know she was cooking with nothing but my apron on, or I hope so anyway. I’m sure she’s allergic to clothing.

Her curves are in proportion to her height. She stands tall and proud. Her skin is a chocolate brown color, as smooth as satin and, it’s calling to me. Her breasts overflowed in my hands last night, magnificent to play with. Her legs belong in a swimsuit magazine, an exquisite sight.

She notices my desire and ignores it while we eat, which is okay with me. There’s something special about being with the right person enjoying some peace.

She wraps her arms around me tightly and kisses me after we devour our food. My lips part to meet hers, her tongue dancing with mine in bliss. My mind transforms into a frenzy, unable to think any kocaeli escort rational thought. I finally understand when people say the right person feels like home.

We clean up the dishes after we finish eating. Selina plays a romantic song I’ve never heard of before on my iPod speakers in the kitchen. I stand behind her, and we sway as the music plays. She’s slightly taller than me, I’d guess around two inches. I smell her hair, flowery and refreshing. I move her hair to a side and bury my head in her neck, taking in her sweet scent.

The compulsion to bite her is too great. Before I know it, my teeth clench her skin roughly, without any warnings. Tightening my grip around her waist, I grab her breasts, and she lets out a moan. She lifts her head upwards, and I brush my lips over the bite I imprinted on her and preceded to kiss her skin. Her shallow breaths fill the room, her focus on cleaning the kitchen disappears.

She turns, gripping me tightly, and lifts me on top of the dining table. She pulls my dress up and spreads my legs. Her hands grab onto my hips, and she lowers herself, positioned right at the center of my body. Then, she takes one long lick of my sex. I rest my back on the cool glass and let her eat me.

She returns to her feet swiftly and walks towards the bedroom. I stay in the kitchen area, and I watch as her hips sway left to right. Her ass is a perfect peach. That’s all I can say. She returns with the strap-on and another toy I haven’t used in forever. I bought it once because my ex wanted to try it, but I hid it in the wardrobe once we broke up. So how did she even find it? She approaches me with a whip, and she looks like she’d be a natural using it on me.

“Bend over for me, now!” she orders.

I turn over as she asks. She knows she has me at her disposal whenever she desires. kocaeli escort bayan I wait for her to whip me at maximum impact, but she surprises me. She found the handcuffs buried under my thongs and tied me into position.

“I never knew you’d be the kinky type,” she tells me.

“I mean, I never had the chance to use them. They were gifted to me by a friend.”

“I can tell. I had to take the tags off. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I…” Out of nowhere, she strikes me with the whip.

“What were you going to say?”

She whips me again, and I scream, forgetting the conversation altogether. The pain, the pleasure, and the complete submission make me so wet, I start to drip down my legs.

She continues to strike me, and then a burning sensation kicks in, the pain intensifies. I scream in bliss and lose all control over my body. All I need is to be taken in a hot savage way.

She penetrates me in one full thrust, hilt deep. She violently brings me closer to orgasm with each stroke. And then I cream up the dildo real good.

I lift myself from the table and clean up all the mess I made on the dining table.

“So, tell me a little more about you,” I say. I don’t usually talk about myself. I’m very reserved, so I’d understand if Selina wouldn’t want to share her past with me.

“I love the city. I’ve lived in New York all my life. So I’m pretty average in the way most people are.

I went to university and studied a subject that paid a good amount of money. And now I work at a tech firm. I’m a developer, and I’m considering finding other opportunities for work soon.”

I listen to her closely, and a thought pops into my mind. I wonder if we’d known each other in another lifetime. Her presence is so familiar to me. Like, I feel like I’ve kocaeli escort known her forever.

“I don’t think it’s ordinary. You don’t see that many women in the tech industry as much as we’d like.”

“You can say that again,” she says. “Tell me more about what you like to do outside of writing.”

“Well, I paint in my free time, and I love reading all kinds of literature.

Call me boring, but I love my fair share of museum visits. Culture speaks to me in a way people fail to.”

“Those are some amazing hobbies to enjoy, don’t call them boring. It’s who you are, be proud of it.”

“You’re right. I should. You know I always pictured myself as a person who’d like to travel but never really got around to it.”

“Where would you love to see first?”

“I have got to see the great pyramids in Egypt and Morocco for the views and the soul food experience. One of my friends’ visited and it looked amazing. Ever since then, I’ve always wanted to travel.”

Talking to Selina feels like I’m talking to my best friend and a lover simultaneously.

Her phone rings from the coffee table in the living room. She doesn’t approach the device, and it goes to voicemail. Instead, a male in his early twenties rapidly spews out words in a panic.

“Hello, I know it’s your day off, but we need you at the office. Unfortunately, the systems have crashed, and everything is down. The entire office is going haywire.

Call us back as soon as you get this.”

I see the worry on her face, and she looks at me sullenly, like an upset puppy.

“I have to get that. I’ll have to go.”

I understand entirely, yet disappointed because I don’t want to let her go.

She gets dressed as fast as she can and reaches for the wall as she gets her shoes on. I plant a kiss on her cheek and give her a quick hug before she leaves.

“Goodbye, I hope you fix the issue,” I say in a sullen voice.

“I’m sorry about this. Goodbye.” I see her off at the elevator hoping everything will turn out okay. She blows a kiss at me as the elevator doors shut, and she’s gone…

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