Spying on Kristen Ch. 01

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Kristen started keeping secrets from me.

We always had a close relationship. I’ve been told many times that we are the envy of other fathers and daughters. We hadn’t had a serious argument since she was ten years old. Now she was eighteen, and in a few short weeks she’d be out of high school and on her way to college in the fall, partially paid by a music scholarship.

But that depended on Kristen keeping her grades at B+ or better, and she hadn’t shown me her report card since the first quarter. Since her grades had always been reliably high, it never occurred to me to ask. But if there was trouble, we’d better fix it or come up with an extra $10,000 pretty quick.

With a shy smile, though, Kristen gave me the third quarter report card without hesitation. Except for her math, the grades seemed to be fine; even there, the grade was a B-, not enough to really taint the overall average, but enough to be scary.

“Better get this up, honey,” I told her. “There isn’t much time.”

“I– I’m working on it, Dad,” she said, blushing slightly. At the time, I didn’t give the blush much significance; I thought she was just nervous about her grades.

But as the weeks crept by and graduation drew closer, Kristen withdrew, spending more time in her room on the computer and on her cell phone. I finally could not take it any longer; using home security as my excuse, I bought a device that would allow me to listen to and record Kristen’s cell phone calls. I also figured out her e-mail password, and soon solved the mystery, but my heart sank and my torment grew when I discovered what was happening to my beautiful daughter.

In order to put everything in its proper context, I should tell you what Kristen looks like; even without a father’s natural prejudices, she is a very beautiful, desirable girl. She has her mother’s hair, thick, rich and black, which she styles simply to frame her wide hazel eyes, also her mother’s. From my side of the family, she gets her curvaceous figure — not for my Kristen the starving bird look. She gets her exercise in swimming pools, which keep her legs supple and shapely, and her black one-piece suit emphasizes her cantaloupe-sized, perfect breasts. Any normal man would want a shot at her, and I suppressed many wild, feverish fantasies as she was growing up.

I waited until I could take a day off from work and be alone in the house. Anguished and confused feelings contorted my stomach as I read.

“I don’t know what to do,” she wrote to her best friend. “He’s getting more demanding, and if I don’t do what he wants, there goes my scholarship.”

I usually put my erotic fantasies in the back of my mind, where they belong. But Mr. Culp, Kristen’s math tutor, was not a man to suppress his urges. He found out about Kristen’s precarious scholarship, and volunteered to help her. It didn’t take him long to start trading his tutoring in math for sexual favors. A classic blackmail situation: if she reported him this close to graduation, the scandal would cost her everything, even if she brought him down in the end. The guy was at least fifty years old; I wonder how long he’s been doing this and how many girls he had taken advantage of over the years.

Culp knew his territory well. They worked in a quiet, cool, windowless study room at the high school. Culp had drawn her in slowly, with little hugs and caresses whenever she made a breakthrough. After a couple of weeks, the caresses became more intimate; he finally made his move after the start of the last quarter, kissing the nape of her neck and cupping her breasts as she was finishing up her lesson.

“You shouldn’t do that, Mr. Culp,” she told him, writing in her journal.

“You shouldn’t be able to pass Algebra III either, but thanks to me you’re going to,” he said. “Look at all I’ve done for you. That scholarship is nearly yours, and what have I asked of you?”

Before my daughter could reply, she found herself in his arms, his lips grinding against hers, his hands roaming freely over her firm young body. When she broke away, he was grinning.

“What’s that scholarship worth?” he asked.

“Please, Mr. Culp …”

But even then Culp was opening his zipper, exposing an obscene lump in his underwear. He took her slender wrist and brought Kristen’s slim white fingers close, forcing her palm around the throbbing rod in his pants. With firm pressure from his other hand, he made her squeeze, feeling his heat, yet still sending a shiver up her spine.

“Take it out, baby,” he said. “I want you to see what a real prick looks like.”

Tears glistening in her deep hazel eyes, Kristen gingerly felt around inside Mr. Culp’s pants. His dick, long and hot, pulsated gently but resolutely beneath his briefs. Kristen fumbled for a few minutes, but eventually exposed Culp’s turgid cock. It was huge, she wrote, though later she would tell me that she had no basis for comparison at that time. Long, red and angry, it was the first erection she had ever seen up close.

“Play with it, Kristen,” canlı bahis Culp breathed.

“Please don’t make me,” she begged.

But Culp squeezed her reluctant fingers around his protruding stem, and started to move her hand up and down, slowly, smoothly, establishing a rhythm. With his other hand he pushed Kristen down onto her swivel chair, his dick a few inches from her trembling lips.

“You’re not going to–“

“Not right now, girl,” he replied, his breath coming in shorter bursts. “Just keep doing what you’re doing. That’s it. Keep beating me off, you righteous slut.”

Upset and in fear, Kristen kept stroking him, part of her fascinated by what she was doing, her coerced introduction to the mysterious world of masculine sexuality. Faster and faster Kristen worked her wrist, skimming her fingers up and down Culp’s throbbing red length, fluid beginning to form in the eye, and starting to drip down the hot shaft in little rivulets.

“That’s it, baby,” Culp sighed. “Oh, you’re a natural!”

“Th– th– thanks, I think–“

Culp’s eyes were closed, and his puffy red face held a look of dreamy bliss. His breath grew short and ragged. His knees bent slightly as Kristen continued to masturbate him, gaining experience with every stroke. She wondered what sex would be like with a man she loved.

“Oh, baby!” he cried. “Get ready!”

“What? Get ready for what?”

As if in reply, Culp’s cock stiffened in her teenage fingers and erupted, sending thick white gobs of sperm into the air, splattering Kristen’s face and running down her fingers and wrists. She tried to snatch her hand away, but Culp firmly held her wrist in place until the last drop of his sticky warm goo drooled from his victorious dick. Reflexively, Kristen licked some of the drops that landed on her lips. Her stomach lurched at the realization of what the salty cream she had just tasted really was.

The heat of the moment subsided and they began to calm down. All Kristen could do was stare at Culp’s dripping member. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a packet of moist towelettes. Kristen realized in that instant that he’d been planning to take advantage of her situation for quite some time.

“Thank you, Kristen,” he said once his breathing returned to normal. “You don’t know what that means to me.”

“I don’t have to do that again, do I?”

“How much is that scholarship worth to you?”

“Please …”

“Just be on time Friday, dearie. We’ll discuss things then.”

To my shame and horror, I found myself with an intense erection. All the fantasies I’d been suppressing in which my little girl was the star flared to life and I had to have some relief, but I kept reading. Culp was careful; he really was a good teacher, and he never forced Kristen to do anything she wasn’t ready for. One small island of hope in all this blackmailing misery; Culp had not yet taken her virginity, but he was working on it. There wasn’t much time; once she passed her finals, she’d be through with him for good, and they both knew it.

I opened my pants and pulled my dick out as I continued reading. I squirted on some hand cream Kristen kept on her nightstand and caressed myself as I read.

Culp established a pattern; once he was satisfied that my sweet daughter had mastered a concept, she could then master him. Every session, he’d get a little bolder.

“Today,” Kristen wrote, “I had to do my lesson while Mr. Culp made me sit on his lap. I was supposed to concentrate on advanced algebra with that nasty thing of his humping my ass through our clothes. He kept rolling my boobs between his fingers and rubbing his cock up against me.

“‘This is good for your concentration,’ he breathed in my ear. ‘If you can solve your problems while I’m doing this, imagine how much easier it will be during the test.’

“‘I wish you’d stop this.’

“‘No way, dearie.’

“He opened a couple of buttons on my blouse and slipped his hand inside. His creepy fingers ran along my underwire and found the clasp to my bra. He popped it and my boobs fell into his hot sweaty palms.

“‘Please, Mr. Culp!’

“But he just kept humping his hardon against my ass and pinching my nipples, until there was no way I could concentrate. All I could do was struggle in his arms, that hot thing of his burning me. He moved one of his hands to my jeans and unzipped me. I felt his fingers slither under the elastic in my underwear, and then rustle through my curly bush as if he were hunting for something.

“‘My, you’re wet, Kristen. You must like this. You love what I’m doing, don’t you, my hot little slut?’

“By now I was crying. How could any girl not be wet after everything he was doing? He found my little clitty and did something to it, I don’t know what, but he knew just how to rub it, and he kept that up for a minute, rubbing my clit, breathing down my neck, mauling my tingling boobs.

“‘You’re so close, Kristen!’



“My ass was twisting all over Mr. bahis siteleri Culp’s lap and I know my hair was thrashing in his face as he was doing all those things to me, and then it hit. My orgasm! I didn’t want to come, not with him, but I was squealing in his arms and coming all over his hand at least twice. I don’t really remember. He finally let me go and I fell forward onto the desk.

“But he wasn’t done with me yet.

“‘Wasn’t that good, Kristen?’ he said. ‘You came like a freight train.’

“He stood up, and turned me around on the swivel chair to face him. His cock was out now, and I was afraid, so afraid, of what he wanted me to do with it. I reached out to caress it the way I knew he liked, but he caught my wrist and brought that hot, pounding thing with its angry red eye right under my chin.

“‘Lean back a little, dearie.’

“‘Mr. Culp, no. Please, don’t make me do anything more, please!’

“But he opened my blouse and exposed my breasts, gazing at them like a hungry, victorious predator. He dipped his knees just a little bit, and I felt his cock sliding between my tits. He mashed my tits together and started to fuck them.

“It didn’t matter to him that I was sobbing and totally humiliated. That’s what he wanted, the sadistic bastard. He wanted to see my tears as his horrid hardon slithered between my boobs, bumping up against the bottom of my chin sometimes, close, so close to my mouth. He knew I was afraid he’d want me to suck on it, make it explode in my mouth. He liked to terrify me with not knowing.

“That he had made me come made it so much worse, because now he could say I enjoyed it, that I liked being mauled and abused, that sooner or later he could make me beg for the fat obscene cock that now looked bigger and redder than ever.

“Mr. Culp shuddered all of a sudden, and I knew he was there. He stepped back and his dick seemed to explode as his hot, sticky jism jetted into the air and spattered across my tits. He grabbed my hand harshly and made me jack him off for more and I did, his white come searing me like drops of hot wax as it hit my chin, my chest, everything.

“At last he stopped and we fell apart, gasping and exhausted.”

My dick was standing up so straight and tall I thought it was going to come right up to the screen and start reading. Feeling thoroughly ashamed, but unable to stop, I caressed my cock with more speed. I could feel my heart beating a little bit faster, and I began to sweat as I trolled through the diary entries looking for more.

Kristen tried to cut off the tutoring sessions, but Culp had too strong a hold on her. If she tried to expose what was going on, he was prepared to say that she seduced him to get his help. Because she was eighteen and therefore well over the age of consent in this state, he couldn’t be nailed for statutory rape; it would be her word against his. Besides, dammit, her algebra grades were improving.

How, I wondered, could this have gone on for almost three months and I not know about it until now?

Getting back to the task at hand, so to speak, I found the next math lesson.

“Mr. Culp tested me today. I wanted to do really well to prove that I don’t need him anymore and can get that scholarship on my own. But I still made two major errors, and that means I still need help. An 85 just isn’t good enough, I need 90 or better if my grades are going to be topnotch.

“Once the lesson was done he stood me up and enfolded me in his arms. I stiffened; whatever he had in mind, I didn’t want to do it.

“‘Mr. Culp, wasn’t what we did last time enough?’ I asked, about to cry.

“‘I made you come, little girl.’

“‘I don’t want–‘

“But he stopped me with a kiss. Incredible, after everything else he’s done to me, that we hardly ever kissed. I thought sure this was it, that he was going to get my clothes off this time and shove that monster cock of his into me, rape me on the desk.

“I was stunned and didn’t react. He didn’t seem to notice. He began to nibble my neck and lick my ear. He started kissing his way down my neck to my chest. I could feel the buttons on my blouse opening up, and soon he had my tits in his hands, licking and nipping, getting my nipples hard, something he knew I couldn’t control.

“‘You’re liking this already, Kristen,’ he said, grinning and looking up at me. ‘You want my cock, don’t you? Say it.’

“‘I don’t want your cock, goddammit! I want you to leave me alone!’

“But his hand slid under my black skirt and he pulled off my undies. Pushing me back on the desk, I felt his tongue trailing along the inside of my thigh, a hot slimy trail up to my pussy. I closed my eyes so I wouldn’t see, but I could feel his tongue around my mound now, his breath hot in my pubic hair. The tip of his tongue poked out now, and began to probe, even as his fingers splayed my cunt open to make it easier for him.

“‘Mr. Culp? What are you doing?’

“As if in reply, he started to flick my clit with his tongue, hot little jabs even bahis şirketleri as he mauled my tits with his free hand. He managed to coordinate manipulating my nipples with tonguing my clit, and before I knew it, I couldn’t help myself. My breath started coming out hot and heavy. I was gasping, my pussy was hot and wet, and the only thing that stopped me from crying out was the fear of being caught by somebody.

“By now I was mashing my cunt on Mr. Culp’s tongue. His finger slipped inside my pussy, and he masturbated me while he ate me out.

“‘Uh! Uh!’ I cried. ‘My God, please–‘

“And then I came on his tongue. I gushed like a broken fire hydrant. Mr. Culp kept licking at me, obscene slurping sounds coming from under my skirt. I moaned and squirmed on the desk, as orgasm after orgasm consumed me. When he finished, I fell forward, my eyes closed, my face in my hands.

“What had this man done to me? Why was I having orgasms with a man I hated? What if this is what sex becomes to me? Will I become the kind of woman who can’t come except at the hands of a sadist, will I only find joy if someone is forcing me to obey his will? I don’t want that! But if I don’t want that, why do I keep coming?

“When I looked up, there it was, the cock I knew and hated so well, bobbing before my eyes, a rifle with its quarry in sight. Mr. Culp stared down at me, eager and ready. He didn’t have to tell me what was expected.

“I started masturbating him, slowly, smoothly, the way I knew he liked. His fingers found the nape of my neck and he gently bent my head forward. I felt the smooth skin of his cockhead brush lightly across my lips. He swiped it back and forth a few times.

“‘Kristen …’

“I licked my lips and parted them reluctantly. Mr. Culp pushed and I felt a sudden urge to take him in about halfway and bite down hard, but how would I explain that? So instead I felt that long, meaty stalk slide slowly into my mouth and I started to suck on it, as if it were a popsicle. I moved my head up to the tip and almost let it slide out of my mouth, and then I went back down again.

“‘That’s it, baby. You’ve got it! You’re a natural!’

“I just wanted to get it over with. I felt his hand on my arm and I brought my hands in to help, as he had done when he was eating me out. What I couldn’t get into my mouth I squeezed with my fingers, and I used my other hand to play with his balls, which were as hot and hard as little red coals.

“‘Ohhh ….’

“I knew that sound. He was getting close, but I didn’t know what to do, I’d never sucked a cock before. What do I do with the spunk?

“‘Kristen! Get ready, baby!’

“‘Ummm,’ was all I could say in reply. My head and lips were moving faster now, and Mr. Culp’s hips were jerking now, as if he couldn’t control himself. His balls kept bouncing madly against my palm and they got tighter and hotter as my mouth and lips kept working together to bring this bastard satisfaction. Suddenly Mr. Culp grabbed my head and held it in place.

“‘Mmmph!’ I cried, or tried to, as his dick suddenly blasted its hot, salty gunk into my throat. I didn’t know what else to do, so I swallowed it. Again, he fired his disgusting jism into my mouth, and again, I swallowed it, trying not to gag, trying not to cry, just for once to get through this violation with some sort of dignity.

“There was one more blast, smaller this time, and then it stopped. I felt his prick shrinking in my mouth, and with relief I let it go.

“‘That wasn’t so bad now, was it, dearie?’ he said.


“‘Just remember I made you come again,” he said. ‘And it gets even better from here.’

“Please God, get me out of this!”

By now, I was pounding my own cock with considerable fury and moved right to the next entry.

“It’s getting worse with Mr. Culp. It’s gotten to the point where I can stand sucking his cock and jerking him off, but now he says he wants to make love to me. He wants to rent a motel room and take my clothes off and get me into bed with him. I only need to stall him for three more weeks, but I don’t know if I can. Any work I do on my own is hopeless; I forget this algebra stuff as soon as I close the book.

“Yesterday we went further than ever before. He’s started in on me before we even began the lessons. I liked it better when he’d just take his cock out and we could get it over with. But he likes to feel me up and rub that big hard thing up against me.

“I hadn’t even sat down before he locked the door. He wrapped his arms around me from behind and bent me over the desk. I could feel that big fat ugly cock of his pounding in the crack of my ass, even though we still had our clothes on.

“‘How does this feel, Kristen?’ he asked as he rubbed his cock up and down the crack in my ass. ‘Do you like this?’

“‘You know I don’t.’

“‘I think you’re lying,’ he said, and he hunched up over me. He filled his palms with my breasts, and began to nibble my neck. I shuddered; I couldn’t help myself. He took that as a sign of passion, and kept humping up against me and feeling me up. My hair fell loose and I couldn’t help my body’s response as he started to nibble my neck. I was helpless. If I moved, I’d break my chin on the desk.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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