Payback Ch. 1

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“You’re not going to help me? She said incredulously, staring blankly at him. “You can’t be serious.”

“Oh, but I am Jenna. Deadly serious.” he paused. “You can look elsewhere.”

“But where?” she pleaded. “I have no-one else to turn to, and you know it you bastard. How can you take advantage of me this way?”

Take advantage indeed.

Years back, it was Jenna and his brother taking advantage of him. They had all the money in the world. He was a real success, his brother. Owned a couple of car dealerships, two nice homes and a condo in the mountains. Every nice thing he and his wife wanted, they bought. Nothing was ever too good for them. No car, no boat, no meal, no vacation was opulent enough for them unless it was the best. And they flaunted it at every opportunity.

In the meantime, Vince was working hard for every penny he had. Saving his money, making small investments whenever he could. Then the high technology boom hit. Several of the stocks he had bought in Internet firms and cell phone manufacturers hit the roof, doubling and splitting over and over. Finally, when it became more money than he could even think of spending, he sold it all and “beat the market.” Every gambler has to know when to quite. After all was said and done, he had cleared nearly 14 million dollars.

That was just about the time Jenna’s life came crashing around her. Jim just up and left without a trace. He did leave one thing though – debt. It turns out some of the business deals that made him so prosperous weren’t quite legal. After 15 years of marriage and two children, he took off for parts unknown with his secretary – the IRS and SEC in hot pursuit.

The authorities put a lid on everything they owned and every dollar they had. Took the houses, cars, boat – everything they didn’t need to barely survive. Whether she deserved it or not, Jenna was left with no means of support. That’s why, as a last resort she swallowed her pride and came to Vince.

“Jenna, you’ve been taking advantage of us for as long as I can remember,” he said. “Always asking for favors, but offering nothing in return. Making sure that the world gave you what you were owed. The nicest clothes, the Mercedes Benzes, the personal trainer. Kept yourself in darn good shape, with the kids in private school or camp all day. Then inviting me to the pool so you could shake your tits and ass in my face.” It made him crazy, he neglected to mention.

“I didn’t mean to . . .” she protested.

“Yes you did, Jenna, and you God damn know it.” he shot back.

She hung her head. She knew he was right, and for once in her life she needed him.

“Vince,” she confessed, “I have so many bills and no way to pay them.”

“Kept right on spending, didn’t you? Why – tell me why I should pay your way out of debt?”

Jenna’s face was flush, and she felt a little queasy. “Look, I’m so very sorry for the way I treated you. I wasn’t always this way. I was once a nice person, too. Remember how friendly we were years ago? But I let it all go to my head. I did. The money, the houses, all the stuff I had. It just seemed like it would never end. I forgot what it was like to work for the things I had. I always admired you though, admired the way you worked hard and made yourself such a success. Plus, living with Bob and putting up with his shit, I felt I’d sort of earned it.”

“What shit?” he asked

“Oh forget it,” she replied, shaking her head. “The way he treated me? Like a possession. Just another servant to order around. Nothing was ever good enough. My cooking, the house, the way I looked. And he was always gone. Fishing, golfing, who knows. The kids hardly knew him. Did you know that we hadn’t had sex in over a year? Do you know what that does to someone’s self esteem?”

“No, I didn’t know that,” he confessed. “That’s too bad.” He must be blind, Vince thought. But he wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of saying it.

“He was doing it with his secretary, though, the one he ran off with,” she continued. “She’s 15 years younger than I am. Do you know that I found films of them in his office? Films of her blindfolded and tied up while they had sex. He shoved everything he could in her, fucked her in the ass . . .. ” Her blue istanbul escort eyes began to well up with tears.

“Jenna, ” he repeated, “I’m not saying that everything in your life was peaches and cream. But you let him treat you that way because you were living the good life and fuck everyone else. He lost respect for you because you let him. You should have stood up for yourself and demanded respect.”

“You’re right,” she surrendered. “But it’s too late now, what can I do? I’ll do anything you want, Vince. I still need to live until I can straighten this mess out.”

“Come over tonight and bring your bills, I’ll see what I can do.”

Her face lit-up for the first time in quite a while, he guessed. “Vince,” she said, putting both hands around his face, “I want to show you how grateful I am, I want to . . .”

“Don’t make a federal case out of it, Jenna,” he interrupted, “just come back over at 8:00.”

“I’ll be here,” she said, looking deeply into his eyes. God, she was gorgeous.

Eight o’clock came pretty quickly, but no Jenna. Perhaps she decided that she had some pride after all. That money was not the most important thing in the world. She could live with friends or relatives and get back on her feet. Well, good for her. It was the first time he’d ever seen her do something unselfish, show some fortitude.

The doorbell rang. He answered it and let her in. She looked radiant in a sheer black outfit.

As he watched her walk into the house, Vince marveled at her ass and legs. That beautiful tight ass and long, sexy legs. She was a tall girl, about 5 foot 8, and carried herself with arrogance and grace, even now. The breast implants she’d had were proportionate enough to be undetectable. Done by the best, naturally. Her body was tight and gym-toned. She did the best she could with what nature gave her, which was a lot. She had long, thick blonde hair and a perfect complexion. But her best feature by far was her outstanding legs. She was blessed with a strong and shapely set of wheels.

Strutting back to the large living room in his new estate she devilishly asked, “Can a girl get a drink around here?”

He fixed her a Whisky Sour just the way she liked it, with a good amount of sugar and heavy on the Seagrams Seven Crown. A potent brew for early evening. He had one too, for good measure. They sat down and he looked over her papers. It was a mess all right. $100 haircut bills, manicures, pedicures, personal trainers, expensive dinners, airfares, hotels, landscaping, boutiques – you name it. Over $45,000 in unpaid credit bills.

“Jesus Christ, Jenna!” he uttered, astounded. “How on earth could you spend this kind of money this fast?”

“I know,” she muttered. “I knew you’d be shocked. It is shocking even to me – now. It’s just that I didn’t know the money would stop coming in, that they’d freeze our assets.” Her voice cracked.

He took his time looking over the bills, shaking his head in disbelief, and for effect. He could tell how nervous she was, and the silence only accentuated it. Jenna fidgeted with the ice in her drink, looking at the floor. Good, he thought, let her sweat it out for a change.

“OK, listen,” he finally said. “I’ll pay these bills for you. All of them. And I’ll give you a car to use and a monthly allowance. But it’s not a gift, and I’m going to have you sign papers so that when your situation changes, you pay me back first. You’ve got to learn to accept responsibility now.”

Jenna momentarily closed her eyes as she realized that she was saved. She looked as though the weight of the world had been taken off her shoulders. Tears flowed and whether it was the fear dissipating or the whisky working, her body began to visibly unwind.

“You came through for me,” she cried in grateful relief. “You’re the only person in the world who would.”

She hugged him deeply, somehow transferring all that emotion into her embrace. The feel of a man next to her, the strength of his shoulders and hands released a passion in her that had been denied for too long. She couldn’t help herself. She instinctively took his face in both her hands and, lips trembling, kissed him. Tentatively at first, avcılar escort then more insistently, parting his lips with her tongue. As they yielded, she pushed it further in until their tongues intertwined and probed each other urgently. She forced her tongue in, further and further in a kiss that she would or could not disengage.

He needed to see just how much she desired him. He lightly rubbed her glorious breasts, flicking his thumbs over her already stiff nipples, which shot out of her top instantly in response. She breathed in deeply and her body literally shook. He thought she was going to cum. He squeezed harder, kneading her nipples with his thumb and index finger. As her passion got serious, she stopped kissing him and dropped her head on his shoulder as he massaged her breasts, her breath shallow and coming in spurts. He noticed with delight that her light pants betrayed a few drops of wetness between her legs. She was clearly on the road to the orgasm that she so badly needed. He stopped.

“Vince,” she whispered hoarsely, “don’t stop baby – please. I love what you’re doing to me. I want it – I want you right now. I want to make you feel good, too.”

“Not here,” he advised. “Let’s go into the bedroom.”

She picked herself up and rather unsteadily made her way to the bedroom, continually looking back to make sure he was following. Her face was a mask of desire and desperation. Once inside the room, she didn’t waste a moment. She pulled her mesh shirt over her head and removed her bra, revealing the perfect stand-up tits that he expected. Removing her pants, he saw that her thong underwear were indeed soaking wet. In fact, small streams of her passion were leaking down her leg. Her naked body was glorious. And she knew it. He requested that she leave the high heels on, accentuating the shape of her perfect calves. She lay down on the bed, ready for him. Not so fast though.

“Jenna, let’s have some fun. The kind of fun you told me Jim had with his secretary.”

“What?” she said breathlessly, “what do you want to do? Look Vince, I need — need to feel — I have to – I can’t wait to – OK, just do what you want, but now.” Her eyes went wide with lust.

Vince pulled three silk neckties out of his drawer. He blindfolded Jenna with one and lightly tied her hands to the bed with the other two. She didn’t resist. Then he moved over to the bed and kissed her neck, moving down to her shoulders and then her tits. He licked and squeezed both her nipples. Feeling this, her legs quivered uncontrollably, the juice pouring freely. Moving down her body, his tongue danced along her flat stomach. He started anew at her ankles, licking his way up those terrific legs and stopping at the perfectly manicured pussy. It smelled wonderful and was sopping wet. Jenna was whimpering loudly and straining at her bonds. He knew that if she could, she’d shove her whole fist inside her own pussy and release her orgasm. But it was not in his plan to let her.

He licked first around her pussy lips, then inside around the entrance, spreading those swollen lips with his thumbs. Lightly playing with her asshole, he licked his way up to her delicate and fully exposed clit. It was completely engorged with blood, sticking up like a pencil eraser. The moment his tongue touched it, Jenna began to buck her hips and shriek. Waves of pleasure pulsated through her body.

“Oh my God, you’re making my pussy feel so good, you’re going to make him cum, Vince. I feel it all over, tingling all over . . .” she cooed. Again, he stopped.

“Please, Vince,” she pleaded. “Please, I need to cum so badly. I can’t take it anymore. I’m so hot for you right now, my body aches. Please.”

Ignoring her pleas, he walked to the top of the bed and pressed his cock head against her lips. With her hands bound, she could only take in what he allowed her, though she plainly wanted it all. Slowly, he gave her more and more of his cock. Just an inch at a time. She took it all masterfully, he acknowledged. He pulled out to let her suck on his balls for a few moments. She sucked them like a baby sucks on a pacifier – firmly, insistently – then continued to lick the underside of his balls, which felt phenomenal. He şirinevler escort suddenly allowed the entire length to slide down her throat, almost to his balls. He thought she might have trouble admitting it all, but no, she was so horney at that point, she would have taken a salami down her throat. Jenna thrust her head up and back, trying to get every bit of his manhood. The smell and taste of his cock were intoxicating.

Vince pulled his cock out of her mouth and spent another moment admiring her incredible body. Jenna was so sex starved that she writhed on the bed like she was in heat which, truthfully, she was. Her ramblings were uncontrollable.

“Fuck me, Vince. Make me cum. Cum on me. Do anything to me. Touch my nipples again. Eat my hot pussy.” She again strained against her bonds. She was in such frantic need of cock – it pleased him tremendously.

Vince reached into his drawer and pulled it out – the lifelike six-inch vibrator. The once he had filled with extra-heavy duty alkaline batteries. It’s almost a shame to defile such a beautiful creature, he thought, but fuck it. He climbed onto the bed on his knees and crept between her legs, lifting them up by her ankles. Slowly he inserted the vibrator in her pussy. With her eyes covered, she had no way of knowing it wasn’t the real thing. She only knew how it made her feel.

“Ohmigod, yes, Vince. Stick it in – again, again. Oohh yes.” He shoved it in again and again, momentarily giving her what she needed.

Her juices flowed steadily. Vince wiped them off her leg and smeared his cock with them. He placed his cock at the entrance to her asshole, a smile breaking out on his lips. Even in her condition, Jenna took note of this second object and was confused.

“Wait,” she stammered. “What – what are you . . .”

Just then, Vince turned the vibrator on, full blast. It undulated explosively inside her tight pussy. The sensation Jenna felt was beyond description, beyond belief. She was overcome by the powerful climax that began coursing through her body. It took her breath away. He abruptly sank his juice-lubricated cock into her asshole. She screamed as her genitals were racked with a mixture of pain and pleasure such as she had never felt in her life. Vince unrelentlessly thrust in and out full length, cock head to balls, again and again. Her rectum, at first impossibly tight, loosened up to accommodate him.

“Please, please wait a second,” she pleaded. “Just give me a second to . . . “

Goose bumps covered Jenna’s flawless skin. The veins in her neck pulsated. Her head flailed from side to side with each new sensation. She began to sweat. Vince reached over and pinched her nipples hard, driving her to the near edge of insanity.

“It feel too. . . Oh my God, Oh my GOD. I can’t take it. I don’t think I can — wait –I’m going to . . .”

And then finally, mercifully, with his cock stretching her asshole and that big powerful vibrator sending shock waves through her pussy, a shattering orgasm began to rip through Jenna’s body. It emanated from her pussy and ass, then spread in both directions at once, reaching to her toes on one side and up through her neck and jaw on the other. The orgasm that overtook her consumed her entire body. It became everything she was about. It felt to her as though every ounce of her flesh, every cell in her body, was burning with incredible pleasure.

“Mmyygodd – oohh – so good, so good,” she murmered, “this — is the — most intense –orgasm I’ve ever had. Vince — you are – devastating me . . .” she became so overwhelmed with ecstasy that her mouth could form no more words.

She bucked her hips up and down with powerful force, but Vince held tight, fucking her ass through her orgasm until she quickly reached yet another plateau, literally foaming at the mouth in excitation. He continued fucking her through that one until even he could take no more and filled her hole with hot cum, the remainder spilling out onto her perfect ass. As her orgasm finally subsided, she began to slow her movement. Sweat covered her face and matted her golden hair. He untied her and she immediately lurched forward, put her arms around his neck and kissed him. A good, hard fuck is what she had needed, and it was exactly what he gave her.

“I’ve never in my life,” she stammered, “I had no idea I could cum like that. . .I’m going to have to come over at least once a week and give you more of this interest payment,” she finally purred.

Vince didn’t complain. He had more payment in mind than she could even imagine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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