Stranded in the Outback

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* This is a work of fiction and all characters are over eighteen. *

It was supposed to be a graduation present to Jack – a family trip to Australia. Since Jack was little he was always fascinated with the “Land Down Under”. He used to watch “Crocodile Dundee” over and over and he would read many books about Australia. Therefore, his parents promised him that upon graduation they would take him on a month long vacation to that distant country.

Jack graduated and the date for the trip was set. Jack’s parents, Tim and Joanna, decided to do the trip in August – the weather would be quite pleasant at that time in Australia. Jack couldn’t wait for the day to set off and he would talk about all of the activities they had to do and things to see on this trip. The list was quite extensive. He wanted to see some of the bigger cities, including the capital, take a picture with a kangaroo and a koala, see the Great Barrier Reef, visit Uluru, also know as the Ayer’s Rock, go on a jeep safari and ,above all ,to learn surfing. His father has always promised to teach him to surf and now would be a perfect opportunity.

The day of the trip was slowly approaching. Jack was getting more excited every day. Joanna was also pleased to go on a much-needed vacation. Her husband, Tim, owned his own real estate business and she helped him out with a variety of minor chores. She felt that Tim was getting really stressed out as of late and was hoping that both of them could relax a lot while in Australia. However, about a week before the trip Tim announced at the dinner table that he would not be able to go to Australia.

“Honey, what do you mean?” asked Joanna in an alarmed tone.

“I can’t leave right now, the business is not doing so well. I’m setting up a big deal with a partner that should go through soon. If it does we might make a lot of money, but I have to stay and oversee everything,” said Tim sadly.

“But Dad! This isn’t fair! Who’s going to teach me how to surf? And the safari?” piped in Jack.

“Listen son. I’m really sorry, but you can do all these things yourself. You’re a man now. You will soon find out that work is not easy and sometimes things don’t go according to plan.” Tim’s words were stern and fatherly.

“I guess you’re right, ” whispered Jack. The rest of the dinner went quietly and without cheer. Jack shuffled off to his room to watch “Survivor Man” before going to bed.

Joanna tried to bring up the conversation again.

“You’re not making this any easier for me, Jo. I was really looking forward to this trip. You know we’re not doing great financially. I have to try and turn our business around and with this deal, I think I really can.”

“But Tim, you’re so stressed out. Can’t this deal wait till we come back?”

“I wish it could, honey. But the partners are really set on closing it and it’s going to be an insane month to get everything ready. But look at it this way, you’ll have a whole month to yourself – sunbathe, swim and do all the relaxing things.”

“You need all the relaxing things more than me, babe.”

“Look, Jo. Once I close this deal, we’ll go on a nice trip somewhere in the Caribbean. Just the two of us. Deal?”

“Deal!” Joanna tried to sound excited.

The week rolled by quickly. Jack was busy constantly packing, staring at the map of Australia and reading a book about an early expedition there. Tim was busy with the business and Joanna helped him as much as she could, while preparing her own plans for the trip. Her main goal was to lie on the beach most of the time and work on her tan. She was quite a self-conscious woman. Always working on her looks. Gyms, spas, beauty salons were her regular visited establishments. She knew she had a great body, which she kept in shape, and her skin was always pampered. Her greatest feature however would have to be her boobs. At thirty-seven years of age, her large C-cup tits were still as perky and full as the day that Tim got her pregnant.

The day finally came and everything was prepared. Tim drove his family to the airport while trying to keep a cheerful conversation going. He talked about all the nice things Jack and Joanna would do in Australia and that they would not ever miss him. Joanna played along with her husband as if it was not a huge deal that he couldn’t come. At the airport Tim instructed Jack that he should not forget that he is a man now and to take care of his mother. After all the goodbyes were said, Jack and Joanna prepared themselves for their flight.

Their vacation in Australia was quite magical. Visiting the big cities and seeing all the tourist attractions was very exciting. In Queensland, Jack had a blast learning how to surf while Joanna had a relaxing time going to the beach. Her skin was getting quite tan and her light brown hair was turning blond now.

Indeed, Jack had fun hanging out with his mother more than he had imagined and he didn’t even miss his father that much. They got to see pretty much everything on Jack’s canlı bahis list. One last thing was to visit Uluru, the mystical red rock.

About a week before the vacation was coming to an end, Jack and Joanna flew into Northern Territory. Jack came up with a plan to rent a jeep and drive to Uluru. He took the initiative and arranged for a rental of a jeep and planned out which way to drive. He wanted to drive to the resort area around Uluru and see as much of the inner country as possible.

On the morning of the trip, Jack woke up early, got the jeep from the rental place and hurried his mother at breakfast. The weather in Northern Territory was quite hot and dry and Joanna decided to wear cut-off jean shorts with a light, yellow tank top. Jack wore his surf shorts and a white wife-beater top. With a couple of gallons of water strapped to a shoulder bag they set off into the heat.

The day was sunny and the drive was uneventful. The scenery was a monotonous desert landscape on both sides of the road. Joanna noticed how Jack took things into his own hands and was proud that he was developing into quite a man. An hour after driving on a paved road, Jack suddenly turned off on an unmarked dirt road.

“What are you doing, Jack?” asked Joanna curiously.

“Well, I figured since we only have a week left I would combine this trip into a jeep safari. I want to experience the desert the way it really is,” responded Jack.

“As long as you know where we’re going,” said Joanna, reclining in the passenger’s seat.

The desert was truly a magnificent thing when one is driving through it without any civilization in sight. Jack was fascinated as he surveyed the surroundings. He had found this road on a map that he purchased at a convenience store. It was a slight detour, but it appeared to lead straight to Uluru. However, after some time driving, he noticed that the dirt road turned more or less into a trail.

“It must not be heavily traveled”, Jack thought as he glanced in the rear view mirror. He took out a compass and consulted it for directions. This was just what he imagined a jeep safari would be – driving around with no road signs or cars in sight. Jack thought he saw some sort of a wildlife moving to the side of them and peered intently to his right.

With a loud crack the jeep suddenly veered off.

“What the hell was that!?” panicked Joanna, sitting up rigidly in her seat.

“Damn!” swore Jack. “I don’t know mom.” He gripped the steering wheel tighter and corrected the jeep’s course. Something under the jeep was making a strange sound and they rolled to a stop. Jack tried pressing on the accelerator, but the vehicle would not move.

Unsnapping his seatbelt Jack quickly jumped out of the jeep. He walked around it, trying to pin point the source of the problem.

“Well, what is it honey?” asked Joanna twisting her head this way and that, her face lined with worry.

Jack bent down and looked under the jeep. “Umm, this doesn’t look good,” he said standing back up. He looked up at the sun, squinted and then looked at his mom. “Looks like we snapped an axle. We must have hit a big rock.”

“What does that mean? How long would it take for you to fix it?” demanded his mother getting out of the jeep.

“Mom… this is not something I can fix. We would need a good repair shop to get this baby running again.”

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” In panic Joanna began walking back and forth besides her son. “What are we going to do?” She put her head in her hands and squatted down next to the jeep.

“Let me think a moment,” said Jack. He took out his compass and unfolded the map. He stared at them for some time trying to figure out where exactly they were. Remembering a trick he learned in one of the books, Jack was able to guess their position.

“Here’s the situation mom. We are much closer to our destination then we are from where we left. I’m guessing we are about 20 miles from the Uluru resort area. If we move on foot we should be able to make it in a day or two.”

“Walk? Walk in the desert? Are you crazy? Won’t someone come looking for us?”

“Not anytime soon. I rented the jeep for up to a week. Nobody is going to notice that we are gone till then.” Jack tried to remain as calm as he could. He knew that if he panicked, his mother would lose her mind. This was a sticky situation and their survival depended on him.

Jack knew a few things about survival – he watched “Survivor Man” religiously and read plenty of books about the Australian Outback.

“Oh my god, Jack. We are going to die here in this wasteland. Why did you have to take that stupid trail?” Joanna was near tears.

“Mom. Calm down. I know what I’m doing. We are going to be fine. We are not that far from civilization. This is no different than a long hike.”

“A long hike! We have no food and no tools.” Joanna sounded desperate.

“We have enough water to last us till we get there and I have a knife. That is all we need. Just do as bahis siteleri I say and we’ll get to Uluru in no time. We can’t stay here, we have to get a move on.”

Joanna was suddenly reminded of Tim when he was young – so sure of himself, so commanding. She took a few deep breaths and decided that she should be supportive of her son. After all, she had no better ideas.

Jack grabbed the water bag out of the jeep and stuffed his map, compass and knife into it. Joanna got busy putting on sunscreen on herself and her son then put the rest in the bag. She was really scared for the two of them, but she decided that she would try to seem more cheerful.

“It’s deadly hot out here,” she said, trying to be funny.

“It sure is. We’ll get a heat stroke if we don’t protect ourselves.”


“We have to cover our heads. We can make hats out of our shirts. I’ll show you.” Jack pulled off his top and sliced it with his knife. Next he wrapped and tightened it on his head. Joanna stared at him, blinking her long eyelashes.

“Just like this,” added Jack, showing off his new head wrap.

“Jack, honey. I can’t take off my shirt,” said Joanna when Jack turned to look at her. “I have nothing on underneath it.”

“Don’t you wear a bra?”

“A bra? In this heat? My boobs would cook.” They both shared a small laugh over that statement.

“Look ma. It’s for your own good. Heat strokes are no joke. Plus, it’s not that big of a deal. I’ve seen plenty of women topless at the beaches in Australia.”

Joanna could feel the sun burning into the top of her head. It scared her more that she was willing to show.

“Okay, fine. How do I make this stupid hat?” she asked and turned around. With one swift move she pulled off her tank top. She stuck out her hand and Jack took her shirt from her.

Jack cut a few slits in her shirt and said: “Okay, let me tie this around your head.” Joanna placed one hand over her breasts and half turned to face her son. Concentrating on his work, Jack quickly affixed the shirt into a protective head-wear.

They got a move on right away and began trudging through the hot Outback desert. The going was tough and it wasn’t long before Joanna dropped her hand that was covering her tits. Jack was walking slightly ahead of her and he didn’t seem to notice. They walked in complete silence and after about twenty minutes of walking, Joanna suddenly stopped.

“Mom?” asked Jack turning. He suddenly noticed that his mom was completely topless. Blushing slightly he looked the other way.

“Stupid flip flops,” said Joanna. “I can’t walk in them on sand.”

Jack took a moment to think. He could make her some shoes, but he couldn’t think of anything to make them out of. And going back to the jeep was not an option. Suddenly, he got an idea, but wasn’t sure how to go about it.

“Well, my shoes are way too big for you and you can’t walk barefoot, the sand is too hot. But, I could make you shoes…” Jack hesitated.

“Shoes! How?” his mom’s eyes lit up.

“Those shorts you are wearing… I could cut them up and make shoes out of them. The denim is strong enough to keep the sand from burning your feet.”

“My shorts?” Joanna looked down frowning. She knew that she was only wearing thin cotton panties underneath, but she was getting past the point of caring about anything other than comfort.

To Jack’s surprise she undid the strings that held the shorts around her hips and took them off. Jack watched, stupefied, as his mother’s white panties appeared before his eyes.

“Here,” Joanna handed him her shorts, shading her eyes with the other hand.

Jack tore his eyes away from her and looked around. “Here. Sit on this rock.”

Joanna sat down on a nearby rock, using her flip-flops as a seat cushion to keep her butt from getting burned. Jack knelt before her and busied himself with making her shoes, just like he saw on the TV show. As he finished up, he looked up and happened to look right between his mother’s legs. Her panties were quite thin, almost see through, and Jack could barely make out a bald mound underneath them. He felt an excited tingle in his body and promptly looked away.

“How is that?” he asked.

Joanna stood up and took a few steps. “Feels a little weird, but comfortable enough.”

They decided to take a quick break and each had a sip from their water bottle before resuming their march.

Jack knew they couldn’t keep walking in this heat. His mother was walking slower and slower, and he was feeling his own energy seeping away. He looked over at his mom and saw that she was barely dragging her feet – her head drooping down, her arms hanging limp at her sides. He also noticed how her breasts jiggled with every slow step she took. He had seen a few topless ladies on Australian beaches, but he had to agree that these were perhaps the best pair of tits he had seen so far. Tearing his eyes away from his mom’s frontal display he noticed a small rock foundation bahis şirketleri off to their side. The formation was casting a shadow and Jack quickly realized what he must do.

“We can’t keep on walking during the day,” he said. “The heat will kill us. Let’s head for those rocks.”

Joanna didn’t say anything, but simply followed behind.

As they approached, Jack realized that the rocks were larger than they looked from the distance. There was enough shadow here to hide them well from the sun. As soon as they got under the cover, Jack felt much better.

After another drink of water, Joanna seemed to become livelier as well.

“We have to conserve our energy. If we walk for too long we’ll drop from exhaustion,” Jack spoke at length. “We should walk during the dusk, for a few hours and then some during dawn.”

“Why can’t we walk at night?” asked Joanna.

“The desert isn’t exactly the safest place, mom. You don’t want to step on a snake or a scorpion out here.”

“Oh great, I completely forgot about those until you just brought that up.” Joanna began looking worriedly around.

“Sorry, but it’s good to be alert at all times. We should take turns sleeping, so one of us can keep a watch for wildlife. You can sleep at night and I’ll sleep during the day.”

“Good, I can’t sleep when I’m this hot,” said Joanna and sat down in the shade.

“Okay, I think I better try and get some sleep right now, if I’m to stay awake tonight,” pointed out Jack. He found a decent patch of sand under the tallest rock and smoothed it out with his foot.

“So am I suppose to just sit here and watch?” asked Joanna.

Jack only shrugged and walked out into the sun. He used his knife to draw a circle in the sand and struck his knife in the center.

“Sun clock,” he announced, grinning. “Wake me up when the knife’s shadow reaches here.” He drew a line with his finger. “Oh, and if you see anything crawling on me, don’t panic and wake me up gently.”

Joanna looked at him with big eyes, but didn’t say anything.

Jack lay down on the smoothed out patch of sand and closed his eyes. The walk in the sun made him more tired than he realized and he quickly dozed off and began snoring softly.

Joanna sat in the shade near her sleeping son and thought about how stupid this whole situation was. She was surprised to notice that she didn’t feel scared. She knew that they would keep walking and that they would make it out of here alive. At least that was what she told herself.

“If I tell anyone, they won’t believe,” she joked bitterly. She passed the time drawing shapes in the sand and would glance over at Jack from time to time to make sure nothing was crawling on him.

It was still very hot, but it was bearable. Joanna lathered herself some more with the sunblock lotion that she brought and sat staring into the distance. Time seemed to have ceased existing, but slowly the shadows on the ground grew longer.

Finally, Joanna saw the sun clock reach Jack’s mark. She got up to wake Jack. She shook him a few times and then called his name – Jack was always a heavy sleeper. After a little more shaking and shoving, Jack woke up. He almost didn’t realize where he was at first, but quickly remembered.

The sun was nearing the horizon and the intense heat was fading. Their pace was faster now and they were actually covering some distance. Jack couldn’t help but be aware of his topless mother walking next to him. He kept on stealing glances at her chest whenever he dared. He really couldn’t believe that his mom would have such nice breasts – they were nicely bronzed and swayed from side to side as she marched on. The sunblock made her skin glisten in the fading sunlight and she looked like a model out of an adult magazine. It wasn’t long before Jack felt his cock being swelling and he was thankful for the stiff board shorts that he was wearing.

Soon it grew dark and Jack began scanning around for a place where they could stop for the night. He saw a few skimpy looking bushes and they made camp amongst them.

Joanna drifted asleep nearly instantaneously and Jack sat down cross-legged opposite from her. He could only see his mother’s silhouette in the gathering darkness and finally his penis softened up. He kept watch all night, fighting hard to stay awake. He was relieved when the sky began to light up. It was time to press on.

Jack got up to wake his mother and walked up to her. She was sleeping on her back and Jack paused for a moment to look at her breasts. They were flattened out against her chest, and didn’t quite have the same effect on him as before; though his eyes lingered on her cute nipples for a long moment before he decided to shake her awake.

After a good night of rest, the going was much easier. The sun was just beginning to appear at the horizon. The sand was beginning to shimmer, like it was melting. Joanna stared straight ahead, her mind still dizzy with sleep. Her mouth was really parched and she thought she could drink a whole gallon of water. Sand was sticking to her skin on her back and thighs, but she was too lazy to wipe it off. She would have given anything right now for a good shower and a glass of juice.

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