Neighbor’s Fetish

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During the mid-summer I moved from a very private house in the country to the suburbs of a big city two hours away to take advantage of a career opportunity. I had a bit of a problem finding a place as secluded as my former home. At my old house in the country I rarely wore clothes inside or out. The deck was private and the back yard was lined on all sides with big Arborvitae.

I enjoy reading Lit stories in the morning, nude on the deck with a cup of coffee and a smoke, weather permitting. On the weekends, any time of day, often with scotch replacing the coffee. Hell, I even picked up the morning paper nude. I get up early before it’s light out so no one could see me walk down the dark driveway. Does all this make me a nudist? I guess so.

The country homes, with privacy, near the big city I was moving to were either very expensive or a 90-minute commute so I settled for the best thing I could find in a reasonable commuting distance: a rental three-bedroom house with a fairly private backyard.

Prior to renting, and again when I moved in, I looked carefully from all spots on the patio to determine if anyone could see. There was one window, two houses away, that I thought could see a few feet of the patio – where the back door was. I could see the window plainly from that spot and each time I looked the mini-blinds were closed; so I figured it was safe to sit naked on the patio away from the door. As insurance I kept a pair of old running shorts with me that had the liner cut out just in case I was wrong and had to cover-up quick. So here I am in a new neighborhood, with not quite, but almost privacy.

The summer weather was warm and I thoroughly enjoyed the rental house’s back patio in the nude along with the triple stimulants of: coffee, caffeine and Lit stories on my iPad; with the occasional web foray to find images of women like those I was reading about. Even though I am very comfortable with nudity, there was a hint of danger resulting in stimulation, from sitting out naked not knowing for sure if I was being seen. After a few weeks, without any cops showing up to arrest me for Public Nudity, I figured either no one could see or no one cared. I was wrong on both counts.

There was more than one occasion, okay really almost daily, which the combination of those three stimulants caused my cock to swell to its full length and girth while reading a particularly juicy story. The hand not holding my iPad was usually engaged in self-enjoyment; stroking my cock, caressing my balls and touching my nipples. (Not all guys have sensitive nipples but mine are. I get as much enjoyment out of having them played with as the other parts.) A few times, things went a bit too far as I succumbed to the fantasy created by the story and shot a load of cum on my chest.

At the end of the first month I arrived home from work on a Friday evening looking forward to sitting out au naturel with a beer and cigar to unwind from a tough week at the new company. I was in the bedroom having just finished undressing and hanging up my suit and when the door bell rang. ‘Uh oh’, I thought; ‘I’m not dressed, who could that be?’ I threw on my “emergency running shorts”, put my white shirt back on, tucked in the tails and rolled up the sleeves ignoring the front buttons. I really hadn’t thought through that I might not make the best first impression if this was a neighbor, but I didn’t know anyone here yet and the only people so far that rang my door bell were repair technicians. I figured it might be the sprinkler guy coming to check on its latest malfunction.

There at my door step stood a woman, holding a casserole in her oven-mitted hands. She was gorgeous! Brunette hair just past her ears with a few highlights, eyes you could get lost in with deep brown, lush eyebrows and long eye-lashes.

To her, I must have looked the epitome of the disheveled bachelor; which I was at the moment. Due to both my attire, or lack of it, and my mind racing back and forth faster than alternating electric current between – God she is beautiful … and great first impression you idiot … then wandering to … what do I do now?

I was frozen like an ice sculpture as my mind raced and she looked down at my shorts and up to my face; giving me the once over. Then she smiled; melting me and brought me out of the AC loop. I was able to smile back and say, “Hello”.

“Hi!” she said, “My name is Kim. I’m your neighbor two houses down” as she tilted her head in that direction and sort of pointed with the casserole towards where she lived. “This house was empty for a while after the Sharps moved out. I’ve seen you come and go and wanted to meet you so I made you lasagna.”

“Hi Kim” I half-croaked, cleared my throat and continued, “I’m Trevor. How thoughtful! Thank you, please come in.”

As she walked through the front door and entered the living room she said, “Let me just put this in the kitchen for now.” She proceeded through the living room to the kitchen. She had either been pendik escort here before (a good probability – maybe a friend of the Sharps) or noticed the kitchen through the living room.

“Great idea” I said following her. I was so discombobulated when I opened the door, and so stunned by the first impression her beauty made on me, that I hadn’t really checked her out as she had me. Walking behind her I noticed a very fine figure. Her hips flared nicely from her waist, both of which had nearly perfect proportions and a really nice ass covered by a short, tan wrap-around skirt leading my eyes down to a pair of succulent thighs sitting on top of toned and shapely legs with sandals on her feet. I watched her sexy calf muscles as she moved and scanned up again to notice her top was a silky, very light, almost but not quite white, cream colored spaghetti strap top. All this happened in the time it took her to move just a few steps and in the remaining time it took her to reach the cook top I noticed there were no panty lines or indication of a bra. Call me naïve, but I just thought – it’s Friday evening, it’s hot and she’s dressed comfortably.

“I’ll just put it on top of the stove.” She said placing the lasagna on the cook top and bent forward just a little, which probably wasn’t necessary, pushing her gorgeous ass towards me.

Yup, no panty lines – my mind confirmed its earlier decision. “Oh that looks nice.” I commented; letting her decide if I was talking about the casserole, her ass or both. “You didn’t have to go to all that trouble. Let’s put it in the oven so it stays warm. You can give your husband or boyfriend a call and have him come over and we can all enjoy it for dinner tonight while we all get to know each other.”

“Is that an invitation to have dinner with you?” she said turning around and raising her voice and eyebrows at the end of her question in a coy sort of way.

“Yes, give him a call.” I continued fishing to see if there was either one. “There’s a phone here somewhere.” With her back to the stove I was now able to get a better look at her front. WOW! It was all I could do not to stare. The no-bra call I made before was confirmed as I could just make out the dark circles of her areoles and prominent nipples straining under the thin silky top pushed out by a pair of nicely sized breasts.

“Then I accept.” She answered. “And I won’t need the phone as there is no boyfriend and my husband died three-years ago in a car accident.”

Despondently I replied, “I am truly sorry for that Kim. My wife passed away five years ago, along with several co-workers, the result of a rare and dangerous virus strain that got loose in her lab at work. I can’t say I know how you feel, but I know it’s hard.”

“Oh Trevor that’s terrible!” she half-whimpered, “I hope it wasn’t painful for her. My husband died instantly due to the high speed, at least that’s what I was told.”

“I don’t think she went through any pain, but I don’t know. She worked in a secret government lab, I don’t even know who for, and all they told us was that the virus caused total heart and brain stoppage in less than six seconds. Very bad stuff. This was after the war with Iraq so maybe she was analyzing Saddam Hussein’s poisons. We both knew what she did was dangerous and accepted the risk. Still, it sucks. It took me a couple of years and several thousand dollars of therapy, which the government paid for, to get over it. That’s partly why I moved here: new career, new city, new life – you know what I mean?”

“Yes I do. I’m sort of at the same place. I was going to serve divorce papers on my husband when he got home that night. He was a professor at the university and I caught him in bed with one of his graduate assistants – twice. I too spent lots of time and money in therapy. For me the therapy was very valuable; I am in a much better mental state now and feel good about myself. At first I kept wondering what he saw in them that I didn’t have?” As she said that, she put her hands on her hips and thrust her chest out with her stiff nipples pointing right at me. I took in her voluptuous body as she continued, “But I finally realized he was into the chase and there is nothing wrong with me.”

“I’ll drink to that!” I said almost too enthusiastically. I knew I had to change the mood here or things would get too maudlin. I felt we had made a connection, begun the bonding process. “What is your pleasure? I have wine, beer, booze, juice, soft drinks … you name it.”

Kim smiled and moved to me with open arms saying, “Okay, good idea but give me a hug first so we can move on.”

The hug was a friendly one. Her nipples grazed my chest and I moved my thigh to exert some subtle pressure between her legs; she ground her pussy back on it. It didn’t last long, but that hug served to shift both of us away from our remorse and suggested there was more to come.

“I’ll have some wine, please.” Kim said stepping back with her voluptuous breasts kartal escort bouncing seductively. “Red if you have it.”

“Madame, please come this way.” I said in my best impersonation of a French sommelier while extending my arm to escort her to my full wine rack in the corner. “Your wish is my command. You only have to choose which one.”

Kim giggled and played along taking my arm and letting me lead her to the wine rack in the corner. After perusing the selections, she chose a combination Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon. I opened it, poured two glasses and stuck the lasagna in the oven to stay warm. While opening the wine I remembered that I really was not dressed very appropriately. My shirt was open to the navel giving her glimpses of my chest and abs and the shorts without the liner allowed her to see the outline of my semi-engorged cock as I moved around. She leaned against the counter, with her arms crossed under her breasts pushing them to prominence, as she watched me work and we engaged in small talk.

Apparently she enjoyed the show as her long, stiff nipples continued to strain the fabric of her top. This of course did not help with my predicament as I could see them every time I turned to say something to her. I could also tell her eyes darted fleetingly towards my growing bulge, my exposed chest and then back to my face.

We proceeded to the living room couch with me again extending my arm and her giggling and jiggling all the way.

“What’s so funny?” I asked looking at her and smiling.

“I just had this image go through my mind of a French Sommelier in a nice restaurant dressed in nylon running shorts and an unbuttoned white shirt. I just think that’s hysterical!” She replied between giggles.

“Ha” I responded laughing slightly at myself. “What makes you think that Jacque down at Chez Paree doesn’t wear shorts like this now and again to get a good tip from his lady customers?”

“It’s just funny that’s all. But, if you did wear those to get a nice tip, I’d say its working.” She said looking at the swell in the shorts from my semi-engorged cock as she sat down.

“Your right, I am really not dressed correctly to meet such a beautiful and sexy woman for the first time. Please enjoy your wine while I go put on something more appropriate.” I stated as I set my glass down on the table.

“Oh no!” she blurted out in a voice that seemed just a notch short of panic, “even though the running short clad sommelier look is funny; I am enjoying the view. Please stay as you are. I like it!”

Sitting on the couch, sipping our wine, we engaged in small talk about where we were from, where we went to school, where we work, etc. In the kitchen I thought she was stealing glances at my chest and crotch; she did so several times again. But I was not an innocent conversant either; taking every chance I thought I could get away with to ogle her breasts and the delicious thigh that was now exposed when her wrap-around skirt parted itself almost to her waist. Her nipples were dark enough and the top light enough, so that they were clearly visible beneath the thin fabric. I know she knew what I was looking at as several times she moved in a way that drew the fabric tightly across her bosom. When she did that, her dark, stiff nipples were clearly visible.

As we continued our introductory banter I purposely bent forward a few times, which forced my shirt open, and each time her eyes locked on to my chest like a radar tracking device. This was interesting! I had never met a woman so interested in that part of me. I wondered if there might be some sort of infatuation on her part. In one of the stories I had recently read on Lit the woman was just as attracted to men’s nipples as men are to women’s. Could this be happening in real life?

Our glasses were empty so time for a refill but I had a bit of a dilemma to solve. My cock was nearly fully engorged at this point from all the visual stimulation. The thin nylon shorts would hide nothing. Should I stand up straight and let her see … or swivel away before standing so she couldn’t? I decided on the former based on her earlier comment about enjoying the view. I reached across her lap to the table to collect her glass letting my hand lightly brush her exposed thigh very high up and announced: “Time for another round. I’ll just refill these for us.”

“Thank you” she said. “I hope that’s not the last time you touch me, it feels good.”

I stood up with one glass in each hand and faced her. My cock, which I have been told by other women is well above average, was very evident as the shorts tented quite visibly. “I’ll just be a minute.” I said watching her stare at my bulge as I stayed motionless to give her a good look.

After a few seconds that seemed much longer, she looked up at me and said, “Hurry back.”

After setting her refilled glass down on the table I sat down very close to her at an angle so I could more easily look at her. My knee maltepe escort was touching hers and the slit in my shorts opened all the way to the waist band so we were about even on thigh exposure. I took a risk and put my hand on her thigh; then began to gently trace circles on the inside that went higher with each revolution. She put one of her hands on my forearm and began to caress me. We both took a sip using our free hands and looked at each other expectantly over the rim of the glass.

I was about to say something about how nice and soft her thighs were when she broke the silence with a question that surprised me. “Do you know we have much in common besides living on the same street?”

“Why that’s good” I responded. We both continued caressing each other. My cock was now nearly fully erect and even sitting; my shorts were sticking up almost obscenely. Her nipples stood out as if we were in a walk-in cooler. “Tell me more.”

“Umm” she cleared her throat, dipped her head slightly as if to build courage for what she was about to say and started. “Please don’t be annoyed with what I am about to share, but I think I’m close to right on all counts. For one thing,” she paused for effect and looked at me with those beautiful eyes, “we are both nudists.”

I was more than a little shocked to hear this from someone I just met, but certainly not upset. “You’re right about me.” I replied. “I’m glad to hear that you share an appreciation of the au naturel. But tell me, how did you know?”

“One morning I was looking for something to wear in the upstairs closet and saw you out the window on your patio. The mini-blinds were closed so you couldn’t see me watching you. Every day since then I make sure I watch you with your morning coffee, smoke and iPad.” She explained.

“Thanks for not calling the cops.” I laughed, “Do you like what you see each morning?”

“Yes, definitely.” She replied, “You have a very athletic body and a nice long, thick cock. I just wish I was as brave as you to go outside naked. I never wear clothes in the house but my yard is not as private as yours.”

“Okay” I said, “We’re both nudists. While I haven’t seen you naked yet, I can say that you have a magnificently sexy body and beautiful face. We can have fun exploring that later, but what else to we have in common? After the first thing, I am really curious.”

“We both masturbate.” She blurted out in a way that told me she was unsure if she should have said this but it was too late to take it back.

“Again, right about me. Please go on.” I encouraged her.

“I shouldn’t be telling you this, but here goes” she continued bravely, “I’ve seen you masturbate a few times, and even though I could only see from a distance, was quite impressed with the size of your cock. You looked so sensual as you stroked and caressed yourself that I could not help but join in the fun. As you were stroking your cock, I was fingering my pussy. As you caressed your nipples, I caressed mine. As you came, I came.”

“That certainly deserves a kiss, don’t you think?” I asked as I put my glass down and leaned towards her while taking her glass and placing it on the table. Our lips met and our tongues dueled as we embraced. This went on for several divine moments. I started to caress her exposed back and she reached in my shirt to do the same to me, brushing then caressing one of my nipples. Eventually we both came up for air.

Still holding each other in a close embrace I whispered, “Thank you for sharing that, I know it might have been difficult to put out there. I’m definitely interested in hearing if there’s more.”

“Probably lots of things I think we’ll find out about each other if our friendship continues. That is if you want it to, because I certainly do. Here are two other things and then we should decide what’s next. First I know that you prefer women who are natural and don’t shave their pussy. My husband was an avid bird-watcher and I used his high-powered binoculars to see what you were looking at on the iPad. This really made me happy because I don’t shave mine.” She pulled back, breaking our embrace, dropping one hand to my lap, resting on my stiff cock and looked me in the eye for a reaction.

I smiled at her and she continued, “The second other thing we have in common is”, she paused and slowly slid her hand back into my open shirt, up my abdomen and caressed one of my nipples; then continued speaking “I think I have a nipple fetish. Yours look very sexy and feel so nice. I’m getting turned on by doing this. My last boyfriend thought my nipple fetish was weird.” She paused speaking, as she slowly circled my nipple with her finger. “And from the way you play with yours when you read stories, I think you might too.” She went back to caressing my nipple causing it to harden from her touch. “I can see you’re enjoying this, am I right?”

“Again, right about me and I’m glad to have you play with my nipples whenever you wish, no matter when or where. I love to have my nipples caressed as your doing, lightly pinched and especially sucked.” I answered.

“You mean like this?” Kim asked as she pulled my shirt tail out from my shorts, leaned over and began to sensuously suck my other nipple while lightly pinching the one she was toying with.

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