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Bouncing Tits

All persons depicted in this story are at least 21 years of age.

I was just through the second full week of med school, and already there were problems.

Reese, my best friend during pre-med, had gotten accepted at a different school than I did, so I was on my own at a new college, I had no friends yet and my car was acting up.

The car was the reason I had the nickname “Wheels”. A 69 Porsche 912. I loved the car, but it was temperamental and usually picked the absolute worst times to break down. Today was no exception.

I was trying to go home after classes, and fired up the Porsche. It was sputtering and backfiring, requiring immediate attention, and just for good measure, it was raining.


I’d had this problem before…many times, in the 4 years I’d owned it. It had fouled a spark plug. I’d need to clean or replace it before I could be on my way.

Steeling myself, I opened the engine cover and grabbed my toolbox from the trunk. It would only take about 30 minutes to fix, but in the rain, it would be unpleasant and messy.

“Well.” I said to myself. “Damn thing won’t fix itself.”

I had my head stuck in the engine bay, lost in the task at hand.

“Car problems?” A voice called from behind me.

Startled, I jumped, smacking my head. “Ouch, Damnit.”

“Sorry, Didn’t mean to scare you.” The voice apologized.

I pulled my head out of the car, and turned.

“Yeah, nothing serious, just wasn’t expecting an audience.” I said, throwing my tools into the box on the ground.

As I stood, I finally got a look at the owner of the phantom voice. I’d been so wrapped up in fixing the car, I hadn’t even realized the voice was female.

Standing before me was a true vision. She was slightly shorter than me and about 130 pounds or so, with black hair and dark, shining eyes, and curves in all the right places, but the part that really took my breath away was her smile. An angelic visage accented perfectly by skin the color of milk chocolate.

Maybe this wasn’t such a bad day after all.

“Hi.” She said sticking her hand out. “I’m Janelle.”

I wiped my hands on a rag and shook her hand. “I’m RJ, My friends call me ‘Wheels'” I said. “Nice to meet you.”

“You’re not fooling anybody you know?” She grinned.

I just stood there, not knowing what she was talking about, or how to respond.

“The emblem says 911, but this is obviously a 912.” She giggled.

She was right. I replaced the emblem shortly after I bought the car. To the untrained eye, they were identical, so why not let people think I had a 911. Besides, 911’s, even a 12 year old one, were more money than a poor college student could manage, 912’s were FAR cheaper.

“I’ve had it for years and you are the first person that caught my little secret.” I admitted. “I’m impressed.”

“My Dad has a 912.” She said. “He and I spend a lot of time working on it.”

Smart, pretty and a mechanic, I think I’m in love.

“I’m done here.” I stated. “I’d really like to get dry and clean up a bit, then I’d REALLY like to continue this conversation.” “Can I meet you somewhere later?”

“Honestly.” She sighed. “I’m feeling a bit homesick.” “Seeing your car reminds me of Dad so much…” Her eyes teared up and she turned away briefly.

“Sorry.” She smiled weakly. “Rough week.”

She melted my heart. I knew her pain, I was alone in a strange place too.

“Anyway.” She continued. “Would it be possible for me to drive your car?” “I know we just met and all, but it would mean so much.”

“I’ve never let anybody drive her, not even my Dad, but I’m wet and dirty, and if you’ll drive me back to my place, you’re on!” I stated. “I really don’t want to trash the interior.”

Janelle squealed and hugged me. “Oh! Really!” She was nearly jumping up and down. “Thank You so much.”

“Let me cover the passenger seat and we can go.” I said, rummaging around in the trunk for a fender cover.

Janelle settled into the driver’s seat, beaming. “This feels so amazing.” “It all looks just like Dad’s car, it even smells like his.”

She fired up the car and we took off.

I gave her directions to my place and we headed out.

I could tell she was being extra careful, after all, we had just met, but I could also tell she was dying to open her up.

“Go ahead.” I smiled at her. “You know you want to.”

“What?” She queried.

“Punch it!” I grinned.

I didn’t have to repeat myself.

From the way she tossed the car around corners, I could tell she’d done this before, quite a few times.

We arrived at my place in about 15 minutes. Janelle pulled in, shut off the engine and tossed me the keys.

“Thanks.” She beamed. “I really needed that.”

“No problem.” I returned. “I’ve spent a lot of time behind that steering wheel working out various frustrations.”

“Come on in.” I invited. “Let me clean up, and you can drive us back.”

Janelle smiled, knowing I’d let her drive again, and followed me in.

“Shouldn’t take me long.” I said eryaman escort “Make yourself at home.”

I headed off to shower and change clothes.

The warm shower felt fantastic after being wet and cold.

I’d spent way too long showering and fully expected Janelle to be upset, but much to my surprise, she was puttering away in the kitchen.

“Hope you don’t mind?” She said. “The least I could do is make some dinner.” “You have an amazingly well stocked cupboard.”

“I like to cook.” I stated. “With the weird hours I keep, food isn’t always available.” “Whatever you’re making smells amazing.”

“Just a little family recipe.” She smiled. “It always makes a good impression.”

As she finished up, I set the table.

The food was incredible and we talked as we ate. Her Dad was a doctor in upstate New York, he attended college here, so she came here as well. She was first year med like me. We had 2 classes together, but I hadn’t noticed her, nor had she noticed me. Not surprising, since the classes were pretty intense, not much time to look around.

I told her about me. I’m the first person in my family to attend college, and I’m largely self-funded. My dad’s a mechanic, hence my love of cars, and Mom’s a bookkeeper.

We talked for several hours, then I noticed the time.

“Guess we should get you back to campus, I’ve kept you way too long.” I lamented, not wanting the day to end quite yet.

“I’m in no hurry.” Janelle smiled. “But these chairs aren’t the most comfortable, can we adjourn to the living room?”

We put the dishes in the sink and cozied up on the couch.

“Can I get you something to drink?” I asked. “I’ve got wine, beer or…”

Janelle interrupted. “Would you have any Bourbon?” “My Dad and I would drink Bourbon after working on the car, it’s kinda our thing.”

“Actually, I do.” I answered. “It’s a personal favorite.”

I poured two fairly generous portions and handed one to her and sat down.

She took a long pull from hers. “Wow.!, this is good.” She mused. “You obviously know your stuff.”

“My ex-girlfriend’s dad was an aficionado, guess it rubbed off.” I frowned, not really wanting to remember her.

“Sorry, old times.” I said, rather embarrassed. “Way more details than you probably wanted.”

“So she was your last girlfriend?” She asked.

“Yeah.” I admitted. “Didn’t end too well, but…”

“I hear you.” She chimed in. “My last boyfriend had a bad case of the 4 ‘gets’.”

She saw the puzzled look on my face.

“You know, the 4 ‘gets’.” She explained. “Get on, get in, get off and get out.” “Then he’d forget to call me the next day.”

I nearly spit out a mouthful of my drink, then started laughing.

“I’ve never heard it put quite that way, but I get what you’re saying.” I admitted. “He sounds like a real Cassanova.”

“Yeah.” She sneered sarcastically. “The best 30 seconds of my life, at least it was according to him.” “Needless to say, he wasn’t around long.”

“Carol and I had the opposite problem, we were great in bed, but had nothing else.” “We had a VERY physical relationship, but had almost nothing in common.” “At the end of the day, I couldn’t talk to her in any meaningful way.”

Janelle’s eyes twinkled. “So you had sex a lot?”

“It’s pretty much all we did.” I mused, smiling at the memories.

“Could you make her…you know…orgasm?” She nearly whispered.

“Well, yes.” I stated. “Isn’t that the goal.” “I mean, what’s the point of sex if you you don’t?”

“And she would…, every time you had sex?” She probed.

“At least once, usually more, depending on whether we had regular or oral sex.” I added.

“Oral sex?” She panted. “You…”

“Yes, I ate her.” I finished her sentence.

Several awkward seconds passed.

“You OK?” I asked.

“Just trying to process what you said.” She admitted. “I didn’t know guys cared about a girl’s needs.”

“Most don’t.” I stated flatly. “I do.”

Sensing my opening, I moved closer to her. “Would you like me to show you?”

Again, her eyes sparkled, and a shy smile slowly spread across her face. “Are you really that good?”

“Only one way to find out.” I whispered into her ear.

Almost inaudibly she said. “Yes”.

I took her hand and led her to my bedroom and sat her on the edge of the bed. I kissed her, tasting the Bourbon on her full lips.

Slowly, I removed her clothes, exposing her beautiful, chocolate colored skin. I’d never seen a black girl naked, so I was really enjoying the experience. Her breasts were very firm with dark chocolate areolae and erect nipples. I bent down and kissed one, eliciting a contented sigh from her.

Black, tightly curled pubic hair met my view as I removed her panties. Long, muscular legs and a tight ass completed the package.

Once I had her fully nude, I sat back, drinking in the scene.

Puzzled, Janelle asked. “Something wrong?”

“No.” I answered. “I’m just stunned by you, you’re beautiful, a goddess.” “Words escape me.”

“I never escort ankara dreamed you would find me attractive.” She said.

“Well I do, and you are, so…” I grinned. “Though I don’t know why you’d think that?”

I slipped out of my clothes and snuggled into bed next to her. I pulled her to me, kissing her again, slowly building her desire.

As I kissed her, I caressed her ample tits, paying special attention to her nipples, causing her to gasp as I tweaked first one then the other.

She started to reach for my cock, I stopped her. “I want to concentrate on you right now, later, if you still want to, we can pursue that?”

Moving down, I nuzzled her breasts, kissing and licking her nipples. From the noises she was making, she was getting close, and I hadn’t even touched her pussy yet.

Continuing my descent, I kissed and tongued her navel while slowly caressing her pubic hair. She spread her legs, inviting my fingers to explore her warm, wet folds.

After a bit, I removed my fingers from her and licked them clean while she watched. I moved down, positioning myself to eat her pussy. I was amazed at the contrast of her dark skin and her inner pinkness.

I kissed her inner thighs and external labia and pubic area before parting her lips with my tongue and probing her slick slit.

She inhaled sharply and grabbed my head, pulling me into her, when I licked her clit for the first time.

I worked slowly, not wanting to go too fast. It was apparent she’d never had her pussy eaten before and I was going to make sure she remembered it.

After 20 minutes or so, she was panting and moaning, writhing on the bed, rapidly approaching her first orgasm. A few minutes later, she groaned, went stiff and came, shaking and quivering as electric pleasure coursed through her body.

With one final lick, I moved up, laying next to her, cradling her as her afterglow subsided.

“That was…the most…intense feeling I’ve ever had.” She panted, trying to recover.

I just grinned.

Janelle rolled over, facing me and kissed me. She smiled and hugged me. “Are you that good with…?” Her hand slowly stroked my engorged dick.

“Would you like to find out?” I teased.

She paused, concern crossing her face. “Just how big are you?” She asked, pushing me onto my back.

My erection was at full mast, sticking straight up. Janelle gasped as she saw it for the first time.

“I didn’t think you’d be impressed.” I mused. “After all…”

“If you mean all black guys are huge, don’t believe all the hype, they’re not.” She spat, seemingly annoyed.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to offend you.” I apologized.

“No, it’s not you.” She explained. “We perpetuate that myth, and it is just a myth.” “Yes there are big, black men, especially in adult movies, but they aren’t all like that.” “Do you think every white guy is as big as John Holmes?”

“I guess I never thought about it.” I admitted. “I know as far as white guys go, I’m bigger than most, but beyond that, I don’t have a clue.” “I’ve never seen a black guy nude in person.” “Hell, before today, I’d never seen a black girl nude.”

“So I’m your first?” She asked.

“Fraid so.” I retorted. “And I’m regretting waiting so long.”

She smiled and kissed me. “To tell the truth, I’ve never seen a white guy naked, in person anyway, so I guess we’re even.”

She returned her hand to my raging boner, sizing me up.

“Well, you’re much larger than my last boyfriend.” She confessed. “In case you care.” “In fact, that’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen.”

“Do you still want to do this?” I queried. “I’ll understand if you don’t.”

“Are you serious?” She chirped. “I’ve been dreaming of one that big since I hit puberty.” “Until now, I’ve been sadly disappointed.”

Janelle propped up on her elbows and stared at my cock, nearly drooling. She wrapped her long fingers around me and stroked slowly, causing me to moan softly.

“Like that?” She purred.

“Nice.” I sighed. “It’s been too long.”

She smiled, then leaned in and kissed the head of my cock, licking a drop of precum from the tip. Then she opened her mouth and slowly took me in.

“I don’t think I can get it all in, but I’m gonna give it a shot.” She grinned.

With that, she proceeded to make love to my cock with her very talented mouth. She kissed, licked and sucked me with great enthusiasm for 10 minutes or so, and though she didn’t get all of me in her mouth, she still gave me one of the best blowjobs I’d ever had, ending with me coating her tonsils with a load of hot semen.

After I had cum, she licked the last remnants of my jizz from my dick, then snuggled up next to me. “How long before you’ll be ready to go?” She whispered in my ear.

“Wave those luscious tits of yours in my face, and it won’t be long.” I leered, giving the nearest one a good squeeze.

“Ooh, good idea.” She giggled, straddling me. “How’s this?”

She blanketed my face with her rack and shook them provocatively, coaxing my hands and tongue sincan escort out to play.

I feasted on her chocolate globes, biting her nipples and caressing the firm, warm flesh and soon the desired effect was achieved, I had a raging boner.

Seeing her efforts had paid off, Janelle slid down and started rubbing herself on my cock, coating it with her juices.

The more she stimulated me, the bigger I got. Finally, no longer able to wait, she grabbed me, rose up and impaled herself.

With about half of me in her, she stopped, waiting for her over-stretched tunnel to open further so she could take the rest of me in.

I reached up and fondled her tits, pinching her nipples, causing her pussy to release a tidal surge of love honey, allowing her to finally sink down to full penetration.

She stopped, fell forward, and just laid on my chest, panting. “My God!” She hissed. “I’ve never felt so full.” “I feel like my pussy’s gonna explode.”

“Take your time.” I said.

We kissed while she got accustomed to my cock stretching her to the limit. Slowly, almost imperceptibly she started pumping on my rod. In time, she was indeed fucking herself with increasing speed and urgency.

As desire overtook her, she sat up and started slamming her greedy cunt on my raging hard-on, digging her nails into my chest. She was moaning and biting her lower lip, rapidly driving herself to release.

I was enthralled by the sight, my pale cock being swallowed by her pink wetness while her perfect, dark skinned tits bounced and swayed with every thrust.

Soon, she trembled, exhaled heavily and collapsed on my chest. I stroked her hair while she finished cumming.

“I’m…not…gonna…be able…to…” She gasped.

“You want me to take over?” I asked.

She nodded, sweating and panting.

I carefully rolled her over, staying encased in her spasming pussy, then hugged her. “Easy or hard?” I whispered in her ear.

“H-Hard.” She moaned. “Oh God, hard.”

I smiled and kissed her. “Good choice.”

I reached under her and grabbed her ass cheeks and started pounding her, slamming my meat into her, rabid with lust.

The only sounds were panting, slapping skin and wet sloshing while I fucked her senseless.

Janelle had finally had all she could take, she screamed, spasmed and came, kicking her feet in the small of my back. I hammered her a few more times, grunted and pumped her full of cum, then collapsed on her tits, sweating and breathless.

After that, we must have fallen asleep. I awoke some hours later with a naked woman curled up next to me snoring softly. It took me a few moments to realize it wasn’t a dream, then smiling, I went back to sleep, hugging her tenderly.

Some time later, I felt the bed shake. Opening my eyes, I saw Janelle hop out. “Gotta pee.” She hissed, running for the bathroom.

She returned a few minutes later. “That’s better.”

I rolled over and looked at my clock. 8:30 AM. “Good thing it’s Saturday, or we’d be late to Dr. Lewis’s lecture.” I laughed.

“Ugh.” She spat. “Don’t remind me.” “That man is SO boring.”

“Agreed.” I said. “Feel like some breakfast, or you want me to take you back to campus?”

“Remember, you said I could drive.” She grinned. “But how about a shower then breakfast?” “No need to be in a hurry, if that’s OK?”

“You want company in the shower?” I inquired.

“Somebody’s gotta wash my back.” She smiled.

“I’ll wash a lot more than that.” I kidded.

We had a long, very interesting, shower. I’ve never had that much fun getting clean. She was very playful, and took great joy trying to tickle me while we washed each other. The novelty factor certainly didn’t hurt either.

Afterwards, I helped her dry off. At least, I thought I was helping. Wouldn’t want her tits or ass to get chapped after all. Then we went back to the bedroom.

I helped her collect her clothing, then sat on the bed.

“What sounds good to eat?” I asked. “I’ll make breakfast, it’s only fair.”

“Surprise me.” She said. “I’ll eat just about anything.”

“Would you have anything I could wear, a robe or a nightshirt?” She asked.

“No robe.” I said. “I don’t normally wear anything when I’m here alone.” “I could see if I have a tee shirt big enough to be useful.”

“You’re a nudist?” She asked.

“No…, Hell no!” I retorted. “I don’t go outside, or have any desire for strange people to see me, nor do I want to see them.” “I just don’t like to wear clothes if it’s not necessary.”

“So you’re not going to wear anything?” She smirked.

“Unless that bothers you?” I said.

“No, your house, your rules.” She grinned. “Besides, you’ve got a nice butt.”

“I’ve been told it’s my second best asset.” I grinned at her and winked.

Her gaze dropped briefly to my cock, then back up. “Well, you may have a point.”

I managed to find a shirt that covered most of her, but it was a little short, I got a good view of her lower ass cheeks from the rear, and from the front, I could see a tease of pussy fur. Breakfast was going to be interesting.

All the time I was cooking, I had a full hard-on, morning wood aside, Janelle was making it difficult for me to work. I kept smacking the damned thing into everything.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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