Prelude to Rough Sex

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Moaning into your mouth as my body is pressed back into the bed. Your hands pinning mine above my head as you kiss me hard and deep. Whimpering as your tongue thrusts into my mouth again and again, the feel of your teeth bruising my lips.

You growl into my lips as your hands slide down my arms. I shiver and open my eyes to see you watching me intently… your eyes dark and demanding. One hand wraps around the back of my head, tangling in my long hair as you wrap it around your fist. You pull my head back slowly while your other hand slides down my body. Rough fingers caress my shoulder, my neck. You lower your head and graze your teeth over the line of my neck as your hand slides lower.

I gasp as you palm my breast and bite gently on my neck. Mmmmm God I love the feel of you over my body like this. I stroke my fingers through your hair raking my nails lightly over your bare shoulders to grip your upper arms. I reach up and tug your head back up to my mouth, groaning in excitement as you respond by crushing me with a kiss, your hands tightening on my body. I love that baby, I love the feel of you holding me tight like you are afraid I might try to escape.

I nipp at your bottom lip and you growl deep in your chest… a promise, a warning. That sound that makes my heart race and my body tremble. Your hand slides lower, slowly, deliberately. You want me to know exactly what you are have planned for me as you slide it over my stomach and push it between my thighs. Your hand gripping the inside of my thigh and forcing my legs open.

God I am so wet baby. I know what is coming next. I can barely breath for wanting that first touch so much. Mmmmmm…

You part my thighs and bite my shoulder a bit roughly, making me arch into your hand. You slide your mouth over my skin and suck my nipple into your mouth, grazing it with your teeth.

I cry out then look down to see you sucking on my nipple watching my face intently. As I look at you, your eyes narrow and you slowly slide one thick strong finger between my wet pussy lips. And I am so wet baby, you make a satisfied rumbling noise around the breast in your mouth and rub that finger harder, deeper into my pussy. My hands grip your arms. Your hand tightens in my hair, drawing my head back as you slowly slide your fingers between my lips, circling the opening of my pussy, pressing slightly, but not letting eryaman escort me have more.

I part my legs further, whimpering your name, begging, pleading, “Rob please, please…” I start to hump my pussy against your hand. You know what I want, so you raise your head and look me directly in the eyes while you slide that finger in deep.

“Oh god baby that feels so good,” I moan low in my throat almost a growl. You press harder then pull out and penetrate me again hard and rough. I bite my lower lip and hang on to you… THIS is what I want. Your mouth clamps down on my other breast, sucking hard, demanding more as your finger fucks me slowly but deeply. I am drenching your hand and whimpering beneath you.

You bite and my pussy tightens on your finger making your grin evilly. You slide up and griping the back of my head in your big hand turn me for a nice hard kiss. You suck and bite on my lips as I beg you for more. You keep fingering me while you fuck my mouth with your tongue.

Mmmmmmm god that is so good. You know I like having my mouth and pussy taken at the same time. It makes you want more and you slide your finger out as I whimper. Then you press two fingers into me, spreading my pussy wider.

I am bucking beneath you, I like that so much. God baby you know how wet I am right now. You deepen the kiss, so much I can barely breath and you press your fingers deeper enjoying my small whimper. I tense because you are being a bit rough and the pain almost overwhelms the pleasure. But my pussy drenches you, and I thrust my pussy back on your hand.

My nails are digging into your arms as you say “Mmmmm such a good little girl. You like that don’t you baby, you like getting taking nice and deep?”

You smile as I whimper “Yes!”

Then I hear you say “I know you do baby. Mmmm such a good little fuck. I am going to enjoy every inch of you”

You thrust your fingers harder once, twice, before pulling out suddenly. I thrash beneath you and you tell me “Look at me!” Your hands tightening in my hair forcing my face to yours. “Open your eyes Kelly and look at me!”

I open my eyes slowly and gaze up at you… you look at me, my lips red and wet from your kiss, my eyes wide and pleading. You slide your two wet fingers in my mouth. I moan around them and let you watch me suck on them. You growl deep and lean in closer your lips brushing sincan escort my ear.

“That’s so fucking slutty, you sucking my fingers like that. I am going to find out just how much you can take baby.”

You hold my head… your lips inches away from my lips and stare intently at me as you hand pushes between my legs again. I gaze into your eyes and gasp as I feel you pressing… pressing. Your hand tightens on my hair holding me as you press into my pussy.

You rumble low in your chest “Give it to me Kelly.”

I moan and part my legs wider….

You take that as an invitation and force your three fingers in stretching me out. I am soooo wet but still too tight.

I gasp, forget to breath, then cry out beneath you. Opening my eyes I see you watching your fingers pressing into me. Mmmm that gets me so horny.

You hear me groan and you turn to stare at my face. Leaning down you thrust hard, oh god so hard, almost lifting my hips off the bed. I bury my face in the side of your neck as you slide up and whisper roughly in my ear “I am going to fuck you so hard, Kelly. I am going to make you pay for being such a fucking tease.”

You are fucking me roughly, your three fingers pushing as deep as you can while you hold me down by my hair. I whimper and start to beg you as you just keep thrusting over and over… I am imagining how it is going to feel when it is your big dick inside me. God I want you deeper.

“Baby, please, please TAKE me. I need you to fuck me please…. Oh GOD.” Biting your shoulder, nails running down your back, begging you with my lips, my words, my body. My pussy is milking your fingers and you smile. You know I want it so bad. “Rob, pleaseeeeee!” Again and again you are fingering me… getting me ready.

“You want it Kelly? Tell me…”

“YES, Rob please! I want you, I want you to fuck me please!” I am struggling beneath you trying to pull your hand up so I can have what I want.

You growl and pull your fingers free.

I cry out in protest as you flip me over on my stomach but you pin me down and lift my hips to get me right where you want me. Your hands are tight on my hips, finger tips digging into my soft flesh, as I feel the head of your cock sliding up and down an instance before you thrust forward taking me in one hard thrust.

“Oh God,” I scream and instant before batıkent escort you yank my head back turning it slightly to you.

Pounding me harder with each thrust you then force your wet fingers in my mouth. I hear you say “Mmmmm such a pretty girl, with my fingers in your mouth. You like the taste of your pussy on my fingers?”

I nod yes and mumble around your wet fingers shoved deep in my mouth. I am shivering beneath you, my pussy trembling around your dick as you thrust deeper. You never really pull back as much as just relax then try to shove farther into my cunt.

You shove your fingers roughly into my mouth, rubbing the rough pad of your index finger back and forth over my tongue. You like the way that looks and so you pull your dick all the way out of my pussy and then penetrate me hard all the way to the hilt.

I cry out, your fingers in my mouth muffling the scream

You do it again, hard, rough, dominating me. Then you press deep, still rubbing the pad of your finger over my tongue, your dick buried to the hilt in my trembling pussy, you press your lips to my ear and whisper roughly, “If you scream like that again I am not going to be able to control myself baby and I might hurt you.”

You hear a bit of fear in my gasp and see my eyes go round in surprise as I wonder if this is you in control what would happen if you lost control?

You hold my gaze, knowingly, warningly, as you slowly slide your dick out of my pussy an inch at a time. I know what is coming but still can’t prepare for it. You slide your fingers from my mouth and wrap your hand around my jaw holding my face and bracing your other arm by gripping the iron head board above me. You press you hand into the side of my hair cupping my face, gently kissing my lips as you slide your dick up and down my slit.

Then you freeze and grip my hair tighter. You hold my face where our lips are touching each other. You lick my lips slowly then suddenly your entire body tenses and your dick slams home, hard, so hard.

I gasp for air and lose the ability to breath an instance before I scream into your mouth.

Your hand roughly pushes through my hair as you wrap your arm around my neck. Pulling out and slamming into me again.

I struggle and collapse to the bed trying to retreat from the rough, hard thrust, but you ride my body down, pinning me to the bed. Your arm around my neck arches me back a bit as you growl into my ear “DON’T move, don’t you DARE try to get away!”

I try to remember how to breath and brace myself for the rest of the night, whimpering your name as a plea “Rob?! please…”

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