My Dirty Thoughts

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The little games you play, like rubbing your ass against me while I’m trying to work, or the little comments you make, like how you will be rubbing your pussy while you wait for me. That just turns me on, nothing but the dirtiest thoughts go through my mind. Consumed by my thoughts, they are vivid, graphic and dirty as hell. Sometimes I get so lost in my daydream, too much time passes by.

I want to stick my tongue so deep into your pussy, sucking the juices off of your lips. I really love the taste of your pussy, it tastes just how it looks, sweet. I look at your pussy, its big pink lips, moist from my saliva. I touch those soft lips, so soft and wet, spreading the wet juices all over. Inserting a finger to massage the inside, looking at you and how you respond to where I’m pressing.

I just love to watch your reaction, how you squirm, the things you say, its so fucking hot! I move my attention to your dark pink ass hole, rubbing your pussy juices all around the hole, leaning in and gently kurtköy escort licking it with my tongue, admiring the musty smell and taste! I begin to assert all of my attention on your sweet ass, licking it, sticking my finger in it. I can’t get enough of that sexy, delicious ass. I love how you wither about, so close to cumming and I’m just teasing your pussy, almost seems like it is driving you nuts!

I am slowly taking all of this in, visually and deliberately, my dick is hard as hell, wanting to ease myself past those soft wet lips, I hesitate. My dick is very sensitive to the touch, anything could set it off, if I loose control now, I don’t know if I could continue. Intentionally, I slow down, concentrating on making sure that you have been completely satisfied. I want this to last as long as possible, I want this memory to last in my mind. Taking everything in, sounds, scents, music, emotions. I am overcome with sexually motivated thoughts.

We slow down, and reposition our bodies where malatya escort you are facing away from me on all fours with your sweet ass up in the air! What a view, I could look at it, taste it. Slowly, I nudge the head of my dick between your wet pussy lips, getting the hot wet juices all over me, it feels so damn good! This encounter is right out of my personal fantasy world, and it is coming true, tonight with you.

Kneeling behind you, I look down to observe my dick enter you, I get to watch from above, my dick moving in and out of your pussy. I love this view, my dick slithering back and forth, massaging the walls of your pussy. The overwhelming feeling of release is at the point where I can’t control it as well anymore! I start to think about where I should let go, inside would feel so damn good, in your mouth? No! All over your stomach, not a large amount! Just enough to make a small mess.

Feels so damn good to touch your soft skin, I want to taste every part of your body, I want to feel kayseri escort every part of your body, I want you, now! I don’t know what you call it, making love? Fucking? Whatever it is, I will never get enough, always wanting more!

My mind might seem like a dirty place to the average Joe Shmoe, but I really enjoy every part of sex, the whole package from first sight and then on. I have had many sexually driven thoughts of you and me, now it will probably occupy more of my time and patience. I have a hard time acting on my motivated mood, only because I do respect you as a person, friend and lover.

I am compelled to record this in a forum where stories such as ours are shared. I want to share my fantasy came true. I want to share this with you to, I know how hard it is for you to show love and affection, so I will make myself as vulnerable as possible for you in return. I hope you can some how enjoy this as much as I have reminiscing and writing about my fantasy coming to reality.

I love you baby, I love how you make me laugh, turn me on satisfying me in ways no one has ever done before. I call it making love myself, no matter how dirty it may seem, it just feels good and right. I can’t wait for the next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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