Teaching Her Sister to Kiss

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I was once involved with a girl with an insatiable sexual appetite. It was fun and adventurous! We tried most things together. The one thing Mel wanted was anal sex but in the beginning we were not able to achieve penetration no matter how hard we tried. Either I was too big or she was too tense or both (most likely). I’ll tell you that story another time.

One day we were lying in bed after a particularly satisfying bout of hot sex with me bringing Mel off numerous times with my tongue. I love oral sex, especially giving! I love using my tongue all over, kissing, licking, tickling, tasting, teasing.

Mel slipped down the bed and started fondling me. I said, “I think he’s dead. Died from exhaustion.” She carried on stimulating me gently.

“Have you met my sister?” she asked, taking me in her mouth.

“No,” I said wondering where this was going.

After a while Mel said, “She is staying with me for a bit and I want you to teach her to kiss.” I tried to look her in the eyes but she hid her face in my pubic area.

“What do you mean you want me to teach her to kiss?”

After a bit of cajoling I found out that Mel’s nineteen year old younger sister, Angie, felt that her love life was a disaster because she felt she did not know how to kiss. And because she thought her kissing was a problem, her sex life was restricted and she wasn’t sure whether she had ever experienced an orgasm. Amazing!

“And you’re cool with this?” I asked. I felt myself start to harden in her mouth. “What happens if this leads to more?” I was fully erect now.

“Let’s see how things go,” was the enigmatic reply. “I’ll be there to make sure it doesn’t get out of line. You may want to demonstrate on me. You know, show her how it’s really done.”

The long and the short of it, all was arranged for an evening at Mel’s place. Low lights, soft music and a bottle of mellow red wine.

Things were a little strained at first with us avoiding the subject. After a few glasses of wine I took the bull by the horns, as it were, and explained how I liked to kiss and what I found exciting in a kissing partner. It was quite strange trying to put in words something as tactile, as sensuous, as passionate as a kiss. How do you describe bursa escort feeling when you are tasting and how hard you push and how stiff your tongue and how deep your exploration?

In trying to make a point I demonstrated on Mel. I can not tell you what a turn-on it was to kiss my lover and have another person up close and looking, trying to take everything in. The kiss got more passionate and I felt Mel respond.

“Show me now!” This pulled us both back to reality and I’m sure I blushed deeply. I chastely put my hands on Angie’s shoulders then brushed her lips with mine. She immediately stuck her tongue out hard and stiff and invading. And so started the lesson! We kissed and demonstrated and talked. Mel kissed Angie to make a point and that seemed to go on for longer than was necessary. We were all getting excited, I could hear their breathing and see their erect nipples through their tops. I moved in and joined the kiss, making it three ways. I put my arms around both of them and pulled us all tightly together.

As we kissed I felt a hand on my crotch, I’m not sure whose it was. This started the ball rolling! We undressed each other, all while we kissed. I felt their bodies dressed, then naked and they touched me in turn, I can’t ever remember being so excited. Angie was showing off her new knowledge by kissing each of us deeply in turn. And then we were all naked on the carpet!

Angie was lying on her back and I was on my knees at her side kissing her and Mel was kneeling next to me caressing and fondling my body. I moved down to take a succulent nipple in my mouth. I took one of Mel’s hands and placed it on Angie’s pussy with its abundant growth of hair. Mel tried to pull away but I held her hand firmly. Angie felt the struggle and looked to see what was happening. When she saw Mel’s hand on her body she tried to sit up, I pushed her back with my other hand and continued to suckle her erect nipple. I moved to the other, leaving a trail of saliva on her golden skin. Slowly they both relaxed and I removed my hands, one taking the other nipple between my thumb and forefinger and the other slowly trailing over Angie’s taught belly and sides. I could feel the flesh ripple under my fingers in return.

Out of the corner bursa escort bayan of my eye I saw Mel move closer to where her hand rested on Angie’s mons. I saw her hand start to move slowly, running her fingers through the hair, back and forth, round and round. Each stroke moved further between her legs. I saw Angie spread her legs a bit, then raise her knees, then spread her knees. I felt her start to move in time with the fingers. I heard her draw a quick breath.

I moved back to kissing her, deeply and slowly and gratefully enjoyed her response. She reached out and took my rigid cock in her hand. Wrapping her fingers around it and then moving ever so slowly up and down. “Just like kissing,” she whispered, squeezing slightly.

“Just like kissing,” I replied pumping back towards her caressing hand. It occurred to me that some or all of this was new to her.

I became aware of Mel crouching over Angie’s body, her face buried between her thighs. I could feel Angie respond to the new stimulation, little jerks, moans into my mouth, hand stopping all movement on my penis. Her other hand reached out to where Mel was kneeling, her bum in the air and facing us. I saw her hand disappear between her thighs and Mel wriggle in response.

“Are you a virgin?” I asked. She shook her head in denial. “Are you on protection?” She nodded.

“Please fuck me,” she whispered.

I moved down her body, licking, exploring, tasting. When I reached the junction of her thighs where Mel was engrossed, I slid my hands down either side of her cunt and then spread her lips wide, Angie spread her legs as wide as they would go. I used my thumbs to pull back the hood of her clitoris giving Mel unhindered access. Angie’s body went rigid and a staccato moan came from her mouth “Oh oh oh oh……….” on and on. Then she went slack as if she had fainted.

Mel pulled her face away and I saw it was covered in juice. Angie’s love juice. I kissed Mel deeply tasting Angie for the first time. I was almost delirious with desire!

“Hold her open. Guide me in,” I said to Mel and moved between Angie’s thighs. Mel spread Angie’s lips with the thumb and fingers of one hand and took my cock, wet with precum, in the other. She guided me escort bursa to the opening, slick with her nectar. She gently rubbed the head of my penis up and down Angie’s slit, over the engorged clitoris and back again. After a bit of this she positioned the head in the opening to her vagina and whispered for me to push. Angie was so slick with arousal that I slipped all the way in till our pubic hair was entwined. I stayed still, deeply embedded, for fear of cumming immediately.

After a while I started to stroke in and out. I felt Mel slip her hand between us and looked to see her stimulating Angie’s clitoris with the ball of her middle finger going round in small circles. It was so arousing seeing myself moving in and out, Angie’s cunt clinging to my shaft as I withdrew and Mel’s fingers working their magic on her love button.

I took a nipple in my mouth, grazing it with my teeth and rolling the tip around with my tongue. Mel took her other nipple in her mouth. Angie put her hands on the back of both our heads and pulled up hard up against her breasts. She started moving, meeting me thrust for thrust, grinding our faces into her breasts. She was moaning and sighing “just like kissing!” I heard her say again and again.

Mel moved up and started kissing her sister, her hand still between us stimulating Angie’s clitoris. I moved one hand down under Angie’s bum running the tip of my finger round and round and aver the little puckered hole, now slippery with her juices running down between her thighs. I positioned my index finger against her anus and pushed in to the first knuckle. Angie jerked as if stabbed and I felt her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. She bucked and twisted and pumped her hips into me like a person possessed. I felt her cunt milking my cock strongly and her anus clench my finger rhythmically.

This was too much for me and I started spurting thick ropes of cum deeply inside her cunt, again and again in the most intense orgasm I can remember experiencing. As my orgasm started to subside I felt Angie go over the top again, Mel’s fingers never staying still on her clitoris.

After a while Angie’s body stilled under me where I was still deeply imbedded. Angie’s hand continued to move and I sucked her other nipple into my mouth pressing the nub hard with my tongue. I slipped another finger into her tight anus and off she went again, writhing and bucking, her cunt and arse clenching strongly in time with each other. “Enough ….enough!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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