Night Shadows

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The silence was overwhelming. If they listened closely enough they could hear their heartbeats.

His scent pervaded the room, a tinge of sweetness behind the musk. It reached her nostrils, awakening something carnal within.

Audrey took in the silhouette of his body in the dim light. His imposing presence filled the small space with sexual electricity. The pounding in her chest grew more rapid as her milky skin prickled.

Michael stood towering over her, casting a shadow. He liked the way she looked, sprawled out on his sheets like she had been thrown there. A sexy rag doll.

“Take it off…slowly,” she breathed.

He raised his dark eyebrows. He was beginning to like this game.

“Where should I start?” he inquired in his deep voice.

Audrey touched his crotch playfully with her foot. He looked down at her painted toenails, purple and glossy. He adored her feet.

“The shirt,” she replied.

She couldn’t really make it out, but she was sure Michael was grinning.

He pulled on his tie and, tugging on it, began removing it from the collar.

“Put it in your mouth and pass it to me” she commanded. She insisted on his groin, perceiving the growing hardness below the arch of her foot.

He bent down, pinning her arms onto the bed with his powerful hands. He let the tie drop between her breasts and licked his way up to her full lips. She didn’t part them…yet.

Her flower started to dew. She wanted him badly now but it was still too early. She enjoyed the tortures of the wait way too much. There was so much more yet to come.

“You are still too dressed.” Audrey feigned an annoyed tone.

He laughed in that way she found incredibly sexy. He pulled back and placed himself in front of her again, erect in every sense. Michael’s fingers started to undo the buttons on his tight-fitting shirt.

“Slower..” she requested. She bit her lower lip, and hissed in a breath.

Down the buttons came, one by one.

The shirt now hung open, his sculpted chest bare. That little trail of dark hair caught her eye and she followed it with her gaze to what was swelling in his pants. Her pussy pulsated, the dampness making her slick below. She couldn’t wait to feel him inside.

As the shirt came off, it revealed his toned torso. Muscled arms that üsküdar escort she desperately wanted to dominate her in bed now guided her further up on the mattress.

She couldn’t help but notice his sleeve of tattoos. It turned her on to no end.

“Now the pants?” He asked, but he already knew the answer. He exhaled audibly.

Audrey was waiting for the next garment to drop. She licked her lips in anticipation, staining them glossy.

The sound of a belt being unclasped. He drew near her again, grabbing her by the wrists this time. He wrapped the belt around her hands as he pulled her arms over her head. He fixed the leather strap to the head of the bed and pulled to make sure it was tight.

Her breath caught in her throat. She let out a whimper.

Audrey watched his nimble fingers as he unhurriedly opened the button of his pants. The zipper followed. “Oh God…” she thought. His powerful thighs appeared inch by inch as he stepped out of his trousers.

He was magnificent.

Again, her eyes were drawn to his engorged penis, its shape a shadow against the fabric of his boxers. She could smell his sex from here, God, she was so wet for him.

“All of it,” Audrey stated, in an authoritative tone.

His desire was growing. She looked so lustful, looking up at him in the faded light, her slinky dress riding up her toned thighs. Michael could make out the tops of her sizable breasts and wished he could kiss them.

“Well?” she insisted.

In one quick move, he removed his underwear. He now stood completely naked in front of her, his cock swollen, impatient.

“Come here” she whispered. Her voice was strained.

With her hands tied up she really couldn’t do much. He would have to maneuver tonight.

She could feel her dress slide further up her body as she fidgeted. Her instinct was to spread her legs, but she wanted him to do it. It would send her over the edge.

Indeed, Michael grabbed her by the knees and with deliberate calm, pulled them apart. His long kisses met her inner thighs. The flesh there was sensitive, and his tongue was hot. He made sure not to neglect any part of her triangle. He could hear her moaning, her pelvis gyrating under his silky touch. She was glistening there, yearning for tuzla escort him.

He was licking everywhere but her clit, tracing moist patterns on her skin like a painter using watercolors. He finally moved to the middle. Audrey jumped.

Michael sucked on her lips over the fabric of her panties, and she responded with low groans and a shudder. She had the instinct to touch his hair, push his face further into her, but she was unable. The belt holding her arms in place made it extremely difficult. Impossible. It was blissful torture.

He ripped through the flimsy thong with his teeth and finally plunged his tongue into her. Time seemed to stop then. She was lost in ecstasy. His tongue slid in and out, then deeper into her. He sucked in some air, and gently blew. It cooled her scalding folds.

“Oh Jesus, like that.” Her encouragement was barely audible.

Audrey wanted to restrain herself but it was becoming something she could not control. She held out as long as she could, but he was very, very capable. Moments later, she exploded in spasms under him, wave after wave of her peak a squeeze on his tongue and fingers. He was so desiring of her, so turned on, that he almost came himself.

Michael lifted her, still panting from her release, and positioned her better. Her arms still wrapped in the makeshift strap, she could only move her lower half.

He kissed her. Only then did she allow it with an open mouth. The salty taste of her orgasm still on his lips and chin, he tugged on her lower lip and groaned into her, making her chest vibrate. A fire swept through her body, growing from her stomach and spreading into her limbs. All she wanted now was for him to possess her, but instead their tongues tangled a while longer.

He moved on to her breasts, perfect mounds of smooth flesh that he gently squeezed, tweaking the erect nipples, brushing around them. She reacted with whimpers, and when one hand slid between her legs, inserting two fingers into her again, she quivered.

Michael moved inside her, returning to give her clitoris some attention when needed. Her pussy lips were swollen and her sex was dripping with juices. Now she was ready.

He placed the tip of his cock at her entrance and held it there. Attempting to nudge pendik escort into him, he stopped her with a “No, no baby. Not yet.” He put it in just a bit, only to pull out again. This was pure torture. Little by little, he inched his way inside, filling her completely, his sex enveloped by her fieriness. Audrey clenched onto it.

Michael gripped her by the rear, his nails digging into her backside. Riding her slowly at first, she felt tight on him, slick and warm. He hit into her, until her cervix was being beaten like a drum. “Yes, like this. Fuck, yesss,” she managed.

The belt pulled on her wrists, it would leave marks tomorrow. She didn’t care.

He wanted to finish, the wait had gone on long enough, especially with their little game beforehand, but he needed to make her come again.

Her screams urged him on so that with every thrust he became more unrelenting. He leaned down and bit into the skin, between her jaw and her clavicle. The more fiercely he crashed into her, the more Audrey wanted it by screaming “More, I want it harder…”

He moved over her, cupping her breasts and running his fingertips over her nipples. Michael was fully penetrating her now, his balls slapping against her as he rammed into her violently. He wanted to make her feel him all the way to her throat.

When he thought Audrey was close, he slowed down the pace, purposely, and she moved against him in a display of sheer craving. Her angelic face was now that of a sensual goddess.

Her orgasm closed tightly on his cock, massaging it repeatedly, and she yelled his name, “Michael, Michael, fuck!” At the sound of his name he could no longer contain himself.

He pulled out quickly, his left hand gripping his thick member. He took in the sight of her, flush with orgasm below him, and with quick strokes he released hot semen onto her. Michael roared out in pleasure as his ropey cum spilled onto her tits and stomach in spurts. His release was almost otherworldly.

When he was done, his dick completely empty of his seed, he moved towards her. A mischievous sparkle in his green eyes, Audrey surmised what he was going to do, and so she opened her mouth, her soft lips parted.

Michael traced an index finger over her stomach, gathering some of his spunk, and then placed it on her tongue. She closed over it and sucked. She pretended it was his penis, performing fellatio on it.

He felt his manhood twitch and her mouth formed a smile over his finger.

“Leave the belt, but turn me over this time,” she said, with his digit still in her mouth.

Michael would have no problem obliging.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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