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The theatre, I love it, especially when I’m with you. I feel you gently squeeze my fingers in your hand as we sit waiting for the lights to dim.

The music starts softly, building up as the lights are lowered and the curtain is raised. I feel the corners of my lips tilt into a smile as I settle back in my seat, crossing one leg over the other. The skirt of my dress parts, revealing the pale skin of my thigh. My fingers automatically move to adjust it, but your hand presses over mine, stilling its action. I glance at you, but your eyes are fixed on the stage. Placing my hand to rest on my stomach you slowly stroke up and down my thigh with the tips of your fingers. I swallow and press my lips together, trying to focus on the stage and the performers. Your fingers confidently slip under my thigh and clasp the inner sensitive flesh. I feel you edging closer to the warmth of my pussy. Glancing at you again, you appear unmoved, your gaze unfalteringly fixed on the performance.

I know if I uncrossed my legs I could pin your hand to the seat beneath my pussy. Instead I stir and wriggle forwards a little to give you easier access. My movements are rewarded by the feel of your finger pushing my knickers between the lips of my pussy and stroking the soft, hot flesh. I bite back the moan that’s lodged in my throat, as you continue to caress me. Here in such a public place, you eryaman escort make me so wet with your touch. My neck arches, tits pushed out as you tease me. I need more, I want to feel you deep inside me. Your finger pushes aside the sodden fabric and rubs against my clit. My hands grip the seat arms, nails digging into the fabric as I desperately try to control myself. Right here, right now, I want nothing more than to push you back in your seat and fuck you, let you feel how much I desire you. You seem aware of my needs. You withdraw your fingers, pushing them into your mouth to taste me. Then you stand and without looking at me make your way to the aisle.

I catch up with you on the pavement, where you grasp my hand firmly and stride off. My heels rap on the stone as you steer me towards the side entrance of the theatre and a darkened corner. You press me into the dark and against the wall. Yours hands pull at my dress, exposing my tits encased in black lace, nipples hard against the fabric. Lips pressed together, tongues exploring and I feel like I want to swallow you whole, to taste all of you. My hands slip inside your jacket and tug at the buttons of your shirt, craving the touch of your skin. Your hands cup and fondle my tits, your thumbs squeezing my nipples, I moan and it is swallowed by your lips, still covering mine. Finger nails scratch across the front of your trousers, sincan escort seeking the outline of your hard cock. I have it and rub my palm over the throbbing bulge. You press me hard against the wall hips thrust against mine, my hands grabbing at you to pull you closer.

Dropping your head, your lips clamp around my nipple through the lace, tugging and biting. My pussy getting even wetter from your attention. Your hands on my thighs, grabbing my knickers, pulling and pushing them down. And your fingers, ah, encountering my wet pussy and thrusting in, my hips straining forwards to meet them. I’m so desperate to rip your trousers open, so desperate to feel your cock fucking me.

“Fuck me, fuck me now, I need you inside me.”

Ripping at the fastening to your trousers I soon feel the warm, hard flesh of your cock in my hands. The temptation to suck you, taste you, get on my knees in this alley is overwhelming. But I need you to fuck my tight pussy, not my warm and willing mouth. Pressing myself against the wall, I raise one leg and wrap it around you. My hands still holding your cock I press the tip against the folds of my pussy, staring into your eyes as you breach me and in one thrust have filled me. That’s so good, my lips part on a long drawn out sigh of pleasure.

Grabbing my hands you force them back against the wall, thrusting yourself batıkent escort further into me. My pussy feels so stretched and I savour that sensation, before you withdraw and hammer home again. Every thrust is greeted with a moan, my lips parted, and eyes half-closed as I enjoy the way your cock fills me. My pussy clenches around you, as if it wants to hold you forever. You thrust into me harder, groaning with the effort and feel the hot, wetness of my pussy surround you.

“You love this, fucking where someone might see.”

I moan and shake my head, “No I love fucking you anywhere, everywhere.”

My nails dig into your hands as you begin to fuck me hard and fast and my pussy sucks you into me. I could never have enough of this fullness, my pussy tingling, but I want you to cum. I need you to spunk inside me, explode, lose control. The cold, hardness of the wall at my back and the heat of you filling me. Your cock twitches and throbs inside me as with a hard lunge you thrust up into me, your body stiffening, and your teeth biting into the soft skin of my neck, muffling your groans. My leg tightens around you as you flood me with your spunk, pinning me to the wall with your cock. Two more thrusts and I can still feel you cumming, my pussy sucking the last of you.

Briefly we rest against each other, both breathing hard. You kiss my lips and step away, that mischievous smile curving your lips. Covering my tits I stand up straight and you take my hand, leading me back to the light of the pavement. With every step I feel your cum oozing down my thigh, my lips twitching at the thought of the night to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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