Long Enough

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Bill made his way through the mill of people at the airport. It had been his first time on a plane. His maiden voyage in the air was for a much greater first. The first time he would see…her.

There she was, just on the other side of the gate. Bill made his way through customs and walked quickly toward her. He did his best to appear confident, but inside he was shaking. Will she like me, will she run, are my shoes untied, are we going to…kiss?

Now, at a distance, while could perhaps do so unnoticed, he ran his eyes up her body. Black, two-inch high heels. No stockings…just smooth, womanly legs. Above the knee started a tan skirt. Hanging down from the waistline a fuzzy, black sweater. Just a patch of her chest showed as he looked up to her face. The lips were glistening red and full in a smile. The eyes were bright…and traveling up his body as well, then meeting his in a knowing glance. He stepped forward.

“If you’re not Amanda, I’m about to be in a hell of a lot of trouble.” With that, he tilted up her chin, bent low and kissed her on those waiting lips. Sweet, moist, full…his heart thudded. He pulled back, realizing he’d not expected to be so affected just by a kiss.

“Mmmhhh. If I wasn’t Amanda, I’d wish I was” she said after in her sexy Texas drawl. “Good thing I am.”

Bill tried to maintain his demeanor, but his heart was racing. He’d waited so long for this woman…wanted this woman for so long. All their conversations…all their flirtations…all their statements of how they felt. He still couldn’t be sure it was real.

Then, as they turned to head for the baggage claim, her small, cool hand slipped into his, and he knew.

**** ***** *****

The car ride to the hotel was torture. She drove…this was her car and her city. Bill tried to busy himself with idle chatter about the plane ride. He’d found a few funny stories here and there. He’d tried to busy himself with looking out the windows at the stores…the cars…the sites of Houston. It was definetely not Phoenix, but, as he’d found before, most American cities look the same these days to some extent or another. Mostly, he found himself watching her arms control the car, her fingers seductively wrapped around the wheel, her legs pumping the gas and the brake, her eyes occasionally flicking over to him to see the effect she was having on him. At every stoplight Bill was tempted to grab her and pull her to his lips. At every stoplight, his will overpowered his desire…for now.

Mercifully the car ride ended and they moved into the lobby. Here Bill was in his element for the first time since Phoenix. If working for a hotel chain for 11 years had taught him anything, it was how bursa escort to deal with a front desk staff. The check-in went smoothly and efficiently…despite her cool, soft hand having found its way back into his. Then with his bags on a shoulder strap, they walked to the room.

The plan was to drop off their bags, he would shower and change, and they would head off to find some mid-scale eatery and perhaps take a walk in some nice part of Houston. The plan had him setting down his bags and looking for a change of clothes. The plan was interrupted by her hands pulling his head down to hers, her lips on his as soon as the door was closed. In his surprise he’d opened his eyes momentarily and saw the “Do Not Disturb” sign wasn’t on the doorknob…he realized she’d already moved it. He straightened to his full height, but she was having none of it. She planted her hands on his shoulders and leaped into the air. Reflexively he caught her and now her legs were wrapped around him. Then the return of that wonderful mouth and tongue, forcing its way into his. He was practically overcome by her passion and his was just as great.

His glasses came off, as did hers, and he backed his way to the bed. He lowered her down onto it and came down upon her. Resting his weight on his left arm, he now entered the kissing with a vigor, threading his leg between hers. Their tongues wrestled…he tried to be gentle but she had little of it, practically wrenching his head down to hers. Finally, he pulled back and looked her in the eyes.

“Now?” he asked?

She smiled and met his gaze, then trailed her eyes down to his left hand. The claddagh was there, turned inwards, to signify that she had captured his heart. It had been that way almost as long as he’d known her. Then she looked back up at him.

“Haven’t we waited long enough?” she replied?

This was it. This moment he had waited for for so long. Until now, he had been prepared to stop, prepared for her to change her mind, prepared for her to make him wait. As he leaned down and gently kissed her forehead, he knew they would wait no longer.

Now a soft kiss on the left cheek, now the right. Confident that this was the time, he wanted her to remember this. Wanted it to be special. Now he kissed the tip of the nose. Now he kissed the chin. Now the lips again. This kiss didn’t have the urgent passion of before. No more convincing was needed…just affection.

Now his lips trailed down her jawline. He sought out the places that made her react. He kissed, licked and scraped his teeth sometimes. Her neck, her throat, her earlobes, the skin behind the ears. He mentally noted each sigh, each shudder, each quiver. He was studying her, bursa escort bayan and valuable information this was.

Now he moved further down, to the exposed areas at the top of her chest. He kissed, he licked, he remembered. Now the fingers. He took her hands and kissed her hands, her palms, her wrists. He suckled on her fingers. She started to mew and press against the thigh between her legs. Bill did not press back…he had time.

Now he left the hands and traveled down the bed, finding her legs. He caressed them, careful not to move above the skirtline, which had begun to ride up during his ministrations. He found the knees, the back of her knees, the soft calves, the feet. He undid the straps on her heels and removed her shoes. Her feet were beautiful. Freshly pedicured? He’d mentioned a footrub to her, but now was not the time. She was already primed, but he’d not yet finished his tour.

He was off the bed now and took her hands. He pulled her into a sitting position. His eyes locked on hers and hers bore into his, smoldering with desire. He lifted her hands into the sky, then reached down to the hips. The sweater. The loose fabric, smelling of perfume and Amanda, lifted easily. He kept his eyes locked on hers as he lifted her top over her head and removed it. There was no bra. He kept his eyes locked on hers no longer. Instead, they softened as he saw her breasts for the first time. The nipples were already erect and begging for attention. Not yet.

Now he kissed her softly once again and then pushed her back on the bed, rolling her onto her stomach. All this time he’d been studying and remembering her, gauging her reactions. He needed to know what made this woman happy, what made her moan, what made her scream. His hope was that he could make use of that knowledge for the rest of his days.

But she’d told him one clue. Bill blew gently on the back of her neck. He scraped his fingers gently down her back, down her sides. This he did with one hand…the other busied himself in removing his shirt, unbuckling his pants. Now he found her bottom. He was kissing the back of her neck while rubbing her bottom through her skirt. Then he was unzipping the skirt from the back. No underwear here either. He removed the skirt…she a willing participant as she lifted herself to allow its passage. Now he kissed his way down each of her lovely cheeks, stopping long enough to inhale her arousal. Now he was kissing the back of her legs. And now he turned her over.

Laying beside her, he started to draw idle patterns on her chest and stomach with his finger. A circle around the naval, a bit lower just to her pantyline, then back up. In the crease between her breasts. escort bursa There was no mistaking the change in her breathing now. Reaching across her, he ran his finger idly around her left breast, carefully avoiding the nipple. He made circles around the underside and back up to the top. On one pass, he placed his fingers within his mouth and wet them. His passes grew closer and closer and she was rolling her head and stroking the back of his. As he did this, he kicked off his shoes and his pants, leaving only his boxers on.

Now, finally, his hands reached their destination. Using his thumb and two of his large, strong fingers, he started to roll the nipple back and forth. This was accompanied by his mouth descending on the other nipple, flicking it with his tongue. His pace was slow at first, but now she was highly audible, moaning his name, moaning to the almighty, her hands digging into his head as he sped up the pace and the intensity. Now she screamed out and quivered, pulling him against her.

He looked up and smiled. “Hadn’t expected that yet.”

“Damn!” she said.

Then he smiled and looked softly at her and kissed her. The kissing was sweet and affectionate at first, but then became more urgent as she ground herself against him. Once again he left her lips and kissed his way down. But this time he did not stop with her breasts. Instead he made his way to the top of her pantyline. Now he kissed to the left, dragging the hair of his goatee as he went, to the inside of her leg. Now he moved to the inside of her other leg. Now he moved back to the top. Now slowly he kissed his way down, lifting her legs above his shoulders as he did so. Now he inhaled deeply and kissed to her entry.

She shuddered and moaned again, tightening her thighs. He gently licked her labia back and forth, making random, unpredictable patterns. She was starting to buck. Now he moved up and found her clit. As he sucked on it like a nipple, again he lowered his chin to her pussy, brushing it with the hairs. Now his long arms reached up and played with her nipples as he continued to tease her cunt. She started to moan and thrash. He knew she was close. He could back off, could ease up, could prolong this. But he remembered the look in her eyes and the words “Haven’t we waited long enough?” Now was not the time for further teasing. Instead, he continued his assault and she snapped, thrashing and bucking. He rode her through it, slowed down as she caught her breath a bit, then started again.

“No she said…I’m not like that…I can’t…ugh…oh God BILL” and the bucking started anew as she howled and screamed. He quickly moved up and wrapped his arms around her. He held her tightly against him as she quivered and panted…then she looked up at him again and kissed him. This was not a seductive kiss, nor was it affectionate. It was pure, unbridled passion.

Now she looked him in the eye and smiled. Now she said, “My turn…”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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