Earth Day Love In

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It was a normal day; the usual suspects were sitting around the quad discussing nothing and everything at the same time. That was until someone brought up Earth Day, Norma said it first but we all agreed, “Earth Day doesn’t seem to do anything anymore I think it’s outlived its usefulness.” That got us all started but it was true with all the problems in the world today environmental issues had dropped down on the list of priorities. I said that if mother earth died, unemployment wouldn’t mean anything. Melissa said we should make this the best Earth Day ever, so the people would understand what it really stood for. She then invited us to her house, where she had some wine to continue our conversation. Melissa had a big basement, her mother was really cool, and the idea of some wine to loosen our thought processes was all we needed and off we went.

We were all adults here, well at least eighteen, and we were brainstorming like crazy but everything we came up with seemed to have been done to death. Mrs. Heart, Melissa’s mom came downstairs to listen in and to join us in a glass of wine. Like I said she was really cool, I think she was some kind of hippy goddess when she was our age. After listening for a while, she asked if she could say something, “Why don’t you try something we did when I was young? You could have an Earth Day love in. We use to get thousands to the park with a love in and not just flower children. You would be amazed at the men in suits and women in nylons just there to see what it was. We used to call it a happening and we all used the time to teach about love and peace instead if hate and war. To some of these up tight suit people it was the only time they heard the other side of the war issue.”

Everyone bursa escort loved the idea and we began making plans using Mrs. Heart as our ‘Love In’ expert to answer questions. The big problem was how you promote something without creating waste; I mean how could you pass out thousands of flyers promoting something to save our planet. If this were to be a grassroots effort, how would we get word to the people? Once again, Mrs. Heart came up with the answer, “Word of mouth works best but if you want it to spread just sprinkle some sex into the mix. One thing we use to do was to leave our blouses open as we walk around town. You could take body paint and put, ‘come to earth day at the park.’ I know, go down to planned parenthood, they pass out free condoms and we could make a stamp about Earth Day, stamp them and pass them out.” Mrs. Heart even volunteered to be one of the girls walking around with a sign painted on her boobs and oh man, I wanted to see that. I know Melissa was kind of my girl friend and it was like sick to get turned on by your girl friend’s mom but I couldn’t help it she was hot.

Later that night after everyone had left Melissa and I were alone, having her favorite kind of sex. That is where I have my pants down around my knees and she sits in front of me letting me look at her tits while she masturbates me. If it were up to me I’d rather screw but just the look of pleasure on her face as she manipulates my boner until I cum is so cool that I don’t mind not screwing that much. Her smile of achievement as I spew all over means a lot to me and I feel that my orgasms give her almost as much pleasure as me. As she holds my rapidity shrinking dick and she is playing in the slime on my bursa escort bayan belly she looks up with a smile. “I know what I want to do on Earth Day; I want to have a ‘Green Jack-off’ booth. If a person will sign a promissory note to help save the environment I’ll jack them off until they cum.” I could see there was no talking her out of it so I didn’t even try. As I was leaving, she was running upstairs to talk to her mom about it. I couldn’t even imagine talking to my mom about anything to do with jacking off and here Melissa was talking to her mom about doing it to strangers. By the way, Mrs. Heart thought it was cool and even volunteered to help with the booth.

Mrs. Heart’s idea on how to promote the event worked fantastic as things really skyrocketed once the evening news got wind of the bare chested chicks walking around town advertising the event. They even warned people not to drive to the park, as the streets would be filled with celebrants and no place to park. What better way to start the Earth Day Love In than with walking to the event.

The love in went far better than anyone of us had even dreamed. The news estimated there were over one hundred thousand people there. It reminded Mrs. Heart of the love-ins of her youth so much she cried. There were girls with flowers in their hair and in their arms. Every one pledged allegiance to Mother Earth with a promise to care for her. There were flute players and bongo bangers playing tunes so the people could dance some even took their clothes off.

The problem with a modern day love-in is that with all the new STDs around there is no such thing as free love. I was enjoying all the naked bodies I saw but I think everyone would agree that escort bursa the highlight of the day was Melissa’s booth where she jacked off hundreds of horny men. Each one had to pay five dollars to the Save the Earth Foundation and then spill his cum on his promissory note. When we counted the money, there was over two thousand dollars but she told me some of the money was tips, so she really didn’t know how many men participated in the green jack-off. Melissa was amazed at all the different shapes and varied ways they came. As for me the plus was the next time we were alone Melissa wanted real sex, saying she never wanted to jack off a man again.

Some of the other booths we set up trying to raise money for Save the Earth did well also. Mrs. Heart had a friend who once was a famous rock and roller although I’d never heard of him. He had a booth giving autographs and even signed girl’s boobies if they wanted. I was surprised that he had such a long line but I guess once you’re famous some people never forget you. Mary and Stella even had a tent where for the price of a ticket they would let you watch them make love to each other. Stella told Melissa later, that it was so hot letting all the horny men watch them making it.

After it was over, the question came up did we really help the environment and truthfully, we could only answer ‘Who knows.’ In our defense, I don’t believe we did any harm with our love-in and if we only got a few converts, it was worth it. Once again, Mrs. Heart had the best insight as she asked how the park looked after the love-in. The park had been picked up and cleaned to where you couldn’t tell that there had been several thousand people there. It truthfully comes down to a matter of priorities and if we can just remember to do more good than harm to our mother earth as you go through life things will be fine. It would in fact be wonderful to one day celebrate Earth Day as a day of joy instead a day of remembrance.

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