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Suzi pushed her way out of the ladies room, back into the crowded club. The Dead Ends were on in ten, and she wanted to be someplace where she could actually see what was happening on stage, so she now had the joyful task of actually finding her friends and getting them to move from wherever the hell they’d gotten to and into a place where she could actually watch her favourite band perform. Pushing through the crowd, Suzi tried not to think about the hordes undesirable punks that were leering at her as she made her way to the bar area. Spying Janelle, one of her fellow Dead Ends followers, and a good friend from work, she made her way over.

The almost-twenty-one year old commerce student had almost stayed at home tonight, despite the knowledge that her favourite punk outfit were playing. After a shit day at Uni, being told that she was going to have to repeat a subject next year, and the last week’s worth of trouble from her recently-separated ex-boyfriend, she was totally prepared to spend a night at home with a bottle of Absolut and some good DVDs. But her friends insisted that she should come out, and so here she was. She’d already had a few drinks, so she was feeling a little better already, but the weight of the last week was still getting to her a little bit. She hoped that the show would take her mind off things a little, and that she could finally have a little fun for once.

* **

Alex sighed to himself as he drained his bourbon and placed the empty glass on the bar behind him. He looked around him at all the stupid humans going about their business, and considered another drink. Given that the last was his fifth in a little under an hour, he thought the better of it. He really shouldn’t come to these things alone, he thought. Unfortunately, he simply didn’t know anyone who shared the same tastes as him anymore – all his friends had grown up and settled down, but at twenty three, he really didn’t feel like doing that. Hell, he didn’t have anyone to settle down with if he wanted to – he just could find the right type of woman… that’s what he told himself anyway. He felt something brush against his arm. Turning, Alex came face to face with perhaps the most beautiful women he had seen for a long time, obviously trying to drag her friend away from the tattooed punk rocker she seemed to be engaged in conversation with. Alex smirked. Probably something along the lines of “So, do you like stuff?” Something about her friend though, woke up a desire inside him he hadn’t felt for quite a while…

She was about 5 foot 6, slim, but with definite curves… no more than a size 10, for sure, but in the short black shirt and tight top she was wearing he could definitely tell she was no stick figure. Her boots ended just below the kneecap, above which a pair of the creamiest, most shapely thighs disappeared into the aforementioned skirt. She turned around to face her friend, giving him an unobstructed view of her backside, which, along with the rest of her, was absolutely perfect. Her black hair finished just below the shoulders, and she had a fringe around the front, as was the style among more goth-oriented girls lately, he’d noticed. She had a nose piercing, and he thought he’d seen a tongue stud when she was speaking before… She was stunning… perhaps he should talk to her. She looked pretty approachable. Just as he was writing the idea off, she turned to the bar, to buy a drink he figured. Now was his chance, perhaps his only chance, and he was going to seize it.


Suzi gave up on Jane – she’d found some lump and decided she was going to drool all over him for the rest of the night. She had a habit of doing this, and she’d learned that there was nothing she could do about it. She resolved herself to get another drink and forget about it, and just enjoy the show. As she waited for some attention from the bar staff, she noticed the guy next to her, and caught his eye for a second. He smiled weakly, then looked away. Interesting, she thought. He was cute… slim, definite muscle tone there… a tattoo was visible, running out of the sleeve on his right arm… She caught herself wondering where else he had them. “Well, come to think of it, I haven’t gotten laid in fucking ages, it’s no surprise.” She laughed to herself. His hair was spiked up, sarıyer escort in a kind of messy fashion, but she was sure he’d taken a lot of care with it, and it was died blood red, with orange tips… The effect was pretty impressive, she thought. He was wearing tight leather pants, something she had a bit of a fetish for really, and a tight black t-shirt… Very nice. He looked at her, caught her gaze again, and this time, smiled.

a”Hey.” He said, still smiling, but she could tell he was nervous. “Hello.” She replied. He WAS cute, she thought to herself. Better than any of the other pretentious oafs she’d had crack onto her tonight. “Having a good night?” Alex inquired. “Yeah, not bad… yourself?” she replied. “Um, yeah, could be worse, could be at home…”

“That’s it, isn’t it?” She smiled. This was going easier than he thought. She seemed fairly friendly, not the ice princess that he’d feared she might turn out to be. “So who are you here to see?” he ventured. “The Dead Ends… Hey, shit, they’re about to go on!”

“Never heard of them, but I’ll assume they’re good in that case” he grinned. “Haha, you’d better believe it. I’m Suzi, by the way.”

“Alex.” he replied.

The band started up, and Suzi yelled to Alex “Hey! Lets find someplace we can see!” Alex thought to himself, the view from here is just fine, but what the hey..”

“OK!” He replied. They made their way into the crowd, finding a spot in the middle, quite close to the stage. The band were playing well, about as well as Suzi had seen them, but she was starting to lose interest at this point… Maybe the alcohol was starting to get to her, or maybe her unintentional period of abstinence had something to do with it… But she found herself drifting closer to this tall mysterious near-stranger as the set went on. He noticed this, first feeling her hand brush his thigh as they watched the performance, then as things went on, relocating to his ass. Alex, not sure what to do, decided to take a breather, regroup, and come back. “Would you like another drink? My shout!” he gestured. “Ooh, Thank you!” Suzi replied. “Ok, back in a tic.” Alex trotted off towards the bar, and Suzi caught herself checking out his ass as he went. “Mm. I want.” She caught herself. This is so not like me, she thought to herself. Well fuck it. He’s cute. I’m bored and horny. She looked over to the bar, and spied Janelle, dragging her lump in the direction of the ladies room. No class. Still…

Alex paid for their drinks and turned around to walk back to the dance floor, only to find Suzi standing right there in front of him. She beckoned him closer with a curl of the finger, and he leant in so he could hear what she had to say over the band. Alex almost dropped the drinks when he felt her tongue on his neck, closely followed by her lips as she kissed him just bellow the ear. The warm wet feeling of her on his neck made him shiver all the way to his toes. Alex pulled away and for a brief second Suzi though he was going to reject her, until she realised his intentions were exactly the opposite, moving in to kiss her on the mouth. She returned the gesture, taking her drink from his left hand and running the other one around his back. Their tongues snaked around each other as they tasted one another, the randomness of it all turning the couple on nearly as much as the kiss itself. They broke off, and Alex just stood there dumb for a moment. He shook it off, regaining his composure and gaining some courage from somewhere. Taking advantage of a break between songs, he leant into her ear and whispered “I’m going to call a cab now, and I want you to be in it.” Suzi didn’t even think twice before replying. “Just try to keep me out of it!” Alex grinned.

The finished their drinks and left the building to wait for their taxi. They kissed some more, in the middle of the street, and almost didn’t notice that the taxi had arrived when it did. “Fuck you’re hot…” She breathed to him. “Oh shut up” he replied and dragged her into the taxi. The ride to his apartment was short, yet it felt like an eternity, and predictably, consisted of a whole lot more making out. Alex paid the driver, and they half ran to his front door.

Alex worked full time at a publishing esenyurt escort firm, so instead of your standard share house or closet-like bachelor pad, he actually lived in a real house, unlike most of his early-twenty-ish counterparts. They got into the front door of his well decorated three-by-one and shut it behind them. The couple stood silent and looked at each other for almost a minute, a combination of deciding what to do next, and catching their breath. Suzi decided to take the next move, and a bold one at that. She wrapped her arms around Alex, grabbing his tshirt from both sides at the bottom and pulling it over his head. His chest was tanned and well muscled, with well-defined pecs and a very nice six-pack to boot. He wasn’t too big, just cut, something she found very attractive about him. He had a tattoo of an angel on his right arm, from his shoulder to just above his elbow.

She kissed his neck, running her tongue along up to his ear, then moving back down to his chest, sucking and nibbling her way to his nipple, running her tongue around his areola and over the tiny bud, biting it softly between her teeth and using her tongue to gently brush it, sending shivers up and down his entire body. Alex groaned aloud as she sucked his nipple, then began to kiss down to his belly button, taking his belt buckle in her hands and slowly beginning to undo it.

She had his belt undone by the time her mouth reached his waistline, and began to kiss along it’s perimeter as she unzipped his pants and began to ease them down. Her mouth felt warm and welcome on his lower body, kissing around the edges of his boxer shorts. With his pants around his ankles, she then slowly lowered his boxers. His cock sprang out as she did so, and she took it in her hand as she lowered them to the floor with her other, slowly stroking it. She looked up at him and smiled, then took the head of his cock into her mouth, licking the underside and sucking. Suzi gripped the base of his cock and stroked slowly as her tongue danced around his head and the upper part of his shaft. Alex groaned and closed his eyes as this dark-haired beauty sucked his cock on his living room floor. Her tongue was massaging the underside of his cock as she sucked him, and he felt so close now, he thought he’d better tell her to stop. He groaned, then put a hand on her face and stepped back. She stuck her tongue out and licked his cock head one more time before standing up and pressing herself against his naked body. They embraced, and kissed for what felt like an eternity, then broke away.

Alex motioned for her to sit on his couch, which she did, then kneeled in front of her, taking the bottom of her top into his hands and easing it over her head. Her bra was of the red lacy variety, his personal favourite. Her breasts weren’t huge, but they suited her frame, and when he took her bra off, they remained firm and held their shape. They were well rounded, with small areolas, and her nipples, erect from her sheer excitement, stood out like little buds, just begging to be sucked. But Alex was patient. He leant forward and kissed her lips, feeling her chest against his as he assaulted her neck, kissing her behind her ear, running his tongue along her neck, fuck, he was getting her so damn horny! She had to hold back from trying to throw him to the floor and having her way with him. He slowly moved down past her collarbone, running his tongue down and kissing gently to her nipples, taking the right one into his mouth and sucking gently, grazing it with his teeth and toying with it with his tongue. Fuck she thought to herself. He took her skirt in both hands with her nipple still in his mouth, pulled her skirt up around her waist, providing him an unobstructed view of her panties as he pulled away – a small red g-string of a French design, matching the bra he’d just taken off. The crotch was already soaked, something Suzi had been painfully aware of for a little while. Alex ran his index finger along the crotch from bottom to top, watching her shudder as he brushed close to her clit.

He reached up and grabbed the waistband of her G, and she arched her back as he pulled it down over her knees and to her ankles, kicking it away and slowly opening her legs for him. Alex almost gasped. avrupa yakası escort Before him was one of the neatest looking pussies he had ever seen. Clean shaven, the pink folds of her labia glistened with her own juices, and her clit could be seen just peeking out as she spread her thighs for him. Alex began to nibble her left thigh, slowly working his way to her crotch. He could smell her arousal, and that turned him on even more. He ran his tongue along the inside of his thigh, achingly slowly, making his way to her pussy. Once there, he stabbed his tongue into her warm opening, tasting the juices inside, then slowly ran his tongue up to her clit, curling it around the little bud, then brushing over it with the softer underside of his tongue. Suzi gasped, closed her eyes and let him work, placing a hand on the back of his head and running her fingers through his hair. Alex toyed with her clit for a while, until she was getting close to the edge, and her breathing became faster. She began to moan with each touch of her skin by his tongue, and Alex took this as is cue. He dived in, sucking her clit into his mouth, and curling his tongue around it, licking it, and using his teeth and gums for extra sensation. This was all too much for Suzi, and she came on his face in one of the most intense orgasms of her life. Her thighs lifted up into the air as she screamed, and Alex slid two fingers into her hole, feeling her squeeze him, and adding to the sensations by stroking her g-spot with his fingertips. Suzi finally came down, and Alex climbed up her body to kiss her mouth. Suzi moaned as his tongue spread her own juices through her mouth, and she tasted herself on his lips.

Alex stood up and, pulling Suzi to her feet, led her into the bedroom. She threw herself down on the bed, and he crawled on top of her, looking down at this beauty beneath him. “I want you inside me, now!” she breathed at him. Alex felt his cock jump at her words, and lowered himself, placing the head of his cock at the entrance to her cunt. As he eased himself into her tight, wet hole, she arched her back and moaned. He wasn’t huge, but he was definitely big enough, and he fit in her so perfectly. He groaned as he slid into Suzi, feeling almost like he was melting into her, and he began to slide slowly in and out of her. Suzi just closed her eyes, her head swam with the intense feelings of pleasure that this stranger was inflicting upon her as he began to fuck her in long strokes, almost leaving her then plunging back in. Alex’s pace quickened, and Suzi felt an orgasm approaching. Fuck, already! She thought to herself. She usually didn’t cum at all, let alone so soon! Alex sped up even more, his cock sliding in and out of her easily with the combination of his saliva and her juices, and she felt herself go over the edge, her entire body consumed as her orgasm took hold, losing control of everything and giving herself over to the feelings that overtook her.

After her orgasm subsided, she felt herself sliding into yet another… this was insane.. she’d never known sex to be this good before. Alex was fucking her in long, hard strokes, and he knew exactly where how and when to move. After about another four of these orgasms (she guessed), Alex moved his leg outside of hers and rolled over onto his back, dragging her ontop of him in one motion. Suzi immediately began to rise and fall on top of him, rocking her body and fucking him steadily with her strong thighs. Alex just stared up at the beauty expertly fucking him into his own bed… He was astonished at the was she was making him feel.. her cunt felt so good around his cock… She stopped mid stroke and smiled, and Alex’s eyes widened as he felt her grip him with her pelvic floor muscles, then began to slowly slide up and down on him, almost milking him. Suzi began to move faster now, bouncing and rocking on top of him, as another orgasm threatened to assault her. Alex began to move in unison with her, fucking back as she fucked him. As her orgasm built to climax, he grabbed her hips in his hands and, on his back, began to fuck her harder than she’d ever known she could be fucked. She went over the edge straight away, screaming, as Alex felt his own orgasm build, and began to fuck her with everything he had, driving his cock into her, using the entire length. He felt his balls tighten up and she felt the head of his cock expand as his cum began to shoot up his shaft and into her, both of them moaning and grinding against each other as her own orgasm squeezed and milked his cock dry. Suzi fell forward onto him, spent, and he held her tight as they both tried to regain their breath.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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