Phone Call To Bliss

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This is my first story I have written, any feedback would be appreciated and I will respond to any feedback I get no matter what kind of feedback it is. Thanks for taking the time to read my story!

I just arrived home from work and sat down on the couch to watch TV when I hear the phone ring. I stand up and walk across the room to answer the phone. I start to wonder who be calling me when I hear your sexy voice on the phone. A smile comes over my face. Before I say hello, I hear you asking for me to come over, without hesitation I tell you that I will get ready and be over shortly.

Thoughts go through my mind of what the evening will hold for us as I go to my room and remove all my clothing. I jump into the shower so I can be fresh and clean for you. As the water runs down my naked body I start thinking about you and your touch. I reach for the soap and close my eyes as I imagine that it is your hands moving over my body. Your fingers move gently across my hardening nipples. Just the feel of the touch sends tingles down my body. I start to feel that familiar ache that you cause in my vagina when you caress my naked body. I do my best not to start rubbing for I know that in time the ache I am feeling will be satisfied.

I get out of the shower and dry my self off. I imagine that you are gently drying my body. You wrap the towel around my shoulders and draw me close to you; my body is aching for you to caress me. I get back into my room and walk over to my closet to pull out my black mini skirt that just barely covers my ass. I pull out my top that is low cut and tight, also black. I lay them on the bed and go to my dresser and pull out my red g-string and bra. I start to slowly put on my g-string and notice the moisture building, the ache increasing, just waiting for you to satisfy it. My bra is thin and my hard nipples show through the fabric. I smile bigger knowing you will enjoy this. I finish putting on my black thigh high’s, skirt and top. I turn to look at my self in the mirror and I feel my self-get escort numaraları eryaman wetter just at the thought of pleasing you.

On the drive over to your place the urge for release gets stronger and stronger I feel the moisture starting to soak through my panties. As I pull into your driveway thoughts of the night continue to go through my mind. I control my urge to run to your door and walk slowly up and knock on your door I patiently wait for you to open it. I know that you are making me wait although you do not realize how I have dressed for you. The door opens and I see your eyes go wide and hungry for me. I step inside and move into your embrace.

You bend your head down so that your lips meet mine as I part my lips waiting, needing, wanting your tongue. Our tongue’s meet and dance with each other. The passion in our kiss is strong. My hands move up and down your back for a minute and then I gently squeeze your ass, my hands move from your ass to your hips as I move them to the front of you. I try to control my self from attacking you right there.

Our kiss still going strong and passionate I find what I am looking for. I slowly start to rub the hardness growing inside of your shorts. I break our kiss and look into your eyes as I start to rub your cock even more. I whisper to you that I have missed you and your touch. I then start to kiss your neck, moving up to nibble on your ear. I moan lightly knowing that will turn you on even more.

I take your hand with my free one and move it to my ass so I can show you what I am wearing a g-string just for you. My hand moves from your crotch and I slowly unbutton your shorts so I have better access to the prize. I see in your eyes that you just want to lay me down right there and just pound your big meat into me. I tell you not just yet good things come to those who wait.

My hand touches the flesh of your hard cock and I moan at the thought of it inside of me. I continue to rub as I start to lower to my knees. I free you of your shorts ankara bayan escort and gently start to lick the tip of your head in slow circles. I feel your hands grab on to my head gently. My tongue moves up and down the shaft of your hard cock as I reach up and start to squeeze your balls gently.

I move my tongue back to the tip of your cock so that it may enter my mouth; I know your feeling my warm breath as I clamp down my lips. I slowly start to suck lightly as my tongue still moves up and down your shaft. I start to slowly start to pump you in and out of my mouth. I suddenly stop and take you out of my mouth.

I stand up and slowly take off my top for you; I smile because I know the hunger burning inside of you. I know that you are aching as much as I am. I turn a little to give you a peek at my ass and then slowly start to lower my skirt. I turn back around standing in front of you in just my bra and panties. You reach for my bra and slowly remove it and move to my g-string to slowly remove that. I feel your finger brush against my lips and I shutter a little, you feel how wet I am for you. I then reach up and receive another very passionate kiss from you and tell you to lie down.

You do as asked and I move up to your head. The smile on your face tells me you know what is next. I turn around and straddle your face so that I am facing your cock and lower my pussy on to you waiting lips. I start to moan at the feeling of your tongue. I feel you teasing my clit with your tongue. You move to my lips and run your tongue in between them and slowly I feel you insert your tongue. I moan at the attention being giving.

While your are pleasuring me I bend over and take your hard cock into my mouth and slowly start sucking it teasing the tip of your rock hard cock as I start to moan louder. I take you into my mouth and I pump you in and out slowly at first. I feel I need to tease you a bit. I know you want me to pump faster because your tongue is attacking my clit. I remove elvankent escort you from my mouth as I start playing with your balls as I tease tip of your cock with my tongue again.

Although you have not been licking me long I feel as if I am about to cum and I start to move my hips in motion with your tongue. I take you back into my mouth and I start to suck hard and take you deep into my mouth wanting to milk your cock. I feel my self explode along with you; I moan as I feel you Cumming and collapse with your cock still in my mouth. When I have recovered I move from your face to receive a passionate kiss. I taste my juices that cover you. I whisper to you that we are not done and your eyes light up. I reach down and slowly start stroking your cock while we lay in each other’s arms. I start to feel you become to get hard again and I start stroking you with a firmer grip. Once I feel you regain your full size I slowly straddle you with my hips barely touching your cock with my pussy I decide to tease you a bit so I lower my pussy and rub it up and down your cock. My hands caress your chest as I continue to tease you.

I can tell you have had enough and you take me into your strong arms and roll me over. I feel you take my nipple in between your lips and I let out a moan, your hand takes my other breast and you start to massage it. My pussy starts to ache more and more for your hard cock inside of me. You bend down and kiss me again passionately. I move my hips up so that your cock is touching me. We break form the kiss and I tell you I need and want you. I want to feel your hard cock fill me and bring me to another orgasm.

I see a smile come across your face and I feel you enter me. I let out a moan, my pussy feeling full. We start to pump in rhythm of each other. You start off slowly as my hips move to meet yours. You start to thrust into me harder and faster as I feel my self-build to another orgasm. I try to hold back as I want to cum with you and I can tell that you are almost there as well. We start to move faster each trying to satisfy the other until at last we both explode the feel of you exploding inside of me keeps my orgasm going. Our bodies feeling total relaxation as you collapse onto me, we lay there you still inside of me as we gently but passionately kiss each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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