The Assistant Ch. 02

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It was a beautiful day in Albuquerque. It was always a beautiful day in Albuquerque. Adam was in a particularly good mood after his “interview” with Aimee. He had the stereo in his SUV turned way up as he drove home in anticipation of a nice, relaxing weekend. He was surprised to see his wife’s car in the driveway as he rounded the curve and drove onto his cul-de-sac. He pulled his Jeep Grand Cherokee next to her BMW, hopped out, and reached over to feel the hood of her car. Hot, but hell, it was Albuquerque. The hood of a black car is always hot. “I’m surprised she’s not out with the girls for their normal Friday evening ‘girls’ night out’.”

As he came through the door he heard his wife call from the kitchen, “Honey. Is that you? I’m in the kitchen.”

“Yeah, it’s me. I’ll be right there.” His black Labrador retriever, Beaux, ran up to him and began to turn tight circles in front of him. “Hey buddy. Did you do anything today or just hold down the fort?” He scratched behind his ears and Beaux let out a nice, low moan. “Come on and I’ll get you a treat.”

As Adam walked into the kitchen he saw that Leslie had recently gotten out of their pool. She was wearing a towel around her waist and was clad in only a tiny bikini top. Her dark shoulder length hair was pulled into a ponytail and was dripping water onto their ceramic tile floor as she chopped vegetables to make what appeared to be a big bowl of pico de gallo. Leslie was tall, only a couple of inches shorter than Adam, and he was 6 feet even. She was extremely tone and had an athletic build honed from years of competitive swimming and tennis with the girls. She had classic Italian features: dark eyes, olive skin, beautiful muscular shoulders, dark hair, full lips, a Roman nose, and high cheekbones. He had fallen in love with her the first day they had met and he was still very much in love with her today.

“Hey, sweetheart,” she said as she half turned to kiss him. “How was your day?”

Adam walked across the room, kissed her fully on the lips, grabbed a slice of tomato that she had not yet gotten to, and leaned against the counter next to her so that he could look at her face while she worked. He noticed that her nipples were erect in the air-conditioned house. “Interesting to say the least.”

“Oh, yeah,” she said, momentarily stopping the chopping to look up at him.

“Yeah. I broke rule number one today.”

“Okay, I’ll bite. What’s rule number one?”

“I got involved with one of my co-eds.”

“No way!” she exclaimed, setting the knife down, grabbing a towel, and turning to give him her full attention. “Who was it? Which class?”

“Well, her name is Aimee. Aimee Jameson. She’s in my Introduction to Twentieth Century History class. I’ve told you about her before. She’s beautiful and very distracting. Do you remember I told you about the embarrassing moment earlier this semester where I actually found myself staring at her and not lecturing?”

“Oh my gosh! You’re kidding me? I thought you said she was a rich little daddy’s girl.”

“Well, it turns out I got it half right. She is rich, but she’s no daddy’s girl. Her parents were killed when she was only 12 and she has a trust fund from their insurance settlement.”

“You should be ashamed of yourself seducing a young co-ed like that.” Leslie picked up the knife and began to chop again. “I mean, what is she, 18, 19 years old?”

“No, actually she seduced me. She said she was interested in my new assistant position. You know, the one funded by my new grant? Anyway, she was in my office and I was totally staring at her tits. They are really nice, by the way.” Leslie looked over at him and smiled that knowing smile. She knew that her husband was a sucker for nice breasts. He’d always been a breast man. “When she caught me staring, instead of getting freaked out, she told me they were real.”

“And you believed her?”

“Well, honestly, no. They were too big and perfectly shaped to be real. I mean they are perfect. Anyway, she offered to let me feel them to make sure they were real. I tried to say ‘no,’ but you know how I am about nice tits.” Adam reached over and slid his hand under the fabric of her bikini top and began to knead one of Leslie’s nipples.

“Oh no, I don’t need a sympathy grope,” she said, trying to repress a smile.

Adam ignored her and continued his story, while getting slightly more aggressive at kneading her entire breast. “She took off her shirt and that was all she wrote. Next thing I knew, I was thinking with head number two.” Adam pointed down at his crotch with his free hand. “So I felt her lovely melons; and, by the way, they are real. And then I started sucking on her nipples. After a couple of minutes, my pants were down around my ankles and she was sucking my dick like a pro.”

“Damn,” she whispered. “It was all her idea?”

“Yeah, and I mean, she was good at giving head. Really good. You know how long it takes you to make me come with your mouth. Well this kid made me come in about 10 seconds. And that’s no exaggeration.”

“Ten seconds! canlı bahis Hell, Adam, it takes me five minutes at a minimum to make you come.”

“Wait. That’s not all. She swallowed every drop, too. No 18 or 19-year-old swallows. I mean, it was like she had been giving head for years.”

“Is she a slut? I mean anyone who gives head like a pro must have a lot of experience. You think she was blowing the football team behind the bleachers?”

“Of course, I don’t know. But, I don’t think so. She doesn’t have any tattoos or weird piercings…that I know of.” Adam winked at her. “She doesn’t use foul language and she is a great student. Doesn’t add up, but there is something special about her. She has the air of someone who is very confident. Like she has experience. I don’t know.”

“Well, it sounds to me like she might end up being trouble. My advice to you is to be very, very careful.”

“Yeah, I agree. But, Leslie, did you hear me? She has nice tits and she swallows!” Adam pulled her top to the side and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. Her breasts were smaller than Aimee’s, but nicely formed. Because she had never had children, they had never stretched and sagged.

“Okay, wiseass. What was her trick? How in the world did she make you come in 10 seconds?”

“I’d rather show you.” He looked into her eyes with a hopeful grin on his face.

“I’d rather you tell me.”

“Well, alright. First she started off by giving me the standard blowjob, but then she stuck my dick all the way down her throat.”

“So? I do that all the time. You don’t come in 10 seconds.”

“Yeah, but that’s not all. When she got my dick in the back of her throat, she started swallowing repeatedly. It was like she was milking my dick!”

“Really? Swallow huh? If felt good?”

“Really good. I mean I spurted my load right down the back of her throat in no time. I think you need a lesson right now.” Adam reached down and pulled the towel from around her waist, letting it drop to the floor.

“Easy, killer,” Leslie said, putting her hand against his chest to keep him at bay. “We have a dinner party to go to tonight at Victoria’s house.”

“Damn. I totally forgot. That’s why she needed to leave early today.”

“Yeah, and both of us have to shower before we go. We’ve got one hour to get ready.”

“Well, we could shower together.” He pulled the fabric of her bottom away from her stomach and peered down at the top of her dark, closely trimmed pubic hair.

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough excitement for one day?” she said, slapping his hand. “Get in there and get ready,” she motioned toward the back of the house with her thumb. “I’ve got to finish this pico before I get ready.”

Adam trotted off fanning disappointment. “And, wear something cool and light,” she yelled after him, “we’ll be eating outside on the patio tonight.”


They took the BMW to Victoria’s house. Adam had decided that a nice pair of kaki colored linen shorts and a nice pullover shirt with a collar would be plenty fancy for an outdoor dinner party. Leslie was wearing a basic black dress with thin straps. As usual, she wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples were clearly visible jutting out against the thin fabric of the dress. The dress was cut fairly high on her thighs, closer to her beautiful, tight butt than to her knees. Adam admired her legs, as she sat in the BMW, unaware that the wind coming in the open windows had blown the hem of her dress considerably up her long, tan legs. “After 15 years of marriage she still turns me on.” Adam parked the car on the street to avoid getting boxed in by the cars of late arrivals.

About 8 or 9 couples had arrived by the time the Grey’s showed up at Victoria’s house. Victoria led them from the front door through the house to the backyard. “There is a cooler with beer over there,” she motioned with her hand to a cooler that was sitting next to the pool. “Red wine and hard liquor are over there,” she motioned to a table next to the house. “And, white wine is in the refrigerator in the kitchen. Help yourselves! I’ve got to mingle.” With that Adam admired Victoria’s nice bottom as she scooted into the house.

“I’ll take a gin and tonic, sweetheart,” Leslie said.

“I’ll make it two.”

After drinks and mingling, dinner was served. It consisted of a light, Mexican cuisine with sautéed chicken, onions, and green peppers with lots of homemade tortillas. Adam was totally bored through the whole affair and tried to talk Leslie into leaving early. She was adamant though that they remain behind and help Victoria clean up. Around midnight, the guests started to dwindle out, and Victoria and Leslie began to clean up and wash dishes.

“I really admire the relationship that you and your husband have, Leslie,” Victoria said while washing glasses. She handed the clean glass to Leslie who dried it and placed into the cupboard. “You know, my ex and I only lasted seven years. You know, the seven year itch and all?”

“Well, Vickie, it may look simple, but we do have to work at it.”

“Leslie, bahis siteleri I’ve got something that I’d like to tell you, but I’m not sure if I should get involved. I mean, it’s only a feeling.”

“It’s up to you, Vickie. But, I always find it’s better to get things off my chest when they are bothering me.”

“Okay, well, but you have to realize that this is only women’s intuition. Today, Dr. Grey walked into my outer office with this little co-ed tight on his heels. I think he called her, ‘Miss Jameson’ but I could be wrong. Anyway, she was quite the little looker and wasn’t wearing a whole lot of clothes, if you know what I mean.”

“I think I have the picture.”

“Anyway, after my husband and I split up, I’m kind of sensitive to this sort of thing. She seemed to really admire Dr. Grey. She had this sort of dreamy look in her eyes. I think that little girl has her sights set on your husband.”

“Hmmmm. Really?”

“Yeah. And, I’m not implying a thing here, keep in mind, but when I left, Dr. Grey asked me to shut the door to my outer office and when he and that Miss Jameson, or whatever her name is, went into his office, he shut his door. They were in there alone on a Friday afternoon.”

“I can see why I might be concerned,” Leslie said, tapping her chin with her finger to drive home the point.

“I mean I’d hate to see a little teenager ruin a perfectly good marriage.”

Leslie considered her response very carefully. After several seconds, she made up her mind. “Vickie, I need to let you in on a little secret…well, actually, a big secret. I need you to promise me that you won’t tell a soul.”

“Oh, no, you and Dr. Grey are breaking up!”

Leslie chuckled, “No, no, no, no, no. You’ve really missed the mark. Quite the opposite, actually. Vickie, why did your husband leave you?”

“He met some little 20 year old bimbo and ran off with her.”

“I see,” said Leslie. “When Adam and I were first married, something similar happened to my Mom. Dad got tired of her and got himself a trophy wife. At first I was really angry at my Dad, but then I got to thinking and realized this was a very common occurrence. So, Adam and I talked about it. A lot. We made a pact in the first year of our marriage that either one of us could have sex outside the marriage.”

Vickie took in a deep breath. “You’re kidding me.”

“No, I’m not. My logic was that if men need to go off and have sex with 20 year olds, why should that force us to get a divorce? I mean, Adam and I love each other a great deal. But, if he gets the urge to have sex with someone younger than me, does that really change the fact that we love each other? No. But, if he feels guilty and the trust erodes in our relationship, divorce is eminent.”

“But, Leslie, how in the world can you trust him if you give him permission to go off and have sex?”

“Well, there are rules to our pact and they are critical. Rule number one is that we keep no secrets at all. If one of us has sex with someone else, we have to tell the other one right away. There are no hidden names or identities. Rule two is if one of us decides to spend the night at someone else’s place, then we have to call the other one that night so there will be no worries about safety. Finally, rule three is that we don’t bring anyone to our house unless the other has agreed in advance.”

“Oh my goodness, Leslie, you’re making all of this up!”

“No, really, I’m not,” said Leslie as calmly as she could manage. “Both of us, BOTH of us have slept with other people during our 15 years of marriage. Adam tends to occasionally have fuck buddies. I, on the other hand, tend to only have an occasional one night stand with someone I meet on girls’ night out.”

“What are you girls talking about?” Adam asked as he strode into the room.

He was met with complete silence as the Victoria and Leslie just looked at each other. Suddenly, they both broke out into laughter. “What’s so funny?” he asked. After several seconds of uncontrolled laughter, he turned and walked out the door, “Women!” That just caused another round of laughter louder than the first.

In between breaths, Leslie asked, “Vickie, why don’t you come by on Sunday morning for brunch, just the two of us. Adam will be playing golf with the boys.”


Aimee got back to her house shortly after 1 AM and immediately went up to the apartment she shared with her roommate, Claudia. The big, old Victorian house had three floors, which had been divided up for student housing. The bottom floor contained a big kitchen and a common living room with a TV and three couches around the walls. There was one apartment on the first floor that was shared by two girls who were graduate students. The second floor contained five apartments of varying sizes; some were rented as singles and some as doubles. Also, on this floor was a common bathroom shared by all the girls on that floor, and also used by the graduate students who lived on the first floor. Claudia and Aimee shared an apartment on the third floor that had actually bahis şirketleri been converted from attic space. It was small, but there was a common bedroom and a separate bathroom that was just for the two of them. They had a small TV up here and rarely went downstairs except to eat.

Aimee smelled like smoke from the bars. She hated that. She stripped off the little black dress that she was wearing and walked over to her chest of drawers wearing only her lacey black bra and matching black panties. She grabbed one of her uncle’s tee shirts that she had brought to college with her, and went into the bathroom. The bathroom contained a giant, old claw foot bathtub that Aimee reckoned had been removed from the second floor bathroom when they had installed all of the showers down there. She started filling the tub with hot water and lit four large candles that stood by the sink. She flicked off the overhead lights, stripped off her underwear, and climbed into the tub.

After several minutes of soaking with her eyes closed, she heard the door to their room open. “Claudia. I’m in here.”

The door to the bathroom opened and then closed as Claudia came in. “College ‘men’ are all boys!” She made quotation marks with her fingers when she said, “men.”

“Tell me about it,” Aimee said closing her eyes again.

Claudia walked over to the toilet, picked up her skirt, pulled her panties down to her ankles, sat down, and began to pee. As she peed, she pulled her blouse up and over her head and tossed it on the floor by the door. Next, she undid her bra and threw it on top of her blouse. Bending from the waist, she unfastened the straps on her high heel shoes and kicked them off, throwing the panties on the growing heap of clothes at the same time. When she was done peeing, she pulled some toilet paper off the role, reached between her legs and wiped her vagina, and then got up stepping out of her skirt in one fluid motion. Without a word, she stepped over the edge of the tub and sat down in the hot water between Aimee’s legs facing the same direction as Aimee was facing. She leaned her back against Aimee’s heavy breasts. “Now, that’s what I’m talking about,” she said.

“I couldn’t have said it any better myself,” cooed Aimee as she lifted her hands and place them around Claudia. After several minutes of complete relaxation, Aimee began to gently fondle Claudia’s breasts. Claudia’s parents were from Brazil and her skin was the color of coffee with milk. She had a really nice big round butt that was common to Brazilian women. Not fat, but ample. She was very fit, with a tiny waist that really accented her ass. She had perky breasts the size of small grapefruits with dark nipples that were very sensitive. She was fond of saying that she thought there was a direct wire that connected her left nipple to her clit. Aimee was well aware of this connection and used it to her advantage.

“Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better…” Claudia whispered.

“Come on,” Aimee said, “and I’ll give you a massage.”

“Twist my arm,” replied Claudia climbing out of the tub.

The girls dried off and walked into the bedroom. Claudia lay down on her stomach without bothering to pull the covers back off of her bed, with her head on her folded arms, eyes closed. Aimee put a CD into the player, turned the volume down very low, and pushed, ‘Play.’ Quiet new-age music began to fill the room. Next, Aimee walked over to the nightstand beside her bed and pulled out a bottle of scented massage oil and two toys: a small vibrator that was only about 4 inches long by one inch wide, and a long strand of anal beads that were each about 1 inch in diameter. She set the toys down on the bed beside Claudia’s feet, poured oil onto her hands, rubbed her hands together to make sure that the oil was warm, and began to massage Claudia’s calves.

After working on her legs for about 10 minutes, Aimee moved her attention to Claudia’s back. She oiled her back good and then picked up the anal beads. She applied a liberal amount of oil to the beads and inserted the first bead into Claudia’s tight little asshole. Claudia didn’t flinch or make a sound. Aimee returned to working on her back. Every few minutes, Aimee would insert another bead into Claudia’s butthole and then would return to working on her back, and then her arms. By the time she had finished working on the back of Claudia’s body, she had inserted all 15 beads into Claudia’s asshole. “Okay, baby, time to roll over,” Aimee whispered, as she dared not destroy the relaxing mood in the room. Claudia rolled onto her back, her perky breasts flattening under their weight to look like two half grapefruits lying on her chest.

Aimee applied more oil to her hands and began to work on Claudia’s legs. When she reached the top of her legs, she carefully avoided her vagina so as not to start too early. Next, she massaged Claudia’s arms, then her face, and finally her stomach. When she was done, she put a little more oil in the palms of her hands, and positioned herself above Claudia’s head. She reached down, past her face, and began to knead her breasts. Claudia’s nipples immediately began to become erect. After several seconds of teasing, Aimee squeezed her nipples between her fingers and rolled them gently. “Ohhhhh, nice,” Claudia moaned.

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