Monday with Greg

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Today’s adventure begins when meet at a local hotel. You have texted me to tell me where and in what room, where you are waiting.

When I get to your door, you take me into your arms and kiss me gently. I love the way your eyes light up when we kiss. It always makes me wonder what is in store after the kisses.

Instead of jumping right into bed, which we both want to do very badly, we instead head to the hot tub downstairs. It’s a shame to have to be clothed, but since it is very public there are rules! Sitting close inside the bubbling water we start kissing again and I feel your hands gently caress my breasts, with your fingers rubbing circles around the hard nipple. I move to straddle you and take your face into my hands and kiss you deeply. You feel the heat between my legs even warmer than the water. With the gentle motion of the whirlpool, my body moves against yours, stroking you between my thighs. When you suggest we go upstairs, I put my finger to your lips.

Looking around to see if anyone is watching, I quickly slip your hard cock out of your trunks. You smile thinking we’re not going to wait until we get upstairs, but then I shock you by quickly diving under the water and taking you into my mouth. You are so shocked you almost cum, and when I surface, I laugh at your startled expression. Quickly, I take another breath and go under again, this time to tease you with my tongue. You are rock hard and aching to release. But I don’t let you.

I climb out of the hot tub and throw a towel around me. Grabbing our key card marmaris escort I rush to the room, leaving you stunned and trying to get back into your pants. By the time you can get out of the water I am gone. You wait impatiently, still hard and wet from the spa water, for the next elevator.

By the time you get to our room you’re a little frustrated and a bit angry. The door is propped open for you, and you come in and see I am not there. Instead, I come out from the washroom with fresh red lipstick and tell you to go lay on the bed for your massage. When you lay back, I smile and tell you no, that you must lay on your stomach. This doesn’t make you happy, as you had planned to take me onto you and have me ride. You are anxious to cum. You ache for it. But you do as I ask and roll over to your stomach. My hands touch your shoulders and gently massage their way down your back, more feeling than massaging. The heat from my touch makes laying on your stomach uncomfortable and you fidget, hoping I will take the hint. Instead, I grab your ass and dig my nails in just a little to give you a contrast to the gentleness. I want to let you know I mean business. My fingernail traces down the back of your leg to your balls, just barely visible against the bedspread. After drawing some little circles on your tight skin, I tell you, finally, to roll over.

On your back, with your giant cock free and rigid, you wonder what is next. You’ve learned I am not as predictable as you might think, so you wait. I tell you to watch me as I slip my hands around your marmaris escort bayan pole and my red fingernails grip you firmly. The bright red polish is interesting on my soft hands but you suddenly realize my lipstick is just as red. You know what is next.

I force your legs apart with knees bent, making the view of you breathtaking. You are so vulnerable in this position, with your cock begging to be tasted. You’re feeling a little scared, but mostly thrilled and ready. My red lips slide down your shaft as I take you deep into my throat. Touching with my hands and tonguing with my mouth, I taste you and tease you and drive you wild. You ask if I am ready for you to cum, and you are breathless with the want of it.

Laughing, I back off, and grab an ice cube from the bucket on the nightstand. Before you know what is happening, I’ve cupped the ice on your balls while gently biting your nipples. The intense cold prevents you from cumming, driving the ache deep into you and making you angry with frustration. You jump up from the bed and yell to me, asking what the hell that was for. You decide to get even, and force me down onto the bed, kissing me hard enough to make my lips swollen. Grabbing two handfuls of tits, you nibble and suck my nipples and you get hard again easily. When I moan and close my eyes, my body arches with desire.

Evilly, you force my legs apart and expose me to you. Gently you take my clit between thumb and forefinger and slide the skin back, exposing the bare essence that is so sensitive. Your hot mouth is on me escort marmaris then, teasing me with your tongue and sucking that little nub as my juices begin to flow. You slip one finger in, then two and I tighten around you so ready to cum. Sensing that, you pull out and laugh, teasing me the same way I tortured you. Then your tongue plows deep into me and I gasp, full of need. You know it won’t take much to send me over the edge.

Kneeling between my legs, you rub the tip of your cock over my clit and the electric shock of that sensation makes me shudder. Putting just the bare edge of you into me, you stroke me just a little more between your fingers. Suddenly and without hesitation, I’m cumming on the head of your cock and you watch, fascinated and pleased at my response to you. Before I’m done shuddering you dive into me, fucking me deeply. I’m so wet from your playtime that you slide easily, heating us both up with the friction. I draw my knees up to take you even deeper and you begin to softly moan. The sound of your pleasure drives me over the edge and I cum again, harder even than before. The electric shocks of my contracting muscles massage you past the breaking point and you empty into me, strong and steady, until you are spent. You’ve filled me, and as we lay together with you still inside and my throbbing starting to calm down, your big load begins to leak out of me. Our eyes meet, and yours soften with affection when you see my wide-eyed, satisfied look.

We reposition and I am in your arms with my head on your chest, trying to catch my breath. You hold me close, as if I might disappear if you let go. Our time is limited though, and when we dress you see the ruby lipstick ring around the base of your cock. You smile, remembering how it got there…

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