Pastor Dick Pt. 04

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We took Stephen’s truck out to the countryside. Getting out of town was actually starting to make me feel better. Stephen was as giddy as he could be, if not apprehensive about how deep into the country we were going.

“How far out in the woods are we going?” he asked as we left the blacktop and turned onto a dirt road. “I’ve seen the movies and I don’t like what happens to guys like me.”

“You mean the gay guys?”

“No, the cute blond muscle guys,” he said with a laugh. I rolled my eyes.

“It’s not that far. But it is a bit isolated and quiet. It’s a slice of heaven. I think Andy will like the company.” I looked over at Stephen, his hard muscled body highlighted by his tight shorts and sleeveless t-shirt. Andy would enjoy his company, I thought to myself.

“You’ve mentioned the name but who is he? An ex or something?” Stephen asked.

“He’s a something.”

I went on to explain that Andy was from another farm bordering the one where we were going, which was one I had inherited. Andy’s parents owned large greenhouses and raised horses and a few cows.

Andy was only a few years older than me, but there was enough of a gap that we didn’t associate or hang out together in school. Even as neighbors we didn’t have much contact. But every time I did come into contact with him there was unadulterated hero worship. Andy had a naturally big muscular build – big bulging muscles, v-shaped torso, dark handsome looks- everything that would send a hormonal gay dude into a sexual frenzy. Of course, he played football, which eventually allowed him to get a full college scholarship. He would have become professional except for an injury sidelining him.

He had come home to recover, and I was home from college when we first had really close contact. I had gone walking in the woods separating our farms and spotted him leaning against a poplar tree with his cock out. Of course, I couldn’t just leave and hid behind a wide old-growth oak. I was frozen to the spot watching the live version of my many fantasies, his jeans pushed just past his crotch and his shirt pushed up to his chest exposing his rippling hairy stomach. I was shirtless and started toying with my nipples watching this big hunk jacking his humongous cock. I crouched down, unzipped, and jerked furiously on my own cock; then consequently falling backward with a muffled “OOOF” as I hit the ground. I remember getting my bearings and there was Andy standing over me, his jeans buttoned but still unzipped. My cock was still hard and poking out, so I gave it a rub. One thing led to another and Andy shot a load of cum onto my bare stomach as I lay on the ground below him. The next thing was much unexpected -Andy knelt down beside me and sucked my cock until I coated the inside of his mouth.

“So you’re gay too?” were the first words I said to him after that.

“Ya reckon?” he answered, cum dripping out of the corner of his mouth onto his whiskered face.

After that, we got together many times over the years. He took over his family’s farm and business. Eventually, I asked if he would manage my family farm since I was away in the city, but didn’t want to sell it. After a major tornado damaged his home and farm, I’ve let him stay in the house on my farm until he could finish rebuilding everything at his farm.

We finally drove up and parked near one of the big oaks between the house and the barn. Andy was walking out from the barn when we arrived. He was wearing tight jeans half-stuffed into old brown cowboy boots, a cut-sleeve denim shirt exposing his big arm tattoo, and a worn ball cap. He looked good, all tanned, muscled, and bearded, I thought as he walked toward the truck.

“What did say about heaven? It ain’t a slice, but the whole fuckin’ pie,” Stephen said softly to me, adjusting his shorts.

Andy rested his arms on the open truck window. You couldn’t help but smell that unique smell of musk, dirt, and motor oil as he leaned forward giving a wide white smile. He pushed his cap back, showing off his bright green eyes.

“Hey, Jack, glad you came on out,” he said. “Now, who’s this pup you have here?”

I leaned over and started to open my mouth to answer.

“I’m Stephen, Sir!” he interjected with lightening speed.

“You don’t have to call me ‘Sir’ unless I’ve got you tied up,” Andy joked, giving Stephen a spellbinding wink. Stephen giggled nervously. Andy opened the truck door. “Come on, pup, let’s get you on the ground.” Stephen slid out of the truck. “Well, you’re a strapping corn-fed boy, aren’t you?” Stephen just grinned. Andy looked at Stephen like he was hungry, Stephen returned the look.

I opened my own door kars escort and walked around the truck.

“Nice truck!” Andy said, patting the hood.

“It used to be my grandfather’s,” responded Stephen. “It’s a 1992 Ford F-series. It’s the last one that looks truly vintage, in my opinion. It has got me really interested in vintage trucks,” Stephen sputtered.

“I used to have one myself,” Andy responded. “I wonder if that makes me ‘vintage'”.

“Nah, not at all,” Stephen answered shaking his head.

Andy stepped toward him and with his big hairy hand tousled Stephen’s hair. Stephen looked like a puppy that had been told he was a “good boy” for the very first time.

“Jack, I dunno where you found this little pup. But I just might have to adopt him,” Andy said, turning to me and grinning. He turned back to Stephen. “Let’s go out to the barn. I’ll show you a couple old trucks. Well, how about that?”

“I want to take a walk…alone,” I said looking at Stephen. “It’s like my meditation. You go with Andy. You’ll enjoy it.” I gave him a wink.

Andy grabbed Stephen around his shoulders and whisked him off toward the barn.

I started toward the woods, but then turned around.

“Andy! I yelled. “I think I want to go to the lake. Where’s the four-wheeler?”

“In the shed! Gassed up and ready to go!” he yelled back, patting Stephen on the shoulder. His hand started to run down Stephen’s back as Andy guided his new young friend through the big barn door.

My family owned a few hundred acres, stretching all the way back to town. Although it was quite a ride to the farm by the road, as the crow flies – if you went straight through the woods – town was actually pretty close. My grandfather had carved out a nice-sized lake on the far-side of the property near the town and built a large wooden pavilion near it. The lake was in the middle of a big slightly-hilly grass meadow with several huge old-growth oaks. He figured he might lure in some people who liked to fish, or maybe a few church camp meetings. It was the spot of family celebrations, church gatherings, and various community events. When he died, my grandfather set it aside as a park for the town. The town put in a playground for kids and some restrooms. The town’s garden club constructed a gazebo with a small rose garden. The size of the park was even large enough for a baseball field used by the local teams.

There was a dirt access road through the woods to the fence line at the edge of the property and the back end of the park. The drive wasn’t long and I parked the ATV by the gate before going into the big sunlit mown meadow. One of the men’s fraternal organizations kept most of the grass mowed, letting some go to seed to be harvested as hay -which was sold to help pay for the park’s upkeep.

I flopped down into the grass and looked out around the park from a small hill. An older couple was fishing in the far side of the lake. A couple of families were in the playground. A few ball players were practicing in the ball field. I pulled off my shirt and put in on the grass, lying back on it I let out a deep sigh of contentment. My hand pulled at a stalk of grass and I put it between my teeth, tasting the greenness of it. I closed my eyes and thought about nothing. The sun felt so good and warm on my body.

“Boy, you look relaxed, just don’t get sunburned,” said a familiar voice.

“I’ll be okay. Just going to be here another minute or two,” I responded.

“Oh, I thought we might have a chance to talk,” the voice responded.

I sat up, my eyes adjusting to the bright light as I opened them. There was Rick wearing a torso-hugging t-shirt and jogging shorts, sweat dripped down his face and neck. The sun was behind him, illuminating him like a mandorla, a halo encircling his whole beautiful muscular body.

Well, damn, I thought to myself.

“Help me pull this off, pup,” Andy said, motioning at the canvas drop cloth.

Stephen grabbed the side opposite and they pulled it back to reveal a very old pick-up truck.

“Wow!” Stephen shouted amazed at the treasure they had just uncovered.

“It was my uncle’s truck, given to him by my grandfather. A1960 Chevy Apache C-10 Stepside,” Andy said proudly, giving it a gentle pat. “The tornado didn’t even lift the dust cover. Moved it over here to Jack’s barn and I’ve been working on it as I can.”

Andy pulled a hunter green handkerchief out of his left-hand back pocket and opened the hood.

“Look at that V8 engine,” he said, whistling.

“Awesome!” Stephen said, wiping sweat off his forehead. “It’s kinda stuffy kars escort bayan up in here.” He pulled his t-shirt off and hung it from his belt. Andy couldn’t help but take in his smooth muscled torso. “Tell me about the engine.”

“Use this and wipe off some of that sweat off,” Andy said handing his handkerchief to Stephen.

Andy pointed out a few unique things under the hood, sideways he looked over admiring at Stephen. Stephen handed him back his sweat-soaked handkerchief.

“I’ve got a hunter green bandanna just like that,” Stephen said, leaning over and looking at the engine, his rippling six-pack pressed against the hard truck steel.

Andy took the handkerchief and eased it into Stephen’s right-hand back pocket.

“Now you’ll have another one,” Andy said, running his hand over Stephen’s bare young muscled back and giving him a sly wink.

“Are you not hot in this oven of a barn?” Stephen asked Andy, pulling at the collar of his shirt, and noticing the thick chest hair spilling out. Andy laughed. “I’m just wet,” he added, running his fingertips over Andy’s hair-covered chest. “I mean, all that thick hair getting wet. I think you need to lose a layer or two…if ya wanna.”

“Yeah, things are getting pretty fucking hot in here,” Andy replied, pulling his shirt tails out of his jeans, his fingers moving up the buttons and undoing each one.

Stephen reached out to touch the mass of dark hair covering Andy’s thick tight torso, but Andy grabbed his arm and spun him around. His wet hairy front pressed into Stephen’s smooth back as the older man ran his rough hands up and down the younger man’s sinewy muscled body from belly to neck and back again. Andy ran his fingertips under the top of Stephen’s shorts, making him shudder from the soft tickling touch. Andy nuzzled his neck, groaning against the young flesh under his control.

“You fucking sexy pup,” Andy growled softly into Stephen’s ear. “Fucking sexy boy. I want to be your fucking daddy.”

Stephen groaned and pushed his hips back, grinding into Andy’s hard crotch. Andy had been undoing Stephen’s shorts and they dropped to his boots. Stephen kicked them away. Stephen loved the feeling of exposing his young body to this alpha daddy, hiding nothing and being vulnerable to him. Stephen was Andy’s toy, his pup, his boy. His hands rested on Andy’s massive biceps as his naked round bubble butt slid against the tight denim of Andy’s thick crotch.

“Pup is eager for a big bone, I see,” Andy said, licking at the saltiness on Stephen’s neck. “Slow down, pup. You’ll get it soon enough, daddy will see to that.”

Andy pulled away and grabbed the canvas drop cloth, throwing it over some bales of hay. He grabbed Stephen and lifted him on top of them. He pulled his shirt off and unbuckled his belt. He pushed his jeans down his thick thighs. He stood there for a second, running his hand over the thick silver cockring he was wearing.

Stephen lay there amazed at the hairy thick-muscled daddy standing over him, while a stream of precum dripped out of the pisshole of his big cock and onto the canvas. Andy’s daddycock was twice as thick as his, with a wide flared angry purple head. Andy bent down and lapped at Stephen’s slick precum, coating his lips and tongue with it as the boy sucked in deep groaning breaths. Andy twisted his cap backward and sank down on Stephen’s hard young cock. He could feel the veins making the young cock hard pulsating as the dick slipped deeper down his gullet. It was too much and Stephen tried to push the older man off his cock; Andy grabbed his wrists and pushed them onto the flexing hard belly.

“I don’t wanna cum yet, daddy,” Stephen cried, head thrown back. Andy pulled off the cock slightly before swallowing it again. “Ahhhhhh!” Stephen yelled in ecstasy, pulling his legs backward toward his chest. Andy released his wrists and instantly grabbed the back of Stephen’s thighs, pushing his legs wide. He spit on the tight little pink hole he had exposed, and then leaned in, running his tongue over the quivering center. He could feel the boy wanting to pull him inside as his tongue tapped at the opening. The ass was opening and contracting, begging to be used by a big daddycock.

“Fuck me, daddy,” Stephen begged. “I want you to fuck me.”

“Yeah, daddy knows, pup,” Andy acknowledged as he pushed the boy’s legs back toward his chest and positioned his thick cock at the pink entrance.

Stephen gritted his teeth, his eyes wide as the big man pushed forward forcing the massive cock into his tight young ass. He sucked in a deep breath and tried to relax his muscles as the older man escort kars kept digging into him. Stephen grabbed tightly at the canvas with his fists as Andy broke into the softness as the tight ring gave way to his battering ram. Stephen wanted to scream, but instead locked eyes with the beautiful older man sinking deep into him.

“My brave little pup!” Andy said with a big grin. “You’re taking my big old cock like a champ.”

“Yes, Sir, daddy! Fuck me with that big daddy cock,” Stephen moaned, wiping a tear out of the corner of his eye with the back of his hand. “Daddy’s brave boy needs that big cock fucking him.”

Andy started pumping into the muscle boy’s tight ass. It felt like a perfect moment as he pummeled into the boy, looking at the sculptured muscled body under his power.

It didn’t take long before Andy could feel his balls tightening against the silver cockring ready to explode inside his new boy.

“I’m going to cum, boy. Where do you want daddy’s load?”

“I want to see daddy cum. Please cum on my face, daddy!”

Andy pulled out and Stephen twisted and turned his body so his face was under Andy’s throbbing cock.

“I’m cummin’, pup! Fuck! Fuckin’ hell!” Andy roared as a thick volley of cum coated Stephen’s cheek and chin. Another load shot across his lips and Stephen stuck out his tongue to lap it up.

Andy’s body shook as his last shots coated the boy. Stephen only had to barely touch his cock before he shot load after load up onto Andy’s furry chest. Andy bent down and licked his own cum off Stephen’s cheek before giving him a deep wet kiss.

“Damn, you’re a fuckin’ hot boy. We’ve got to do this again, pup.”

“Yes, daddy.”

Rick sat down in the grass beside me.

“I haven’t seen you in awhile,” he said, staring out across the park.

“I’ve been like ultra-busy. Completely swamp with everything, ya know.” I didn’t look at him as my hands ran through a patch of clover.

He turned his head to me and gave me a little knowing smirk.

“Oh, I thought maybe you were trying to avoid me,” he responded, reaching over and patting my bare stomach.

“I really was busy. I did flowers for some things before the country club gala-thing and lots of other…uhm, floral stuff.”

“Yeah, I remember Liesl Gruber mentioned you had done her flowers. Amy really liked them a lot.”

“Who’s Amy? An old girlfriend?” I asked, still not looking at him.

“Actually, she’s my cousin.”

I turned to him, trying not to show my surprise or how stupid I felt.

“It’s so hot out here today,” Rick said, pulling off his t-shirt. He wiped his face and across his hairy sweaty chest with it before tossing it onto the ground beside him. He stretched his muscular legs out and crossed them. He leaned back, twisting himself to face me. His fingers pulled at some weeds and blades of grass. “She knew I was going to have a hard time this week.”

“You’ve not missed me that much,” I chuckled.

Rick gave a little stunted laugh, and then his face got serious as he looked at me.

“No, today would have been my twentieth anniversary.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Your what?”

“My Johnny and I never made it past five years. Of course, we weren’t married…we couldn’t back then. But we were definitely in love, and could have made it to now, except for…” he said and suddenly stopped, looking tearful. I snaked my hand through the grass and clover, and laid it on top of his.

“Johnny wasn’t very religious, He’d have a fit knowing I was a pastor of a church in the middle of nowhere, progressive or not,” Rick said with a laugh. “He was like why would you want to be a hypocrite or care about these small-minded people,” he said, wiping away a tear. “And for awhile after him, I was like ‘fuck it all’ and ‘fuck them’ and did everything I could not to care…to ignore my faith. If I couldn’t save Johnny, I thought back then, how could I help anyone else? But here I am again…a big old hypocrite, maybe a fool. Anyway…” he reached for his shirt and put it back on, “you reminded me a bit of him when we first met.” He stood up and brushed himself off. “I can understand you not wanting the baggage or difficulty of dating a pastor…not to mention fucking around with one,” he said calmly, then abruptly bust into short fit of hysterical laughter. “I’m a mess.”

“I’m a mess, too. Fucking around with a twenty-something year old at my age…I’m not built for it,” I said and paused for a minute. “Did you know that?”

“Yeah, I did. I know how Stephen is. And don’t tell him, but I know he’s stripping…dancing …again. People tell me things. It’s his life though. I just want him to find joy in life and be a great guy.”

“I mean, he is a great guy. But there’s only one person I really wanted since the time I first met them,” I said, grabbing my shirt and standing up.

“Who?” asked Rick.

“You,” I said, handing him a four-leaf clover.

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