Night at Amber’s Ch. 02

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Big Dick

As Amber and Kara entered the dining room, Dax, freshly ass fucked, hung by his wrists and ankles in the corner with butter dripping out of his ass and the last remnants of cum flowing down his semi-erect penis and onto the floor. On command from Amber, Kashton released Dax and sent him upstairs to bathe and get cleaned up for the second part of the night. Turning to Kara as they sat upon the couch, Amber chatted about some of their wilder dorm room sex parties and Kara complimented Amber on the excellence of her submissives. A moment later, Jasmine brought in the pitcher of margaritas and poured the two dommes glasses. Kara watched Jasmine walk in, still naked except for the golden chain linking her nipple piercings. Jasmine’s face reddened at seeing a complete stranger look at her so hungrily, but her training had been thorough, and she gave Kara a better view of her ass at the other’s request without complaint.

While the two friends chatted, Kashton and Jasmine kneeled in front of the couch at attention, pouring refills when needed. Soon the conversation turned to the different types of mixed drinks, more specifically, drinks known as “ass smoothies”. Intrigued, Amber had Kashton fetch a large funnel and Jasmine found herself flipped upside down in the piledriver position with her back against the couch, exposing her asshole for the two dommes. Then, Kashton was ordered to insert the funnel into Jasmine’s rectum and begin mixing margaritas inside her ass. Jasmine squirmed uncomfortably each the cold alcohol and lime juice was poured into her ass, disliking the feeling of it trickling into her lower bowel, but she accepted that pendik escort she was a slave, born to please her mistress and her friend. Every time that approximately one pint of margarita had been mixed into Jasmine’s ass, she was commanded to stand and jump in order to better mix the drinks. The fresh “ass margarita” was then expelled into a pitcher and served to both Kashton and Jasmine.

After drinks, Jasmine was sent off to give herself an enema in the shower to wash out any residual margarita. Back on the couch, Kara and Amber began to massage each other’s breasts and share sensual kisses. Kara dropped her hand to Amber’s crotch and squeezed her pussy until she could feel her female juices soaking her pants. Amber, in turn, started to undo Kara’s jeans. By this time, Dax and Kashton were both back, kneeling dutifully at attention, stiff penises jutting out from their bodies. Noticing them, Kara pried herself away from Amber, stripped off her jeans and leaned back on the couch, legs spread wide, inviting Dax to fuck her. Dax readily obliged, pulling up close and pushing aside her thong. But instead of a woman’s pussy, Kara had a perfectly formed penis and shaved balls! She was a transsexual! Laughing at Dax’s surprise, Amber and Kara urged him forward. Using some of Kashton’s precum for lube, Dax slowly thrust forward, eliciting a soft, sexual gasp from Kara as his penis made its way into her warm bowel. As he fucked her ass, her previously flaccid penis began to grow, encouraging Kashton to lean forward and suck it, running his tongue up and down the shaft and around the head. Amber then pulled off the rest of Kara’s clothes, revealing tuzla escort two perfect breasts, round as globes. Amber grasped both of Kara’s breasts and began to steadily knead them, taking care to bite and nibble her erect nipples. She then leaned over and, while continuing to knead her breasts, resumed her and Kara’s passionate kissing.

Jasmine returned from the shower to find Dax and Kara in the midst of orgasm. At the point of no return, Dax had pulled his penis free of Kara’s asshole and spurted his cum all over her breasts and abdomen, while Kara emptied her load into Kashton’s mouth, who promptly swallowed. The orgy members disentangled and paused to catch their breaths in the afterglow. Kara then commented that she needed to clean up before she left and ordered Dax to join her in the shower. Once those two had gone upstairs, Jasmine and Kashton went back into the kitchen to put the drink ingredients away. A short time later, Amber entered the kitchen wearing a red, latex one-piece swimsuit with holes for her pussy, breasts, and ass. She sat up on the counter and commanded Kashton to fuck her pussy. She then had Jasmine step up onto the counter and spread her ass cheeks over her face. Using the last of the butter, Amber began to work her hand up into Jasmine’s ass. Already quite stretched from the evening’s activities, Jasmine’s asshole almost hungrily absorbed the rest of Amber’s hand, spreading and sucking it up until the mid-forearm. Jasmine released a loud sigh as Amber started to hand-fuck her ass in time with Kashton’s thrusts. After a few minutes, Kashton began to tug on Jasmine’s nipple chain, pulling it taut and kartal escort causing her to gasp in pain. Almost immediately she orgasmed and fell backwards onto the counter, yanking her ass free of Amber’s hand. At the same time, Kashton and Amber reached their own orgasm, jerking in spasm together as Kashton gave his mistress a few final thrusts.

Meanwhile, upstairs in the shower, Dax and Kara were both naked, rubbing soap all over each other’s bodies. Turning off the water, Kara propped her right leg up on the shower wall. Then, grasping the flexible shower nozzle with one hand and spreading her ass cheek with the other, she began to feed the nozzle up into her own ass, breathing sharply as the cold metal filled her back passageway. Once the shower head was firmly planted insider her ass, she positioned herself behind Dax, placed her penis to his ass, and began to push inside. Dax groaned as the delicious transsexual began to pound his ass with wild abandon. Reaching for the shower knob, Kara turned on the water, releasing a flow of liquid into her bowel, essentially giving her a forceful enema as she fucked Dax’s ass. Both of them quickly orgasmed, with Kara layering the inside of Dax’s ass with her milky fluid and expelling the water and the nozzle head from her own rectum. Once they were cleaned up again, they walked downstairs, Kara in her street clothes and Dax completely nude.

The last remnants of the kitchen fuckfest were just being washed away when Kara and Dax returned. Jasmine and Kashton were scrubbing the countertop while Amber, still in her red latex, finished off the remaining margarita. Kara was escorted to the door when, after a final deep kiss from Amber, she got into her car and drove off. Turning back to her three slaves, Amber ordered them to finish cleaning up and to meet her upstairs in the bedroom.

To be continued…

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