Fluffer in Training Ch. 03

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“Rachel, so nice to see you,” Carole said as Rachel entered the building. The older woman got up and came around the desk, blatantly looking Rachel up and down. Rachel’s own gaze was drawn to the woman’s chest, her perfect-looking breasts nicely displayed in an ivory-colored blouse that fit snugly to her body. Rachel could tell the blouse was very expensive just by looking at the material. Pearl buttons ran down the front, starting just between the woman’s breasts, giving Rachel a teasing glimpse of cleavage. Looking down Carole’s curvy hourglass figure, Rachel saw she had paired the exquisite blouse with a cream-colored pencil skirt that ended just above the knees, the slim-fitting skirt looking fabulous as it hugged her shapely hips and long legs. Rachel noticed her legs were bare, her tanned skin glowing. Her dimpled knees and trim ankles seemed to emphasize her full calves. Rachel looked down to see her delicate feet encased in business-like pumps the same bone color as the skirt, the sexy shoes having a sharp pointy toe and slender 4″ high heels. Rachel felt the whole outfit and the woman’s regal features made her look incredibly glamorous…and sexy. Rachel felt her heart give a quick flip and her breath come more rapidly as she looked at the woman. She’d never felt this way about a female before, and she didn’t know what was coming over her.

“Hi, Carole,” Rachel stammered, feeling herself flushing as the older woman came up and put her hands on her arms. The woman leaned close and gave Rachel an air-kiss on each cheek before stepping back. The intoxicating scent of the woman’s perfume filtered into Rachel’s senses, making her feel dizzy with excitement.

“My, you look good enough to eat,” Carole said as her eyes roamed hungrily over Rachel’s buxom form.

“Thank you. You look very nice too,” Rachel replied sheepishly.

“I’m so glad you got the job.” The older woman’s hand touched Rachel’s arm, her fingertips tracing teasingly along Rachel’s forearm, sending a tingling sensation right through her. “It’ll be so nice to have such a sweet young thing around. I can’t wait until we can get to know each other better.” Carole paused as her eyes flicked down to Rachel’s generous bustline, the young girl’s big tits straining at the confines of her tight sweater and jacket. “Yes, I think you and I are going to get to know each other very well.”

Rachel felt a familiar tingling between her legs, that nagging itch deep inside her pussy starting as her juices started to flow. And yet, the feeling was strangely unfamiliar at the same time—she’d never felt this way when dealing with the attentions of a woman before.

The phone on Carole’s desk buzzed and she looked back at Rachel after seeing the call display. “It’s Dr. Fitzpatrick. He must be ready for you.” She picked up the phone. “Yes?…All right, I’ll send her in.” Setting the phone down, she turned to Rachel. “Okay, dear, you’re going to be working with one of our best directors today, Paul. Also, Lori is another of our new production assistants that was hired yesterday as well. Lori’s been in the business for a while, so I’ve asked her to kind of show you the ropes, so to speak. Dr. Fitzpatrick’s office is the first office on the left behind that door.” Carole pointed to the door in the wall that separated the front reception area from the rest of the tenant space. “When the doctor is finished with you, just go back and look for the sign that says ‘STUDIO B’, that’s where they’ll be shooting today. Lori’s got blonde curly hair. You can’t miss her. She’s finishing her medical exam right now. Between her and Paul helping you on your first day, you’ll be fine.”

“Thanks, Carole, I really appreciate all the help.”

“I’d love to stay around and see you work,” the older woman said, her eyes lingering on Rachel’s full pouty lips for a few seconds before her eyes came up, “but I have an appointment with an investor that Mr. Smithers needs me to attend to. I’ll see you next Monday.”

“All right,” Rachel replied as the older woman gestured to the door behind her. “Thanks again.”

Rachel could feel her hand shaking as she opened the door and stepped into the rear portion of the unit. She’d just closed the door behind her when a young girl with blonde curly hair stepped through a door just ahead of her.

“Thanks, Doc,” the pretty girl said, closing the door behind her. She noticed Rachel and turned, a smile on her face.

“Hi, you’re the new girl. Raquel, right?” she asked, holding out her hand.

“Uh, yes. But it’s Rachel, actually.”

“Rachel. I’m so sorry. I’m Lori.” The two young women shook hands.

“So what’s this doctor’s examination like?” Rachel asked nervously.

“Oh, it’s a breeze. Dr. Fitzpatrick is a nice old guy. He has to take a small blood sample, of course, to make sure there’re no nasties lurking there. I was out of there in less than ten minutes. Of course, I’ve been through this before.”

“You’ve been a production assistant before?” izmit escort bayan

“A fluffer? Sure, lots of times. I came here from another company because Starlite is paying better, plus, they’ve got some great stars signed up.”


“Yes, I heard they just signed Justin Deeper. Rumor has it he’s starring in the film that we’re working on today.”

“Justin Deeper?”

Lori looked at Rachel incredulously. “Are you kidding me, girl? You don’t know who Justin Deeper is?” Rachel just looked at her with a blank expression on her face. “You don’t watch much porn, do you?”

“Uh, no, I guess not,” Rachel replied, feeling her face turning red.

“You might want to watch a little more if you’re going to be working in this business. Justin is the king of porn right now. His cock is huge, absolutely huge. It makes your mouth water and your pussy itch just to look at it. And you should see how much cum he shoots. It’s like he’s never going to stop. The directors love him because when he gives a facial the girls are just covered in the stuff. I’d love to take a bath in all that milky cream shoots.” Lori paused as Rachel’s mouth gaped open and her hand went to her throat. “Do you like to swallow cum?”

“I…uh, yes,” Rachel admitted, feeling her face flush crimson again.

“There’s no need to feel embarrassed—I love it too. It’s almost a prerequisite for the job when you’re a fluffer.”

Just then the door to the office behind them opened. A frail-looking gray-haired man in his late-60’s stood in the doorway, wearing a white lab coat that extended almost to his knees. “Are you Rachel?” he asked.

“Yes,” Rachel replied, holding up her hand.

“See you in a few minutes, hon,” Lori said, giving Rachel a comforting smile before walking off.

“Come right in, Rachel,” the doctor said as the buxom young girl walked past him. He closed the door, eagerly eyeing up her lush curvy body. She was so different from most of the girls that were hired in the porn industry. Usually they were skinny little things with fake tits, with a lot of them being regular users when it came to recreational drugs. But this one looked different…very different. He did this gig with the porn studios a couple of times a week, supplementing his income now that he was semi-retired from his regular practice. The studios paid well, and he was a fan of porn, even if his personal equipment didn’t work as well as it used to. Whenever he and his wife of many years got around to doing it, the little blue pill was a necessity for any sort of positive result—and sometimes that didn’t even work.

Carole had told him that this curvy Rachel girl was new, never having worked in the industry before. She had told the doctor how attractive the plump young girl was, and now the doctor was seeing that the older woman had been bang on in her appraisal. The girl had some meat on her bones, just the way he liked it. And that meat seemed to be in all the right places. Her breasts were big and round, and they looked incredibly heavy and soft. Her big bum was the same, and he could see from her tight jeans that her thighs looked just as full and touchable. With her jet-black hair, round face and full sensual lips, she reminded him of Monica Lewinsky. The doctor was old enough to remember those headlines, and once he’d seen a picture of the curvy Ms. Lewinsky, he’d envied the president at having the opportunity to have those gorgeous lips wrapped around his cock. And this girl had lips just like that—lips made for sucking cock.

“So you’re Rachel, the new girl?” the doctor said, closing the door behind him as his eyes flitted to the girl’s substantial chest.

“Yes sir, Dr. Fitzpatrick, sir,” Rachel replied, smiling nervously at the doctor.

Carole had also told the doctor that the girl was incredibly naïve, but was touchingly sweet at the same time. The girl’s answer and that smile on her face confirmed that. “Please, there’s no need to be so formal. Everybody just calls me Fitz.”

“Yes, sir. I mean, yes, Dr. Fitz.”

Dr. Fitz…how sweet is that, the gray-haired man thought. “Dr. Fitz will be just fine,” he said, smiling to himself as he opened a drawer in the vanity sink unit in one corner of the room. “Why don’t you take your blazer off and hang it on the back of the door and then sit up on the examination table? We’ll take the blood sample first and get that out of the way.”

“Yes, Dr. Fitz,” Rachel replied as she peeled off her jacket and hung it from the hook on the back of the door. Her first impression of the doctor was a positive one. His smile and demeanor were very sweet and comforting, just what she liked in a doctor. He seemed quite old to Rachel, looking very much like her seventy-year-old grandfather. Behind his knee-length lab coat, the doctor was slim and looked somewhat frail, but he had kind eyes, which Rachel liked.

When she turned around and walked back over to the examination table, the doctor almost dropped izmit eve gelen escort the syringe in his hand. Oh fuck, are those ever nice, the elderly man thought to himself as he looked at her sleeveless turtleneck, the powder-blue fabric stretched taut over her big round tits, the vertical ribs of the material flowing in and out provocatively as they followed the swells of her voluminous breasts. Nice tits, really nice tits, the doctor thought as he stepped over and took Rachel’s arm. “Just a little prick,” he warned as he carefully inserted the needle into her arm. “I’m sure with your new job you’ll be seeing much bigger pricks soon enough.”

They both chuckled at his little joke, and as he’d hoped, it did work to help Rachel feel more at ease. It was obvious that the doctor knew what she was going to be doing on her new job, so there was no point in either one of them trying to fool anyone. While the tube of blood was filling, the doctor let his gaze wander to the girl’s prominent chest just inches away, feeling his own prick surprisingly give a twitch. It happened far too rarely anymore that he got that reaction without taking Viagra, and it made him feel good to see his body reacting to this young girl’s presence.

“There now, that should do it,” he said, withdrawing the needle and replacing it with a cotton ball over the tiny wound. “Just hold that in place and you should be good to go in a minute or so.” As Rachel held the cotton swab against her arm, Dr. Fitzpatrick grabbed his tablet and turned back to her. “Okay, I need to take down some standard information for your file. I have your name. Your age is 18, correct?”

“Yes, sir.”


“Five foot, six inches.”


Rachel paused, feeling herself flush as Dr. Fitzpatrick looked her chubby form up and down. “Uh…”

“That’s all right, dear. We don’t need to put anything down for that right now.” He gave her a little wink which helped to relieve her anxiety.

“Thanks, Dr. Fitz,” Rachel replied. “I have a sweet-tooth and I just can’t help myself. I always have, and this is what I have to show for it.” She gestured to her voluptuous figure, her full round breasts straining against the tight sleeveless turtleneck.

“Don’t worry about that at all, Rachel. It’s nice to see a full-bodied healthy young woman in here for a change. Between you and me, I’m sure you’re in much better shape than just about all the other girls I see in here. Whether it be smoking, or drugs, or just starving themselves to look like they think men want; they’re only hurting themselves.” He paused, looking Rachel up and down appraisingly, like he was eyeing up a prize-winning mare at the state fair, looking for just the right one for his stallion to mount. His eyes rested an extra second or two on her big tits before he looked up into her questioning eyes, giving her a warm smile as he put on his best bedside manner. “No, you are much more attractive than anyone I’ve had in here in a long time.”

Rachel looked at him surprise, her face starting to beam with happiness as she smiled. “Really? Thank you, Dr. Fitz. That’s so nice of you to say. I thought you would have seen so many beautiful girls in your job.”

“Oh, no. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen anyone as pretty as you, Rachel.” The usual physical examination he gave most of the girls, including Lori who had just left the examination room before Rachel—ended after another five minutes or so of answering questions about sexually transmitted diseases they may have had at one time or another, asking about drug or alcohol use, and similar questions pertinent to their work in the porn industry. With Rachel, he decided to go a different way, the examination being more like what she would expect in a regular’s doctor’s office, but he did have a plan to put in some specialized tests of his own. He reached forward and took the cotton swab from her arm and tossed it in the garbage can, putting a tiny bandage over the wound. “Okay Rachel, time for the rest of your examination. Please take off you sweater and jeans. You can hang your clothes on the hooks there.”

“Should I leave my bra and panties on?” the naïve young girl asked.

“For now, yes.” To give Rachel some sense of privacy, Dr. Fitzpatrick turned his back to her as she started to undress. He stepped over to the sink area and, shielding her view of what he was doing with his body, surreptitiously slid the box of latex gloves and the jar of wooden tongue depressors on top of the counter into one of the vanity drawers. He turned to face her as he heard her slide back onto the examination table.

Oh my God, those tits are amazing, he said to himself, his eyes immediately drawn to the big round spheres all but spilling out of her lacy bra cups. Her cleavage was a mile long, her breasts pushed together and up provocatively by the heavily-structured bra she was wearing. He could see that the cups were absolutely izmit otele gelen escort jam-packed, her big round breasts barely contained. The swells of tit-flesh looked deliciously soft and inviting, and he could tell right away that they were totally natural. They looked perfect. The stiffening of his aged prick in his pants was telling him that as well. He reached for his tablet, pretending to look down at a question that he knew was not really there. “Oh yes, seeing you in your bra reminds me of a question I forgot to ask. This is the kind of thing they make note of in this industry. What is your bra size?”

“Well,” Rachel said demurely, “this bra is a 38DD, which I’d been wearing for quite a while. But I think I’ve gained a little bit up top lately, so I think I might have to go up a size the next time I go shopping.”

“Yes, I can see what you mean.” The doctor gulped, his filling prick now rising up on one side and heading for the waistband of his loose-fitting boxers. Barely able to tear his eyes away from her mouth-watering chest, the doctor set down his tablet and put on his stethoscope. “All right, let’s check your chest…er…I mean, your heart.” Standing at Rachel’s side, he rubbed the stethoscope across the front of his white coat to take the chill off, and then positioned it just beneath her left breast. Her skin felt deliciously soft and warm as he moved the stethoscope slightly, listening to the steady beat of her healthy heart.

“Very good, now let’s check your lungs.” The doctor had Rachel turn slightly as he stepped up close to her back, positioning the diaphragm of the stethoscope just above her bra strap. He leaned closer, making sure he was looking down over her shoulder. “All right then, take a good deep breath and hold it.” When Rachel did, her voluminous tits rose even higher as they swelled over the top edge of the packed bra cups. The bra was pulled so tight, the doctor was surprised it didn’t give up the fight, snap open under the strain, and go flying across the room.

“Very good,” he said, moving the listening device slightly before looking over her shoulder again. “Another one. Try to take a bigger breath this time, and hold it.” Rachel did as he asked, and the doctor felt himself start to sweat, his cock now an iron bar in his pants as he looked right down into that deep inviting line of cleavage, the girl’s huge tits seeming to fight for freedom from the confining bra. She held the breath for a long time as he looked at her massive guns, totally spellbound. Finally, she let it out in a big gasp, her breasts settling back into position.

“Perfect,” the doctor said, meaning more than just the clear sound coming from her lungs. He knew if he turned the stethoscope on himself, he’d feel his old heart hammering in his chest. But he was happy, and that old ticker was pumping the blood right to his midsection, his old wizened prick now standing at full salute.

“Very good, Rachel,” he said, taking off the stethoscope and setting it aside. “I have to ask you to take off your bra now. I have to do a breast exam to make sure there are no lumps.”

“But I just had a full exam before I started school just a few weeks ago. The university required it.” Rachel looked at the doctor questioningly, feeling embarrassed about exposing herself to him.

Dr. Fitzpatrick’s mind was still sharp as a tack, and that hard cock in his pants was not to be denied. He came up with an answer immediately, even if it was a total lie. “I understand, but it’s California state law that anyone working in any capacity in the film industry has to be cleared by the physician of record. I’m sorry, Rachel. I wish we could just end the examination here and use the university’s records, but my hands are tied.” He held his long bony hands up and gave her a wry smile, as if doing what he had to do was a hardship.

“Of course. I’m sorry, Doctor. I’m very happy to have gotten this job and I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize that.” The doctor pretended to avert his eyes as Rachel reached behind her and deftly undid her bra. She slid the shoulder straps off first, and then lowered the bra cups. As soon as she lowered her bra, the doctor coughed, as if something was stuck in his throat.

“Are you all right, Dr. Fitz?” Rachel asked, her voice full of genuine concern.

“Yes, I’m fine,” the doctor gasped out. “Just a tickle in my throat.” Oh, sweet Jesus, the doctor thought to himself as he watched the young girl’s spectacular tits settle and spread out over the full breadth of her chest. His first sight had caught him unawares, and he’d almost choked on the anxious lump that had appeared in his throat. Her breasts were tremendously full and round, perfectly shaped. The immense weight had them settling luxuriously over her midsection, as only big natural breasts could. They didn’t stay high and round on her chest like they’d been cut and stuck in place, as most fake breasts looked. No, this girl’s breasts were sensational. His eyes focussed in on her areolae and nipples, the sweetest shade of red he’d ever seen. Her nipples were big, and he could see them getting stiffer and swelling up once they’d been exposed to the cool air in the room. They looked like ripe cherries, just dying for someone’s mouth to enjoy the lusciousness.

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