My Own

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Monday again. That’s all I could think as my alarm buzzed next to my head at four in the morning. Didn’t I just work thirty hours over the weekend after putting in fifty last week. If it wasn’t for the fact I’m a cook and get to sample the food I might just call in. don’t get me wrong I love my job Its great coming to a place where people always love to see you but the days just drag anymore. The other thing is the people I work with. Everyone for the most part is fun and easy to get along with. A lot of us talk about everything from home life to sex life. I’ve even dated a couple of the girls here and even gotten to sample some of the others sexual wilds if you catch my drift.

Now working in a residential care facility is fun the patients are cool the staff is cool. The one thing I have noticed is most of the staffs sex drives are hyper active all the time. I guess watching one’s life fade in front of you makes you want to enjoy and experience all parts of life now and sex is very much a part of that life.

Now this Monday started off like all others. Do the dishes get the breakfast done. Same old same old. Things got a little interesting after breakfast though. My friend Sean approached me and said.

“So we were all out smoking and had the thought. If you could suck your own dick would you.”

Without hesitation I said shaking my head “yes of course what would I need a girlfriend for if I could do that.”

Chuckling he said “we all said the same thing. Now here is the question. Would you spit or swallow?”

I have never thought about that before. Most guys joke and say if I could suck it I would just stay home. But have any of them given thought of what to do when they cum? I hadn’t and now here I am thinking about it.

“Hmmm dude I don’t know that’s a tough one I’ll have to say I don’t know.”

“Everyone else is unsure too. No one has thought about it.” He says walking away.

Now this one simple little question is stuck in my head. I mean I like when a girl swallows my cum. I love watching my dick pulse in their mouth and seeing them swallow it all. So would it not be hypocritical of me not to do the same with my own. It feels as though I owe it to all the girls who have swallowed my man juice to at least try it. I think about this on and off for the rest of the day and to be honest it kind of makes me horny thinking about a girl swallowing my load or sharing it with me.

When I get home that night exhausted from the day I turn on a movie and crawl into bed. I start searching through and land on a story about a guy fucking one of his female coworkers. It’s a non-consent reluctant kind of story and it makes me think of the feelings and desires I have about one of my coworkers. Soon I snake my cock out of my boxers its already hard. I think back to the last time I saw the object of my current desire she was wearing jeans and a scrub shirt. The jeans pull tight across her nice plumb ass and her shirt allowed enough cleavage that when she leaned forward I could see down into her bra to make out her little nipples.

I put us in the story. We work late one night her outfit is the same. We have flirted relentlessly both in my fantasy and real life. This night though I must have her I walk up behind her and grab her plumb ass. She turns around looking at me confused I push her against the wall. She struggles and begins to say something. I kiss her hard and pin her hands above her head. She protest at first but I feel her resolve lessening. I release one hand and slide mine down her body to the swell of her breast. Squeezing it a moan escapes her lips into my mouth. I release her other hand and hers go to my face and we continue kissing. I move my right hand to part her thighs she opens willingly and I feel her grind against my hand. Quickly undoing her jeans and stuffing my hand inside. I feel the heat emanating from her hot sex.

She breaks the kiss breathing heavy and looks into my eyes. There are no words to be spoken. I slide her jeans down to her knees and kneel in front of her. I inhale the marmaris escort intoxicating smell of her sex sweet and a little musky. I pull her thong to the side and lick softly at her clit. She grabs my head and moans. I suck her clit in my mouth gently before licking at her tight hole. Pushing a finger inside her I return to her clit. She guides my head to where she wants my tongue. After having sampled her I stand and bend her other a table. Pulling out my dick I line up with her wet sex and push in. I thrust hard moving her and the table. Her moans soon fill the kitchen as I grunt fucking her from behind feeling her push back against me. Her ass jiggling with each thrust I land a swat on her left cheek and then one on her right. She rears back about to protest when I grab her hair and pull it back making her back arch and her pussy clamp around my dick. I bite her neck as she cums around my cock.

The fantasy ends with my cum all around my spent cock. I think of the conversation from earlier and wonder how it would taste mixed with her juices. I think to myself what the heck. I scoop some on to my finger and stick it in my mouth. At first I feel well weird that I had just put my own cum in my mouth. Second I think well it’s not unappealing. Salty yes sweet a little slimy for sure. Not something I would actively search for but not terrible. The mental thoughts are what bother me most. I just ate my own cum. thinking about it well I can’t undo it. I clean myself up and quickly fall asleep.

The next day at work I decide to tell my friend Ann. Ann and I have a very open relationship we can tell each other anything and everything without judgment. As I walk into her office I see her bent over a filing cabinet and I think damn her husband is lucky. I hope I can get that lucky again.

“I tried something new last night.” I say to get her attention.

“What’s that?” she says greeting me with a smile. I love that smile.

I get closer throwing my arm around her for a quick hug. “My cum.” I whisper stepping back to see the shock on her face.


“My cum.”

She laughs and shakes her head in disbelief. “You’re a freak.” She smiles and moves around the office.

“It wasn’t bad, not my first choice but had to give it a try.” I state.

“What’s your first choice.” Laughing at my remark I look her in the eyes and say “You.”

Blush reddening her cheeks she glances at her papers. “What made you try your own cum. Wait I am late for a meeting, tell me later.” She brushes past me stopping to give me a quick peck on the lips.

I go about my day and to my luck we get a surprise visitor from corporate. So Ann is busy all day and I don’t get to talk to her. Her kiss is on my mind the rest of the day. I finally get home that night and lay in bed. I think about Ann and the way her soft lips felt against mine. I start to play with my hardening cock I trace along the crown and down a vein. I think that Ann is probably at home in a night shirt and panties lying in bed next to her husband.

I imagine he moves up behind her moving her hair out of the way so he can kiss her neck. Probably using the same old lines come on honey the kids are asleep or maybe we can have some late night loving. She doesn’t stir not because she doesn’t want to but just to make him work a little for it. He kisses her neck again working his way to her ear places soft kisses and gentle nips. He pulls her to her side to play and cups her left tit in his hand. Squeezing her tit her nipple rubbing against her shirt and the palm of his hand making it stiffen. Her lips part with a silent moan she doesn’t want to let him know how much she is enjoying this. He continues kissing her neck. Kissing up to her ear lobe then sucking gently just below and behind the ear. She enjoys this very much. Kissing down her jaw line to her soft lips she kisses him now letting him know that she wants it. He kisses her hard. Squeezing her other tit now she rolls onto her back. He releases her tit and slides his hand down her body.

Sliding his hand under her shirt and marmaris escort bayan up her soft belly to the swell of her breast, finding her nipple and pinching it lightly. She moans against the sharp pain and pleasure. He slides his hand down her body to cup her warm pussy. She spreads her legs to give him better access. He rubs his palm up down her sensual lips. She pushes her pussy against his hand to increase the pleasure. He slides his fingers inside her panties to feel her wetness. sliding a finger inside her and her hot wet pussy feels so good he can’t wait to be in her. Her hand goes down to her side and she feels his hard cock pressing her thigh. Grabbing his hot hard shaft she strokes softly. He fingers her with more enthusiasm now. She grips his cock more and strokes a little faster. He moves over top her slides her panties to the side and pushes his cock inside her wet pussy. She arches her back and suppresses a moan. He slides out just a little then starts thrusting in and out. Her hands grip the sheets as he fucks her hard. Stifling her moans letting out little grunts he fucks her good but all too soon he cums in her. He slumps down on her kissing her forehead. Sliding out of her and rolling on to his back she climbs on top of him and slides his dick back in her riding it hard to reach her climax. He softens inside her without her reaching her climax.

I finish thinking about her not getting off thinking I’m still hard and I would love to fuck her and make her orgasm all over my hard cock. I clean myself up and try my own cum again thinking that it would taste better coming out of Ann’s hot snatch. I roll over and go to sleep the next two days at work go by real fast and I don’t get time to see Ann. I noticed she was supposed to come in Saturday. Saturday I see her in her office wearing a light blue top and a white flowing skirt. I love how sexy she is without trying. I stare at her for a minute while she gathers some charts. Noticing me she smiles her always sweet smile.

“Hi darling what are you doing?” she says cheerily.

“Just admiring how beautiful you are.” I say moving in to her and office shutting the door half way.

“Aww your too sweet so what’s up?” She says looking at the charts.

I cross the room and stand behind her moving her hair to the side I rub her shoulders. I do this a lot because she has a stressful job. I say to her.

“So do you remember what I told you the other day?”

“Oh that you tried your own cum. Yes I thought about it all day with the corporate guy in the office. It was a little distracting but at the same time kind of hot. Just the thought of a guy tasting his own cum was a little exciting.” She said with her head hung low as I rub her shoulders.

“I did it again last night the mental weirdness is gone now as though it’s not that big of a deal.” I say rubbing down her back leaning closer to her ear. “I was thinking of you fucking your husband when I shot my load onto my stomach and scooped some into my mouth.”

I feel her shudder as I tell her. She looks to the door to make sure no one is there. Before turning to face me our lips inches apart our eyes locked. I move back and begin to describe what I had imagined telling her in a voice above a whisper but low enough to not be over heard. I describe how he takes her how she enjoys everything but the sweet release of her own climax. I notice her eyes are trying to say something to me but her mouth just hangs loosely open in mock shock. As I finish the story my hands are low on her back while she sits in the chair I lean in and slide my hands to the top of her thighs. The last thing I tell her is I wish I could taste my cum as it drips from her well fucked pussy.

“Oh that is so bad. What is worse is that kind of happened this week only I was so horny the other day after you told me what you did. I had to get him to have sex with me.” She blushed “And I didn’t get off like he did.”

“Have you gotten off since then my dear Ann?”

“No.” she says turning to face me again our lips so close. I lick my lips and escort marmaris whisper. “Would you like to?”

I feel her legs part slightly and see her blush again I kiss her soft lips and her eyes close. I break the kiss and watch as she stays still her lips still pursed together hands trembling legs moving on their own. I smile and tap her thigh bringing her back to the now. She looks at me lust in her eyes blush on her cheeks.

“My house is being fumigated. I’m staying at the hotel room 29. If you want to swing by and finish this chat you can.” I say standing up straight her face now level with my dick that has made a nice tent in my jeans.

She stares for a second before looking at my tented jeans. Cupping her face in my hand I look at her softly. I bring her hand to my bulge. She tentatively touches it losing herself in my eyes. I lean down kiss her lips.

“Room 29 I’ll see you tonight.”

I walk out of the room and she stays still. I head to the hotel take a shower and order some food. Watching a movie and enjoying the food. I hear a gentle knock on the door I get up and answer it. Ann is standing there her hands in front of her she looks like a shy timid school girl. So cute and fragile but I know there is something more to her. I usher her in and as soon as the door shuts we start kissing. There is nothing soft about this it almost feels rushed. I break the kiss.

“Are you in a hurry?”

“I told my husband I would be late I am going to catch up on charts.” She then blushes. “I really need to get off so no more talking just fuck me.”

I oblige the lady and kiss her again. I start to undress her taking her shirt off and bra. As I do this she slips her skirt off but not her panties. I drop my jeans and fling my shirt across the room. Her hand grabs my dick and strokes it to life as my hands squeeze her tits and tease her nipples. She breaks the kiss to moan and I kiss her neck. My dick is fully hard I push her onto the bed on her back. I go to slide her panties down she stops me.

“I want them on. I want you to fuck me like you imagined my husband did.” Her chest rising and falling hard I pull her panties aside and line my dick up easing in to her hot wet pussy. Oh my god she feels amazing and looks so much more than that laying underneath me. I thrust in a grunt escapes her I lean forward and say.

“Don’t be afraid to moan baby I want to hear you enjoy this.”

I pull out and thrust in again starting out slow. She does start to moan little whimpers at first. I grab her hand and place it on her pussy as I’m fucking her.

“Play with your clit baby makes this pussy happy cum on my cock”

She starts rubbing her clit and her back arches off the bed. The room fills with the sounds of our fucking and her moans. I feel her sex grip mine and feel her quiver as an orgasm rips through her body. I slow my pace and let her ride out her climax. As she begins to calm down I start fucking her again slow long strokes. She moves with me the pleasure again building inside her. She wraps her legs around me and meets my thrust as best she can. Her moans grow louder as her hands grip the bed sheets. I feel my dick start to swell and I push in her hard just as I cum inside her. Oh what a blissful feeling. I slip out of her a little cum shoots onto her panties. Kneeling in front of her she knows what I want. I lick my cum off her panties and it taste so good. I pull her panties aside again and lick up and down her delicious lips. Sticking my tongue inside her and licking my cum and hers into my mouth. The mixture of our juices taste exquisite getting a mouth full and climbing up her body I share them with her in a kiss. The kiss is so amazing her tongue explores my mouth trying to gather all of our combined juices. We stop to breath and her phone goes off. She checks it and it’s her husband asking how much longer she will be. She says she’s about to leave.

“That was amazing thank you so much.” She says kissing me softly like in her office.

“You are welcome baby any time.” I tweak her nipple and kiss her again she gets up and gets dressed. I lay on the bed she stops at the door comes back over for one more kiss. Then leans down and sucks my dick into her mouth swirling her tongue around it.

“See you at work on Monday.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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