One Miss Then Another

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Cassidy Klein

Mel was so happy – he had asked Sandra, whom he had always fancied, for a date, and she had accepted. They had arranged to meet and go together to the disco, and he was now waiting for her to arrive.

When she did he was over the moon! Gone was the college uniform which made every girl look sexless. She was wearing a very tight tank-top, and a very short leather mini-skirt which emphasized her long legs.

But it was when in the disco that he realized how she had dressed just for him. Although they had danced together for about half the night, it was when one of his pals from college dared ask her for a dance, and Mel had agreed on condition it was only the once, that he saw what everyone else had been looking at all night. When Sandra twirled around, and she seemed to be doing this far more than she had done when he was her partner, her tiny skirt flared out to show a miniscule white thong, scarcely there at all at the back, and only just there in front!

So, when she and her partner came back off the floor, no-one was more surprised than Mel when she turned to him and softly said, so as not to be overheard, “I hope you enjoyed what I was showing. I’m wearing them especially for you. And if you are good, I will let you see the inside of them later.”

Mel nearly shot off there and then at the thought. She was practically inviting him to take them off for her.

“When shall we leave, then?” he asked her, to which came her reply, “Any time you like. Mum and Dad are out until midnight. Do you want to see me home?”

To cut the story short they left almost straight away after that, and as they walked up to her front door she saucily asked him, “Do you want to come in for a cup of coffee or something? Especially something?”

“Did you mean what you said to me at the disco?” he asked her as he followed her inside.

“What did I say?” she laughed, although her expression told him that she remembered full well what she had said.

Mel, slightly embarrassed, but nevertheless feeling he was getting somewhere with Sandra, blurted out, “You said I could see the insides of your knickers!”

Her answer was to say, “Well come upstairs to my bedroom. But I want to see you take yours out first!”

Mel was now overjoyed, and could not follow her upstairs fast enough, even though his eyes were glued to the tight gusset between her legs, so discernable under the tiny skirt as she led the way.

As Sandra entered the bedroom she flopped backwards on to the bed, drawing her feet onto the bed as well, and obscenely parting her knees to display the tiny strip of white which ran between her legs.

Mel stared, until Sandra brought him back to earth and said, “Go on. You have to take yours out first!”

With no more ado Mel unzipped and almost gave a sigh of relief as his stiff cock was released from its tight confines. Sandra stared hard, the reached out to grasp it, expertly rubbing it, before bending forwards to encircle it in her mouth.

A few sucks, though, and she suddenly said “Enough for now. I don’t want you coming too soon. Now, do you want to see the insides of my knickers? If you do, you will have to take them off first!”

No hesitation from Mel this time. He roughly grasped her waist and tugged the wisp of cloth right down to her ankles, Sandra brazenly parting her knees once more as he tugged them off one ankle to reveal her wet hole, sparsely covered with her fine downy hair, her pussy pendik escort lips plainly visible to his gawking eyes.

“If you would rather touch me there than look inside my knickers you can do,” she said, simply. Mel immediately leaned over and tentatively put his fingers to where the lips were just parted and to where he could make out the hint of her pee-hole.

Sandra moved swiftly as he touched her, and once more she grasped him, pulling him onto the bed with her as her mouth once more clamped onto his rigid cock. Quickly he started to push and soon had two fingers right inside the tight hole. This only served to ensure that Sandra gave even more suction to her mouth, until with a final effort she managed to bring him right to the brink, whereupon her spurted his cum right into her mouth, for she seemed determined to drain him of every drop, with no effort to pull away. But with some alarm they heard the front door – it was her parents returning home. Quick as a flash Sandra had donned her knickers and was endeavoring to make herself look tidy and innocent, as they heard her mother call from downstairs, “Sandra, dear, we have to go back for a minute – we’ve left my handbag at your aunt’s. It will only take us a few minutes!”

With a sigh of relief the two of them made themselves decent, and as soon as they heard the car go away Mel sped downstairs whilst Sandra prepared for bed, where she would pretend she had been for some time.

Next day in college, though, Mel was sitting next to Sandra as Miss Sheldon led the discussion on English Literature. The rest of the form sensed that something was different about Mel and Sandra, as they did not usually sit together.

Somehow, though, they betrayed their own feelings, for Miss Sheldon suddenly pounced on them for not paying attention. And they had not. Mainly because Mel was already feeling up Sandra again by sliding his hand inside her regulation knickers.

But Miss Sheldon had noticed something. “Mel,” she said. “Come here.”

As he came to the front she asked him what he had been doing. “Nothing, Miss Sheldon,” he said.

“I don’t believe you,” she admonished him. “You and Sandra can stay behind when the rest of the students have gone.”

She continued with the rest of the lesson, and neither Mel nor Sandra dared do anything throughout.

After the others had gone, though, they were sitting waiting for Miss Sheldon to say something. Instead she came towards them.

Leaning forwards, as was her usual pose, Mel could not help but notice that instead of the usual two buttons on her shirt being open, there were actually four open now. Her action in leaning forwards now meant that not only was her cleavage clearly defined, but he could see most of her breasts, as she appeared to be without any bra.

And even Sandra was staring at this exposure.

Retaining this position, she now looked Mel fully in the eye, and asked him, “What were you doing when I called you out for not paying attention? And don’t try to make excuses. I could see from your movements what you were up to.”

“Nothing, Miss,” he spluttered. “We weren’t up to anything.”

Still staying in the same position which was revealing most of her breasts to Mel, she said, “But you were up to something. I would say you were up to about the second knuckle. Wasn’t he, Sandra?”

It was Sandra’s turn to look embarrassed, but Miss Sheldon suddenly kartal escort stood up and said, “Look, Mel. I cannot have that kind of behaviour in my class. I want you to stay behind tonight when the others have gone. Now go to the rest of your lessons.”

Poor Mel was on tenterhooks for the rest of the lessons, and when the others had gone he returned to her room, where he looked sheepishly at Miss Sheldon, wondering what she had in store for him.

To his surprise, though, she smiled at him.

“Mel,” she said. “I asked you to stay behind because I have a problem at home which needs attending to. I am just a weak woman, and I need a big strong man to do what I need doing. Would you be an angel and help me out?”

Mel looked positively relieved. She had not taken him to task for what he had been doing earlier.

So, quickly pulling himself together he told her that he would be delighted. She gave him her address, and told him to be there about seven o’clock, after he had eaten.

“Am I on a promise?” he thought to himself, but at the same time knowing full well that this was the remotest of all possibilities. Nevertheless he made himself look as presentable as possible, bathing and combing his hair, and putting on his best jeans.

At seven o’clock on the dot he rang the bell at the address he had been given.

It was then that he got his first shock! Miss Sheldon opened the door to him, but instead of her usual trousers she was now in a very short denim skirt, revealing those long legs he had always lusted after. And they were worth looking at! And instead of the buttoned shirt-type blouse she usually wore for college she was now wearing a very tight tie-in-front bikini-type top. It only just covered her breasts –those breasts he had longed to see ever since she started teaching him, and he could see that should she bend forward the way she did in college, they could even fall out, so tiny was the material.

She stood back, motioning him to come in, and then closed the door behind them.

Mel could not stop himself from blurting out his astonishment. “You look smashing, miss,” he said, but she smiled back, not taking any offence whatsoever as she said, “Thanks, Mel. But it is Carol – not Miss Sheldon, tonight!”

Mel was still feeling quite shy, though, as he was very unsure of the way the relationship seemed to be developing. He had high hopes already, but he had to be sure, hadn’t he?

But Carol began to put him at his ease still further, as she said to him, “I am wearing this outfit purposely for you. I have seen the way you ogle my breasts every time I lean over you. Or would it be better if I called them ‘tits’? That’s what you and the other boys usually call them whenever I overhear you discussing me, isn’t it?”

Mel grew bolder on hearing these words, coming from Miss Sheldon’s own mouth, and replied, “Yes Miss – I mean Carol.”

“Well,” she continued, “I have a task for you to do, and if you do it completely to my satisfaction I shall take off my top and let you see my tits properly. Would you like that?”

Mel was almost shaking with excitement on hearing that, and nodded vigorously.

“In that case, follow me,” she told him and led the way into the kitchen.

He noticed a step-ladder leaning against the wall, and as she crossed to it he thought she would ask him to climb up to do something or other. But she did not. Instead she maltepe escort picked up a light bulb, and said, “This light bulb needs changing, and I am always scared to go up a ladder unsupported. I just want you to be at the bottom to hold it steady. Will you do that?”

Mel, gallantly, was about to offer top change the bulb himself when she spoke again.

“I do not want you to do it,” she said. “I just want you to hold the ladder, so that if I fall you will be able to catch me!”

With that she stepped onto the first step and began to climb. Naturally, from his position holding the bottom of the step-ladder his eyes were soon level with the hem of her mini-skirt, and as she stood on the top step he was actually looking beneath it!

He was rewarded by an uninterrupted view of the tiny gusset of her tiny black lace knickers as it dipped between the cheeks of her bottom, a view which became more apparent as she swung one leg onto the top of the fridge for support!

But Mel could also tell, now, that this was being done on purpose, especially as she now called to him to hold onto her legs for support!

Obviously he grasped her by the ankles, first, but his head was staring right up into her crotch, where no stray hairs seemed visible in spite of the narrowness of the nylon gusset.

Then came the words he was dying to hear – “You can put your hands higher if you think it will help,” she said in an extremely seductive voice. As he started to slide his hands upwards she again spoke. “Stand right underneath and then get your hands right up, please. Get hold of my knickers and pull hard – the strings at the side are easy to break. Go on! Pull hard!”

He did so, and with a twang the tiny scrap of black lace was in his hands, and he was gazing up into her widely parted cunt, as smooth as the day she was born.

She looked down on him as she coyly said, “Now, isn’t that at least as nice as Sandra’s? Does she shave hers off?”

“No,” replied Mel, “but perhaps I should ask her to do so.”

But Carol had not finished. “Push some fingers in and see if it is as nice as hers was today in class. That’s what you were up to, wasn’t it?”

Mel had to confess that it was, but at the same time he took the opportunity to do as she had asked, and inserted one, then two, then three, and finally four fingers right inside her hot dripping cunt.

“When I come down again, I shall want more than fingers,” she laughed. “I said I wanted you for something only a man could do, and that is to fuck me properly. And as soon as that big cock of yours (and I know it is big as I can see from here) , as soon as it is stuck right up my hole you can take my bra off and look at those tits you have always lusted after.”

With another laugh she quickly removed his hand, and stepped down gain, grabbing him by the hand and leading her straight to her bedroom, where she flung herself down on the bed and almost shouted, “Mel, fuck me! Fuck me, please, be rough! Hurt me! Fuck me!”

Her words, as they accompanied his action, caused Mel’s dick to expand as it never had before, and the delight he experienced as he thrust in and out of her delectable pussy was out of this world.

He tore off her bra as they fucked. Her breasts were his. Her cunt was his. She was his!

Finally they parted, panting. Mel also knew he had to get home. His parents were not expecting him to be late.

Finally, after many smothering kisses they parted, and as he walked on air down the driveway, he heard her call after him, “And if anyone else hears about this I shall cry “rape!” But I’m ‘Miss’ again tomorrow. That is until tomorrow night. I shall have another task for you to perform. You will come? Promise?”

She had made him a man.

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