Quiet Night In

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It is Friday evening and you have just picked me up from the airport. We go back to yours and I’ve noticed how quiet the house is. You tell me to go upstairs and get comfortable, you disappear into the kitchen. As I enter your room I notice how perfect you’ve made the setting, you have put up kind of darkish curtains to block out the light and have placed a few candles randomly around the room. The way the candles are shimmering has given the small space a very romantic and erotic aura.

As I get comfortable just lying about on your bed you appear in the doorway with two very chilled glasses of white wine and announce that you’ve started to run us a bath. You tell me to behave myself because the bath might overflow but neglecting your order I stand up and pull you close anyway. As our lips connect I feel a surge of excited energy rushing through my body like never before. The last five weeks had been absolute torture but now that we are together it doesn’t feel as if I had been parted from you for any longer than a full day. You put your hands on my shoulders and move me slightly away from your body, you kiss the tip of my nose you stick out your tongue while walking out the door to check on the bath.

I sit back on the bed practising my petted lip for you coming back upstairs, but you’ve sneaked back up very quietly and I haven’t heard you. You giggle at me pouting my bottom lip, walking over to me you push me back against the bed. You manoeuvre yourself on top of me and start kissing my neck ever so gently that it sends shivers up my spine. As I try to move your head so that your lips meet my own you grab hold of my arms and pin me down, whispering in my ear that if I don’t stay put you’ll stop. I do as told!

You stand up and move over to the door and close it tight. After you’ve closed the door you take your t-shirt off and let it drop to the floor. You come back over to the bed and use some material escort çankaya to cover my eyes, with my sight removed my other senses heighten. I can feel my clothes being slowly removed, your fingers lightly caressing my skin. Your tongue encircling one of my nipples and your thumb and finger tweezing the other one. Goose-pimples start to appear on my skin as I feel myself becoming more and more excited with your touch. You have awakened my senses so much that I can actually feel my pussy throbbing in time to your every caress. My back begins to arch up off of the bed as I begin to feel the first pulse of a very powerful orgasm. We are so connected at this moment that you know exactly what is happening deep inside me and you decide to slow down the pace of your tongue on my skin. Just as the ticklish sensation starts to diminish you start kissing and gently tracing my shaven bikini line with your tongue. Your hand rubbing up and down against the outside of my thong, my juices start to seep through my pussy lips making my thongs very wet.

You take my thongs off and being able to feel how wet you make me turns you on. You turn me over so that I’m on all fours and order me to sit on your face. I do as I’m told. Knowing how sensitive my quivering pussy feels at that moment you start teasing the outside of my c*nt before attacking my clit with very intense licks. I can feel that first orgasm reaching its peak again and I start grinding my pussy into your mouth. My legs start to tremble as you run your tongue along my enlarged clit and delving into my wetness and back out, continually keeping to the same rhythmic routine, I feel myself going over the edge as my orgasm hits me.

You continue to lick me but you have lowered your speed. I don’t want to stop enjoying you just yet though, as we’ve waited four weeks and five days to feel this intimacy between us again. I spin myself round and lean forward taking otele gelen escort your thick throbbing length in my readily waiting mouth. I explore every inch of your cock with my tongue, flickering the tip of my tongue lightly over your pulsating skin. As I start tickling your balls with my hand I can feel the top of your thighs and groin tense, I increase the pressure my tongue has on your hard cock. I can hear muffled sounds from you that sound like “I’m Cumming!!!” I take as much of you into mouth as possible and just circle my tongue around the tip of your cock till you explode in my mouth.

My body collapses beside yours on the bed but we’re still in opposite directions from one another. Before I know what’s happening you have parted my legs and savouring my wetness with the same enthusiasm from earlier. My body jerks over the bed when you put your finger slowly deep inside me rubbing up against my G-spot. I lose control as I reach another orgasm, I clench the quilt with my hands as I scream out with pleasure that you’re giving me.

Without removing your finger from my pussy, you move up the bed and lie beside me. You kiss my neck, gently nibbling and sucking on it but not hard enough to mark it. I lower my head and kiss you passionately on the lips, teasing you with my tongue. The teasing doesn’t last long as I want to taste my juice off of you. I move my hand down your body to pull you closer to me. The closer you get I discover that you haven’t lost your throbbing hard-on, which excites me and from nowhere I feel a surge of energy. I manoeuvre my body on top of yours. Straddling your hips, I rub my pussy up and down the length of your cock letting you feel how wet you’ve got me.

I lean forward and continue kissing you as before, slowly lowering my pussy onto your cock. You enter me slow and hard as I sit on top of you, my hands rested on your chest to keep my etlik bayan escort balance for the first few strokes. I adjust my hips so that every thrust from your cock hits my G-spot. Sitting this far back on you makes it easier for me to lean forward slightly and I start teasing your nipple ring with my tongue. Your breathing becomes deeper, you place your hands on my hips and push me down hard on you. I can feel myself climaxing again as I buck up and down on your length. The sensation inside me grows stronger and my pussy starts to contract against your cock pulling you deeper and deeper inside me with each stroke. Feeling breathless from our sexual energy I pant that I’m gonna explode and you make your strokes harder and faster. You move one of your hands off of my hips and place your fingers on my clit rubbing it intensely. You can feel my juices run down your cock as I cum.

I fall down on top of your chest breathing aimlessly, you turn me over so that I’m now lying on my back. You are still very much deep inside of me, pounding away making me even more sensitive and ticklish. You take my left arm and guide it down towards my clitoris. You whisper in my ear “Didn’t I tell you I was going to make this the best ever.” You look into my eyes and give me a smile. The sight of your smile makes me even more turned on, and I start playing with my nipples with my right hand, twisting them harder as I feel myself letting go of another orgasm. The way I’m teasing my clit with my fingers has an effect on you that makes you eager to please but because I’m doing it while your inside of me, it is making you very ticklish and ready to cum deep inside me. As your kissing and nibbling on my neck you announce in my ear that you’re cumming and I wrap my legs even tighter around your waist. We cum at the same time never once losing our rhythm.

Both of us being unable to move from lack of energy just lie and giggle like love sick teenagers in each others arms for the rest of the night. Pulling the cover up over us we fall asleep and when we wake on the Saturday morning we don’t seemed to have moved much during the night because we have woke up in the same position we fell asleep in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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