Lynette: An Affair

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I had just started a new job in the northern office of a major international electrical engineering company, whose UK headquarters were in Kent and they had arranged a ten-week training course at headquarters, I would have four weeks in Kent, two back at the northern office, then another four in Kent, two back north and then a final two weeks in Kent, before back to Manchester and starting work full time.

I would, of course, go home at the weekends but during the week would be in a hotel. The timing was pretty good as it would take in most of the summer and Kent is a lovely county. The only downside was I had only been married for three years and we had never been apart before.

Everyone at HQ was brilliant, very friendly and welcoming. The plan was I would start learning some of the systems first, and then go onto the technical aspects of the business, which is Electrical Engineering, that part would be easy as I am a qualified engineer and had just joined them from a rival, it was just a case of learning the products, the systems would be a bit more of a challenge.

I spent some time with each of the three girls in the sale office, Sheila, who was gorgeous, with a toned fit body, beautiful black hair that hung in curls around her face, she was just married and was so in love it was painful. Suzanne, who had a great personality but who was a bit big for my style of a woman, let’s say she is curvy and voluptuous, and then there was Lynette.

Lynette had a small firm body, almost skinny, but that only went to emphasize her boobs, which whilst not massive were big enough and seemed even bigger due to her slight figure, a really flat belly and cute pert bum. She had a pretty, elfin face that was topped by magenta coloured hair, cut short to her head. One hell of a package, she was also outgoing and friendly.

Lynette was a couple of years older than me, mid-thirties, and had been divorced for four years now. There was no denying she was one heck of a package and to me exuded a certain sexuality, pure sex appeal. Some women just have that inherent sex appeal, others don’t, and I’m sure that not every woman has the same effect on every man. But as soon as I saw Lynette it hit me, I knew this was one sexy lady.

We seemed to hit things off from the first time we met, we seemed to have a similar sense of humour, that and the fact we were both northerners seemed to form a bond between us.

The first week had flown by and I reflected on it as I took the long train journey home on Friday afternoon. Work seemed more than ok, I seemed to have fallen on my feet landing this job, everyone had been friendly enough. I had gone out for a couple of pints with some of the other engineers on one night. But Lynette had seemed especially friendly, I couldn’t help but notice how close she sat to me when she was showing me anything.

Was I interested in her? Yes just, I had only been married for a short time and everything was more than fine, but Lynette was definitely one hot woman.

Things started between us on the Tuesday of my second weeks’ training. Lynette had asked me if I fancied a drink and if I wanted her to show me a bit of the area after work, it was a beautiful spring day so stupidly I said ok.

Lynette picked me up from my hotel looking stunning in a mid-thigh, sundress in pale blue and yellow, cut quite tight on top but soft and floaty over her hips and the skirt bounced and swayed in time to her hips and bum. Surprisingly her bare legs were a bit skinny, almost scrawny, which was a surprise as I got the impression they would be a bit fuller. This was the first time I had seen her legs as she always wore pants at work, now I knew why.

When she walked into the bar, my mouth must have dropped and I complimented her on her looks, nothing teasing not meaning anything as a come on, just a genuine appreciation of how she looked. Thanking me for the compliment she bent and gave me a soft kiss on my cheek, as she did so I got a faint whiff of her perfume, something delicate and flowery. Up close it became apparent she hadn’t bothered with a bra, as I looked at her boobs under her dress, she gave me a knowing smile. There was definitely a connection between us, an attraction, and we both knew and recognised it.

After a pleasant evening driving around the Kent countryside stopping off at a couple of pubs, we had totally relaxed in each others company as Lynette told me about her marriage and subsequent divorce, something she said she never wished on any other woman, “hubby” had been cheating even before they got married.

When we got back to my hotel Lynette stopped the car and turned to face me, her dress riding high on her slim thighs, legs parted slightly.

“Lynette, I’ve really enjoyed myself tonight, thanks for taking the time to show me around.” As I said this I leant over and gave her a kiss on her cheek.

“Well, are you going to ask me in, invite me to your room?” she shocked me by asking. I looked at her quizzically too stunned to speak.”

“Look I’m too old to give blowjobs and to fuck in the back canlı bahis of a car, so it’s your room or nothing. Your choice.”

I was still too stunned to answer, this had come out of the blue, yes I felt we had a connection and it was obvious we were attracted to each other, but I never thought anything would come of it, just a bit of mild flirting and teasing. I would never have made the first move, and probably would have regrettably turned down her offer if she hadn’t continued.

“I’m offering unconditional sex here, no commitments, no thoughts of taking things further than a simple hook up for sex, just while you are down here. I don’t want anything permanent, and I’ve not had sex for a while now. I know you fancy me, and to be fair I feel the same about you. So I’m offering you a chance to have some unconditional fun. We are both adults so know what we are doing”

“What about my wife, I thought you said you wouldn’t want any other woman to go through what you did?”

“I know and I mean it, but well, I don’t know, I just fancy some unconditional sex with you.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked, shouldn’t have put you in this position. Look no hard feelings I’ll go now and see you tomorrow,” she said embarrassment in her voice.

My reply was to pull her head close to me and kiss her, my left hand which had been resting on her thigh moved higher and slipped under her skirt. As is pushed it higher I felt the wet patch on her panties. Breaking apart we looked at each other, got out of the car and went up to my room.

As Lynette followed me into my room she said, “Have you got a hanger for my dress.” When I turned to face her having taken one from the wardrobe she was stood naked, hip pushed to one side weight on one leg, her boobs were every bit as firm as I had guessed and she had small hard nipples, already sticking out in arousal.

She did a quick pirouette for me and her body was incredible, slim and tight, her bum was like a small firm peach, just begging to be bitten into. “Get those clothes off now,” she ordered me. Always one to obey I pulled my polo shirt over my head, eliciting a murmur of appreciation as Lynette saw my six-foot-tall physique which was hard and firm from all the gym time I put in and the rugby I play. My shorts and briefs quickly followed and Lynette was left in no doubt about my attraction to her, my cock was rock hard and standing out.

Lynette then surprised me as without even a kiss she dropped to her knees and took my cock deep into her mouth in one long slow movement, lips closing around it as she slid the entire length into her hot mouth. Well, she had hinted that she would give me a blow job, but this was more than I could have expected.

Her head was moving up and down on my cock, sucking and slurping on it, tongue rolling around the head as she took me higher and higher, looking up at me through the fringe of her hair. That is one of the sexiest sights for any man to see. I was just about to lose control when Lynette stopped and regained her feet, kissing her way up my body as she did.

When she was on her feet I crushed her body to mine, hands pulling hard on her bum to force her hips into mine. My cock was crushed between us, throbbing between our bodies. Head bending down our lips met for our first proper kiss, instantly tongues were pushing into the others mouths as Lynette’s arms wrapped around my neck, her hands than playing with my hair.

Her firm boobs were crushed against my chest as we continued to kiss, my hands were constantly squeezing her bum, using the movement to force her hips even harder into mine.

Unable to wait any longer and without breaking the kiss or our holds on each other we stumbled to the bed and collapsed on it in a heap. I rolled Lynette onto her back and moved on top of her. Her eyes told me everything I needed to know, she was ready. She confirmed this with a nod as she felt my eager cock slip against her pussy, pushing forward into her entrance, “Take your time, but do it now, I’m ready.” I could feel that her pussy was hot and wet.

I took my time as I entered her willing and welcoming pussy, sliding in slowly, relishing the feel of her soft folds open as I slid in and closing around me, we both let out a sigh as my first penetration came to an end deep in her. Lynette clenched her vaginal muscles on my cock, starting at one end and somehow moving to the other, rippling along it.

As I found a pleasing rhythm of pushing in and out Lynette pulled her legs back so her heels were level with her bum and pushed her hips up hard against me, pushing up and back at me as she matched my rhythm. Her arms had gone around me pulling me to her. The fact that we were fucking and I hadn’t even played with her beautiful boobs went through my mind.

We continued like this for what seemed like ages, but could only have been about ten minutes, then Lynette increased the pace, thrusting her hips hard against me, driving me higher and higher. She was getting more and more excited with each second, her breath coming in ever shorter gasps, head rolling bahis siteleri from side to side on the bed, then as quickly as she had increased the pace she slowed it down, taking us both back down from the edge of an orgasm.

She did this a couple of more time. I could only go along for the ride, she was in complete control of what we were doing, and I was happy to follow her lead, hammering hard into her at times, then slowing down and rotating my groin as I pushed into her. She purred at that movement.

“Ready?” she mouthed. I nodded my head in reply.

Lynette upped the pace again, thrusting hard into me then, as I pounded into her, she dropped her hips, but raised her legs and wrapped them around my upper hips and waist, crossing her ankles locking me in place. When she had me as she wanted Lynette, increased the speed and at the same time managed to grip and caress my cock with her soft pussy. A pussy that even now was leaking juices, covering my groin and balls as they slapped against her arse. Lynette had gone vocal now, gasping and panting words of encouragement to me, begging me to fuck her harder and harder. All I could manage were animalistic grunts as I continually fucked her pussy harder and faster as I felt my orgasm build.

I could feel the cum ready itself in my balls and then flood along my dick in a hot torrent until it exploded from the end of my cock like a volcano erupting. A lava flow of hot sticky cum shooting from me and flooding Lynette. Her pussy was clenching and releasing my cock as she milked me of my seed.

As the second spurt of cum erupted from me Lynette tensed, arched her back pushing against me and screamed in ecstasy as her own orgasm hit her. She was flinging her head from side to side on the pillow, eyes rolling back, shuddering hard as wave after wave of delightful release wracked her body. In contrast to her noise as she built to her orgasm as she came Lynette was totally silent, mouthed formed in an “O” as she silently screamed her release.

As the after tremors of orgasm slowly died in her body, ripples echoing through her pussy to pulse on my cock Lynette, opened her eyes, looked at me and mouthed, “Wow.” I could only agree. We had just had on hell of a fuck, and I still hadn’t played with her tits, and they were so inviting.

I lay alongside Lynette, my cock having eventually slipped from her pussy’s reluctant release, I moved my head and at last sucked one hard nipple into my mouth, Lynette moaned at the first touch, held my head on her for a few seconds, and then pulled me off her.

“No more, if you do, we’ll only start again, and I can’t do that again, not tonight. Just hold me for a bit, then I have to go.”

We lay in each other’s arms for about half an hour before Lynette broke away, got dressed and quietly slipped from my room, telling me not to get up and see her out.

The next day at work Lynette and I appeared as if nothing had happened between us, being polite but no overt intimacy on show, it helped that I was working with Sheila, that day. It was lunch before we had a chance to talk and as we drifted away from our work colleagues Lynette asked me, “Any regrets?”

“Yes and no. Yes because I’ve cheated, No because it was so good. If you want to continue as you said, I’m happy to do that, but Lynette, if you want to call it a day now, that’s ok with me.”

After a few seconds silence, she said, “I feel like a complete bitch, doing with you what someone else did to me, something I swore I would never do to another woman. But, God it was good and I want to do it again.” Then she giggled “And again, and again, and even again. I think…I think we can keep it as just sex between us, can’t we?”

“Just sex, but great sex,” I smiled back at her “but we need to be careful, we need to keep it a secret.”

“Oh don’t worry about that, this place is a den of iniquity, there are so many affairs going on you wouldn’t believe it.” To prove it she showed me a couple of areas that people had set up so they could get together during the day.

We went out for another drink that night and Lynette again came back to my hotel and we had another session of great sex, not as intense as the first, but I suppose that would have been hard to match, but this time I got a lot more time to play with her boobs, and she was right it did get her going. I wouldn’t see her on Thursday night as I was due home the following day and felt it would be too close, I didn’t want that memory on my mind.

On the Wednesday of my third week of training, Lynette and I had left work together at five pm, this did not raise any questions as I had been working with her all day learning the company systems, neither was the fact I got in her car as she went past my hotel on her way home. But Lynette didn’t drop me off at the hotel, we went straight to her home, and as soon as we got there we had a hot shower together, washing the grime of the day off each other, hands happily exploring each other’s bodies.

After the shower Lynette led me to her bedroom, pushed me onto my back on her bed, bahis şirketleri straddled me and after positioning my rampant and throbbing cock, at the entrance to her pussy, sank slowly down on me, a soft sigh coming from her lips as I filled her, both of us delighting in the feel of me penetrating her. She moved up and down a couple of times to get herself settled on me and then stopped moving.

The sensations didn’t stop though as she contracted and released her pussy muscles on my cock, rippling along it from base to tip, fuck that was good. She also rotated her hips on me grinding on my cock in a slow sensuous movement, driving me wild. The way she was riding me was so slow and sensuous it was so relaxed but so intense, she had me to the verge of orgasming more than once, but just as she sensed I was about to blow she eased back, knowing she was teasing and tormenting me, but that I was loving the delay and frustration and that when I did come it would blow my mind.

Lynette leaned forward slightly so her boobs were hanging in front of my face, not resisting the blatant invitation I sucked on first one nipple and then the other, taking my time. Sucking hard on each nipple in turn, they quickly responded to my attention, going from hard, to rock hard and sticking out like organ stops. Lynette had very sensitive nipples and she loved me sucking on them and I wasn’t going to deny her that pleasure, anyway it had extra rewards for me.

Lynette was softly moaning and sighing as I started to pump my hips up into her, Lynette pulled up sitting tall as she rode my cock looked me in the eyes and asked, “What way do you like having sex best, what positions do you like?”

Taking my time to consider this question especially in the position I was in I eventually replied, “Well I love oral, I lo…”

“Typical man loves to get his cock in a woman’s mouth,” she interrupted me.

I gave her boobs a little playful slap at this, “If you’d let me finish I was going to say I love giving as well as receiving, I love the taste and feel of a woman’s pussy on my mouth, I love the way her juices start to flow. And I love the taste. I love the feel of a pussy reacting to my tongue in it. But yes I love my cock deep in a woman’s mouth, especially if I know she will let me cum there and even more so if she swallows. But it is a two-way thing with me. Lynette, I’m being totally honest here, why? What do you like?”

“Wow, that is a surprise, do you really like giving oral, I thought men only like to get a blow job. My ex-husband did, he wouldn’t go down on me.”

“More fool him. Now, what do you like, be honest, you started this.”

“I love…I love anal, I love a dick up my bum and I love it hard and fast,” a slight pause then, “do you like anal, would you like to fuck my bum?”

“Lynette, darling, I’ve only done anal once.”

At that, she clamped hard on my cock in surprise at my revelation.


“Yep, never had the chance with my other girlfriends, tried it once with my wife but she didn’t like it, said it hurt too much, so we’ve never tried it again.”

“Want to?”

“Yes, I’m not going to refuse an invitation like that, although to be fair I’ve never been a great fan of anal, that’s why I’ve never pushed it.”

“Ok, looks like we’ve got a fun night ahead. Let’s do it your way first.”

I had a quick glance at the clock it was only six-fifteen in the early evening!!!

As she said this she slipped off my cock, spun her body on mine dropped her head and took my cock, a cock that must have been slick with her juices slowly and deeply in her mouth, keeping her lips off my shaft until it was buried deep in her mouth, then she closed them on me, emitting a soft moan of delight.

She had also pushed her hips up against my torso so her mound was directly in front of my face, I swear I could see her pussy twitching in anticipation. Her labia was full and dark pink, her sparse blonde pubic hair barely offering any protection or modesty. Her hips had moved back so that they were over my face, her knees were at the side of my head as her slim thighs moved to hold me.

I could smell her sex, an aroma emanating from her in waves as I moved my face closer and closer towards her sex, teasing her with the slowness of my approach, I could sense she wanted my mouth on her as soon as she could get it.

Delaying and teasing her even more, I moved my mouth so it was almost touching her, she could sense how close I was to contact and then blew a steady stream of hot breath on her pussy lips. She squealed. I pushed my tongue forward out of my mouth and barely touching her licked in one long slow movement the full length of her sex, then back the other way. The sigh that escaped her lips vibrated on my cock which was still encased in her hot soft mouth.

I pushed my tongue deep into her pussy, opening her with my fingers as I did so, looking deeply at her as I did this I saw her inner core, a beautiful soft coral pink, I wanted to get my tongue in there as soon as I could. My tongue was now hot and probing, pushing deep into Lynette, forcing its way into her, then twisting around when it could go no deeper. Lynette was bucking her hips at my attack on her, pushing down so hard on me she was almost pressing me through the bed.

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