Our Weekend

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I consider myself to be a very lucky man, and my girlfriend has said that she thinks of herself as a lucky woman. The reason is that I absolutely crave being oral on a woman. I love licking her from the ends of her toes to the tops of her ears. I yearn to feel the softness of her skin, the taste of her flesh, the flavors of her juices. I also like the control it gives me over her, bringing her to the brink of orgasm repeatedly, but not allowing her to cum until I decide.

My girlfriend adores being the main coarse, and says she never gets tired of my tongue all over her. She likes to be controlled, and is open minded and quite kinky, especially when the situation is out of her control.

One day I decided to act on one of my fantasies. She arrived at my house on a Friday evening. With both of us free of obligations until Monday, we had a lot of time to wear each other out. I wrapped my arms around her and pressed my lips roughly against hers, pushing my tongue deep into her mouth. She responded by pressing her body firmly against mine, and darting her tongue in and out of my mouth.

Without loosening our embrace, I lifted up so her feet were off the floor and began walking toward the bedroom. She pulled her mouth away from mine, “We’ve got the whole weekend, don’t you want to get cozy and cuddle first?” she asked. She knows my second favorite thing is to get naked and cuddle and paw at each other. “No” I replied, “This weekend you are going to get used like a sex toy, and I’m going to do my best to reduce you to a pile of sweaty, exhausted, fibrillating flesh.” A sparkle entered her eye and she smiled as she began to kiss me again.

Upon entering the bedroom, I grasped the front of her blouse and quickly yanked, the buttons popping off in all directions as her braless breasts came into view. She shrugged the blouse off her shoulders and her perky nipples were pointing straight out.

Next I unfastened the front of her jeans. As I did, the back of my fingers would brush against her soft, warm, abdominal skin, bringing a soft sigh from her. I bent as I slid her pants and panties to her ankles. I slowly straightened up, a finger on my right hand softly traced it’s way up her inner left calf, then her thigh. She spread her legs slightly, but as my finger got close to her pussy, I moved it to trace around to the front of her left hip. From there I trailed my finger lightly up the left side of her body, and along the outer swell of her left breast. Her areola dimpled and she gasped quietly as my finger traced it’s way over her breast and along her neck to her left ear.

I looked down and saw her inner thighs glistening. Her pussy was wet and the juice was running down her legs. My mouth began to water, and I quickly got my clothes off as she stepped out of her pants, kicking her shoes off in the process. She anadolu yakası escort scampered to the bed, while I reached to the dresser and grabbed a length of rope before joining her. I told her to hold her wrists together and she did. I quickly tied them together, then stretched her arms above her head and tied the other end of the rope to the headboard, then flipped her onto her belly.

I positioned myself straddling her, with my butt on top of her butt and me facing her feet. I reached down and brought her right foot up, her leg bending freely at the knee. I moved my mouth to her foot, and began to lick the underside of her toes. I put two of them in my mouth and raked my teeth across her toes as I wiggled my tongue between them while sucking on them. She began moaning as I slowly licked and sucked on each toe.

Next I trailed my tongue along the inside of her foot to her ankle. I began to lick and blow on the hollow area on her inner ankle. Her breathing became heavier as she moaned softly and wiggle under me. I moved to her other foot and repeated what I’d done to the first one. As I worked on her second foot, I pressed down on her with my butt, and began grinding my butt against hers. This caused her pubic mound to grind against the mattress. It wasn’t long before she was breathing fast and then she gasped as her body started shuddering through an orgasm. As her orgasm slowed, I began lightly biting her inner ankle, while lightly touching my finger to the area between her pussy and ass. This re-ignited her orgasm, which was more intense than the first.

As her second orgasm slowed, I got off her and got down on the bed between her legs. I began to lick the back of her left calf, working slowly from her heel to that magical area behind her knee. Once there, I licked upward across the small area, then rubbed my chin back across the area, causing my two day old stubble to act like a scouring pad that raked her skin. I kept repeating this, my tongue wetting her skin, followed by the rough tickle of my chin. Each time my stubble dragged across her skin, the toes on her left foot curled and she whimpered softly.

I moved to her right leg and did the same thing. As I licked up her right calf, I reached up to the side of her body. The side of her right breast was just visible, being softly compressed under her. I touched the swell of her right breast, and began to lightly move my finger on it in small circles. As I licked the back of her right knee and finger massaged her right breast, she began taking slow deep breaths.

I kept at it until her body began to tense, then I took my finger away and began to lick up the back inner side of her thigh. I took my time, licking my way to the bottom of her right butt cheek. Once there, I licked to the left, working toward ataşehir escort her ass crack. When my tongue got there, I lightly ran my tongue up and down her crack. She began to move her pelvis, humping backward against me, trying to get my tongue deeper in her crevice. I wouldn’t oblige her, moving with her humping motions to just keep my tongue in light contact.

I finally wormed my tongue down into the crevice at the junction of her legs and made contact with the back of her pussy. I nearly began drooling as I got a taste of her warm pussy juice, and she began shuddering and moaning. I kept wiggling my tongue against the back of her pussy, then moved my tongue along deep in her crack to her asshole. I whirled my tongue around the rim of her hole, as I worked a finger down her pussy lips.

When my fingers found her clit, it was so engorged it felt like it would burst. I kept my tongue in motion, licking across her asshole, as I flicked her clit with my finger. I felt her body shudder and she gasped as another orgasm began. This time I quickly pulled my finger and tongue away, leaving her on the brink of an orgasm. She panted and whimpered while kicking her feet and trying to grind her pussy down against the bed again. I grabbed her hips and kept her from grinding against the bed, frustrating her more. She began begin me to let her cum, but I refused. Her whole groin was saturated and glistening with juice.

Once she calmed down, I got over her in a push-up position with a hand on each side of her, my body inches above hers. I began licking her in the center of her back, wiggling my tongue side to side as I worked up her spine to the base of her neck. I then grabbed her hair and jerked it to the right, causing the left side of her face to be visible. Her eyes were closed and her lips pursed as her breathing was getting more rapid. I plunged my tongue into her ear and began wiggling it in earnest. As my tongue worked in her ear, I lowered my bottom jaw and began working it up and down, causing my teeth to repeatedly scrape her earlobe.

I heard her gasping, moaning and whimpering as I sensed her body tense up again. I pulled my tongue from her ear and moved lower to her neck. I pressed my mouth against her sensitive neck and began licking. I felt her body stiffen and knew she was on the verge of an orgasm. I pressed my mouth tighter against her neck and bit down. At the same time I dropped my body down onto hers, letting my full weight press against her.

She exploded into an orgasm, her whole body covered with goosebumps, her skin glistening with perspiration, as she made deep, guttural growls combined with frantic wails. I kept biting and sucking on her neck as I kept my body pressed against hers. My stiff cock was further stimulating her by pressing into the crack of her ass. ümraniye escort Her orgasm seemed to last forever, but eventually began to slow, and her body started to relax.

Feeling her orgasm slowing, I reached up with my left hand and grabbed her hair, jerking it briskly, letting her know I was in control. Now her head was facing the other way, so the right side of her face and neck were accessible to me. I reached down between us, snaking my hand down between her legs. My fingers found her clit again, which was still so engorged it felt as though it would pop. I grasped it between my thumb and index finger, pinching and twisting it. I simultaneously bit down on the right side of her neck, grinding my teeth into her and drawing blood.

My girlfriend made a gurgling scream as the most intense orgasm yet wracked her body. Her whole body was trembling and convulsing, making me feel like I was lying on top of a life-sized vibrator. I began to drag my teeth across her neck, while continually pinching and pulling on her clit. As her orgasm continued on, she was making growling, mewling noises as spittle flew out of her mouth.

Her orgasm slowed, but didn’t stop. She began to make sounds, then words. “Please stop. I can’t take it. OOOHhhhhhh, God it’s so good, don’t stop!”

I chuckled at her babbled confusion, and quickly got off of her and flipped her onto her back. She moved like a limp doll, her face pale, her disheveled hair sticking to her sweaty cheeks.

I dove between her legs and put my mouth over her clit. I gently clamped my teeth onto the base, and began rapidly flicking my tongue back and forth over her clit. At the same time, I reached up and pinched both nipples. She gasped and sputtered, her back arched, and her bound hands clenched tightly as her orgasm flared to life.

As I kept nipping her clit and flicking it with my tongue, I began moving my face subtly side to side, causing the two day old unshaven stubble on my cheeks to scrape her inner thighs. Her back arched even more and her toes curled. I moved my right hand from her left nipple, and put a finger on her pussy lips below my mouth. As my finger got soaked with her juice, I moved it down and quickly thrust it into her ass. At the same time I pinched her right nipple with my hand, and bit down on her clit.

Almost immediately, her whole body convulsed, and she made a loud gurgled scream. Her pussy began squirting juice, and she lost control and a stream of piss shot onto my chin as well. I began lapping up her pussy juice and her piss, savoring both. As I did, I looked up at her in time to see her make one more gurgled scream. Her eyes clenched shut and some foam came from her mouth as her body went limp and she passed out.

Even while unconscious, her pussy kept spasming, and she kept seeping pussy juice and pee. I licked up every drop, and wished there was more. I then rested my head on her thigh, my face nearly touching her pussy mound. As I relaxed, I took a few deep breaths, basking in her sweaty feminine odor. I reached up to gently massage her thigh while reflecting on what we’d just done, and thinking about round two to cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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