First Time Submission Pt. 01

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They had discussed it a few times over the years – should they include a third in their sex life? He was all for it from the beginning, but she wasn’t so sure. But he kept at it, bringing it up every now and then. She finally agreed that maybe the next time they were on vacation, something ‘might’ happen.

They had been married for nearly 20 years, but were still having sex frequently, although it had become a bit routine. They had tried spicing things up a bit with some roleplay and some light bondage. Enjoyable as it was, it wasn’t what either of them really wanted. She was a true submissive and longed to be ‘made’ to do things for dom. He was submissive also, but more into being made to watch her with the dom or perhaps not being allowed to watch her with the dom – he wasn’t sure, and that was part of the excitement for him.

So it was about the time that they were looking for ideas for their wedding anniversary that he brought the matter up again. Only this time he was braver than usual. He suggested that since they were going away, perhaps they should use one of those sites he had seen to find a dom. She was surprised, but he could tell it secretly excited her. The thought of being in a strange place where no one would know them, and they would be submitting to someone and doing whatever was demanded of them really turned her on.

She agreed to the idea, but said she would escort izmit have to be comfortable with the guy before any meeting went ahead.

It was still a few months till they’d be going but they thought they’d start looking right away – never having done this sort of thing before they didn’t know how long it would take to find someone.

So they placed an ad on the website ‘Mature submissive couple seeks dom. An anniversary present to ourselves, we want to serve you, do whatever you ask. We’ll be on holiday in your city and don’t know anyone there – our inhibitions will be left at the airport. Send details of what you would have us do.’

It wasn’t long before they received some responses. Reading through them together got them both a bit hot and bothered and naturally led to a quick session in bed. Despite that, there were none which really stood out immediately so they politely responded to each one explaining that they didn’t think they were a match.

Over the next couple of weeks they received dozens of replies, but it wasn’t until late one evening they were reading one and both agreed that he might be ‘the one’. He was a lot older than they were, which they liked the idea of. He knew that she’d had a thing for older guys before they got married, but she was a lot younger then. It turned out that she still had a thing for older guys. The guy was in his 60’s, so nearly 20 years izmit darıca escort older. And he mentioned that he’d had some experience as a dom, mainly with his ex wife. So not too experienced, and single – so that ticked another couple of boxes for them.

But most of all, his reply was detailed, but not too detailed. He mentioned that he loved to have a woman serving him do whatever he asked, no matter the setting. And that maybe the husband wouldn’t even see what his wife was being made to do, or maybe he’d be made to do it to her. The mystery was what appealed to them.

So they replied with some details on when they’d be arriving, where they’d be staying and that perhaps they could meet at the hotel bar to see where things lead. He agreed and for the next couple of months they could think of little else. They were really going to do this.

A week before their trip, Stuart contacted them again to make sure they were still meeting as originally planned.

‘Of course, we can’t wait’ they replied.

So the week before the trip seemed to drag on for an eternity, but finally they arrived at the hotel after a longish flight. It was mid morning, so they retired to their room to catch up on some sleep before venturing out to the hotel bar that night.

They had arranged with Stuart that they would be at the hotel bar at 7, so they woke refreshed izmit rus escort with plenty of time to get ready and have a bite to eat. They got room service and showered, excited at what the night might hold.

He wore some dress shorts and a polo, since the night was warm. Sarah put on some lingerie she had bought for the occasion – matching lace panties and bra, her nipples quite evident through the sheer cups. Over that she put on a floral dress, which showed a bit of cleavage, but not too much, and the hem came down to her thighs. It zipped up the back, and the material was light and flowing.

‘What do you think?’ she asked Jason, twirling around.

‘You look great. Ready to go?’ he replied, eager to get to the bar.

‘I am. I can’t wait to meet Stuart’ she smiled back as she headed for the door.

They held hands all the way to the bar, as much for some moral support as anything. Once they got there they spotted a booth near the back in what looked like it would be a quiet part of the bar. They sat at it, opposite each other, waiting.

‘Nervous?’ Jason asked her across the table.

‘Of course, aren’t you?’

‘I am too.’ he replied, looking around.

It wasn’t long before an older gentleman approached. They had shared a couple of photos with Stuart but the bar was a little dark so they couldn’t make out his features until he was standing at the end of the booth.

‘Jason, Sarah, I’m Stuart’ he said ‘Nice to finally meet you both.’

‘Likewise’ Jason replied sliding out of the booth and offering his hand. Stuart shook firmly, indicating that Sarah didn’t need to get up as he sat down next to her.

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