How It All Began

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Suhani woke up to find her herself cuddled comfortably in her sleeping husbands arms. She looked at his face and admired his handsome features. His face had the stubble of a days worth of a beard that gave his face that rugged looked her liked. She resisted the urge to run her finger over his face as to not wake him up. Taking a deep breath of his aroma, she snuggled up closer to him, and thought of last night. A night filled with passion, and love. A night when their love for each other unleashed an unbridled lust that just refused to be quenched. She thought of the many orgasms that had ripped through her and felt a shiver run up and down her spine. She thought of the sweet nothings and sexy encouragements Ankit kept whispering to her throughout the night and felt herself blush. Yes, she loved her sex as much as her husband and he loved her more and more for it.

At 25, Suhani was in the prime of her sexual life with no intention of slowing down. She and Ankit enjoyed an extremely fulfilling sex life, making love at least 5 times a week. Her husband always encouraged her sex drive and both enjoyed a very fulfilling and at times adventurous sex life. Ankit loved Suhani’s willing to try new things, and explore the boundaries of pleasure as much as possible. Ankit had been afraid that Suhani might end up like a typical conservative Indian wife because of the way their courtship had been, but was happy to learn that he had hit the jack pot! Suhani was dynamite in bed.

Suhani smiled as thoughts of last night continued in her mind and started to reminisce of how it all started. How she took her first steps into her world of sexual explorations. She was 20 and fresh out of college. She had landed a respected position and for once she had time to think about life outside her books and schooling. She started making more friends and meeting new people, going to parties, and social gathering. She saw people around her getting into relationships, but chose not to get into one herself though it was not for lack of opportunities. Suhani was a looker, at little over 5′ 6″, she was slim and fair which long flowing dark hair. Regular exercise kept her waist trim and her hourglass figure was often envied by women around her. Suhani was a head strong girl with strong convictions who didn’t want to get into a relationship for the wrong reasons. If nothing else, she was an Indian woman with her set of values. However, Suhani was also a young woman and time was going by, they needs were making themselves more and more aware of themselves.

One night after coming back from a club with her friends, Suhani was in a rather high mood. Some of her friends had come with their boyfriends and girlfriends and as the night went on, they had retreated into corners for some rather intimate encounters. Seeing them had stirred certain desires in Suhani and had left her feeling unusually horny the rest of the night at the club. She got home and dressed for the night in the pajama bottoms and t shirt. She tried to sleep but couldn’t do so as the images of her friends locked in a passionate embrace kept flashing in front of her.

Waking up Suhani turned on her laptop computer and on an unknown whim, started reading some erotic stories. As she read she felt her face and her body slowly get hot. The story was about a couple’s first sexual union, and as the two couples were making love, Suhani hand slowly crept inside and pants and started to rub her crotch over her panties. As the story couple’s lovemaking became more and more passionate, Suhani slipped her hand under her panties and was shocked to find her pussy very wet.

This was the first time Suhani had felt her pussy in a sexual way and felt her lips very slippery to touch. She was a novice and had no idea that she was doing. She slowly started rubbing her finger up and down her wet slit and felt tingling of pleasure that she had never felt before. However, this was soon too much for her, and she stopped abruptly and felt into an uncomfortable sleep.

The next morning Suhani had met with her best friend Medhavi for lunch. As Suhani walked into the café, Medhavi got up and hugged her.

“Hey!” she exclaimed, “It’s been too long ya!”

“Yea,” Suhani exclaimed with equal enthusiasm, “too long. How’ve you been?”

“Oh you know me,” Medhavi replied, “When I’m not seeing patients, I’m always doing something or another. These days I’m learning how to swim.”

“But you were always afraid of the water!”

“Yea I know,” Medhavi said, “But its great exercise and you know, we’ve got to give the body what it needs.”

“Yea I know that.” Suhani said, with just a bit off-color tone.

“What?” Medhavi asked. “What’s on your mind?”

“Well,” Suhani stammered, “I don’t know. It’s a bit embarrassing.” She added with a whisper.

“I’m listening,” Medhavi said.

Medhavi had always been the more confident and in-touch with the world person. She was well aware of who she was, and believed in her independence. While she was not a bursa escort feminist and respected the woman’s position in the family and in the “man’s” world, she was also not one of those who let her gender hold her back from life’s experiences. She was a doctor by profession and a gynecologist by passion.

“Ok, well,” Suhani leaned closer and whispered, “I had an interesting experience last night.”

Medhavi cleaned closer as well, clearly intrigued. “Do tell..”

“To make a long story short, I think I masturbated last night.” Suhani blurted out in embarrassment.

Medhavi looked at her for a full minute before breaking into a very wide smile. “Lovely dear, congrats! How was it?”

“Confusing,” Suhani replied honestly.

“Not the answer I was expecting, but at least it’s honest.” Medhavi said straightening back up. “So what’s the confusing part?”

“I mean I don’t know, is this normal. Do women do this? Is it ok, what do you do, how far do you do, oh I don’t know anything.” Suhani said exasperatedly.

“Ok, ok, I completely understand.” Medhavi said soothingly. “Here have some water before you get out of breath. Now listen to me”

“Ok” Suhani said as she sipped her water.

“Listen careful because this is important,” Began Medhavi. “I want you to know that you are a young and healthy woman with healthy being the more important of the two words. From their late teens to well into their forties women have a very healthy libido or sexual desire which actually equals that of men.”

“Really?” Suhani was surprised. “But men are so much hornier than women.”

“Yes and no,” explained Medhavi. “Women as just as horny as men, but as you very well know we live in a society where a woman who displays any sexual interests is branded to have a loose character, most of the women simply resign to their fate and just subdue their natural feelings. They feel that when they get married their husband will fulfill their sexual needs.”

“That seems like a good idea,” Said Suhani. “What’s wrong with that?”

“On the surface, absolutely nothing,” Replied Medhavi. “But if you think about it, there are two things that are VERY wrong with it. The first is that until a woman gets married, she must suffer through her sexual frustrations which can result in her having trouble concentrating, focusing, make her moody, and actually potentially cause hormonal imbalances. It’s also an excellent stress reliever. This is why if you think about it, in old days girls were married at an early age. There was wisdom to their actions.”

“Nowadays, girls are married later in life, “continued Medhavi, “and the result is the delays of their sexual needs.”

“Ok, I can accept that,” Said Suhani thoughtfully. “So what’s the second wrong thing is waiting for marriage?”

“The second thing,” Said Medhavi carefully “is that the woman is giving complete power of her sexual gratification to her husband. While that’s all Sati Savitri and all, but it’s also a big gamble. While every man will claim to be a stud in bed, let’s face it, the truth is something else. Men come is all different lengths and sizes, and not all of them are enough for a woman. Not everyman can go long enough before a woman is satisfied and this ends up in more frustrations for her. Some men have never heard of the word foreplay, and the list goes on.”

“So a woman, who relies completely on her husband for her sexual needs, is in reality taking a very big gamble in life.”

“So what’s the solution?”

“Exactly what you did last night!” said Medhavi with authority.

“Hmmm,” Suhani thought about it for a second and then asked “What about virginity?”

“What about it?” asked Medhavi in return

“You know…the hymen?” Suhani said in an embarrassed whisper. “What if something happens to it, what it gets damaged or breaks. How will I prove I’m a virgin on my wedding night?”

“On my God!” sighed Medhavi. “What century are you living in dear? Wake up!”

Suhani just looked at her with a sheepish _expression, looking like a little girl instead of a grown independent she actually was.

“Ok, first virginity only means that you have never had sexual intercourse with a man,” said Medhavi. “No more no less. Second, as far as proof is concerned, the hymen was proof was virginity once again in the olden days when girls just sat at home and did nothing. Today girls and women lead very active lives, and take parts in various physical activities including sports. The hymen can be stretched and broken by any physical activity often without a woman’s knowledge. So the absence of a hymen DOES NOT mean a woman has a loose character.”

Suhani did not seem convinced, “but what if he asks about it?”

“Be truthful,” said Medhavi. “Better yet, ask him if he can prove his virginity! Marriage is about trust, not about a small piece of skin. If he doesn’t trust you, then why does he expect you to trust him? If he can’t prove his virginity then he shouldn’t be asking you to do bursa escort bayan it either”

“Also anything you should keep in mind,” added Medhavi. “Almost every man masturbates, and some doing quiet frequently and many admit it. So if it’s ok for men to masturbate, why should there be a double standard for women? Something to think about, huh?”

Again Suhani was silent. She saw Medhavi looking at her like a teacher looks at a student after the end of a lesson.

“Does it hurt? You know when it breaks?” Suhani asked tentatively.

“Unfortunately, it does.” Medhavi nodded her head. “It’s one of the things we women have to put up with. Sometimes the pain is accompanied by droplets of blood but that’s only during the first few moments”

“So why do it?” Suhani raised her eyebrows. “I mean I can just concentrate on the outside now, and when I’m married let him break it.”

“Well that’s your personal choice, if you want to give him that responsibility.” Replied Medhavi the doctor again. “But since he’s isn’t connected to you, he wont know how you are feeling and may not be able to understand your pain at that moment. I know a lot of my patients were scarred emotionally and some physically because their men didn’t wait for them to be ready. And, you really can’t blame the men either; they are probably horny out of their minds at that moment.”

“So then it’s better to do it yourself?” Suhani pressed on.

“I can’t tell you that, as I said it’s a personal choice.” Medhavi said. “What I can tell you is that once the hymen is broken, it literally opens the door to a whole new world of sexual exploration and pleasure. Your masturbation experiences increase tremendously and are a lot more fulfilling.”

Suhani was silent for a long while, and Medhavi did not break this silence to allow her friend to absorb the information she had given her best friend.

“Do you do it?” Suhani finally asked.

“Of course,” said Medhavi, her tone much more like a friend not than a lecturer. “Not only that, so do a lot of the women I know. Even my patients, some of the married ones too, have admitted to me that they masturbate, and it’s something I have always encouraged from a woman as well as a doctor’s point of view. Like everything else, just don’t over do it.”

“So how do you do it?” Suhani asked tentatively. “I mean not just you specifically, but in general, you know women.”

“Well what did you do yesterday?” Medhavi asked in her doctor’s voice again.

“I just touched on the outside, and felt very wet and slippery. I felt good, then I just stopped.” Suhani said turning a bit red.

“Ok you are on the right track.” Medhavi replied. “The best advice is to do what your feel is natural. Your body will make its needs very aware to you, just listen to it and let the sensations take you the rest of the way.”

“Sounds very simple.” Said Suhani.

“It is,” agreed Medhavi, “simple and natural.”

“And your hymen? Did you…you know?”

“Yup,” Medhavi replied and after a moments’ silence added, “I did it myself.”

“What did you use?” Suhani asked with intrigue.

Medhavi just smiled and just raised her hand and gently moved her middle finger.

“Thanks” said Suhani and got up to hug her best friend.

“You are very welcome madam,” smiled Medhavi and then added with a twinkle in her eye “By the way, you will love your first orgasm!”

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the two friends catching up on old times. They gossiped, they laughed, and they just chatted the hours away like two women. All the while though Suhani kept thinking about everything Medhavi had said, and the more she should about it the more it made sense. Why should she limit her explorations? She couldn’t think of a single logical reason. She was young, and she had needs. Last night her body had made her very aware how strong those needs were. Now she was going to take care of herself.

That night Suhani took a hot bath before bed and got into her comfortable t shirt and pajama bottoms and got into bed. Unsure of how to start, she decided to take the popular approach and logged into the internet. She did an internet search and found some adult pornographic websites. She downloaded some porn videos and started watching them. However, she did not find them arousing at all. Being of a very romantic nature, she found the lack of romance in the videos more of a turn off and turn on.

Being an avid reader, Suhani decided to look for adult stories like the one she had read the previous night and found several websites which had what she was looking for. She read through a few stories and felt the familiar sensations of arousal awakening in her body. After a while she came across a particularly well written story that was not only erotic but had all the romantic interludes that simply melted Suhani and ignited her own passions.

The lovers in the story were had harbored a secret desire for each other though kept it hidden. Through a series escort bursa of unfortunately (or fortunate) events their love for each other became apparent and finally when the two lovers embraced in passion, Suhani’s mind got lost in them. The lovers kissed each other passionately and Suhani looked at them as if it was happening right in front f her eyes. The lovers caressed each other giving into their desires. They undressed each other with the impatience that only true lovers have experienced, moaning each others names, louder and louder, aching to feel each other, to consummate their love in the purest sense.

Suhani started picturing in her mind their naked bodies naked bodies engaged in a variety of sexual acts. She squirmed in her bed, her crotch getting wet, her mouth was partly open, and her breathing was causing her mouth to dry. Her nipples felt like they were trying to rip through her bra and the crotch of her pajama bottoms was actually dripping wet. Suhani’s breasts were a perfect 34 which filled her bra’s C-cups quiet nicely. Her nipples her brown in color but were a start contrast to her fair skin. Her nipples were also an object of pride for her as they were uncommonly large and made her breasts look even more appealing. Her areolas were almost two inches in diameter and when hard, her nipples stood out almost most two centimeters. Often Suhani wore padded bras to ensure that the sudden hardening of her nipples in public did not cause her too much embarrassment by becoming prominent.

As the action in the story heated up, she slowly began to play with her breasts. She lifted her t-shirt, opened her bra, and gently started massaging her breasts, squeezing and kneading them, stopping every once in a while to rub her nipples. Every time the woman in the story had her nipple sucked, Suhani unconsciously pinched her nipples with her thumb and forefinger.

Suhani’s panties were soaked through. She was so much wetter then she’d ever been as a result of one of her dreams or thoughts. It felt like the panties crotch was trying to crawl up her pussy, pressing tighter as her pussy lips swelled around it from arousal. She reached down to try to pull it out and shivered as she made contact with her stiffening clit, sending a jolt from her pussy to the pit of her stomach and the tips of her nipples. The slightest movement made her pussy twitch. Suhani kept her pubic hair semi-trimmed and at this particular moment they were longer than usual. The hairs were adding to her arousal as they tickled her clit through her panties.

As the couple in the story began their love making in earnest, Suhani completely stripped down, dropping her clothes in a pile in front of her. Her nipples got even harder as the cool air hit them, and she moaned softly as she teased her nipples with the tip her finger again. She trembled as strong sensations overpowered her, traveling from her tits to all the way down to her pussy. Involuntarily, she opened and closed her legs rapidly. Slowly she moved her hand down her stomach, lower it further till she could feel the heat on her fingertips and then finally pressing her middle firmly against her clit.

“Oh God!” She groaned, unprepared for the intense feeling of pleasure it caused

Carefully, she teased it again, softer this time but gradually increasing the pressure, until she was moaning in short gasps. Suhani’s pussy was a hot, glistening, swollen split between her legs. She continued to rub her finger up and down her clit and every time she brought her finger back her, her clit got wet with her own juices. She pressed her wet fingertip on her swollen clit and gently moved her fingertip in slow circles around it. This sensation was mind boggling and she could feel the pressure starting to increase in her loins down to the pit of her stomach.

Suhani closed her eyes and spread her pussy lips open gently with her index and ring finger while rubbing her middle finger around her pussy hole. She started to move her hips slowly to meet her finger and gently slid the tip of the finger into her pussy. She was lost in her desire as she moved her finger in and out slowly, parting her pussy for the first time. She was not surprised when her finger met resistance just past the entrance. She pushed a little harder, but still couldn’t move it any further. Her pussy started to hurt, but her lust was urging her in further.

Not wanting her pleasure to end, Suhani spread her legs further, moved her knees up and slid her finger in and out frantically as much as it went. Then taking a deep breath, she gave a hard thrust and her finger finally pushed deeper. The immense pleasure was accompanied immediately with a sharp pain unlike she’d ever felt before. She squeezed her eyes tight as the room began to spin, the pain a dull ache deep in her groin, afraid to continue her movements.

When it subsided, Suhani gingerly eased the finger out and examined it. She was initially alarmed when she noticed that it was coated with a thin reddish sheen. But remembering what Medhavi had told her, Suhani calmed down and wiped her finger with a napkin. She was still very horny and the pressure in her pussy was far from easing, she returned her finger back to her pussy and rubbed her clit again.

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