Opening Ashleigh

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Ping! My phone just chimed with a message. It’s Saturday morning, the day after the last day of my summer gig. I had slept in, had a quick run, and am now relaxing with a coffee after a shower, thinking about getting my pack ready for the trek. I pick up my phone and see a number I don’t recognize with an East Bay area code. “Mr W, plz come see me. -A”

I smile to myself and think what a flirt she is. I’m in an indulgent mood so I’ll play along. “Who is this? How’d you get this number?”

It’s been a few weeks since my quickie afternoon tryst on the last day of school with Ashleigh, a mouth-watering 18-yr-old who just graduated from the private school where I teach. Since that day, I’ve been pretty busy with my moonlight gig as a summer camp counselor before I go off on my annual rock-climbing trip in Oregon.

We haven’t communicated at all – even though she’s of age, it still felt taboo to not only kiss a student, but also eat her out front to back and end up penetrating her sweet ass with the head of my cock. Every now and then, I can still hear her voice asking me after she had just orgasmed while my tongue was in her ass, “Mr Watley, would you put just the tip in my ass?” Well, yes, my dear girl, I can do that, anal lover that I am. I love all sex acts with a woman, but at the top of that list would have to be rimming her ass and eventually fucking it. I have found that women who are into anal sex are really into it. It’s a predilection that weeds out fakers.

Back to the present day… a moment passes, then a message comes in with a photo with a caption, “your # was on syllabus. thinking of you…” The photo is of a woman’s lower body in a pair of cut-off shorts. She’s posed sitting with her knees drawn in to her chest and the camera is looking at the back of her legs, where they join the bottom of her shorts. That is to say, a POV of her ass, barely covered by a pair of skimpy shorts.

Brings me back to when I was fucking Ashleigh on my classroom desk with my cock head and she had her legs crossed in the air such that I could grasp her ankles and enjoy the sight of her dewy, pillowy pussy lips and the small mouth of her anus taking in my bulbous tip. Her pussy and ass were smooth except for a small triangle of trim in front. My cock twitches just thinking about it.

“Aren’t you on a trip with your parents?”

“we got back last nt. they flew back out early today. I’m at our lake house. they won’t be here til monday. cum”

I caught the double meaning of the last word in her text, and by now, my cock is already more than half hard. Fark. I have to pack to leave early tomorrow. As much as I would love to bury my face between her legs and my cock anywhere she’d let me, I have to arrive where I’m going in time or lose my place. The reservation has been in place for a year, with a very long waiting list.

“I can’t, leaving town tmrw, headed north.”

“lake house is north of town, on way. wanna feel your mouth on me. been playing with myself nonstop”

A moment later, another photo. This time, it shows the chest of a well-endowed young woman with her tank top pulled up above her chest, the tits barely contained in a tiny bikini top and hard nipples pushing through. Ashleigh has an ample D-cup bust. She’s about 5’7″, I would guess, but has a slim frame so her chest literally stands out. Imagine a tighter version of Kate Upton, but with flowing dark hair and a strawberries-and-cream complexion. Add to that a classic pin-up hourglass figure – wasp waist, slim hips with a curvy butt – you understand my dilemma.

“Where’s the town? Have to see. Haven’t packed.”

She tells me the town and google-mapping it, I see I can make it there in about 1.5 hours and true, it’s not a huge detour from my itinerary to Bend. I can potentially visit a while then get on the road tonight… or early morning, depending on how things go. I’m not assuming anything. What if she sees me and realizes I no longer live up to the memory of three weeks ago? Mind you, I’m no slouch in the looks department. I’m 38 but fit thanks to all the running and climbing I do. My past girlfriends seemed to think I’m easy on the eyes and good to keep around, especially once they encounter my thick 8-inch cock and experience my tongue-lashing abilities.

But I’m positively worn-in next to Ashleigh’s lush fair-maiden 18. Oh well, nothing to lose. Can always get back in my car and continue north if it’s a bust. I want to play it cool, though, so I text, “Let me wrap up a few things and let you know.”

Silence. Then ping! “it’s urgent” plus a photo of the front of a woman’s hips in a partially unbuttoned pair of cut-offs and her hand sliding inside the front inside the bikini bottom. What a temptress. I don’t respond right away, but I do start throwing my shit in my pack. I’ve done this trip many times so can pack on auto-pilot, striding around my place with a hard-on. Yes, it is indeed a matter of urgency.

It’s been a long time pendik escort since I’ve been summoned on a booty call, and I don’t think ever to such a luscious subject. Even after 3 weeks, I can clearly remember her fresh scent, the taste of her pouty lips, the heft of her tits and texture of her cherry-pit nipples, her honeyed cunt, and yes, her ass and tawny wink were absolutely mouth-watering.

I’m all packed and, as an afterthought, grabbed some lube and a few love toys left behind by my last girlfriend before she moved away. Of course, this brings back fond memories – I was sorry to see her go. She was crazy for anal and wanted it almost exclusively. It is a wonderful thing when the woman you’re with loves it in the ass. We used to go hiking a lot, and she always demanded hard anal fucking in the woods. She claimed the nature setting was an aphrodisiac. She would often pull down her pants in the car before we even reached our camp site, lube up her ass, and start playing with it just to make me crazy. Imagine trying to find your camp site in the woods while your girlfriend is slow-fucking her own ass with a greased-up anal dildo next to you in the front seat. But I digress.

+ + +

I’ve been driving with a partial hard-on for more than an hour. I’d been intentionally not thinking about my teenage siren Ashleigh too much. My balls feel tight enough as it is. Now that I’m less than half an hour away, I can allow myself the luxury of calling to memory her creamy beauty – that skin, those eyes and lips, the wonderful D-cup tits with the tiny hard nipples, her nearly bald mound and sweet cunt, and finally, her firm butt and tasty ass hole. With any luck, I’ll get to spend some serious quality time nibbling and sucking on all her juicy bits.

I turn into an unmarked drive based on a hand-drawn map Ashleigh had texted me. There’s very little reception out here, and GPS sometimes goes out. ‘Scream all you want, baby, I’m gonna suck and fuck your box until you faint from multiple orgasms.’ After 5 minutes of dirt road, I finally see the roof of what looks like a bungalow which eventually reveals itself to be a massive cabin. I’m starting to feel a little nervous, in a good way, like a kid going to prom with the hottest girl in school. It’s not that far from the truth.

I pull up and park in the drive, grab my pack, and make my way up the wooden steps to the house. The door opens right away, and Ashleigh runs out and jumps on me, wrapping her long legs around me, hooks her pretty feet behind me, and plunges her tongue in my mouth for a deep kiss. As a reflex, I let go of my pack so my arms can support her, my hands automatically finding their natural resting place, on her ass cheeks. She smells as good as I remember, and I might say she’s even more ravishing than in memory. She’s still wearing the aforementioned cut-offs and a semi-transparent wife beater over a sunflower yellow bikini top. She has a light tan from the first weeks of summer, and her wavy raven hair – usually tied up – is loose now and hangs almost to her ass.

Our tongues rediscover each other, and as thrilled as I am to taste her mouth, I am impatient to run my tongue all over her body. With her body still latched on to me like a crab, I slowly walk into the house, grabbing my pack on the way with one hand. The couch is not far inside the door, so I pose Ashleigh’s succulent backside onto the top of the couch back to free my hands. I lift up her tank top over her tits and with both hands, I slide the triangles of her bikini top to the sides of her tits. So imagine if you will, a sumptuous pair of D-cups framed by the rolled-up tank on top, the bunched-up bikini triangles on either side, and the string alongside the underside. A feast for the eyes.

I shift my head down towards her chest right away and start lapping and sucking on her tits. I allow my greedy spit to collect on her tits and nipples so that they glisten. As I’m doing this, I’m already massaging her pussy mound. With eyes closed she says, “I have a treat for you, Mr Watley.”

“I’ve got my treat right here, baby,” I reply as I continue to ply my attention to her magnificent breasts. She is moaning and arching her back with abandon. She reaches down to undo the top few buttons of her shorts, and I slip my hand down the front. I can feel that her pussy is completely bare now; not even a landing strip. “I like the surprise. You’re not worried anymore that your mom will discover you shave your pussy?”, I mumble with my face in her tits.

“Hmmmm, no. Anyway I’m leaving for college soon. And that’s not the surprise.” I think to myself, ‘those lucky college boys…’ I’m not one of those guys who minds a nice trimmed muff on my lady, but Hollywood bare is amazing to look at and to lick, especially when it’s 18-yr-old snatch.

She’s been massaging my raging hard-on and starts to loosen the tie on my track pants. “I want to taste your cock. I didn’t get to do that in the classroom before.” Words tuzla escort to live by. Without waiting for an answer, she guides my head off her chest, unlatches her legs, and slides to the floor. She kneels on the wood floor and tugs down my pants just below my crotch line.

The tip of my cock is peeking up from my boxer briefs, already primed with a smear of precum. She sticks out the tip of her tongue and swipes it across the head of my cock. What a sight! A beautiful girl, on her knees, getting ready to give me head. Looking down at her, the POV is amazing: the round tits in their makeshift frame, shorts unbuttoned and primed to come off, her dewy lips and half-closed eyes contemplating my fat cock.

She proceeds to pull down my boxers and starts to lick and lightly suck on my cock. She had hinted at a wild past before she transferred to my school. I’m starting to learn now just how wild. She is very good at sucking cock. She starts out light, almost tentatively, but gradually builds up. I’m mesmerized watching her pink tongue and flushed lips work my cock, her hand sliding up and down my cock in a slight spiral movement.

With one hand in her shorts massaging her clit and the other alternately pinching her nipples, she’s bobbing rhythmically on my 8-incher with her bewitching mouth. She’s taking long pulls and runs her tongue along the bottom ridge. Sometimes she lingers on the ridge of the mushroom head. It wouldn’t take much more to make me cum, but I’m enjoying making the pressure last. Not to mention that I want to imprint this visual memory for my trip. I’d bet Ashleigh is the kind of girl who might enjoy a good anal pounding in the woods.

+ + +

She’s been munching on my cock for at least five minutes without flagging. It takes all my willpower to interrupt her, but I am dying to see, smell, and taste her pussy, and her ass. I gently draw her up to slip my tongue in her lusty mouth and enjoy her lightly sucking on my tongue. At the same time, I undo the last button of her shorts and push them towards her feet. Underneath she has the matching sunflower yellow bottom of the string bikini. Very much in keeping with the 70s girlie magazine look, which was my first impression of her. At once slutty and wholesome, an irresistible mix.

I untie one side of the bikini bottom and can just see the front slit of her bare pussy lips. I immediately crouch down to massage it with my tongue. Goddamn, she is sexy. I reach to untie the other side and removes the wisp of fabric off her body. Now I have full access to lick her smooth pussy and pretty clit to my heart’s content. She must have been swimming in the lake earlier and still has that fresh woodsy scent, coupled with the smell and taste of girl juice. Amazing.

I slip a thumb into her creaming pussy and slowly work it in and out as I lightly nip and suck on her clit. She is whimpering from pleasure, and her legs seem about to buckle.

“Let’s move to the couch,” I say as I stand up and take her hand.

She half reclines on the couch with one knee drawn in, and I finally spy the surprise. Peeking between her ass cheeks is a small ring, a telltale anchor to a butt plug. Fuuuccckk me…

“Well, you’ve been busy.”

“Told you. Been playing with myself a lot. After that time you trialed my ass in the classroom, I wanted to train for when we got together again.” Oh sweetheart, I am happy to help you with some backdoor training.

My head hot with desire, I kneel on the floor, draw both her legs up and holding them in place behind the thighs with my hands, I proceed to go to town on her snatch. Lick and suck on her clit, tongue-fuck inside her soft folds, rim her anal ring where it meets the plug. I work her hooded clit with the flat of my tongue in a firm, slow circular movement, sometimes alternating with gently nibbles on the petals of her inner labia. Her pussy is tasty as fuck.

Now and again, I give the anal plug ring a light ping with my thumb and index for a vibrating effect, or I grasp the ring and give it a half pull so that her anus is stretched around the widest part of the plug as I bathe her taut ring with my saliva for some bonus lubing then press the plug back in and watch her anus slowly reclose around the narrow neck. She’s fondling her beautiful tits and tweaking her nipples hard as she squirms in pleasure. The scenario makes me think of a quote I read once by Richard Burton about Elizabeth Taylor: “Beautiful beyond the dreams of pornography.”

Her pussy is creaming sweet juice. Ashleigh is ripe for her first of hopefully multiple orgasms of the day with me. Her girl juice easily facilitates two fingers inserted in her pussy right away, as I flick her clit with my tongue in a fast and light tempo. My other hand continues to play with the plug in her ass. I want to make sure her ass is good and ready for my cock later.

I gently and slowly fuck her pussy with my index and middle fingers, just enough movement for some stimulation. kartal escort I want the clit work and, more importantly, the sensations from the ass play to dominate. Ashleigh is helplessly writhing and moaning in wanton pleasure, her head thrown back, her hands pulling hard on her nipples. With my tongue, I transition to a more firm, circular movement with my tongue and increase the rhythm of the plug going in and out of her ass hole.

Finally, she grabs my head to press my face onto her mound as her orgasm arrives. She’s screaming out her ecstasy, “Oh my god! Oh god, Mr Watley, I’m cominnnggg. Oh yes, harder with your tongue! Yes, yessss!” As she’s quaking through her intense orgasm, I abruptly pull out the plug and place my fingers which are wet from her pussy and stuff them halfway up her ass. I fuck her ass with these two fingers while continuing to blunt her clit with my tongue. Riding the final waves of her massive cum, she inserts two of her own fingers in her pussy and grabs my wrist to push my fingers all the way up her ass. Even as her orgasm subsides, her anal ring continues to pulsate around the base of my fingers. Fucking amazing.

+ + +

I slowly slip my fingers out of her juicy ass as I continue to bathe her mound gently with my tongue. In turn, she removes her fingers from her cunt and offers them to me. I turn my mouth away from her cunt for a moment to take her slim fingers in my mouth to lick off her tangy nectar. Fuccckkkk, my cock is staff hard, but I’m enjoying the slow transition to the next movement of this erotic interlude.

Once her fingers are sucked clean, I go back to gently tonguing her box. I know the area is all very sensitive right now. Her fingernails are lightly raking my scalp encouraging me to continue. I take hold of her hips and draw them closer to the edge of the couch. She draws up her knees in a quasi-fetal position and leans her legs to one side to give me even better access, not to mention the delicious benefit of gazing at her smooth, puffy pussy lips and enticing pucker from behind. I make my tongue as wet as I can and swirl it around her crinkly hole, now already more pliable from being prepared by the plug and my fingers.

Every so often, I still dip my tongue in her pussy or give her pussy lips a playful suck, but her ass is my main focus now. Her box smells and tastes as good as you’d think an 18-yr-old’s love box would. With one hand, I spread one ass cheek to the side to enable me to tease my tongue inside her anal ring. With my other hand, I slowly fondle my cock which has been freely weeping precum for a while now. I explore the rubbery inner ring of her anus with my stiffened tongue and begin to spear it inside her tight ass.

She is firmly holding my head in place with one hand as she goes back to pinching her nipples with the other hand. I slather a lot of saliva on and in her ass but in the back of my mind, I know I’ll need to pause to go get the lube I had brought. Maybe one of the toys, too. As anal-willing as she is, my cock is pretty thick, and her ass felt tight when my fingers were inside it earlier.

“Hold that thought, baby, I’ll be right back.” I pull away to walk over to my pack. Not missing a beat, she licks two fingers and wedges their tips into her asshole. My cock is so hard, you could hang a coat on it. My pack is right inside the door right where I had dropped it. I pull out the lube and a dildo.

When I turn back towards the couch, I find my girl on her knees on the couch facing its back so that her succulent backside is open, two fingertips still working her lusty asshole. I had great plans of rimming her out some more before we fuck, but as they say, the best laid plans of mice and men. I can see even from a few feet away that her pussy is slick with juice, waiting to receive my cock. I walk up to her, put my hands on her hips, and without preamble, slowly insert my rod into her cunt. Her neck arches back in surprise as she O’s her lips and moans “oooooohhhhhhh…”

Her pussy is incredibly tight and hugs my cock snugly. I have my entire length in her and start to ride her with long slow strokes, each time pulling nearly all the way out then pushing right back in. She has both elbows on the couch back now, and her enticing asshole is begging for some attention. I still have the lube in my hand so squeeze out a dollop and start working it into her ass with my thumb, coordinating with the rhythm of my hips. I reach around to cup a heavy breast and squeeze the nipple, as she bucks back to meet my cock and thumb.

Her pussy is oozing cream, and her aroma is amazing. It’s a good thing I rubbed one out this morning or I would have cum right away. Her ass is so tight, I’m wondering if she’ll even manage half my cock whenever we get to it. Last time at our classroom quickie, I only put the tip in, per her request. You can bet I’m going to try, though.

“Mmmmmmm, Mr Watley, your cock feels so good in my little pussy. I love feeling the length of you!”

“You know you can call me ‘Ray’ now, right?”

“I like calling you Mr Watley”, she half turns around to smirk at me. “I had a fantasy about fucking my favorite teacher all last semester…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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