Penpals Become Lovers Pt. 02

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The following is the true story of how I met and established a friend with benefits with a married woman, this continues on from my previous story “Penpals become lovers” Obviously, names, places and some details have been changed to protect our identities. The events described took place over 10 years ago so, though I still have most of the emails from the time, I no longer have texts so these and the dialogue are reliant on my memory. I have shortened some timescales to avoid the story being too long but the events were basically as described.


After Jane left me I returned home, my flat seemed so empty but I thought I could still smell her perfume in the air – the aroma of her.

A couple of hours later she sent me a text, “Home safely xxx.”

We exchanged a few more quick texts then it was time for sleep. I lay there enjoying the memories and went to sleep with happy memories.

The next couple of weeks we chatted online every day, sometimes for hours at a time, all sorts of things, jokes, stories about our lives plus of course discussions about sex. When Jane asked what I would like her to wear for her next visit my normal answer was no underwear ?? She was a little worried about travelling on the train like that, but it was my fantasy.

The time seemed to drag but eventually it was the day, Jane was working all night and would catch the train first thing Friday morning. I would be working from home all day but she said that would be ok as she could feed the ducks on the pond and sleep until I was free.

Again I was at the station early and the wait seemed long but eventually there she was walking towards me down the platform, she hadn’t changed from work clothes of shirt, fleece and leggings but I wasn’t disappointed as she was there with me. That same lovely face, looking tired after a long night shift followed by a two hour train journey, that same gorgeous curvaceous figure that I couldn’t wait to hold. We kissed circumspectly then walked back hand in hand. I suggested a walk round the pond but Jane wanted to shower and change first.

When we got home I was told firmly to sit at my desk and get on with work whilst she showered, “There will be plenty of time Cheri,” she said with a smile.

It was hard to concentrate but soon I was on the phone for work and caught up in a conversation, I had conference calls coming up. Jane came out of the bathroom wearing a loose top and sarong skirt which swirled round her as she walked. She came over, kissed me, pressed something into my hand and said quietly, “Hold these for me, I will be back soon.”

With that she was gone, leaving me with a memory of her lovely bottom wiggling under her skirt. I just had a fleeting view of her silhouetted against the light, shining through the skirt and exposing her body to view. I looked down to find that in my hands I was holding a pair of panties, did that mean she wasn’t wearing any? I was soon on another call but my mind was drifting to Jane and the question that I needed answering. About half an hour later I heard my door open and Jane walked over to kiss me, as I was sat down my hands were lowdown and I reached for her. There was no resistance as I slid my hands up her legs, stroking as they went, then I reached her sweet pussy – bare for me and feeling soft and wet. “For you Simon,” Jane breathed as I brushed my finger tips over her lips.

Her shaven pussy felt so smooth as I brushed my fingers over it, “I shaved her last night during my break so that she was as you like her,” Jane whispered in my ear.

At that moment someone spoke to me through my headset, luckily I heard my name, but I had to reply, “Sorry, you broke up then kadıköy escort what did you say?” I said, pretending that I wasn’t totally distracted.

The call needed my attention at that point so I mouthed, “Sorry”, to Jane and answered the question.

Jane’s response was amazing! She knelt in front of me, under my desk, and reached up to undo my belt and trousers! I lifted my bum off my chair so she could ease them down, with my boxers, and my semi-hard cock sprang up. Jane pulled everything down and then ran her fingernail up and down my shaft. I couldn’t believe it, here I was on the phone discussing work matters with no one having any idea that I was naked from the waist down and a lovely woman playing with my cock. Jane leant in and I felt her hot breath under my balls, then the tip of her hot wet tongue caressing. Her hand gripped my cock as she licked and nibbled my balls all over, sucking first one then the other completely into her mouth. It was all I could do not to moan down the phone, luckily someone else was talking so I could go on mute. Jane continued to massage with her tongue, moving on to run her tongue up and down my shaft, long slow licks from base to tip and back again. I was in ecstasy feeling her tongue teasing, caressing the entire length, I swear she had added an extra inch.

With a contented sound Jane started running her tongue round and round my knob, probing the opening with the tip of her tongue. When she put my cock in her mouth I couldn’t not give a low moan. She moved her mouth up and down slowly, gripping tightly, getting more and more of me inside her mouth. Before I knew it she had me entire length in, then pulled back slowly, before engulfing me again. I caressed her hair, whilst trying hard not to fuck her mouth, letting her set the pace.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long, and told her that I would cum if she wasn’t careful. Her only response was to speed up and cup my balls as she sucked. Jane’s hot mouth worked up and down my cock, milking me, I could feel my spunk building and then had to give a quick cry of, “I’m cumming!”

We hadn’t discussed but there I was cumming into Jane’s mouth, she didn’t stop sucking until she was sure I had finished. Then she knelt back, releasing my cock, “Was that nice Simon?” she asked.

All I could do was nod as she stood up to kiss me. As our tongues played I realised that she had kept some of my cum in her mouth and that was what I could taste. It was an incredible turn on to taste my own cum, fresh and warm, inside Jane’s mouth. We shared it between our mouths and I found myself swallowing some, it felt so deliciously naughty.

But I still had 10 minutes of my call left. Jane patted my now wilting cock and said seductively, “I need to lay down, my turn when you are ready.”

All I could do was smile and hope that my call ended soon as Jane headed towards my bed, leaving her clothes behind her as she went.

The time until the call completed seemed to take ages, with my imagination working overtime. Eventually we hung up and I was quickly hurrying towards my bed, removing what few clothes I had left. There was Jane laying in my bed with the duvet pulled up and her eyes closed. I lifted the covers and slipped in beside her, not sure if she was asleep or not, I kissed her gently. Jane’s eyes opened and she gave a sleepy smile. “Hello Simon, is it my turn now busy man?”

I cuddled up and ran may hands up and down her naked body as I asked, “Would you rather sleep?”

Jane smiled sweetly, “In a while, but my pussy needs attention. Kiss me there Simon.”

There was an urgency to Jane’s words as she rolled onto üsküdar escort her back and I kissed my way down her body. I couldn’t resist her breasts, with their nipples standing proud. I spent ages licking, sucking and pinching her nipples and could have spent longer but Jane was urging me on. So I kissed my way down her stomach, moving so I was laying between her legs I spread them wide. Her pussy lay there bare, wet and hairless, her lips parted slightly and glistening with moisture. I lent forward and inhaled the sweet aroma of Jane’s pussy, she smelt so good. But we both had an urgent need, I leant closer and ran my tongue up her wet lips, tasting her for the first time that day, as I did so Jane lifted herself trying to press her hot pussy against my face. I knew that I couldn’t tease her any longer, so I quickly bent to my task. Sucking her lips into my mouth, nibbling each with the tips of my teeth making her moan. Then moving my tongue up and down her wet hole, long strokes, working her depths. Before moving to her clit, spreading her lips with my fingers so I could get to it, sucking then running my tongue round her clit, then alternating my actions. Jane was now moaning and encouraging me as I slid first one then two fingers inside her, finger fucking her hard and fast as I continued to work her clit.

Jane was in ecstasy, rubbing herself against my face as I licked and nibbled her clit and continued to finger fuck her. Her pussy was drenching my face as she bucked against me, moaning loudly as she came, once, twice three times in quick succession. As she came Jane wrapped her legs round me, locking me tight against her body almost smothering me in her passion. Then as quickly as that she relaxed and I realised that she was satisfied for now. “Thank you Simon,” she purred sleepily, “I needed that”.

I moved up and kissed her, but Jane was already drifting towards sleep. Soon she was breathing deeply and sound asleep. I covered her and left her to rest, I still had work to do before what promised to be a busy evening and night.

I carried on working all afternoon whilst Jane slept, obviously she was on my mind but, whenever I checked, she was asleep. Eventually I finished work and busied myself tidying up, about 6pm I took a drink through to the bedroom and was greeted by a sleepy face, “Hi, how long did I sleep? I’m hungry.”

My answer was a long, lingering kiss and, “Hello sleepy head, feeling better now?”

We agreed to go out to eat, but it took a while for her to dress as we kept stopping to kiss. She didn’t resist too much when I wouldn’t let her put panties on (I wanted easy access at all time), “Ok master,” she conceded with a demure smile.

Walking to the restaurant round the pond hand-in-hand we stopped often for kisses and when holding Jane in my arms, I couldn’t resist lowering my hands to stroke her bum through the thin material of her skirt. I realised that this was the same skirt that she was wearing earlier and I wanted to check whether the glimpse I had before was imagination. At my request Jane posed by the pond for a photograph, little did she know that I had positioned her so that the sun was behind her. I got down on one knee holding my phone for the photo, yes I could clearly see Jane’s body through her skirt due to the sun. The outline of her legs were clearly visible, leading up to that wonderful place that I was licking not that long ago and would soon be pleasuring again. Her pussy was not visible, the skirt covered her modesty that much, but the outline of her body looked so good. I couldn’t resist asking her to turn, so I could also see her lovely rounded bum which I was so looking forward to caressing again.

We tuzla escort then kissed some more, taking our time, our mouths interlocked and tongues exploring. It took a lot of effort for me to not just take her home again to fuck her, but we needed to eat in order to keep our strength up.

Sitting in the restaurant chatting I must admit I wasn’t concentrating on the food, with Jane sat next to me and our legs pressed together I could feel the heat of her body.

It was getting dusk when we left to walk back, again, walking slowly hand-in-hand just enjoying the moment. When we reached the pond there was no one else around and we stopped for long passionate kisses, at which point an idea formed in my mind. Taking Jane’s hand, I led her round the quieter side of the pond to a bench that looked out over the pond but was hidden behind bushes from the path and in a darker spot as it was overhung by trees. Soon I was sat on the bench, with Jane kneeling astride me, our tongues entwined as we kissed and my hands under her top squeezing her large breasts and playing with her nipples. Jane’s hands were playing with my chest hair under my shirt before moving lower and trying to undo my belt.

At that point I had an idea and asked Jane to stand, as she did so I quickly undid my trousers and slid them and my boxers down to my ankles. Jane moved forward to sit astride me, but I had other ideas, “Turn round and back up”, I urged her.

Jane quickly got the idea and, lifting her skirt, she positioned herself over my hard cock. Then taking hold of me and guiding, she crouched so that her soaking wet pussy was over my cock and then slowly sat down. The feeling of my shaft sliding into her tight hole was heavenly. Jane sat still for a moment savouring the feeling of being filled, before starting to move up and down on me, fucking my cock. Her juices soaking my lap and legs as she rode me, her tight cunt gripping my cock. Jane was giving little moaning noises as she fucked herself with my cock, on a bench in public with us able to see and hear traffic driving by the other side of the pond. As she rode me I was able to reach round and pinch her nipples to add to her pleasure, at which point Jane gave a louder moan and shuddered as she came. “Fuck, that’s good!” she sighed.

I let Jane ride me for a bit longer but I needed to take over. I asked her to stand up, then move round so that she was leaning over the bench looking out over the pond. Then I lifted her skirt up and onto her back to expose her round bum, standing behind her there were so many things I wanted to do but the most urgent thing was to fuck her. I held my cock in my hand and pressed it against her wet slit. “Yes Simon,” she breathed.

With one hard thrust I was in and my body slapped against her cheeks. A slow withdrawal then a hard thrust back, again and again, building my pace I fucked her hard and faster. That tight cunt gripping me, her gasps of pleasure encouraging me, I fucked her hard and deep holding her cheeks apart so I could get as deep as possible. Jane was pushing back to encourage me, open air fucking was obviously a huge turn on with the thought that people were nearby with no idea but also someone could walk past and discover us at any moment. As these thoughts were crossing my mind I couldn’t hold on any longer and with one final thrust I started cumming, it felt like my whole body was focused in my cock as I shot my hot spunk inside her. A few last thrusts and I was spent, standing there resting against Jane’s buttocks my shrinking cock still inside her. Eventually I pulled away and we managed to sit on the bench snuggled up, me with my clothes scattered nearby and bare from the waist down and Jane with her skirt still all rucked up. There was something really special about sitting there in the gathering darkness, semi-naked, with the wonderful afterglow of good sex.

In the end we both started feeling cold so, putting on the minimum of clothing, we made our way home and to bed. After all we had the rest of the weekend to enjoy each other’s bodies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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