Forever Friends

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It’s good to be back! Hope everyone enjoys this piece… happily written by myself and my co-writer, Matt_Wolf! Usually I write in third person, so this is a bit new… writing in first between two characters, more or less as we sent it to each other. Feedback is always welcome and if you want more, we aim to please! 😉 Thanks and enjoy!


I was out the night before, drinking and chatting with a few friends and not back until well after midnight. I’d let myself into our apartment, noticing traces of you as I got ready for bed. Two coats we spread across the arm of the sofa, a wine bottle and two glasses we left on the coffee table. I’d guess that you’d probably be, what’s the best word for it, busy? Occupied? Anyway, I guessed that it probably wouldn’t be best for me to go wandering into the room that we shared.

It was a small flat, small rent. Just the three rooms: kitchen/dinner/lounge, bedroom, bathroom. Fine most of the time, neither of us snored, but when you were entertaining it was a bit of a pain. Especially if you didn’t warn me.

So, not for the first time, I pulled out a blanket and settled down for a night on the sofa. I didn’t mind, we’d been friends for life. Well, I didn’t mind too much.



I stared up at the ceiling, feeling both frustrated and let down, wishing I could sleep as well as my partner seemed to be doing. John and I hadn’t been going out for long…I wouldn’t even have classified us as serious and regretted that I had let him into my pants so soon. The heaviness of his arm against my naked belly only served as a reminder that this situation sucked. He always came across as so sure…so full of himself and yet when things go heated, he couldn’t hold his own.

Lost in thoughts, the soft thud of the front door caught my attention and I inwardly grimaced. My roomie was back. Not just my roomie, but my best friend. Just the idea of him being home made me want to move…get up and shove the sleeping idiot next to me off and onto the floor.

I managed to restrain myself, taking a deep breath and wondering what was wrong with me. I felt dirty all of a sudden, used…granted, I hadn’t been with many men, but the ones I had been with were useless.

Sighing, I shifted a bit, wiggled and made enough movement for John to grunt and toss himself away from me. Standing up, I slipped on the pair of panties he had thrown to the side and quickly moved to put on an old t-shirt and pair of shorts. With all the shuffling going around, the sleeping giant finally woke up and stared at me a moment. “Where you going?”

“My roomie is back. You gotta get out.” I said, my voice flat and unemotional.

“What? You’re kidding me right?”

“No…you gotta go. I gotta pee.” With that, I turned and left, shutting the bedroom door behind me…



The sound of the bedroom door wakes me. It is still pitch black outside, but a faint glow from the streetlight means the room is in half-light. I don’t move but watch you walk across the room through partially open eyes. I note the way your t-shirt is pulled over your naked breasts, and track your legs way up to the short shorts you’re wearing. I’ve watched you many times like this in the past, a kind of look which I can’t give you openly, because we’re friends, have been for ages, and this look is one of… well, lust I guess.

When you close the bathroom door I groan slightly to myself and turn over, trying to get back to sleep.

Then a few moments later I’m disturbed again. Your door has opened and John comes blundering through in the half-light. I recognize him. Of course I do, he plays on the college football team, supposedly one of the brighter players, which was what I told myself when I first learned that you were dating him. Well, whatever the brain cell count he is certainly well built. He has carelessly pulled on a pair of boxers, which do little to cover his crotch – there is a noticeable bulge, and as I watch he shoves a hand down his boxers and mindlessly strokes his cock. He’s clearly still turned on by you, wanting more of you. He calls out, ‘Hey, babe! Where are you?”

It is only then he notices me, “Hey, shit. Sorry dude, didn’t notice you there.”

Bollocks, I think to myself, now I’ve got to make small talk with this half-naked ape.



I roll my eyes at the sound of John’s voice. I knew he had to have woken you up and wanted to growl with frustration. What an idiot! After his shout out to me, I heard his voice drop in surprise and strained to hear. He probably had just noticed you, even though I had told him you were home. Idiot!

After relieving myself, I went through some automatic grooming rituals. I wanted a shower, badly! For a moment I did a mental dance around the idea, praying that John would up and leave and not hang around. I heard him speak again and pressed my ear up against the door, wondering why the big oaf hadn’t left yet.

“No anadolu yakası escort biggie.” I heard you say and found myself smiling at the sound of your voice. Maybe you could handle the big meat head. Stripping down quickly, I make haste to take a cleansing shower. As the hot spray hits my skin, I sigh…oh yeah…this was nice. Better than sex right now – that was for sure! I grin and lather up my hair, then my body, paying close attention to my skin as I shave my legs and armpits. Then closing my eyes to let the water wash away my earlier encounter.

As I stepped out, I could hear John’s frustrated voice getting higher again. “Fuck man, she can’t just kick me out in the middle of the night.” Damn it! Why couldn’t he have just left?! I rub furiously at my hair and in my frustration, call out.

“John, get out! I told you to leave!”

The bang on my bathroom door startled me. “Look you little…” He stopped and I could just picture him squinting his eyes shut like he seemed to do when he was pissed. “Come on baby…your friend is cool with the coach. Let’s get back in bed, huh?”



I’m unwilling to get out from under the warmth of the blanket, so the guy, John, looms over me as we ‘talk’. Even though he’s now taken his hand out from down his boxers I’ve very aware of his half-nakedness. Well, his crotch is about level with my head and I can’t help but look. I notice a small curl of pubic hairs rising above his waist band and then a trail of hair up to his belly button. His stomach is very flat, very toned, very fit. I momentarily give you credit for picking a guy with a body, if not a brain. Under the blanket my hand runs over my own stomach and it’s rather softer flesh.

God knows what we talked about as I hear the shower start, then a while later stop. Your voice shouts of through the door and I hide a smile that rises to my face. John lumbers over to the bathroom door, thumping on it loudly. Despite you telling him to piss off he turns the handle on the door and goes into the bathroom.

I curse the fact that there is no lock on the door, at the same time as remembering why I had been secretly pleased when we’d moved in and I’d noticed there wasn’t one. I’d been planning in my head over the last few months that moment when I would, ‘accidentally’, walk in on your in the bath or stepping out of the shower. I hadn’t, of course, that would betray our trust, but now this guy had done and done what I’d been dreaming about.

You yell at him, “What! Get the fuck out, you can’t walk in on me in the bathroom.”

“What’s the problem babe, I saw all of you just five minutes ago”

“Not the point, get the fuck out now.”

John backs through the door and you follow him. You’ve hastily wrapped the towel around your body, tucked up under your arms to cover your breasts I notice it runs to only half-way down your thighs. Trust me to notice that. Your hair is wet and you look really cross. I wonder how your attitude to John has shifted so quickly over the night, from fucking him to apparently pretty much hating him.

“You’re not even dressed,” you spit at him, “Jesus, walking round in from of my roomie with your bits half hanging out, do you really think he wants to see that?”



“Come on, Kat. You know you want a little more.” He tried to sooth me, reaching up to slide a beefy hand over my wet shoulder and down my front. Angry, I slapped his hand away and shoved at his chest.

“Get out!” I cried, only to suddenly be grabbed by my arms and pinned down the wall by his massive body. I squirmed, trying to kick with my legs as he sneered at me.

“Why do you have to be such a fucking bitch?! You think you’re better than all the other whores out there?”

I felt myself flush, shaking with both rage and fear. “Go fuck someone else. See if I give a shit! Carol would be more than happy to take you in, I’m sure!” I grit out, wanting so badly to spit in his face.

His hands tightened painfully around my arms, before releasing me abruptly and spinning around to retrieve his clothes. Moments later he returned, half dressed and glaring.

“We’re NOT through…you here me!?” He snarled, pointing an accusing finger in my face before slamming the door behind him. Taking in a trembling breath, I held it and looked over at you, feeling a mixture of emotions roll through me. I blinked back tears and let out my breath, shaking my head and leaving you to your sleep.



I watch all this from half under my blanket. When he pins you to the wall I sit up a little, kind of wondering to myself if I should leap up and play the hero. What stops me? Well, I’m not wearing much for starters, and the little I am wearing will make me look the 5 pound weakling next to butch John. Also, it’s a bit like TV this show, and I’m the audience. And then, my final excuse, it is just all over before I can rouse myself. I confess I’ll ataşehir escort never make an action hero.

I watch at John goes storming out the door, trying not to catch his eye as he passes. Then I catch your gaze… I interpret it as you being pissed at me, “Why didn’t you say something, idiot.” I hear you saying in my head, “Call yourself a friend?” I notice the tears in the corner of your eyes, “Kat?” I say.

I don’t think you hear me, you blink a couple of time and dash toward the door of the bedroom — our bedroom — closing the door behind you.

I lie there, wondering if I should follow you. Offer you a shoulder to cry on, put an arm around you, just be there. I don’t move. That look you gave me, I might have read it wrong but I tell myself you probably don’t want another guy right now. Besides, I think to myself, the room will stink of sex and I’m not sure I can bear being that close to what you and John got up to right now.

I find that I’m oddly turned on by the whole thing, by thinking about you and John (I try to stop myself), by John’s masculine presence in the room (I certainly try not to think of that) and most of all by that glimpse of you in the towel, with you hair slicked down over your head and shoulders bare. Absent mindedly stroking my cock I roll over onto my side and drift of to sleep on the sofa



In our room, I doze on and off…trying to get comfortable, but the sheets reek of John and what we had done…sex, sweat and the mixture of latex from the condoms. I punch my pillow and roll over. You’re not following me and I wish you had. But I don’t blame you. I feel like a fool. Not just a fool – but a used fool.

Frustrated with the whole thing, I decide to use your bed instead. Slipping under your sheets, I snuggle down, taking in a deep breath. I’ve always loved your scent. Clean and masculine…making me feel safe and warm. I’m embarrassed that you had to see that whole scene…why I had even let it get this far, I didn’t know. He hadn’t even satisfied me…perhaps lasting all of a minute with little foreplay.

Closing my eyes, I buried my face into your pillow and made a mental note to myself to wash my sheets in the morning. Tucking myself down low, I curled up into a ball and let myself drift off…hoping that tomorrow would be a better day.



I wake early in the morning, the sun coming through the thin blinds of the window. My back aches from the sofa, immediately reminding me of the events in the night. I stir myself and amble into the bathroom to pee and shower. As I feel the hot water run down my body I think about what happened, kind of cursing myself for not supporting you more. But I also find myself thinking about you, about your thighs as they shined wetly under your towel, about the color that came to your face when you were really angry.

As I daydream I find that my washing has kind of transformed into masturbating, my hand slowly stroking my hardening cock in the spray of the water.

“Ah fuck,” I say, out loud. I must stop thinking of you this way, you’re my friend, I mean my oldest friend. I remember when we used to run around the woods playing with bows and arrows. And it’s not as if I haven’t seen everything before, we played I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours many times. Although I admit your body has changed somewhat since then.

I rapidly finish my shower and step out, drying myself off. I need new clothes, I need to get ready to go out to lectures, so, wrapping the towel around myself I go over to the door of the bedroom. I listen, can’t hear anything, and slip silently inside. In notice that you’re in my bed, curled up, the duvet wrapped closely around yourself. The other bed, your bed, is a bit of a mess. You look asleep, and so, with as little noise as I can I move over to my chest of draws and start to look for some clothes to get dressed.



The rest of the night yielded peaceful sleep for me. I slept fairly hard, only to wake up slowly to the sound of the creaking bedroom door. For a moment I lay still, slowly letting my mind come fully awake before I let my eyes crack open. In the dimness of our room I notice you move.

Careful not to startle you, I keep still and just watch you. You have a towel wrapped around your waist and are bend over your dresser looking for clothes. A quick look at the clock tells me that you have lectures soon.

Usually I would roll over and pay you no attention, but this morning my curiosity is peaked. Keeping my eyes on you, I’m rewarded as you drop your towel and give me a full view of your bottom. I smile to myself and suppress a giggle. Nice ass! I would love to get up and give you a nice morning hug – see how you react to my closeness, but stop myself. You’re my friend and after last night, I don’t feel as though you would appreciate any of my attentions.

Snuggling down into the covers, I fake a deep yawn and ümraniye escort roll over, keeping the covers up. “Matt? You decent?”



I hear you speak and quickly grab a pair of pants from the draw and pull them up, “Ah, one sec.” I grab a t-shirt and pull that over my head, “am now.” I say and turn around.

You roll over in bed and look at my, eyes blurry with sleep, hair tousled over your face. “Good morning,” I say, smiling, “Well, good I hope. Sleep well?”

“Yes, surprisingly,” you reply.

As we talk I get dressed. For some reason I’ve decided to dress up a little today, and put on a pair of smart trousers and a shirt. As I’m pulling on my socks and shoes you say, “Do you think he went to her?”

“Eh, what?” I don’t look up.

“John. Do you think he went to her, to Carol down the street?”

“Well I don’t know. I doubt it. It was the middle of the night”

“Wouldn’t stop Carol,” you say, “She’s been wanting him for ages.”

“What you care anyway Kat, you kicked him out.”

“I know,” you exclaim, burying your head in a pillow, “But that doesn’t mean I want him going off and fucking Carol.” A moment later you say, “Do you think she’s attractive? Carol I mean?”

“Sure, she’s a babe.” I stand and walk out of the room to get breakfast.

“And a slut,” you add as I leave.



Truth be known, I really didn’t care about John…he could have fucked the whole cheering squad for all I care. But the fact that you found Carol attractive gave me a pang of jealousy I didn’t usually feel. Frustrated, I flung a pillow across the room and got out of bed, slipping on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt again.

Furious with myself and also a bit confused, I began the task of ripping the sheets of my bed – taking them off and rolling them into a basket to take down to laundry. With a huff, I dropped the basket near the door and turned to look at you. You were busy pouring yourself some coffee and munching a piece of dry toast.

Pushing my hair away from my face, I move closer to you, standing behind you and reaching around to grab myself a mug. “Why are you all dressed up anyway?” I ask, my breasts pushing up against your back for a moment before I step away and poor myself some joe.

You don’t look my way, studying a paper in front of you. “I dunno…have a presentation.” You mumbled between bites.

“Ah…” I sigh and take a small sip, “Well, you look nice. You always did look cute all dressed up.” I remark sweetly and reach over to straighten you hair with my fingers a bit.



As you try and straighten my hair, brushing my fringe with your fingers, I toss my head a little, trying to keep my eyes on the paper. When you’re done I mess it up again.

I’m not really reading the paper, but kind of absentmindedly thinking over your question, why am I all dressed up? It is a little odd, I don’t usually dress up for presentations. Thinking that I should get my stuff ready I turn, your still there right behind me and suddenly we’re facing each other, very close, not touching but well within that invisible line beyond which even not touching feeling intimate.

You look up at me for a moment, “Deep in thought,” you say. “Well, what are you thinking?”

I don’t reply for a moment. It’s kind of be occurring to me why I dressed up, sure I’m giving a presentation, but it isn’t just that, it’s for a class where I know Carol will be as well. Sure she isn’t the brightest chick in school but it would be nice if she noticed me, and, if she hadn’t fucked John last night, who knows I might even ask her out.

Making my mind up to do just that I say out loud, “Sorry Kat, I know you probably want to talk about John and last night and stuff, but I must dash, you know what Dr Peteson is like if you’re late, she can be a dragon.”



I try to hide the pang of hurt your words cause. You seemed so…distant all of a sudden. Almost cold. You usually weren’t like this and I wondered what I had really done wrong. Had I lost your respect and damaged our friendship? I quickly step away from you, looking away and turning to the sink. As you leave, I blink back tears furiously and wait until you’ve left the apartment before burying my face in my hands. I was so stupid!

Taking deep breaths, I try to regain a little composure. You had to think I had lost my mind. Here I was hanging all over you and trying to pretend that nothing was wrong. I couldn’t put my finger on it…couldn’t pin point it…but lately I felt out of it. I felt almost giddy when you came around and warm. I lost myself in our nights of popcorn and movie watching…the silly shows we became addicted to and the way you rubbed my feet when I whined about my lousy days.

I wouldn’t have thought…couldn’t have thought that anything would transpire when we moved in together and yet you held my hand when I felt down, held my hair and laughed along with me when partying went to far and suddenly I felt as though I was nothing but a used up slut like Carol. Only difference being I had a brain, but refused to truly use it! But your smiles always melted my moods and made me smile. Only now you were gone again and I was alone, pondering the meaning of these jumbled up feelings.

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