Our First Night Together

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I remember sitting alone with you at the hotel bar after our third friend stormed out on us over some stupid thing, only to forgive us, as always, in the morning. We were drinking delicious sweet tea vodka lemonades and reminiscing over our recent trip down south – the one where the three of us all broke something. You broke your pelvis, our friend broke his car, and I broke my habit of seeing you only as a friend.


The bar was closing up, and you were drunk as fuck. Ok, we were both drunk as fuck, but I was the one with a hotel key and all you had were car keys. I pointed this out, and you said “Oops.” but your eyes said “What did you expect?” My pussy felt a small tremble at the thought. We giggled on the way to the elevator as I was trying to keep it together. Walking down the hall to my room, I teased you for not being able to walk faster than a drunk girl in heels, and you retaliated by poking me repeatedly under the ribs. Once we were in the door, I gasped from this ticklish torture, which of course made you double down until I was left giggling and squirming on the floor underneath you.

I cursed at you to stop. Only when I threatened a nudge to your still tender hip would you relent. You stopped and had your hands next to my head and leaned in real close with a bemused scowl inches from my face, daring me to try.

You got up right away, with a smirk, and left me on the floor, leaving a twinge of wet anticipation between my legs.


Bedtime. You just clicked off the TV. Instead of the room being completely dark, the lights of downtown Boston gave everything a dim glow. I saw you blink, looking at the ceiling. The Firefly vodka that was still anadolu yakası escort coursing through my head told me to roll over to get a better look at you, putting you within arms reach. Whether or not it was the vodka that told me how soft your lips looked, it didn’t matter – I had to confirm it. I reached out and gently touched your mouth.

After a few seconds you asked “What are you doing?”

“I don’t know…”

I moved my finger around the outline of your lips.

“…Should I stop?”

You pushed your head ever so slightly back into the pillow and whispered “no”.

I ran my fingers down your jaw and saw your lips part…I leaned in to kiss you and you didn’t seem to have trouble figuring out what I was doing thereafter.


The first kisses were very gentle, increasing in urgency once my hands found their way under your shirt. I thumbed the inside of your elastic as you reached down to get under my own shirt. I eagerly sat up to help you, and afterwards you took off your own shirt and pulled me forward in a kiss and unhooked my bra. I pushed you back and let my tits hover over your mouth. You couldn’t get your lips around my nipples fast enough.

I moved my hand down your stomach and went back to exploring your waistband, and you stiffened as I went further. I felt your hand tease over my underwear to feel my pulsating pussy. My legs opened at your slightest touch. You breathed out as I curled my fingers under your briefs and around your raging erection.

You danced your fingers across my clit over my underwear and then pushed them aside to touch my wetness directly. I exhaled and bucked ataşehir escort against your hand, gasping softly in your ear. You knew where the right spot was. You tapped a staccato across my cunt and circled my clit and pushed a finger inside me. I gasped again and lost focus of what my hands were doing – you had captivated me. My mouth semi-permanently open against your chest, moaning in pleasure, and unable to move, you clutch me to your chest as you gave me my first electric orgasm.


The second one came almost as soon as the first…maybe it was the same. Hard to tell when it was 20 seconds apart, or 20 seconds long. You took a break to trail your soaking wet fingers up to my mouth and let me know what you’re capable of.

This gave me a moment of clarity in which I remembered I left you unattended. As your hand went down to feel me once again, I trailed it to grab your hardness in unison. You tapped my buzzing clit and I shuddered in orgasm from the sensitivity, tugging and squeezing your cock in reflex. I sensed how much you liked my attention, and decided to follow through on my original plan. I broke free and continued my way down your body, fingers leading the way where the mouth was headed.

Fingers danced lightly over the elastic of your briefs. then demanding more immediate attention as my tounge kissed your belly button. You peeled off your briefs and your erection beckoned me for a kiss. My warm hands explored your strong thighs as I leaned in to admire your cock with my tongue. I loved the feeling of thick erection filling my mouth – servicing you. You were quiet, but your body movements told me I was doing just fine.


My ümraniye escort legs were still quivering with anticipation when I slurped your stiff cock and kissed my way back up your body. “I need you in me” I whispered in your ear, which made you sit up and throw me on my back. I knew your hip was still hurting so I gave ever so faint a protest…which I knew was in vain when you growled in my ear “it will be fine”. We both knew it probably wasn’t, but you spread my knees with yours to get to my aching wetness anyway.

I guided you as you leaned inside me – letting out a soft breath when you filled me completely. You put your arms around my head and thrust gently at first, then more desperate as your desires commanded. My legs instinctively wrapped around your back to envelop more of you. At one point, you winced slightly, but plowed on even harder when I asked if you were ok. You plowed so hard you lost your place a few thrusts back and forth due to my sopping wet pussy.

I bucked against your hips, as gentle but as hard as I could, as if you didn’t know how much I needed you. You panted a heavy breath against my neck, giving one final thrust, and kissed my collarbone as you pulled out.


Your fingers gently replaced your wet cock as you laid back down next to me, eager to make me cum for a fourth time. You panted heavy and worked your magic against my clit, already knowing what speed to use when I gasp and what speed to use when I shake against you. Taunting me – asking me if I’ve had enough yet…how could I say yes? I moaned in your chest to never stop.

This one was it – you rubbed me hard as I spread my legs up against your fingers, your mouth seeking mine. I felt flames of uncontrollable pleasure radiate from my clit – intense pulses washed over me. I couldn’t breathe…I came in waves, crashing against your body until there was nothing wet left inside of me. I was breathless and utterly content, and fell asleep against your chest.

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