Northern Escape Ch. 02

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The next morning Connie made waffles for breakfast and snuck in to Beth’s room. Quietly placing the plate on the end table she fumbled to the blinds and opened them slightly. The winter sky shone gently in to the room allowing her to see where she was going. There was a lump in the middle of the bed snuggled beneath the comforter.

“Good morning sleepy head.” Connie climbed on the bed gently. When the lump didn’t move she slowly pulled the cover back until Beth’s hair was visible. Placing her hand on her friends head she rubbed slowly until life slowly appeared in the bed.

Beth looked up at her friend who holding a plate of food and smiling at her, “What time is it?” Her voice was groggy. Pulling herself up to a seated position, she leaned against the head board beside Connie.

“Breakfast time.” Connie handed the plate to her. “I wanted to do something nice for my best friend.” She smiled widely. “I haven’t been around much, but I’m off today and wanted to hang out with you.”

Beth smiled at her friend before putting a syrup covered waffle bite in her mouth. “Mmm”

“How is the job going?” Beth was now talking with her mouth full of food.

Connie paused before answering, “Pretty good. I’m getting a raise.”

“That’s great!” Beth rubbed her knee.

“I need to earn enough to pull my weight and maybe we can get a bigger place for us!” Connie beamed.

Beth swallowed her last mouthful, “You know it!”

The girls spent day together walking the Eaton’s Centre and hitting all the shops along Yonge Street. Connie was conflicted about her new job and wanted to tell Beth, but just couldn’t do it. It was nice to spend the day with her to take her mind off the new job that starts tomorrow.

“You know what I need?” Connie locked arms with Beth. “A phone! I need a cell phone.”

Beth laughed, “We have a phone at the apartment.”

“Yeah, but I’ve always wanted a cell phone.” Connie frowned.

Moments later they were back in the mall and standing at a Fido booth. Fifty dollars later, a three year contract and Connie was the proud owner of her own phone before heading home. Beth got ready for work and Connie sat playing with her phone.

After entering her everyone in her contacts, she texted Trent.

Connie:Hey, it’s Connie

Trent:You got a phone?


Trent:Wanna do something tonight?

Connie: Sure

Trent:Pick you up?

Connie:2 hours?

Trent:See you soon

Connie put on the new tee she bought and her paddock boots. In the bathroom she pulled her hair in to a pony tail and applied some lip gloss. Trent would be here soon, so she made her way to the lobby and waited for him. It wasn’t long and he was standing there smiling at her.

Trent spread his arms and Connie gave him a big hug, “I think you owe me a drink!” He laughed.

Entering the bar, it felt exactly the same. The crowd looked identical, smoked floated at the roof and way in the back sat Jason and Diana. Connie’s heart raced as she prayed they wouldn’t talk about the new job she was starting or the interview last night.

Sliding in beside Diana, Connie smiled at them, “If it isn’t both my bosses.” They all laughed. Diana put her hand on Connie’s arm and leaned in to her, “Don’t worry, it’s not our place to discuss business.”

Connie was relieved. She liked Trent but wasn’t sure that there was more or if just considered her a friend. Either way, she didn’t think he would be a fan of the new job she got.

“So Connie, I have a new outfit for you to model tomorrow. You will love it.” Diana smiled at her.

Connie didn’t get it immediately because she wasn’t scheduled to model for Diana.

“We are going to do the shoot at the warehouse like we discussed. I will bring the new outfit.” Diana smiled when she saw the light bulb go off over Connie’s head. “You should get there a bit early; you should shoot for 11 AM. Okay?”

Connie nodded, “I will be there.”

The hours rolled by and they had went to the alley a couple times to get high before everyone agreed to call it a night. Trent and Connie walked back to her apartment arm in arm. At the front doors, Trent turned and kissed her quickly on the lips.

“Sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.” Trent reacted to the shocked look on Connie’s face.

Connie put her arms around his neck and kissed him back. The cold winter wind disappeared as they stood gathering flakes embraced in their first kiss.

“Have a good night Trent.” Connie turned to enter the building.

His face was glowing, “Pleasant dreams.”

When Beth came in Connie was still awake and texting on her phone, “Still awake?”

“Trent kissed me tonight.” Connie beamed.

Beth jumped on the futon as Connie explained and tried to turn a couple minutes in to something more.

“Are you guys going out now?” Beth was excited for Connie.

Connie rolled her eyes, “It was a kiss. Sheesh, we’re friends.”

Beth eventually made her way to bed and Connie turned in for the night; tomorrow was going to kartal escort be very interesting to say the least.

With a racing heart, Connie stepped off the bus and eyed the warehouse nervously. The night was restless and she thought of all the questions she should have asked. Walking up to the entrance, her friendly guardian stood smiling at her.

“How’s my girl this morning?” Ty smiled showing all his pearly white teeth.

Connie smiled back, “I’m good Ty.”

Jason watched her enter the warehouse and made his way to her leaving the crowd of people behind him. He smiled as he approached her, “How are you feeling? Big day today.”

“Not going to lie, I’m really nervous.” Connie flashed a nervous grin.

Jason put his arm around her and guided her to a side room, “Let’s get you ready.”

In the change room, Jason handed her a silky black teddy and a matching thong wear and pointed to a locker for her street clothes. Once she got dressed, she couldn’t believe she would be wearing it in front of strangers. The teddy barely covered her butt and you could see right through the flimsy material. Connie asked for clarity about what they expect from her and how it would work.

Jason explained that she was there to keep everyone happy and more importantly hard. She was to use whatever she had to keep them hard between set changes and prepare them before their next scenes. These guys apparently know better, but don’t make them cum; we need to save that for the camera.

“I have one other surprise for you Connie.” Jason smiled at her.

Connie’s stomach flipped, “What is that?”

“You aren’t alone; you will work with another Fluffer.” Jason smiled and called out for the other girl.

A pretty brunette came in wearing stockings and a bustier without panties and Jason introduced her, “This is Jazz. She will show you the ropes.” Jason then walked to the door; “Five minutes ladies.” was all he said before he disappeared.

Jazz smiled at her, “Don’t be nervous; it’s easy work.”

“Any last minute advice?”

Jazz explained the two rules of fluffing to her; “we treat them all the same regardless of whether we find them attractive or not. Secondly, never let a camera guy put you on film…ever.”

With a nervous laugh, “I get it. No favorites and no getting in the way of the camera guy.”

“NO!” Jazz stopped her. “The camera guy likes to film Fluffers and black mail them in to dating them.”

Connie was shocked. “Oh my god.”

Jazz laughed, “It’s happened. Girls being used as fuck toys or friends and family find out what they do. If you think he did tell Jason immediately.”

“I got it.”

Walking in to the set, Connie noted it was a living room. A makeup artist touched up a petite brunette posed on the couch while three old men walked around wearing terry cloth robes. Jazz squeezed her hand as two of the men walked towards them.

A balding man who looked old enough to be her grandfather and it caught her off guard. His hands grabbed Connie’s hips and traced up to the side of breasts, “You are the new girl?”

Connie nodded as his hands cupped and gently squeezed her breasts.

“Mmm very nice.” He cooed and ran his hand into her hair exposing her neck. Connie felt his rough stubble as he kissed and licked at her neck.

Watching Jazz, she was fondling the guys cock as he mauled her breasts and kissed her. Connie slipped her hands through the front of his robe and found his cock. Placing both hands on his cock she stroked him. From feel she was surprised at his thickness and the hardness of his cock.

The old man whispered in her ear, “You are so fucking sexy.” His hands grabbed her bare ass cheeks and squeezed them pulling her against his erection.

“ON SET!” a man’s voice yelled out and the two men made their way to the couch dropping their robes.

The third old man took a seat in a folding director chair and motioned the girls over. When they arrived he flipped his robe open revealing his soft cock. Jazz kneeled in front of him and started teasing his cock with her tongue. He pulled Connie to him and slipped the strap of teddy exposing her breast. As one hand squeezed and pinched her nipple, his mouth sucked her other nipple in and began suckling her.

Watching the comfort that Jazz had sucking his cock intrigued Connie. His cock was rock hard now and her head bobbed up and down in smooth fluid motions. Jason motioned for Connie to come over and he had her kneel just off camera. A few feet away, the old man she fluffed was fucking the tiny girl and the other was beginning to go soft in her mouth.

As the camera focused on the fucking, the second man stepped back and put his cock to Connie’s lips. Without thinking too much about it, she began sucking and stroking his cock. He squeezed her exposed breast with one hand and the other held her head. He began to face fuck her faster as he hardened causing her to gag. His salty cum dripped on her tongue as he assaulted her mouth.

“Now.” bostancı escort The man pulled himself from her mouth and shoved his cock in the Starlet’s mouth quickly. A couple thrusts in her mouth and he pulled his cock out and jerked a huge load all over her tits. She moaned and writhed as she massaged his cum in to her breasts. The man fucking her screamed out and shot his load on her stomach filling her naval with his gooey mess. The third man appeared and plunged his cock in her a few times before straddling her breasts and shooting his sticky seed all over the girls face.

As quick as it started, the guys were putting their robes on and walking off set. The Starlet made her way to the bathroom to get cleaned up. It hadn’t been an hour and they were done shooting which confused her. Following Jazz to the change room, she asked about the complete lack of content in the movie today.

“its money shot day Hun.” Jazz explained. “These guys have to do all kinds of crazy scenes tomorrow, so they get the big load today. Tomorrow they will have a hard time staying hard let alone cumming most likely. That’s where you come in.”

Connie thought about the few porno movies she had seen and the weird positions these people get in. It made sense that it would be difficult to enjoy yourself in those types of positions. Pulling the thong off she realized just how wet she had gotten in such a short time.

The tall skinny sound guy came in and walked up to Jazz, “Help me out with this.” He unzipped his pants and pulled his hard cock out.

Jazz got to her knees and sucked his cock in to her mouth stroking wildly until his cock began to explode. She pulled him from her mouth and jerked his cock on her breasts. Without a word, he zipped up and disappeared.

Jason stuck his head in quickly and let Connie know he would be leaving shortly and give her a ride home. Connie pulled her yoga pants over her tight buns and pulled on her boots. Just as she pulled her bra around her waist Jason stepped in to the change room.

“You know the worst part about directing porn?” Jason slowly walked towards Connie.

Connie crossed her arms across her bare chest, “What’s that?”

“Blue balls.” Jason unzipped his pants. Placing his hand on her head, he guided her face to his swollen member.

Connie took his meat slowly in her mouth slowly bobbing up and down his shaft while cupping his balls. Her boss reached down and squeezed one of her breasts firmly before pulling her up to her feet.

“Come with me.” Jason walked her to the closest set and told her to climb on the bed. “Get on your hands and knees and pull those pants down slowly for me.” Jason sat on the edge of the bed stroking his hard cock watching the beautiful young redhead slide her pants over her ass. When her pants were half way down her ass, he plunged his tongue in her crack and licked at her ass wildly.

A loud gasp escaped her mouth as his tongue licked and poked the crack of her ass. Grabbing her pants he pulled her pants down to her knees. It was only a minute and his fingers found their way in to her wet pussy. Working them in and out slowly as she sat exposed in the doggy position. Jason kneeled behind her and rubbed his cock on her ass, slowly brushing her opening.

“Please no!” Connie spun and caught his eyes. “I can’t.”

Jason smiled at her, “Sure you can sweetie.”

“No, I mean I’m not on anything.” Connie’s eyes begged him.

Jason pushed his cock slowly in to her tight pussy as he held her hips still. She was unbelievably tight and he needed that little pussy. Working his cock in to her, he knew this pussy hadn’t seen much action. Once he was half way in he began fucking her faster causing her to scream out as he pushed his cock ever deeper.

“Mmm, fuck that is a tight little pussy.” Jason panted as he began to plough her harder.

Connie moaned and felt dirty enjoying his manhood in her like this, “Please, let me suck it off.”

“You want my cum Connie?” Jason was fucking her faster now.

Connie begged, “Yes give it to me, cum in my mouth.”

Jason pushed his length in her causing her to collapse on the bed in a prone position. Pushing his length back in her, he held it there as his balls drained their treasure deep in her young tight little pussy. When he was satisfied that he was empty he pulled himself from her. As his cock slipped from her opening, his seed gushed from her pussy and pooled on the bed.

“Fuck you are tight sweetie.” Jason caressed her ass.

Connie buried her face in the bed, “I’m not on the pill! I couldn’t afford it yet.”

Jason climbed behind her and lay next to her, “I’m fixed sweetie. No swimmers.”

Turning her head, she looked at Jason, “Think you could have told me that first?”

“Get dressed, I need to get home.” Jason gave her ass a smack.

Dropping her off at home, he looked her up and down, “You did great today.” He handed her some money, “Get on the pill sweetie. Not everyone maltepe escort is fixed like me and sooner or later, someone else is going to want that little pussy too.”

After a long shower Connie curled up on the futon thinking about the day. The hours actually; she couldn’t exactly think of it as a day’s work, although she did make $150. Flipping through the phone book she found the closest clinic and called to ensure they were still open. Pulling her hair up in to pony tail, she got dressed and made her way to the clinic.

The clinic was surprisingly empty when she walked up and signed in. With only two patients in front of her she had to wait 45 minutes to see the doctor. A young East Indian physician came in and she explained she needed birth control. The doctor asked all the usual questions before recommending that she get her treatment via needle. Connie agreed that she was not reliable enough to ensure she took a pill every day.

The doctor did a routine check on her before excusing himself to get the injection. Returning quicker than anticipated she got a shot in the arm and was on her way home. Walking home she read the disclaimer for the shot. Return every 12 weeks and effective after just 24 hours if received before her next period. The rest of the trip was spent figuring when her next menstruation was due. A quick detour at the sub shop and she was curled up on the futon watching television.

Her phone chimed. Picking it up, she read the text message from Trent.

Trent:Entertain me!

Connie:What’s wrong?

Trent:I’m bored out of my mind.

Connie:Want me to take you out for a drink?

Trent:Can’t. I’m working

Connie:sad face

They chatted off and on for hours. Everything from cheesy television shows to how much Trent hated his security guard job were the topics of the evening. Eventually, Connie had to sleep and sent him a picture of her curled on the couch with kissing lips.

Connie:Hope that helps make your night better

Trent:You are beautiful Connie. Pleasant dreams

Morning always came too soon. Picking up her phone she panicked at the time. Jumping in the shower she pulled her hair up to keep it dry as she shaved herself. In the closet she grabbed a tee and pulled it over her head without a bra before pulling her black yoga pants on. Racing around the apartment she fixed her hair and grabbed her coat before rushing to work.

In the warehouse Connie pulled her outfit off the hanger that had been placed on her locker. The dark blue sheer crop top teddy and panties to match made her feel extremely sexy. In the mirror she noted that the only outstanding piece was shoes. It didn’t take much looking in wardrobe to find some strappy black 3 inch heels.

Walking to the set she passed Ty who cat called her, “Baby girl, you looking fine!”

“Thank you Ty.” She could feel his eyes burning in to her ass as she walked to the set.

Connie fully expected to find Jazz at the set, but it was just the sound and lighting guys setting up. Looking around there was no sign of Jason, Jazz or the stars for that matter.

“Where is everybody?” Connie inquired to the two guys.

Without looking up from his work he flipped his head towards Jason’s office, “Pre-shoot planning.”

Once at Jason’s office she found the door partially open and glanced inside. She could hear Jason explaining his plan for the shoot and how he wanted it all to play out. When he glanced up he saw Connie at the door and waved for her to join them.

The Starlet from yesterday sat in a red silk robe. Connie figured she was about the same age as herself. The three old men were also there and stood behind her in their white robes. Jazz was still nowhere to be seen.

“Any final questions?” Jason looked around the room.

No questions were asked so Connie asked hers, “Where is Jazz?”

“She was only here to show you the ropes yesterday. You’re flying solo today Sweetie.” Jason looked around the room. “Anything else? Nothing? Okay, it’s show time then.”

Jason directed the Starlet and positioned her while the three old men circled Connie. One man kissed Connie on the lips and his hands on her shoulder told her clearly to get on her knees. Once down there the men opened their robes. Stroking two of the men making bringing their manhood’s to life. The third one placed his flaccid cock to her lips. Opening her mouth, he slid his cock in and she began sucking.

The story became clearer. One of the men was supposed to be her sugar daddy who was sharing his little girl with his friends for the first time. The men joined the Starlet on the couch. The men playing friends kissed and fondled the Starlet aggressively while daddy sat watching and telling her what a good girl she was. The shooting went on for hours and Connie’s mouth got a work out from the men. She was amazed at the stamina they had to have been fucking the Starlet so much and not cumming.

“Okay, that’s lunch!” Jason called out. The Starlet jumped up and made her way to her change room while the three old boys made their way to a spread of food in the kitchen. As Connie ate lunch the old boys didn’t think anything of groping at her while they ate. One went as far as to invite her back to his place after the shoot for some ‘serious fun’; naturally, she had to politely decline the offer.

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