Ember, One Sleepless Night

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Alex Chance

Written by Elrond the Elf and edited by MoonlitClover

“Ahhhhhhh, mmmmmmhhh,” she cried out, in delicious ecstasy, her perfect crimson lips pursed in passionate lust.

Her parents were out for the evening and she was all alone at home; they could fuck off as far as she was concerned. Her father had just been retrenched at work and they had run out of money for her fine art studies. Her future was on the line and they were doing nothing about it.

Ember lay on top of her bed covers, nude, her head tilted slightly to one side, her brown eyes wide open, her jet black close cropped black hair shining slightly in the reflected moonlight.

The window let in a slight breeze and the curtains billowed out now and then. She could see the headlights of cars passing in the distance and the rain pattered softly on the sidewalk. The suburb smelled of hot tar, cooled in the rain, steam rising from the road.

Ember surveyed the long sinuous curve of her legs, her skin pale and perfect. She let her finger stroke the wet groove between her legs and bit down lightly on her lip as the pleasure of stroking her previously hooded sparked across her mind.

“Hmmmm, fuuuuuckk,” she moaned slowly as her other hand tweaked her dark nipple, now erect.

She had earlier stood in front of her bedroom mirror and stripped slowly, grinding her hips to David Guettas “Sexy bitch”. She knew it was kind of corny, but it got her moving.

She had nice firm tits, they were just more than a full handful, the nipples pointed up just a little. Her areolas were large and dark. She read somewhere that the darker a woman’s nipples the more passionate she was. It was probably bullshit, but interesting all the same and probably true for her.

She had been wearing a tight black top with spaghetti tuzla ukraynalı escort straps and she had slid it slowly up and off, she remembered. “Oh, who’s a sexy chick then,” she had sang, laughing. Then – she had pushed her breasts up against the ice cold mirror, flicking her nipples against the ridge on the side of the mirror frame. The result was that she had immediately felt warmth and a spreading wetness between her legs. She had stepped out of her pants and had watched herself stroke her well trimmed pussy in front of the mirror before coming over to the bed.

Now she was imagining one of her favorite fantasies. It was of a friend of her’s boyfriend, Hugo. She had seen him swimming at a barbecue and remembered how his muscles flexed as he swam. He had a great six pack and huge biceps. He had a great summer tan and she had heard that he was pretty well hung too.

She closed her eyes and imagined catching him in the shower. His cock would be erect and he would be soaping his body liberally. At first he wouldn’t see her and she could watch him stroke his long, hard cock. He would lubricate it with some soap and water. She would watch him pumping his fist up and down around his big circumcised cock.

Ember tweaked her nipples a bit more and slid a finger inside of her by now sopping wet pussy. The thought of Hugo in the shower was getting her off very nicely indeed.

She played with her clit for a little while and then slid a finger into her pussy, adding another finger when one wasn’t enough anymore. She moved slowly building the rhythm faster over time.

A car passed outside and she caught a brief glimpse of the driver, a man in a suit on his way home, late from work. She wondered if he could see her; by now she didn’t care if he could. tuzla rus escort She wished that he had parked outside so that she could have played with herself for him. She wanted to see him getting hard from watching her. She wanted to see him jerk off and cum. She wanted to switch on the light and let him see her there, naked, hot and wet.

She reached for a bottle on the side of the bed. It was an expensive perfume, it had a tear drop shaped bottle, with a long neck ending in an oval shaped glass bead. The glass bead was perfectly smooth and clean. It was just a bit wider than the average cock. She would have loved to try a vibrator but she just didn’t have the nerve to go into a shop and buy one; maybe she could order on-line.

Holding the bottle by its base, she slowly and carefully pushed the oval shaped bead into her wet pussy. The feeling was weird and wonderful, smooth and hard and strange. Her finger flicked the hooded nub of her clit in rhythm to the music that still played softly in her room.

She moved the perfume bottle slowly at first, but wanted more, needed more! She started to thrust it in and out more deeply, her breath coming shorter now, her eyes widening in pleasure. “Fuck,” she said “Fuck this is so wild!” Saying it out loud, daring to do so in the big empty house made it hotter somehow.

Ember reached out for her drink, a glass of orange juice with lots of ice. After fishing around a bit she got hold of a block of ice and started rubbing it over her lips, licking off the orange juice. Then she wanted to experiment a bit more, so she took the block and rubbed it directly on her nipple. The cold made her nipples hard again and her pussy warmer and wetter. A drop of orange juice rolled slowly from her nipple, left over her breast, leaving escort bayan a long wet, sticky stripe. She left it there, liking the slightly sticky and dirty feeling.

The rain outside fell harder and she felt like she could hear the individual drops on the roof.

She could hear the bead on top of the perfume bottle as it slid in and out of her. She imagined Hugo jerking himself off in the shower again and this drove her on to extra effort. She thought how wild it would be if he finally caught her watching him. Would he stop? Would he carry on? Would he be angry? She hoped that he would demand that she strip off right then and there. She would do it too, she thought. She wanted that cock inside of her. She wanted that wide, circumcised head – that long shaft. She wanted it thrust hard inside of her. She wanted it all inside of her. She wanted him to bend her over and make her kneel while he stroked in and out of her from behind. She wanted him to hold her and to pull her back onto his shaft. She wanted to feel his balls as she took his whole length.

The ice had just about melted now but she didn’t need it anymore. She thrust her hips up and down moving that glass bead in and out of her faster and faster, flicking her clit at the same time, teasing and twisting, flicking and stroking. She even stopped now and then and enjoyed building up the feeling again and again. Suddenly she could take it no more. The feeling between her legs overwhelmed her all at once and she felt a tremendous surge as a wave of pleasure overtook her, built to a crescendo and then swept back down again in a huge wake of relief and pleasure. She felt her pussy clench that glass bead and let it go and then start all over again as she came and came and came.

It took a while to calm down; waves of pleasure shook her body again and again, until she lay exhausted on her bed. Her door was locked and no-one would come in. She couldn’t care to get dressed. She didn’t want to even move. She put the bottle down and with a final sigh slowly drifted off to sleep, naked in the moonlight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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