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Patrick (Pat to his friends), one of New York’s finest, a NYC Cop, spent as little time as possible at the precinct station dealing with paperwork and the like, he much preferred to be out ‘on the job’, doing what he liked doing best, being on the streets, looking at people, observing and dealing with situations that perps and crazy people in the Big Apple figured they could get away with. Being stuck in an office just didn’t cut it as far as he was concerned.

Pat wasn’t a true New Yorker, it was his misfortune to have been born elsewhere but after graduating High School he had chosen the police as a career and after finishing Police Academy had been assigned to the Bronx precinct and in a few years had come to know the city very well. Not that he would ever know as much as Eddie, his buddy, a big black guy out of Queens who he shared their patrol car with. Eddie had lived nowhere else and knew the city like the back of his hand. Eddie knew everything and as they patrolled the Bronx and beyond he shared with Pat lots of details about the places and buildings that they drove by and passed insights of what went on behind closed doors that would never be found in guidebooks.

Yeah, Eddie was great at sharing secrets and Pat was grateful for that as he had a few secrets of his own and it made him feel better to speculate that some of what he thought about could enhanced by what Eddie had told him.

White Plains road cuts through the length of the Bronx and shares the route with an elevated section of the Subway. It is a main thoroughfare running south to north and serves, amongst other reasons, as a convenient route from JFK to New England and the Hamptons for the well-heeled and others to get out of the city. The less well-heeled and those that live there know it more as a street of apartments and tenements, businesses, stores and other establishments and vacant lots which under the shadow of the railway provide plenty to attract Pat and Eddie’s attention as they cruised by. Eddie could be guaranteed to provide a story about most of them.

Pat listened with amusement to some of the more fancible tales but there was one place that Eddie pointed out that really caught his interest for if what he said was true then it sounded to be, well, too good to be true and just the place to visit when he was off-duty. It was a non-descript doorway between an office-supplies outlet and a drycleaners. It would hardly be noticed during working hours but come night time, Eddie said, it would be open for business, attracting a clientele of mainly Jamaicans who came to enjoy Reggae music and Rum and, “oh yeah, having their dicks sucked by the white waitresses.”

Pat didn’t ask if Eddie was speaking from experience but it was that last snippet of information that really caught Pat’s attention; one of Pat’s secrets was having a fascination with interracial porn. It wasn’t something that he would to admit to but he had the fantasy of seeing white women doing just that and, at the same time, there was nothing he liked better than to jerk his stubby dick while watching videos of white sluts sucking on stiff black cocks. Eddie’s mention of it happening for real behind that drab door really got his imagination working.

Pat didn’t know Eddie well enough to tell him that he had developed an interest in Reggae and as a consequence had got to know the ‘Reggae Club’ very well. In his off-duty hours it became his preferred choice of entertainment and although it seemed he was the only white male face to be seen there it was accepted by the others that his interest was mainly in hearing the Caribbean music that was constantly pumping out. He certainly gave a very good impression that was his reason to attend as he sat on a stool at the bar, patting his feet and laughingly trying to mime to the patois. In reality his attention was set on the white waitresses who tended the booths and tables and the intriguing absences they made from time to time when they disappeared in the direction of the men’s’ restroom with a black man in tow. It didn’t require much imagination to guess what they were serving up.

The place was run by an attractive 50-something Jamaican lady named Tina. She tended the bar and kept the drinks flowing and her husband (Pat assumed he was her husband) occupied himself on the other side of the room tending turntables and keeping the music flowing.

Over the next few months Pat became a kind of fixture at the bar and Tina spent time between drink orders eryaman escort bayan chatting and getting used to serving a white guy. Whilst Pat didn’t get to know too much about Tina, as the Rum flowed she certainly learned a lot about him and loosened his tongue. She soon found out he was a cop but accepted his reassurance that his interest in the club was purely personal and nothing whatsoever to do with might be going on with the business; she learned that he liked the idea of black men fucking white women (although he had no recollection on how that subject had been broached); she also learned that he was aware that black men tended to be ‘better-endowed’ than white (again, it must have been that Rum that caused that admission to be shared).

In exchange for all that information Tina hinted that the waitresses did provide ‘extras’ to the customers on request.. but only if they asked nicely. She then went on to identify the girls who were working the shift that night and Pat admitted to her that he found one in particular, a dark haired beauty, to be particularly attractive, “.. the one over there, with the red shoes. She always seems to be, uh, kinda busy.”

Tina smiled at his obtuse manner of speaking but got the drift and said, “That’ll be Lisa or ‘Loose Lisa’ as she’s known to everyone.”

Pat nodded his thanks for the information and thereafter kept his eye on her movements as she worked the room. Now knowing her name his interest was piqued further when, once again, she disappeared in the direction of the door to the men’s room. He used the excuse of needing a pee to go and follow.

As he stood at the urinal he noted that there were three stalls and only one was occupied. Beneath the door he could see a pair of red stiletto clad feet pointing his way and between them a pair of pants pooled around the ankles of someone who must have been standing before whoever it was seated on the toilet. The noises that were floating around could only be attributed to the lucky guy being sucked off and it took no stretch of the imagination to know it was Lisa, the dark-haired beauty, who was providing ‘extras’.

He listened for a few moments and when he heard the guy’s grunts getting louder he applied his police detecting skills and suspected the guy must be spurting his load down her throat. Had Pat had more presence of mind he could of gone into the vacant adjacent stall and peered through the glory hole in the wall and had his suspicion confirmed.. but he didn’t, instead he decided it was time to get out of there before the cubicle door opened. He shook the drips from his stiff stubby dick and returned to his seat at the bar.

Tina noted his return, refilled his glass and said, “So, did you get any?”

He laughed, “Nah, I went for a piss, nothing like that… anyways, girls like that ain’t gonna be interested in a guy like me not with all these studs around..” he added ruefully.

It was as he spoke that Lisa came to the bar bearing an empty tray that was about to be refilled. She chose the gap between Pat and another customer to shout the order to Tina which pleased Pat greatly as it was the first time she had been that close to him. She smiled an apology for invading his space but he told her it was no problem and secretly delighted in having her standing there close enough for him to look down her cleavage and look at her tits knowing that they had doubtless been mauled by some black guy only a few minutes before. She, for her part, let him look. After all, it was part of the job description.

Tina completed the order and placed the drinks on the tray and then, knowing Pat’s interest, said mischievously, “Hey Lisa, you ever let a white boy take a shot at ya?”

Lisa got the drift of what was being suggested and ignoring Pat’s presence said, “Not lately. I hear tell they ain’t got much worthwhile bothering with.”

Tina continued with the jokey banter and said, “Well, I knows that sitting not a million miles away from here is this white fella, a cop, who let it be known that although he has a little dick that he can’t do much wit’ that he tells me he’s a great pussy licker and he loves to spoil women. Maybe you ought to meet him sometime.”

Lisa picked up the tray and before she returned to the booth she was serving she said, “Sounds like he could be my kind of guy. Point him out and maybe I’ll fit him in when I take my meal break.” She was speaking to Tina but her eyes were firmly fixed on Pat.

Time stood ankara escort still for Pat as he contemplated how the rest of the evening might pan out and it was with a shock that he felt a tap on the shoulder and Lisa’s voice whispering in his ear, “Time for me to take a break. Do you want to go outside for a breath of air? You got a car; we can go out back to the parking lot.”

Pat didn’t need to be asked twice and he led her to his car parked at the back of the lot. She giggled when he opened the back door, “Oh, shucks I thought it was gonna be a police car.. never mind.”

He made no apology for her mock disappointment and emboldened by the rum he had consumed he straightaway made out and put his hands on the breasts he had been admiring and gave her a kiss. She responded in kind and as she felt his tongue snake into her mouth she put her hand on his groin and squeezed. She was intrigued not to feel the expected bulge. He carried on kissing her and slipped his hand under the hem of her dress and soon his fingers were stroking the wet panties beneath. She spread her legs to give him better access and at the same time pulled down the zipper of his pants so that she might investigate closer.

She put her hand inside his boxer shorts and was repulsed, the guy seemed to have no dick at all!

Under protest she pulled down the boxers and to Pat’s embarrassment discovered that there was this stubby fleshy stalk that looked to be more inside his body rather than outside. She laughed out loud at the sight and said, “Jeez, it looks more like a clit than a dick. I figured you being a cop that you might have something like a nightstick! What the heck do you think I can do with that?”

Lisa didn’t get an answer to the question nor did she know at that time that she was doing what he liked best, she was humiliating him and that did please him, to be admonished by a strong-willed women.

Her tirade continued, “Tell you what, no way are you getting a piece of me, not when my clit is bigger than yours. Bet you can’t even jerk off properly with that thing; bet you have to rub yourself just like a little girl.”

She pulled away from him and took hold of his hand that had been under her skirt. She leaned over and spat a gob of spit on the outstretched fingers before pushing his hand toward the fleshy lump that was nestled between his thighs. “Here you go Nightstick, this is what little girls do to get off,” and with that she forced his hand into a motion that rubbed his fingers back and forth against the non-penis.

Pat loved what she was doing and it only took a few moments of her goading him, telling him what a pathetic excuse for a cock it was that he was rubbing that he felt his excitement begin to rise. It reached a peak when she leaned over to give him a kiss and as soon as their lips touched he felt his ejaculation let go. She looked down and her laughter increased when she saw the little dribble coating his boxers. “Jeez, is that it… where did that come from?!”

She got out of the car leaving Pat to struggle back into his pants and then for him to follow a few minutes back into the club to the sound of Bob Marley singing ‘No Woman, No Cry’. The irony of the words was not lost on Pat as he felt his cum dribbling down his leg. He found his place back at the bar alongside Lisa who was already ‘back on duty’ holding her drinks tray waiting for a fresh order of drinks to be loaded.

Tina looked up as he slid onto the stool, “.. you two weren’t gone long”.

He said nothing, he didn’t need to, Lisa spoke for him, loudly,” Smallest dick I’ve ever seen… and it doesn’t even work!”

The two women both laughed to see his discomfort… as did everyone else in earshot.

He watched her take the tray to a booth that was close to the bar and set down the drinks. The group sitting there had become familiar to Pat over the weeks that he had been going to the club and he had no trouble recognising one particular guy, name of Claude. He had often seen Claude take the trip to the Men’s room and as one of the waitresses or another had followed him he suspected he wasn’t going there just to take a piss.

He watched as she leaned over the table setting down the glasses and delighted in seeing the hem of her dress rise up and glimpse the panties that only a few minutes before had his hand stroking the fabric. The sighting didn’t last long. She leaned her head toward Claude and with a glance back at Pat she spoke a few words. sincan escort bayan Claude saw him looking their way and with a glare in his direction he said something back to her, stood up, giving rise to Pat’s fear that he was going to come over and make something of the failed encounter out in the car. His fear was short lived, he had only been asking her if she wanted to dance.

The sensual rhythm of Reggae was perfect for the performance that Lisa put on for, what Pat believed, she was doing for his benefit. She encourage Claude to let his hands roam over her body as she bumped and ground her ass against the bulge in his pants and it was clear that Claude likewise appreciated her moves for Pat could see that the bulge became increasingly bigger the longer the music played.

The number came to an end and Claude took her hand and led her, not back to the booth, but straight toward the door to the restroom. Pat took a gulp of his drink and followed and his long-held fantasies became real.

Had he been a few moments earlier he would have witnessed the preamble to what Claude had so often done with Lisa. He slapped her face and pushed her into a cubicle. Pat came into the scene at the point where Claude had slammed the door shut.

Knowing the existence of the glory holes Pat went into the adjacent stall and quietly settled himself down and peered through the hole. The view wasn’t great but good enough to see that Lisa was leaning with her hands against the wall, her skirt pulled high above her waist and that Claude’s 10″ thick Jamaican cock was ploughing into her wet cunt. Pat sat and squirmed with delight as he saw the fat penis thrust back and forth and he listened to the squeals and grunts as Lisa enjoyed the feel of a cock the size of which he could only envy.

He heard the noise levels rising and figured the fucking was reaching its climax. Sometime in the few minutes before, he had without even touching himself, had a climax of his own and added another spurt of cum to his already wet boxers. He scrambled to his feet and silently left the stall and as he exited the restroom door he heard the sound of Lisa enjoying her orgasm.

Back at the bar, there were no secrets. Tina refilled his glass and looking at the wet patch that was staining his pants said, “Guess you found them then.”

Pat, shamefaced, nodded and attempted to concentrate on his drink but he wasn’t given the opportunity to ignore what he had just witnessed. Lisa came up behind him and said, “So there you are. Did you like what you saw, sissy boy? Did you like watching a proper cock fucking my pussy?”

Pat was mortified, clearly he hadn’t been as discrete as he believed and Lisa had indeed known he was looking on as she was being fucked. Lisa laughed to see his discomfort and then took his humiliation to a new level. She grabbed his wrist and pushed his hand under her dress, he immediately felt Claude’s load dripping down her legs. She looked him in the eye and said, “I only let black men in me, are you ok with that?” The sissy nodded.

Still holding his wrist she pulled his hand out from under her dress and forced his sticky fingers to rub Claude’s cum over his face. He involuntarily licked his lips and delighted in the salty taste. She looked on at his reaction with satisfaction and said, “You better not wash that off”.

Tina listened to the exchange with amusement and before Lisa walked away with her next drinks order said, “You guys are a match made in heaven.”

It was prophetic statement. The relationship began that night between ‘Loose Lisa’ (School Administrator by day; Cum-slut by night)and ‘Nightstick Pat’ (Beat Cop by day; sissy voyeur by night) and he became so infatuated with her that in a few weeks he proposed marriage.

She accepted and appreciated his gift of a Solitaire ring given as a symbol of his love; in return she gave him a cock-cage to signify how the marriage would work.

They wed a month later.


Post script:

Eddie, Pat’s patrol buddy was best man at the little celebration held at the Reggae Club and it was the first time he had met Lisa. He liked what he saw and she was likewise impressed with him.

Lisa gave Pat a knowing look and Pat made excuses that he needed, “… to go and ‘deal with something’, I won’t be long”.

Lisa took Eddie by the hand and led him to the restroom and into a stall where she gave him a leisurely blow job.

Eddie didn’t hear the restroom open so was unaware that Pat was looking through the hole in the wall.

It amused Pat that after the wedding when they were out on the beat and patrolling White plains Road and the Bronx that Eddie had no idea that Pat knew he had been sucked off by his wife.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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