One Night in London

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Allie Haze

One Night in London

Amanda distractedly tucked a loose strand of blonde hair behind her ear as the train left Reading. Not long now and she would reach her destination, London. She wasn’t meeting her daughter until tomorrow morning but didn’t want to be travelling in the early morning, instead preferring to travel down the evening before and stay in a hotel. At her age and after three divorces she thought she deserved, and could afford, a little luxury now and again.

She watched the countryside fly past, thinking about how lovely it was going to be to catch up with Laura. They tried to get together a few times a year, when Laura could schedule her in around her busy job as a PR consultant, her wide circle of friends and her new boyfriend. Amanda was keen to hear all the gossip.

‘Anyone sitting here?’ said a voice from the aisle.

Amanda turned to the voice, a young man with model-like chiselled features wearing jeans and a tight green t-shirt, his eyes were a deep blue and he had an illuminating wide smile.

‘No,’ said Amanda returning the smile and moving her handbag to the floor.

The young man reached up and across to place his holdall in the luggage rack above, as he did his t-shirt rode up to reveal taught defined abs. He caught Amanda staring and smiled again as he sat down.

‘Going all the way?’ he asked.


‘Going all the way? To Paddington?’

‘Oh!’ said Amanda, ‘Yes. You?’

‘Yeah, caught up with a mate last night, going back home now,’ he said, ‘I’ve not long woken up.’

‘Its 7pm.’ said Amanda, ‘Must have been a good night!’

‘Oh it was!’ he laughed. ‘Business or pleasure? What are you coming to London for?’

‘Pleasure,’ said Amanda with a raised eye brow.

‘Pleasure is very good, I recommend it.’

His eyes moved from her eyes, slowly scanning her body. They travelled from her red silk blouse that revealed an ample cleavage down to her tight short black pencil skirt and on down to her shapely legs and black patent stilettos. Amanda could sense him mentally undressing her and it felt good.

‘So what’s tonight’s pleasure then?’ he asked, ‘Meeting up with your husband or boyfriend?’

‘No. I’m very single. I’m meeting up with my daughter tomorrow.’

‘So no plans tonight then?’

Amanda licked her lip unconsciously. ‘No, just a relaxing evening in a hotel with some pampering.’

‘Would istanbul escort you like some company to help you with your pampering?’

‘I think I can manage,’ smiled Amanda.

‘Are you sure? I’m an excellent ‘pamperer’, guaranteed to make you feel really relaxed and satisfied,’ he winked and rummage into his pocket, handing Amanda a business card, ‘here’s my number, give me a call if you change your mind.’

Amanda took the card, Tom Church — Landscape Gardener, and imagined him gardening topless like the Diet Coke man in the adverts.


After enjoying a chicken salad in the hotel bar washed down with a two glasses of champagne Amanda retired to her room for the night. Freshly showered and nude on the super king-sized bed she kept looking at Tom’s business card she’d placed on the bedside table. She was wide awake even though it was 11pm, maybe due to the coffee earlier, the champagne or the hormones racing around her body when she thought of him. Her hands wandered across her body, even though she wasn’t in the flush of youth anymore she was in the prime of her life and was proud of her hourglass figure that had stayed with her.

Picking up the business card and her phone she typed a text message, Grange Holborn Hotel, room 314, now. Her hand moved to between her legs and her fingers gently stroked and rubbed.


There was a knock at the door 40 minutes later. Amanda was now re-dressed, slightly, in a black and pink lace bra with matching knickers, a suspender belt held up black silk stockings and her 4 inch heels were back on. She’d reapplied her ‘red taboo’ lipstick that matched her well-manicured nails. Her blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders as she opened the door.

Tom had a change of clothes on too, a blue striped shirt with different jeans, his eyes widened and he took a deep breath in, ‘Wow!’ he said, transfixed by what he saw.

‘Are you coming in?’ said Amanda stepping back into the room.

Tom followed, moving past her, and Amanda closed the door behind him. Turning around she saw he was taking his shoes and socks off and laughed that someone had him well trained.

‘I’m glad you changed your mind,’ he said standing in front of her.

‘I didn’t change my mind,’ Amanda said, she started to unbutton his shirt, ‘I knew on the train I was going avcılar escort to fuck you tonight.’

Tom swiftly leant down and kissed her with a passion, his breathing slightly heavier with lust. Amanda undid his buttons and slid his shirt off, running her hands across his smooth chest and broad shoulders. He pulled her closer to him and she could feel his erection pressing against her while his tongue greedily explored her mouth.

Her hands deftly undid his belt and jeans while they kissed and dropped them to the floor, he pulled away from her to step out of them and she saw he wasn’t wearing any underwear.

‘God you’re stunning,’ he said running his trembling hands over her bra. He bent forward and kissed the top of her breasts that spilled over the lacy cups then reached in and released them, his lips making their way to her nipples with a tantalising combination of kissing and sucking.

Amanda unhooked her bra and discarded that to the ground with Tom’s clothes and he pulled her close again, kissing her mouth with a primal urgency. His hands squeezed her tight buttocks as he rubbed his erection against the silk of her knickers. She reached down and gently grasped his penis. He groaned as her hand flowed slowly back and forth and his own hand moved from her buttock to her knickers and between her legs, her groan matching his as his fingers found her wetness and his forefinger softly rubbed her clitoris.

Amanda masturbated Tom with a quickening pace, he was so hard and she could feel him quivering in her grasp which turned her on even more. He slid his fingers into her and she could feel her first orgasm coming, she had to stop kissing him to moan loudly, his lips and tongue moved to her breasts as his fingers carried on sliding in and out of her, matching the tempo of her hand on his penis.

‘On the bed,’ she ordered breathlessly.

Tom did as he was told eagerly, watching her body with hungry eyes as she knelt between his legs kissing up and down his shaft that was standing to rigid attention. Her back was arched down so her curvy bottom was up in the air as she teased the tip of his cock with her tongue before enveloping it deep into her warm moist mouth with those bright red lips.

‘Stop!’ said Tom, ‘I’m going to cum if you carry on doing that.’

‘Well we don’t want that just yet you naughty boy,’said Amanda, şirinevler escort ‘I want you to make me cum again first.’

She straddled over him, pulling her knickers to one side, and rubbed her wet pussy against his twitching cock and he moaned with desire.

‘You want me to fuck you?’ she whispered.


Amanda lowered herself slowly down onto him, feeling her pussy grip his cock tightly. She rocked back and forth rhythmically feeling herself getting wetter with every movement, her voluminous pert breasts bounced up and down almost hypnotising Tom. He groaned and pulled her down towards him, kissing her breasts and biting gently at her nipples as they swung in front of his face, his hands gripping her arse tightly as he thrust into her, matching her rhythm.

‘I’m cumming again,’ she said breathlessly.

‘Fuck,’ said Tom, ‘me too.’

Both moaned in mutual orgasms, Amanda’s grip pulsating around Tom’s cock as it spurted inside of her in shuddering spasms. She climbed off of him, breathlessly exhausted, and lay besides him in a satisfied silence.

After he had left she took her second shower of the evening, replaying his touch as the water stimulated her tingling skin. Her hands roamed to her breasts, tender and sensitive, and then between her legs where her clitoris was still throbbing to the touch. Her third orgasm drained her completely and she slept heavily.


Sat in Costa Coffee, just off Piccadilly Circus, Amanda sipped a hazelnut latte while people watching. Laura was running late as usual. She smiled as she thought of Tom, her one night stand toy boy. He’d said to call him the next time she was in London. Her next trip to visit Laura wouldn’t be for a while so she was seriously thinking about treating herself to a night in London next month, maybe two nights, a weekend of sex with a hot young man.

‘Hi mum,’ said Laura appearing from behind Amanda’s chair, ‘sorry I’m late, got carried away catching up with the boyfriend!’

‘Too much information Laura,’ said Amanda, ‘you know I’m a prude!’

‘Sorry! Well you get to meet him now anyway, he’s just getting cash from the machine outside as he’s treating us to a spa treatment this afternoon.’

‘He sounds a keeper!’ laughed Amanda.

‘Oh he is,’ said Laura, ‘It’s only been 5 months but I’m totally in love, I really hope you like him too,’ she reached across the table and held Amanda’s hand, ‘I think he’s the one.’

‘I’m so pleased for you Laura, I really am.’

Laura looked up behind Amanda and smiled, ‘Mum this is Tom, and Tom this is mum.’

Amanda turned her head smiling but faltered when she saw her toy boy Tom stood in front of her with an equally horrified smile.

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