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Today, my lover, I am going to make love to you. I am going to taste you, and savor you. I am going to feel you, and love you. I am going to make you moan, and whisper, and pant your love for my body, for my skill, and for me.

But first…first we are going to strip. No, not yet, me first. Sit here in this chair. Yes, it looks uncomfortable, but I want you focused on me.

Do you see me, dressed in my dark blue skinny jeans? I wore them for you. I put them on, and I loved the way they hugged my ass nice and tight. And see how they capture the curve of my hip? I do make a fine silhouette, don’t I? Thank you.

And this black camisole, I bought especially for you. I enjoyed the way the lace covered my breasts. Would you like to cup them and feel? I know, it feels nice. Ah…no squeezing, lover, not yet.

Spread your legs for me, I want to show you my stiletto. Yes, I will be careful, I promise not to hurt you…There, see? Black, shiny, six inches. You understand I would never wear these out of the house, right? I’d probably break my ankle. Don’t laugh, you know it’s true. No no…you mustn’t touch my legs yet. Yes, it feels good, but no touching. I am here for you, right now.

Now, listen carefully. Do you hear that? Nothing? Listen harder. Watch my hips as they move, and listen. It’s the music. It’s the slow thunder of your heart. The sweet pulse of your blood racing. It’s your breath and mine, mingling as one. It’s the music I choose to dance to now, for you. Yes…watch my fingers splay across my thighs, running slowly up my body, beneath my chemise. Slowly stroking the taut skin of my stomach, sliding up to cup my breasts, lift them free…Oh, I know, I’m sorry, you wanted to see. But this is for you, and I will take my time.

Watch me as I walk towards you, my hips swaying to the dulcet tempo. My eyes flutter closed, and my head tilts back to expose my throat as I caress it. That’s one of my tender spots, remember? One kiss there, and I’m honey in your hands. Today, I’m going to make you honey in mine.

Do you enjoy what you see? Come closer? Fine, but no touching. I’m going to turn around now, and make my ass dance for you. Yes, I thought you’d like the jeans. I’m bending over now, showing you my long legs, my flexibility…the arc of my spine as I rise slowly, and the silky strands of my hair falling over my eyes, hooding them.

Now I’m turning towards you, my bottom lip clasped in my teeth. I’m going to place my hands on your chest, but you just keep watching me. Keep listening to the music. My hands are sliding up your torso now, over your shoulder, to grip the back of my chair. No touching, remember, even though my body is curving into yours, my skin barely inches away from your own…I want you, too, but not yet. Your lips are on my neck and they feel good…oh so good…but no touching. I smell beautiful? It’s a new perfume I bought. I tried for something subtle this time, less flowery, and more warm. It’s jasmine, I believe. Very sensuous…I think I like it.

Oh, do you feel that? My nipples are hardening against the fabric of my chemise. I imagine the friction of rubbing against you has something to do with that. It feels fucking good, lover. I want you to taste my nipples, too, but you can’t…I know you’re getting impatient, but just a little longer.

Here’s the hard part: I’m going to straddle you now. You may place your hand on my hips, but nowhere else. No, that’s my ass, not my hips. Yes, right there. Now tilt your head back. Feel my fingers running through your sable locks, massaging your scalp? I know, baby, you had a long day. That’s why I’m here for you now.

I’m going to lean forward now, and press my lips against the column of your neck, murmuring my words. I can feel you, you know. I can feel how hard you’re getting, and I can’t help but press against you, grinding slowly as I kiss your neck. You feel so good, pressing against my cunt like that…kiss me. Yes, kiss me now.

Have I ever told you that your lips taste so good? There are moments when I can’t stop kissing you, because your mouth is like a gourmet meal. A sweet, delicious, never-ending drink of sex. And your tongue…God, I can’t even describe it, as it slides along mine, tickling the roof of my mouth, enticing me…And the sounds we make as we kiss, the groans we make as I’m grinding against you, loathing the material keeping my weeping pussy from the hard strokes of your…

Okay, hold on, lover…Breathe deep. That was not supposed to happen. I got carried away this time, but it won’t happen again. You think you’re sneaky, huh? Yes, I know you have skills. Now, wipe that smirk off your face and concentrate. I have a beautiful smile? Thank you, I appreciate that.

I’m backing away now, because you have my pulse hot, and my womb aching for your touch. I can’t wait to fuck you, lover, to ride your hard dick until you explode inside me…But there’s time for that.

Watch again, as I grab the hem of my chemise bursa escort and lift it slowly, exposing the flat plane of my belly. I’ve never truly stripped for you before, because when I try, things get carried away and you always end up finishing the job and fucking me…But not this time. Today, lover, you must sit and watch as my dusky nipples are set free, standing rigid from our foreplay. Watch as my fingers tug them, and twist them. I always love when you bite them the most. That blurring line between pleasure and pain, that ache…

I think it’s time to slip the chemise off now. That leaves me bare from the waist up, my breasts full and heavy as I cup them, testing their weight in my palm. You’ve always loved them? Yes, I know you have. I’ve always loved them, too.

For this next part, I want you to stroke yourself. I want to watch as you grow harder. No, don’t take your pants off just yet. Do it through your pants. Yes, just like that. Grip yourself, and imagine the walls of my slit squeezing you tight. My jeans are coming off next. The denim fabric is perfect, right? Can you see it press against the swell of my ass as I pull them down? Are you watching my hips or my ass? Or all of me? You don’t know? No, I didn’t think you would.

I think we’ve come upon a problem lover. Are you still stroking your cock? Don’t stop…The problem is that the cuff of my jeans won’t fit over my stilettos. I wanted to wear them as we fucked, but this might be a better solution. Watch as I turn away from you again, and bend over, flaunting the tight, round globes of my cheeks. Yes, I rather thought you would like this…I chose these panties just for you. Sheer, black, with a tiny satin bow on the front. Simple, yet sophisticated. Thank you, lover, yes, just like me. At least, I’d like to think so.

Would you like to spank me as I unbuckle my stilettos? Go ahead. Ah…yes, again. Yes, again. Again. How does my ass feel beneath your palm? Juicy? I’ll show you juicy in a little while. There, my stilettos and jeans are gone now…You must stop spanking, lover. We can’t get carried away again.

Now I’m looking at you with a thoughtful expression, my head tilted to the side, practically nude before you. I think that it’s time to strip you now. No, you don’t get to do it for me, I’m going to do it for you. I already have? No, I mean that I’m going to strip you myself. Yes, it seems a bit unfair, but I think you’ll thank me in the end.

Stand up now. The same rule applies, no touching. And no more stroking. From now on, that’s my job. Now, you’re shirt first. You did look—No, let me unbutton it. You did look quite handsome going into work today. I couldn’t wait to get you home and into the shower, and have you fuck me up against the tile…Do you remember the first time we did that? Everything was so wet and slippery, but I think my pussy was the wettest and slickest of all. I came so hard that night. You felt so good, just like you always do.

Now, for your undershirt. God, I always loved you shirtless. Yes, I know you’ve loved me shirtless, but that’s because of an obvious reason. I’ve always loved you shirtless because it meant I was closer to your skin. Closer to tasting you, and hearing your heartbeat. Hold on, I want to listen now. A tenacious heartbeat. A vital one.

Ah, I think it’s speeding up a bit. Is it because I’m stroking your nipple? I hear that they’re sensitive on men, too. What if I licked it? Hmm, I thought so. And if I sucked on it? Created a tight seal with my lips and tongued it? That actually pulled a slight groan out of you. A beautiful sound. You know it turns me on when you’re vocal.

Feel my fingers as they slowly walk down your torso, barely stroking your skin. Your muscles are clenching, lover. Does that mean it feels good? My lips and tongue would like to follow. I love savoring the slight, salty taste of your skin after a long day. Perhaps, after I’m done fucking you, I’ll give you a massage.

I’m going to go to my knees, now. It’ll be easier for me to…unfasten your pants. I think I might actually enjoy stripping you more than having you strip me. It’s very erotic—Was that a gasp? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to caress your cock. But you are very big for me. I can already see the bulge, and I’ve only unzipped you. I’m going to lean forward now, and nibble you through the fabric of your Jockeys. Look at me, at my soft, chocolate eyes, lover. Gorgeous eyes? You’re only saying that because I’m about to make your toes curl. You really think so? Thank you.

Although I’m pushing down your slacks now, by hand, I think I’ll try your boxers with teeth. Feel me as I cup your strong buttocks in my hand, lifting up on my knees to nuzzle your belly button, breathing against your skin, teasing…Please? You need to feel me? I know this, but I like to see you beg. It’s making me wet, too, you know. My pussy is throbbing for you, I want to fuck so bad.

No, I can’t. Not yet. But forget using my teeth, I want to suck you now. bursa escort bayan While I take my pretty panties off, you go lay on the bed. Leave the panties on? Well, since you asked nicely…okay. But you can’t touch me at all. Now go lay down. Don’t bounce on the bed, you’ll crack the headboard for crying out loud. Lover, you look like a giddy school boy…

Now, it’s been suggested that the majority of men are very visual creatures, so me crawling up your body, my satiny skin sliding against yours, the long, dark fall of my silken mane over one shoulder…this should all be a definite turn on. Oh God, the look in your eyes is what’s causing my own skin to writhe. Like you wish to devour me. As if you wished to spread my legs wide and slide your tongue between my soft labia. As if you wanted to suckle at my entrance, and lap at my nectar, and tongue-fuck me until I cried your name… You do want to eat me? Well, not tonight, this is about you. And I said no touching, stop caressing my breast.

What am I doing now? I’m reaching between my legs to stroke your cock…ah, that groan. Do it again and I’ll stroke harder. Yes, like that. Now kiss me. I want to taste your mouth as I stroke you. I want to press your lips against mine and inhale your scent, and rub my hard nipples against your chest…Oh, fuck, I don’t know how much more I can wait. But I will…

I’m going to lay your dick against your stomach now. Why? So I can rub my wet cunt on it, and show you how ready I am. Yes, do you feel? I’m so fucking hot for you, lover. Do you know how erotic it is, me rubbing the underside of your cock with my soaking petals? It gives me the illusion that you might slip inside and fulfill my dreams…Ah, yes, right there…

I’m sorry, so sorry. I didn’t mean to dig my nails into your chest. You just feel so good, I was so close to cumming…But now, it’s time for part two.

I know you understand what I’m going to do, now that I’m leaving a trail of kisses down the solid planes of your torso. Let me take a moment and lap at your nipple again, long and slow. Picture yourself teasing me as I’m doing to you, and you can understand why I love it so…Down, over your flexing abdomen, the tip of my tongue leaving a slim, moist path for your desire to follow.

It almost makes me laugh to tease your navel like this, flicking it softly with my tongue, blowing gently over the warm liquid to cool it. Who knew a man’s belly button could be so sensitive? My eyes are meeting yours now as my lips follow the dark trail of shiny hairs, disappearing into the waist-band of your boxers. Happy trails, they’re called? Now lover, why would they give such a name?

Your answering grin is lazy, drunk with lust, as my ruby polished fingernails grip the fabric of your Jockeys. This color is called Eat Me, Sin—I do enjoy the soft gasp, since my hand is cupping the hard bulge of your dick, but please, are you listening? I’m running the pads of my finger on either side of the definition of your shaft, and your movements are making my clit throb with need. What? Oh, yes, the color is called Eat Me, Sin, but that’s no longer important…

The air of mystery makes me want you even more as my hand slips into your boxers, palming the length of you. I know what you will look like, but in a way, in this way, I’ve never had you before. Never tasted you deep in my throat as I will tonight…I should let you know that I’m torturing myself as much as I’m torturing you. I’m so fucking wet right now that the material of my sheer panties is sticking to my skin, grating softly against my sensitive cunt. It doesn’t feel as good as you, though.

Are you watching, lover? Watch me, as I spring your cock free, licking my lips as I pull your balls out from your boxers. You are beautiful, baby, so beautiful. Now, feel me as I kiss the tip of your dick, and lay it atop your belly. Your balls, barely covered in a dark, downy hair are what I will taste first. Close your eyes, and focus on my tongue, lathering one of the soft spheres with my tongue, before sucking it between my lips. My tongue, lapping against the sheath of your scrotum, feeling your body quiver beneath mine.

How does that feel? Good, I’m glad you like it. Time for the other one, too…you mustn’t move too much, or you won’t feel all the pleasure of my lips enveloping this one also. Surrounded in the tight, hot space of my mouth, I think I’ll try something new. I’ll do it slowly, stretching your sac as I suck on the tiny globe, then releasing it with a soft plop. I read that in a magazine, once…From the rate of your breathing, I’d say it works.

No, lover, no touching me. You can’t run your fingers through my hair yet, although it does feel nice. This is all for you, remember? Now, my favorite part. Grip the sheets if you must, I won’t stop the abuse at this point. Oh! Your cock just flexed, and I’ve barely started. Drawing my tongue slowly along the under-ridge of your cock, savoring the musky flavor, the masculine escort bursa aroma to your skin. I love following the thick veins that travel the expanse of your cock, like I’m doing now. Gently, allowing my saliva to coat your satiny skin, all the way to the plum mushroom of your head. Yes, thread your fingers into mine, you might need the strength. Hold onto me as I suck you into my mouth with no warning, swallowing your long, thick cock onto the back of my tongue.

Careful, don’t thrust! I don’t want to gag on you, I want to relish this dick. I want to draw my thick lips up and down this succulent phallus, my dark brown eyes meeting your bright, sage-green ones. The contrast must be what you’re hissing about, correct? Watching the pale, milky skin of your cock slide between my bronze lips…Or perhaps it is the way my lips suddenly tightened around the base of your cock, my cheeks hollowing to create that tight, merciless vacuum. Or the way I ascend on your dick, leaving it gleaming with my saliva.

I think, lover, that it’s the sudden way I increased my pace, literally fucking your swollen dick with my lips. Your hands are clenching mine, and it hurts a bit, but it’s worth it, seeing that helpless look on your face, listening to the curses stream from your sweet mouth, and watching your stomach muscles clench until they might contract through your skin…

Stop? But why? You don’t want to cum in my mouth? No, I don’t think I will stop. But I will go slower, suckling your lovely cock slowly, cupping your balls and rolling them over the warm pads of my fingers.

Hold on, I want to try something as I suck you so sensuously. You can’t see, but I’m touching myself to the rhythm of your moans. My fingers are slick, coated with my liquid. My hips are moving with my fingers as I strum gently against my clit. From how you’ve described it to me before, I know that it is pink, almost coral in color. I can feel that it is swollen, angry, pulsing, and I can’t help but gasp around your cock…

Lover! You must be careful not to thrust! I know that it’s hard, with my lips moving along your cock so leisurely, knowing that I’m touching something that you ache to feel…Be patient.

I’m going to slip inside myself now, two fingers. Mmm…lover…so fucking good…I want to be fucked. I can think that, as I’m sucking you and finger-fucking myself, right? I’m soaking—dripping—and my cunt is hugging my fingers so tightly, so hungrily, wanting more. Will you give that to me? Yes? I knew you would.

Taste me, lover. Taste me as I’m tasting you. Yes, suck my fingers, and taste what you do to me—What? You’re about to cum? No, you can’t! I’m sorry. I don’t mean to squeeze the base of your dick so hard. I did see the wince on your face, but it’s not time, not just yet.

But I suppose I will stop, then. You know, I can’t help but be pleased, as I watch your sex bounce so enticingly, swollen and red. It makes me feel proud that I can do this to you; that I can cause you to react in such a drastic way. Don’t give me that look, lover. It’s simply payback for how you make me feel. This is but a taste of what you do to me. Let me revel in my satisfaction.

No, don’t sit up. Remember that trail of kisses I left? I’m going to follow it back up, smoothing my lips over the taut skin of you belly, around your nipples, nosing my way through the light dusting of hair on your chest. And to your lips, where I can press mine to yours again, and slip my tongue so easily into your mouth.

No…no, no! Stop! You mustn’t! This was supposed to be my—fuck!—my gift to you. Yes, harder! Take me! Make me yours! Ah, shit, I’m gonna cum…so fucking hard…It hurts, lover, it hurts so good! Yes, moan with me—cry with me—fuck me into oblivion! Do you feel as the satin walls of my cunt are tightening around you? Your groans say you do…even as you press into me, tearing into my pussy over and over, I can see your eyes on mine. I can feel your arm around my waist like an iron band, and your other fist wrapped into my hair, holding my face inches from yours. I feel your hot breath sweep across my cheek as you murmur sweet insults at me…

My breath, lover…it’s getting short…The muscles of my limbs are seizing as I grip the sheets beneath our bodies. My eyes are rolling into the back of my head, and as a raw flame of agony skitters through my cunt, I feel you lift your head to bite down hard on one of my nipples. A hot jolt of electricity bolts through my nerves, and my clit tightens…


Your voice is in my ear, yelling out my name as if I’ve forgotten it, all the while my pussy bearing down on you. Your arms are crushing my hips to your body, bruising my skin as your vice-like grip holds me in place. Your dick is flexing inside me as you cum for me, coating my insides with your precious seed. Your body is one, giant, tensed muscle as you groan…and now…now you’re relaxing…

Are you hurt, lover? Your eyes are still closed, and a slight frown is marring your brow. What? How do I do what? But you do the same thing to me! I told you, tonight I am here for you. I wanted to show you how you made me feel. Well, yes, I wanted you to pant your love for my body, and you did, right?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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