Diary of a Lesbian Love Slave Pt. 09

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When we walked into the living room Margo was sitting by the fire, brandy snifter in hand, naked from the waist down. She had, and still has, the hairiest pussy I’ve even seen in person. But it works on her. When she visits, one of the things I most look forward to is burying my face in her shaggy nest of curls. Unlike the hair of her head, it doesn’t have a speck of gray in it. Possibly she dyes it; I’ve never had the nerve to ask.

My Mistress took a seat and for a minute I just stood there soaking up the heat of the fire. I was still a little out of it. Finally my Mistress spoke up. “Do I have to draw you a picture, Sam?”

I blushed, embarrassed at not having known what was wanted of me. “No ma’am,” I said and dropped to my knees. Margo opened her legs a little further, then leaned down to kiss me before guiding my head into her crotch.

I was nervous at first; I knew that it would be important to my Mistress that I please Margo, and I wanted to do a good job. But in the end, I think I acquitted myself well. Within a few minutes I had Margo digging her fingernails into my shoulder as a powerful climax rumbled through her. I paused to let her recover, then went back in for more, and I kept at it until she finally pushed me away and leaned back in her chair.

“Thank you, Sam,” she said. “That was lovely. I think you and I are going to get along very well.”

Afterward I was required to service my Mistress as well, which I did kurtköy escort gladly, though my tongue was a little tired by the time I was done. That was the first time I ever tasted two women on the same day — though certainly not the last.

Margo didn’t stay the night. She likes to stay in nice hotels, and so she does.


Margo’s most recent visit was an another memorable one. My Mistress had been in New York on business — Her first work trip in ages — and she and Margo had flown in together. When they arrived my Mistress was annoyed with me because I hadn’t cleaned the house up to Her standards.

And she was right. I had gotten high and put on loud music and bounced around the house working, and had not paid much attention to details. I’ve never particularly cared about everything being spic and span, and the idea is a little hard for me to wrap my head around. Usually my Mistress is not such a stickler; only when Margo comes does she get uptight.

At one point my Mistress sighed and said to Margo, “I feel like I’ve gone a little soft on Sam. I punish her, but it seems like my message isn’t getting through.”

Margo raised an eyebrow. “Are you saying you’d like me to have a go?”

My Mistress grinned wickedly and I got that feeling of tightness I always get in my stomach when I know a punishment is coming. I mean, they always turn out to be enjoyable in the end… but I’m always a little anxious going in, because aydıntepe escort you never know what it’s going to be like this time.

“That would be lovely,” came the answer.


And so it was that I found myself in the dungeon, bound to the platform face-down, nude and ball-gagged. I looked on nervously as Margo perused my Mistress’s collection of whips, looking for one that suited her.

My Mistress has never actually used a whip on me. She likes having them there for visual effect, but says that her whip skills are not very good. Margo, on the other hand, is a pro.

Margo took her time testing out the whips, whooshing them theatrically through the air, as I felt my belly get tenser and tenser in expectation of what was to come. She was smoking a cigarette, which I’d never seen her do before. When I asked her about it later she said, “I quit a long time ago. But a good whipping requires a cigarette.”

Finally she found an implement that suited her, and from that point on everything seemed to happen in slow motion. Margo flicked her wrist; the whip sang through the air; I heard the crack of its impact on my ass; the pain hit me and I yelped through my gag. Margo took a puff on her cigarette and exhaled a big cloud of grayish-white smoke. Then the whole thing started over again.

It wasn’t the most painful thing I’ve ever felt in my life. In fact there’s something about the sting of Margo’s whip that’s almost like a caress. tuzla içmeler escort It hurts but there’s a strange kind of pleasure in it too. It’s hard to explain.

The punishment was concentrated on my rear end and thighs. A few times the whip curled around onto my inner thigh and stung the tender flesh near my crotch; but only once did it actually touch my pussy, making me scream and tremble and start to tear up.

When it was over Margo sprayed my throbbing butt and legs with a cooling mist, then penetrated me with two fingers. I came so fast, so hard that I passed out for a little bit. When I woke up Margo was pulling out my ballgag and pushing the fingers into my mouth to clean them.

Finally my Mistress untied me and I was able to climb gingerly to my feet. She kissed me on the cheek and handed me a face dildo. “Go upstairs and get ready for me,” she said.

Getting ready means that I lay down face-up, put the harness on my head, and tie my wrists to the foot of the bed. Then I stay there with my hands stretched out over my head until my Mistress comes to bind them.

This time it took her awhile to appear. It seemed especially long because my ass was tender from the whipping, and so this was not the most comfortable position for me to be in. But finally she and Margo appeared, both nude, both carrying glasses of wine.

Sitting Her glass down, my Mistress quickly tied my wrists. Then she climbed up onto the bed, poised the tip of the face-dildo at the entrance to Her pussy, and sat heavily down onto my face. As she began to move up and down I felt Margo’s tongue start to explore my nether regions. Any residual pain I might have been feeling was quickly a thing of the past.

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