New Moves for Hubby

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It started out pretty simply. Nick and I were in bed, watching some porn together. I don’t know whether it was the TV or a computer or what, but he’d found a way to get to some free porn sites and use our bedroom TV to display them. Since we both enjoyed it – no, that’s not really correct – we both responded to it. I can’t say we sat and watched it as if it were commercial TV, or even movies. So “enjoy” isn’t the exact, correct word to use.

Like I said, we watched. Depending on what was on the screen, we’d play with ourselves or with each other. I had started watching porn after college. I found myself fascinated by all the different things people would do with one another, so I was more into the amateur videos than those produced by the studios. One of my favorite genres was female masturbation. There was something about another woman getting herself off that got me started. I spent many a night before we were married, reclined in bed, my laptop showing me women who played with themselves while I did it at the same time. If they used a vibrator, I used a vibrator. If they used a dildo, I used a dildo. If they just used their fingers and their hands, well, I did exactly the same thing. I imagined I was being filmed – that I was then going to be watched by others as I brought myself to orgasm. That other women were going to be jealous of how long I could edge myself. That men would be jerking off as I pumped a large dildo in and out of my pussy.

At one point, I had a friend – a very good friend – actually film me. It was a night I don’t ever think I’ll forget. First off, he started out professional-like. He set up lights and cameras around my bed, and he was in the background, behind the lights. I wasn’t worried about getting naked; he’d seen me naked before. Hell, he’d even fucked me silly a few times (he had one of the largest cocks I knew and loved); he knew I loved sex and he was appreciative. When he said action, it felt different than diddling myself to internet porn. I used that and hammed it up.

First, I got onto my bed and slowly undressed myself while facing the cameras. I took my time getting naked, and for every inch of skin I revealed, I made sure I was stroking and caressing myself there. I had a bandeau top on, tied behind my neck, and when I untied it and began to lower it, revealing more and more breast flesh, I made sure that I took my time and rubbed every inch as it was revealed. Hell, I found new erogenous zones I hadn’t realized I had above my boobs. My eyes were closed and I just concentrated on the interaction between my fingers and my flesh. I was more aroused than I had ever been, I guess because of my audience. His murmurs and moans certainly helped raise the level of things.

I remember, as I slowly uncovered my nipples for the camera, that my cunt was already soaking my panties. I licked my finger tips to enhance the sensations as I played with my nipples; sliding around them at first, squeezing them tighter and twisting them, each new gesture increasing the degree of arousal. I simply stayed with the sensations, doing my best to increase their intensity, using the sensitivity and absorbed by it. It was both pressure and pain that eventually triggered my first orgasm on camera – without even touching my clit or my pussy! I rode it as long as I could, amazed by it.

At some point I opened my eyes, and told the camera what had happened.

“I just came without touching my cunt. Just from playing with my boobs and nipples. That’s never happened before!”

And then, I slipped off my panties, spread my legs wide and pointed to the moisture on my cunt lips. I dipped my fingers in it and used both hands to spread them. I tried to feel myself as if I’d never played with my pussy before. It wasn’t difficult – I had a new appreciation of my body. I used my hands to play with the inner and outer lips, delighting at the sensations. I explored the insides of my slit with my fingers, spreading them lips and exposing it, then inserting both index fingers in that hot, wet gash.

I kept my eyes closed, imagining my audience. Imagining cocks getting hard as they saw me fill my pussy with my fingers. When I used my thumb to rub my clit I came once again! The camera captured the twitching – the clenching and unclenching of my inner walls. It was exquisite! Again, I rode the waves of pleasure as long as I could.

When they faded, I turned the action up a notch. I reached off camera for my toy box and brought it to me. First, I took out my largest butt plug – 6 inches of black rubber, three inches across at its widest. I covered it with lube, then poked more into my ass, and adjusted my position on the bed to expose my asshole. Then I began the process of easing it inside. It was my biggest, but also my favorite, so it didn’t meet with much resistance nor cause pain. It just filled up my ass in a delightful way.

Then I took my black dong from the box. I loved that cock. It was (and still is) my favorite toy for extreme sensations. It was molded from someone’s cock, so it was very lifelike, from halkalı escort the veins on the surface to the details of the head. It was even wider that the butt plug, and the eleven inches ended at a set of fairly lifelike balls. When I filled myself up with it, it took me places I can’t describe.

With the butt plug in place, my legs spread wide, I began to rub the head of that dildo up and around my pussy lips. As it gathered up the moisture, the head began to press up into my slit. I felt my opening stretch as I worked it in. It was an amazing sensation, part pain and part pleasure. The pleasure that I knew was coming made the pain seem minimal – I knew that on the other side of it was another world where all there was was pleasure. I had used it before. I was planning on cumming on camera until I passed out!

Watching the video, afterward, I was amazed by it. My face shows such a wide range of emotions, from pain to pleasure to something I can’t even quantify. The visual affect of that monster slowly working itself into my cunt is still something that arouses me every time I watch it! And then, watching myself fuck myself with that monster, moaning and crying and cumming again and again and again still amazes me. It gets Nick hard as a rock every time. It got the camera man so horny that he couldn’t control himself – one of the last things on that tape is him, his large cock in hand, spurting his white cum all over my tits and face.

Like I said, it was unforgettable – partially because I still like to watch it! I made a few more of those videos over the next few months, for my private collection. I figured they would be my secret – and then I fell for Nick!

I wasn’t the only woman enthralled by him, He stood six-two, weighed 190, all of it well-developed and muscular. His wavy brown hair, square jaw and blue eyes gave him an unfair advantage in life – he was gorgeous! Since we first met at a beach club, it was also apparent that he was carrying a decent package – or at least, that’s how I phrased it initially. After our third date, when I was finally secure enough that I could fuck him and survive it if it was only a one-night stand, was when I found out it was more than “decent.” Nick was blessed with a fat cock. Or maybe I was the one blessed by his fat cock. Some guys (that I had fucked) had big, hefty cocks. Some were longer – but none were fatter. And guys, that’s the real secret. What we really want – girth!

He still likes to tease me about my reaction when I finally got him into my bed. He says I was like a kid in a candy store. My eyes wide, my expression one of joy and amazement. I covered it in kisses. I licked every inch of it – because I couldn’t get it into my mouth! It was so frustrating! But since a lot of time oral sex is just to get a guy hard enough (and he was clearly hard enough!) I didn’t let it bother me. He was worried about getting it into my pussy – but there was no way I wouldn’t. It was the most amazing sensation ever! When the head finally got in, I had to stop to catch my breath – it was probably close to childbirth, except he was putting something in. I started coming after he got two inches of that monster into me, and didn’t stop until he pulled out, some time later that night.

Those first few weeks weren’t exactly magical – it took me a week before I could walk without pain, for crying out loud. But it was so very worth it that we had sex every night until I was able to get him all in me. I had a passing worry that I was going to get stretched out of shape, but hell, that’s what kegel exercises were for! Anyway, I still remember the night when I finally got every inch of him inside me, and how amazed he was by it. He’d never found a woman who was willing to take him. That was six years ago.

Along the way, we kept finding things out about each other. I let him know how I loved to watch porn – or I used to until he came around. He let me know how he felt addicted to it – especially because no one could accommodate his girth. We started comparing notes, and eventually set ourselves us so we could watch from bed. Lately, he’d been watching a lot of anal porn. He was trying to get me interested, but his cock was so fucking fat, so much bigger than my biggest butt plug, that I was extremely resistant to the idea. All I could think of was having a broken asshole and not being able to control myself – no way! He could fuck me. He could use toys on my ass, but there was no way I could ever contemplate him fucking me with his fat cock. It was beginning to become a problem for us.

Finally, one night, I had enough.

“Okay, Nick, here’s the deal. You want to take my ass with that wonderful monster cock of yours, then you’re going to have to reciprocate. You’re going to have to find out what it’s like to give up your butt. Until you’re ready for that, then just forget about anal with me. Understand?”

“Um. Yeah. Okay.”

“Hey – I love your cock. My god, it’s almost my favorite thing about you!”

“Almost? What’s that mean?”

“It means I love şişli escort the man it’s attached to more than it. Understand?”

“You mean, if I somehow lost it; it got cut off or something, you’d still love me and stay with me?”

“I didn’t say that. It’s an integral part of you, after all. But for purposes of this conversation, I’d say you were correct. You aren’t your cock like I’m not my boobs or my cunt.”

“Well, I appreciate that. And I’m not about to investigate a reduction…”

“You better not, you bastard!”

That led to another marathon session of him stuffing me silly.

Weeks went by. No more talk of anal. Regular viewing of porn together. I worked hard and could now get the head of his massive cock and an inch or two more into my mouth. And he was more than a fat dick – he showed an aptitude for eating my pussy that was almost on a par with the thrills and sensations of his lovely log. So all was going well. And then one night, as we looked for something we hadn’t seen together, we came across a category of pegging videos. We were both captivated. It was one of those rare times when we stuck with playing with ourselves. As I watched video after video of women wearing dicks and taking their men, I couldn’t stop rubbing my clit and coming over and over. For his part, both of his hands were wrapped around his cock and he came all over himself. The first time, I managed to unhand myself and clean him up before going back to my pussy’s pleasure. When it happened again shortly after that, then it was pretty obvious we had found something to deal with.

I licked the sticky cum off his hands, and the began to sniff out all the rest of it on his cock and his body. His cock was, amazingly, still hard, throughout this.

“Looks like you saw something you liked.” I said as I sucked up another glob of salty juice from his balls.

“Yeah. I don’t know what it was, but the whole thing is incredibly appealing.”

“I can tell. You’ve come twice and you’re still hard. That’s remarkable in and of itself. So you are telling me you want to get pegged? You want to find out what it’s like to be on the receiving end? You want to catch and not just pitch? Like how I threw that in there? Am I smart, or what?”

“Oh, you are smart indeed. I think I’d like to find out…”

“Is this so you think I’ll let you rip up my ass with your monster cock?”

“No. That didn’t even occur to me before you said that. Although, that might be an eventual outcome. The idea of submitting to you is what excites me. The idea of being done to instead of doing to excites me. Does that make sense?”

“It does. Just as the opposite does for me – taking control and being the one in command is every bit as exciting for me. I like this. We’re going to do this. Soon.”

Eventually, after enough orgasms, we fell asleep.

Well, the seed had been planted, and I wasn’t about to let it die idle, so the next time I had free time, I made my way to Jayne’s Dreams – my favorite Adult Novelty Store. I’d gone to college with Jayne Manour, the owner. I’d had a hand in her starting up in what was traditionally a male business. Remember that tape I made – I introduced her to the cameraman and his equipment, and they became a couple. What I discovered, much later, was that he’d kept a copy of my video and shared it with her. She let me know that was what had inspired her. That, and a love of sex, toys and money.

I walked into the shop and saw her behind the counter, finishing a transaction with a couple of college age women. As she did, she turned to greet me and come out from behind the counter. At five-ten, she was a lot of women. Not fat, but very well endowed and very curvy. Her t-shirt, with the store’s logo on it, was stretched tight across her bra-less chest. Her nipple almost poked holes in the fabric. She wore thigh high leather boots and a very short skirt, all of which made her appear to be ready to jump into bed with anyone at any time. It wasn’t all marketing – she really was ready for “being fully, sexually expressed all the time” as she put it. Between the two of us, however, she was a slut and so was I.

Our hug was more than just a formality. I loved pressing up against her voluptuous body. Hell – who wouldn’t? And, of course, the fact that we’d shared some rather intimate occasions, testing the suitability of some of the products she sold, heightened the sensual vibe between us.

“Well, well, well! Look who has come to visit! Don’t tell me Mr. Fat Cock isn’t enough? Or that he’s gone – if so, give me his number!” We both laughed as I shook my head.

“It’s a little different. He’s more than enough and I’m not sharing. But he’s always been out to take my ass and up until recently, that was NEVER going to happen.

Contemplating that is like planning on converting to adult diapers after!”

“Can’t have that. So?”

“Well, I opened my mouth…”

“Really wide, I bet.”

“Not what I meant! We were checking out porn together, and started sarıyer escort watching stuff on pegging. I was getting off on the idea of being in control and in charge. And, it turns out, he got excited being the one on the receiving end. So we have a tentative deal – he submits and I’ll at least consider returning the favor.”

“I like it. Quim pro quim – so to speak. I’d love to see that! We can film it for you. I bet it would be even hotter than your video.”

“What? You’ve seen my video? I am going to kill your husband!”

“Relax. We watch it together from time to time. You really got off performing – it shouldn’t be wasted. It’s meant to be watched. And enjoyed! As a matter of fact, what would you think of this: I could put it into rotation in the video booths, and give you all the profits.”

“If I get all the profits, what do you get?”

“I get more traffic. I can bet that once the word gets out to my email lists, I will have increased traffic in the store and enhanced sales. Hell, we might even want to consider making it commercially available – you could rake in a pretty penny.”

“Mmmm…no. For now. No video booths. If you have friends you trust, I’ll let you show it at home. If you do, let me know how it goes over and we’ll talk more. Okay?”

“Absolutely. Anyway, what do you need for your great experiment?”

“I need to look at harnesses. Lube. Toys. I was thinking I’d get an assortment of dildos, from small and thin to as fat as his cock.”

“Good start. Have you through of restraints? In case he has second thoughts?”

“No, but it’s probably a good idea. Let’s look.”

We spent the next hour browsing through her inventory, I left with two harnesses – one just mounted a dildo, and the other managed to interact with my clit – a few tubes of lubes, some inhalants, restraints, and an assortment of dildos, including one that was as fat as his cock. Let him take that, and I’ll give up my ass to him!”

As we were totaling up the bill and bagging up my purchases, Jayne spoke up.

“I’d be willing to give you a big price break, under certain conditions.”

“Such as?”

“Let me be party to the action, and the lubes, the restraints and the dildos are free.”

“Wow! That’s worth thinking about!”

“Think about it this way – how could he say no to having another woman in bed? He couldn’t object to that, right? Especially if you’re saying it’s okay. That way, I can see for myself about his magic wand. While I’m keeping him occupied, you can get ready and then we can get him prepared. Besides, I already have a harness and dildos that are broken in. He wants to see what it’s like to receive? Together he won’t be able to get over it.”

“I like it. Hell, you and I can start things off with each other – it’s been a while…”

“That will certainly get him interested!”

We packed up all I bought and I left, thinking dirty thoughts and enjoying the buzz it was bringing. We set up to proceed with this the following weekend.

On Saturday afternoon, Nick had gone to a ballgame. It doesn’t matter what kind – pick the season, and he’d be at some sort of sporting event. I was used to it and, since he never failed to come home from one horny, I could deal with it. That’s why I was surprised with the front door bell rang. I was dressed in a t-shirt and shorts, and since I wasn’t going anywhere, I left out the bra and panties. Who ever was at the door might be getting a bit of a treat.

“Oooh, girl, I like that look. No bra – you completely commando?” Said Jayne, standing in the door way with some bags in hand.

“Hey, it’s Saturday. The only reason I have even this much on is because I had to answer the door.”

“Well then go ahead and take it off. I have some dastardly deeds in mind, and your naked body plays a central role in them. Get naked, bitch!”

Who was I to quibble? “You’re a bit early, you know.”

“I know. But I also know that means I’ll have some extended alone time with you, and frankly, it’s been way too long since the last time that happened.”

“Can’t fault that.” I said, dropping the short, stepping out of them, and pulling off the t-shirt. “This more like it?”

“Hell yeah! There’s something different about you – besides being naked. I hate to tell a good friend she might have gained weight – but your body got rounder and softer. You were a skinny stick with big tits last time we played around. Now, it’s like you’re a full-bodied woman. Make sense?”

“Yeah, it does. I’m flattered. I was hoping to move into an earth mother phase sometime soon, and that fits. Meanwhile, why am I the only one here naked? Lose the duds, girl. Let me see that pretty pussy and those boobs!”

“Your wish is my command.” With that she dropped her jeans, and she too had been without panties. Her blouse came off next, revealing a corset that left her large boobs free and accented her hairless cooch.

“Sexy! I like it!”

“You know you do! Come here and kiss me!”

We moved into an embrace in the middle of my living room. The blinds were open; if folks were looking in they got an eyeful and we snugged up against each other. We were about the same height, so our boobs mashed up as our arms went around each other. Our mouths met and our tongues played tag. While I love kissing Nick, kissing another woman is an entirely different world.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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