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“Eighteen and never been kissed.”

Well, at least that was the title she had given the birthday party, although, if one had been looking around at what had been worn, one would be quick to surmise it was a misleading headline.

Amy and Monique had been friends since they were kids and Amy had been the last of the group to reach the freedom age of apparent adulthood. As a result, Amy had often endured the teasing of her friends at being the “child” of the group.

Monique, although her best friend, was often the most relentless with her pestering and had enjoyed reminding Amy that she wasn’t allowed out to drink or dance in nightclubs or do any of the adult things that her friends had been enjoying over the last few months. Well, until tonight anyway.

The headline sprawled across the social media invites had been Monique’s last dig at her previously underage friend and reference to her apparent innocence of youth. It was a misleading headline for many reasons, not least that the girls had shared a passionate embrace or two on many previous drunken nights.

In fairness, Amy was certainly the more innocent of the pair, her dark long hair often tied up in a simple bun and even for her birthday, she had dressed casually in jeans that were tight enough to show off her assets but left a lot more to the imagination than blonde Monique’s short skirt that clearly showed off a skimpy blue thong whenever she bent slightly passed the horizontal, which, after a few drinks had been more and more frequent.

Both girls were slim and shapely and had often compared breast sizes, infatuated that they seemingly had identical busts. They had explored each other’s bodies plenty and Amy knew firsthand, so to speak, of Monique’s secret little goldfish tattoo. It had been a simple one-line type drawing only an inch or two in size, that had been permanently deposited on her left ass cheek by her ex-boyfriend, a shameless self-promoting tattoo artist. It wasn’t his only deposit in that region and while Monique had escaped any real derogatory reputation, she was known to go a little further than most her age.

Amy, however, was a closed book with not even Monique sure of her experience or lack there off in the bedroom, a situation that caused many a boy to speculate and wonder.

The party had been innocent enough with a large gathering of friends, friends of friends and other teens who had been lulled in by the promise of free alcohol. The music had been pumping all night across the expansive and thankfully, private garden of Monique’s parents’ house, an acreage retreat that had been just far enough out of town that only true friends and the very thirsty had bothered to make the journey.

Ping pong, beer pong, a couple of soccer goals, a big empty house, full fridge and the backyard pool had played host to most of the guests and they had enjoyed the outside ambiance, which, thankfully, resulted in nothing being broken or too out of place inside.

Although, a keen eye would notice the upstairs parent’s bedroom had sheets not so neatly tucked in as before and the downstairs bathroom had a suspicious stain across one of the walls. With twenty odd teenagers in attendance, it could have been a lot, lot worse.

With the clock approaching 1am and attention turning to cleaning up, the gathering had quickly thinned out and Amy and Monique were joined only by Chris, Tom and Ben, the later who had reluctantly stayed behind to help but mainly because Tom was his lift home.

Tom, having been trying to avoid drinking most the night was happy to help but mostly because he needed some sobering up before getting behind the wheel. He had been cautious not to drink too much but had been unable to completely resist the lull of a rum, especially when it had been handed to him by a young intoxicated blonde who was clearly keen on him and oblivious to her nipples showing through her white shirt. How could he say no? One or two wouldn’t hurt right? Nether-the-less, he valued his licence and decided another hour of sobering up wouldn’t hurt, even if it meant putting up with Bens whinging.

Chris was a close friend of Monique’s and was another who had laid eyes upon her tattoo, although only fleetingly and only in the bathroom mirror as she had squatted down in front of him. It had only been the once and he got an eyeful while she got a mouthful. However, his eyes had turned more towards Amy over the last few months. He had several valid reasons for not showing up that night but the temptation to potentially see the “real Amy” had evaporated any thoughts of not attending.

He had been keeping an eye on her as the alcohol slowly loosened her up. He had noticed that she had been giggling more frequently, alas, she had maintained her usual guard, morals and decency.

‘How many fucking cups are there out here?!’ Monique moaned, bending down to grab another little red plastic escapee strewn on the back lawn.

‘Is that a goldfish?’ Ben asked, sitting on the patio and clearly getting a far kurtköy escort greater view than he had expected.

‘I guess he’s the last to find out.’ Laughed Amy, appearing from out the rear sliding door and taking full advantage of being able to score a point against her friend. Amy flashed a smile at Monique who had stuck her tongue out in reply before bending down to grab another littered cup, carefully oversexualising the movement for Ben who had both glazed eyes glued to her body.

‘I think that’s the last one.’ Sighed Monique and could just make out a disappointed sigh from Ben, aware that his little show had concluded.

‘Goldfish?’ Enquired Tom who had put down a rubbish bag and just wandered out from inside the building. He quizzically glanced at the pool.

‘Don’t even.’ Monique shot Ben a look and sharply cut him off just as his mouth opened. ‘You two getting comfortable inside, were you?’ She teased, raising an eyebrow at Tom and Amy and quickly changing the subject.

‘Tom has had his hands full helping with all the rubbish’. Smiled Amy. ‘He’s been doing a great job.’

‘I sure that’s not the job he wanted.’ Mused Monique under her breath but loud enough that it caused Ben to snort.

‘You’ve always been happy to do a few odd jobs, hey Monique?’ Chris retorted, purposely taking Amy’s side and enjoying egging on the two girls.

‘Some jobs seem to take a lot longer than others.’ Monique nonchalantly replied, placing a handful of litter in a wheelie bin she had previously placed on the patio but had seemingly been overlooked by the vast majority of party goers.

‘I still don’t see a goldfish.’ Said Tom, confused.

‘Look at her ass.’ Laughed Amy, pointing at her friend.

‘You put a goldfish in your ass?’ Said Tom, clearly shocked yet somewhat inquisitive.

‘No, you dick.’ Monique rolled her eyes. ‘Here, see?’ She turned her back to Tom and raised her skirt before slapping Bens hand away as he pretended to reach out and pat it. ‘No stroking!’ She snapped although the twinkling in her eyes gave away any pretence of being angry.

‘Leave the stroking to the girls’ Laughed Chris, though it wasn’t apparent if he was sticking up for his female friend or teasing her further.

‘You’ve been stroking off to my ass for years!’ Monique playfully goaded.

‘That’s before I knew there was something fishy about it.’

‘Well, it takes a bigger tackle than yours to land this fish.’

‘Notice how goldfish always have their mouths wide open, I’ve seen that look on you before.’

‘I’m sure it could use a feed.’ Ben piped up, joining in the banter.

‘It needs a meal, not a snack.’ Monique shot back.

‘Can we talk about anything other than her ass?’ Amy laughed, mock rolling her eyes.

‘Where’s your tattoo?’ Chris cooed.

‘I’m tattoo free and we ain’t talking about my ass either!’ She smiled.

‘It’s sad but true.’ Monique vouched. ‘About that tattoo, I mean.’

‘Oh, and you’ve seen enough to be sure?’ Asked Ben, quickly trying to join the dots, however imaginary.

‘Let’s change the subject.’ Laughed Amy. ‘Tom and I could use a hand finishing up inside.’

‘I’m sure you can lend him a hand.’ Smirked Monique. ‘Fine!’ She said as Amy frowned at her. ‘Let’s get the last of this mess tidied up. God knows my parents would freak if they found the palace ruined.’

Amy doubted very much that Monique’s parents would care or even notice the mess as the house was clean but far from royalty but was amused by her friends’ ironic tone. ‘It’ll only take a few minutes then we can continue our sobering up out here.’ She glanced at the boys. ‘Otherwise, we’ll never get rid of these guys.’ She smiled.

Amy had, of course, agreed to stay the night, however, Monique had put a disclaimer in her invites that no one else was to stay past 2am and that everyone had to organise a taxi, a parent or a sober driver to escape the venue. She really didn’t want to have to deal with anyone in the morning.

It took about fifteen minutes for the quintet to quickly put the rubbish away, tidy up indoors, rearrange the furniture, lock the liquor cabinet and then spread out around the water on the various pool furniture.

Monique was the last out of the house, clasping two beers and three bottles of water for the lads which she distributed among the crowd before falling into a long plastic sunchair.

‘No beer left for me?’ Ben asked hopefully, aware that he was the only male not needing to drive home.

I figured that would be impolite.’ Monique smiled, acknowledging the other boys with a wave of her hand. ‘Besides, you’ve had plenty of our free beverages.’

‘Too true.’ Chris nodded his agreement before Ben could reply. ‘It’s nice to relax out here.’ He continued, sprawled out over a deck chair and looking up at the sprawling clouds, radiant stars and moon overhead.’

‘You ain’t going to get all romantic on us, are you Chris?’ Teased Monique.

‘Romance not your style?’ Chris asked, faking malatya escort a confused tone.

‘Ha!’ Monique laughed, throwing a discarded empty can in his general direction.

Chris laughed as the can landed several feet away. ‘Hope your men have better aim than that! Otherwise, your little fish would end up being accidentally prodded on occasion!’ His joke causing all five to laugh out loud.

‘I’ve better aim than you!’ An embarrassed Monique replied defiantly, taking another sip of beer.

‘Well, there is only one way to settle this.’ Spoke Tom, getting up from his chair to retrieve the can. ‘First to get this through the hoop wins.’ He said, holding the can and motioning towards the little basketball hoop that overhung the deep end of the pool.

‘Monique couldn’t even throw it that far.’ Sneered Amy, glancing at the hoop.

‘You can all kiss my ass!’ Laughed Monique, grabbing the can from Tom. ‘And when this goes in, I’ll expect you too!’ She said as she took aim and sent the can flying towards the basket.

Unfortunately, the plopping sound that followed was as the can entered the water, metres short of its intended target and well short of the edge of the pool where it could have been easily retrieved.

‘Well, that was a short game.’ Muttered Ben, obviously disappointed.

‘You were really hoping that went in, weren’t you buddy.’ Laughed Tom, recalling Monique’s final words before her throw.

‘Tell you what Ben, you get the can and I’ll give it another shot.’ Winked Monique and all five giggled and watched as Ben considered the offer.

Evidently, he decided it wasn’t worth the effort. ‘Nah, I’ve kissed ass before and it ain’t worth getting wet over.’

‘You’ve kissed ass before?’ Both Tom and Amy asked simultaneously.

‘I had too.’ Ben replied. ‘It was the rules.’

‘Are we just going to ignore the pool cleaner?’ Chris asked, pointing towards the net that hung on the fence.

‘Hold up.’ Monique said, brushing off Chris’s question. ‘I want to know why you had to kiss ass.’ She laughed

‘It’s an App.’ Ben explained, reaching for his phone. ‘My ex and I played it once for laugh. It’s like a game show but, you know, sexual’

‘Explain?’ Said Monique, her interest peaked.

‘Well, basically.’ Ben stuttered, looking a little sheepish. ‘You get asked random questions and if you are wrong, you roll these fake dice like this.’ He imitated shaking dice with his phone. ‘The less popular the number you roll, the worse your punishment.’

‘So, the punishment could be anything?’ Tom asked, his mind racing.

‘Nah, you work it out before-hand.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Here, read the rules.’ Ben said, opening an app and passing his phone at Tom.

Tom read the heading aloud ‘Roulette sex. I thought it was dice?’ He asked.

‘Probably more like Russian roulette than the casino version.’ Mused Amy in reply.

‘Just read it.’ Monique demanded, impatiently.

‘Well someone wants their ass kissed.’ Laughed Chris.

‘You wish, Jellyfish!’

‘I’m sure there is a goldfish joke there somewhere.’

‘Okay.’ Tom interrupted. ‘Here we go. The game starts by imputing the names of all the players and agreeing upon eleven sexual punishments. These should range from timid to daring, at the choice of the players in question. All must agree to all the punishments as these will represent the stakes of each round and must be acted upon should you fail.’

‘Players will be asked random multiple-choice questions with four possible answers. A correct answer will mean you survive your round while an incorrect guess will result in being punished.’ Tom paused to look around the group, all of whom were paying close attention.

‘All players start with three life-lines. The first is “Ask A Friend” with the friend in question being a part of the game. This will result in the two of you, joining brains to answer the question. If you are correct, you survive. If you are wrong, you both must serve the same punishment as decided by the dice.’

Tom glanced around his audience before continuing. ‘The second life-line is “Remove One” in which the app will remove one incorrect answer. However, an incorrect answer when this life-line has been used will result in a harsher punishment as the app will remove the three most timid punishments.’

‘Wow. This is intense.’ Laughed Amy. ‘You’re not expecting me to play this are you?’

‘Hold on. I’ll see what the rest says.’ Replied Tom, continuing. ‘The third life-line is “Remove Two” which will remove half of the available answers but also the most-timid half of the punishments, should a wrong answer be given. Each life-line can be used only once by each player.’

‘To play you must enter the names of all players and the eleven punishments, in order from most timid to most daring, the app will then automatically randomise the numbers as the probability of two dice rolling a two is far less than two dice rolling a middle number. Therefore, the middle numbers kayseri escort will result in the most-timid ranges as they are also the most likely to be rolled, while the extremes, two and twelve, will be reserved for the harshest punishments and will be most infrequent.’

‘All in all, there are 36 possible combinations from two dice being rolled. A 2 or 12 is rated as a 1/36 chance while a 7 is rated as a 6/36 chance and is, therefore, the most likely and the timidest punishment. Do you accept the risk?’

‘Holey shit.’ Laughed Chris. ‘That’s amazing.’

‘And you’ve played this before?’ Monique asked Ben.

‘Yea, only with Zoe so the ask a friend thing was useless but it was good fun.’

‘It wasn’t the game that caused the break-up, was it?’ Giggled Monique.

‘No, that was her banging Michael.’ Ben replied, oddly calm.

‘Okay, well.’ Started Chris, keen to break the silence. ‘As long as we don’t put anything too bad in, I’m keen!’ He enthused, recognising an opportunity to somewhat corrupt the girls.

‘Yea, what the hell, I have an hour or so to kill before I can drive.’ Tom said to no one in particular.

‘I’m not playing unless the girls do!’ Said Ben, a little alarmed.

Monique laughed. ‘I’ll do it. As much as It would be fun to tell everyone you boys played it on your own.’ She glanced at Amy. ‘You game?’

‘I’m not sure.’ She started then hurriedly backtracked at the sound of moans and groans from the other four. ‘Okay, Okay! As long as we don’t put anything crazy in!’

‘What do you consider crazy? Asked Chris, tentatively, wondering how far he could push the punishments.

‘A goldfish in the ass?’ Questioned Tom, laughing and unable to ignore bringing up the previous joke.

‘We’ll see. I’m not really sure’ Said Amy. ‘I mean to Chris’s question, not yours Tom!’ She laughed, recognising the boys had stared open-mouthed at her. ‘My ass is off limits!’

‘Put that down as number 12.’ Monique teased.

‘You realise it’s your ass on the line too!’ Amy shot back.

‘Nothing is going up my ass either, just quietly!’ Laughed Chris as Tom and Ben quickly nodded their agreement.

‘How does the game know who is male and who is female?’ Asked Amy, realising that the boys’ worried looks were merited. ‘Like, who do you do the punishment with?’

‘It doesn’t.’ Ben replied. ‘When Zoe and I played it was obvious who was doing what to who but with five, this might be a problem.’

Tom, with the phone still in hand, read over the rules again. ‘It looks like you write the punishments based upon yourself. For example, it says a timid punishment might be to play the rest of the game in only your underwear.’

‘That’s a timid answer?’ Asked Amy. ‘Gee whiz, I hate to think what a harsh one is!’

‘Well, it’s up to us isn’t it.’ Said Chris. ‘Although I like that idea.’

‘Should I put that down as number 1 then?’ Asked Tom.

‘Yea and the next one should be fully nude.’ Said Ben, a little hastily while eyeing of Monique.

‘Hold on cowboy.’ Monique said. ‘We might need a few more timid ones before jumping into the nudity otherwise you might find yourself getting banged by one of these studs.’ She laughed, pointing out the other two boys.

‘Is that possible?’ Ben asked, suddenly not as enthused.

‘It’s up to us, dickhead!’ Chris laughed. ‘We choose the punishments. Why don’t we throw some ideas around and then we can grade them?’

‘Okay, sounds fair.’ Said Tom. ‘Any ideas?’

A silence fell over the group with no one wanting to make the first rule.

‘What about a nuddy run?’ Asked Chris? ‘Around the pool.’

‘What about having to kiss all members of the opposite sex?’ Asked Amy, starting cautiously.

Monique surprised the group with; ‘What about loser has to masturbate themselves to a conclusion in front of everyone.’

‘Monique!’ scowled Amy.

‘What, think about it. There are three guys and only two of us and we both know we are smarter than them anyways. It’s about time you saw a dick or two!’

‘I can see them as they run around the pool!’ Laughed Amy, trying to brush it off and not wanting to cause an argument with her friend. She was also a little inquisitive but would never let it show.

‘I think I’m going to need a pen to write these all down, so we can work out the order.’ Said Tom. ‘Also, it says you can use your own dice if you don’t trust the app. Do you have any dice Monique? It provides a score chart based upon the probability of rolling each number, I should be able to write a list. I’m not sure I want to rely on this thing.’ He said, holding up the phone.

‘Sure, second drawer down in the kitchen. Think there is some dice in with the cards and some other shite.’

Tom jumped up and entered the house on his hunt to find the dice, upon his triumphant return he asked the group what had been suggested.

‘I think I have a couple of good ones.’ Said Chris, flashing the girls a smile. ‘The loser has to admit to an X-rated secret and another option is for the whole group to be able to ask a yes or no question which the loser has to answer truthfully.’

‘Yea, I like that.’ Said Monique. ‘I think we should add the ass-kissing one just for Ben too.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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