The Autumn Fire

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The earthy breeze of autumn grasps my senses

not one sense on its own, but at a primal level,

my hair blows back, the cool breeze nips my ear

and I feel the winter’s need to ready. To prepare. To supply. To protect

I glance through the darkness at your glowing face reflected off a candlelit lantern,

And your soft lips on your cigarette form an erotic impulse in my mind,

soft blue electrical impulses tense my once relaxed being and I feel one more need,

a need that has no name, only vague description wrapped in irony.

I need to comfort you and protect you, yet at the same time overpower and expose you.

I need to wrap you in myself, yet dominate you the way you need at this moment.

I desperately need to explore you,

To taste you,

from the salty love sweat of your neck and arms

to the sweet skin of your breasts

and to feel your stomach tremble as I lead a path to that I must taste the most.

Tonight’s passion will not be the excited dance of the autumn bonfire,

but the slow burning hardwood fire that spreads the comforting heat throughout your house of love

From a spark, to the lick of a single flame, to the burning roar of a fire that is almost too great to bear,

but must still be felt, till the heat is no longer tolerable,

yet the burn of this fire leaves no scars.

I pendik escort expose you

to kiss, to explore, to caress and…

To taste. You are a liquor I can’t describe, a nectar I must have.

I am an addict satisfying my fix, and my mind reels at the sweet release.

I find it hard to quell my ravenous hunger, but I must, for the true joy is soon to be served,

and table manners are to be observed meticulously for this.

My head is dizzy as I feel you brace, searching for comfort in the sweet uncomfort of the tension.

And it is now that I use my strength, my dominance, and attack with lust as you strain.

I can almost see an aura around you as you writhe in bliss, searching for more,

and I begin again, this time firmly, as I search out new sensations in your soul,

bringing you to the edge again.

You collapse, released, intoxicated, and I lazily lap at your pleasure, drawing in every scent and flavor.

It is not until you breathe deeply again that I nestle beside you

Your breast an angelic pillow for me to gaze upon your soft sleepy face, my hand softly resting on the dampness of your love, and I breathe in your aroma, the sweet perfume and skin.


We lay in the warm candlelight; our bodies and souls intertwined, as if melting together into a new being, and as I drift off in maltepe escort the euphoria I barely recognize the slight shift in your body.

I put it off to comfort, an adjustment to let our bodies mingle.

Your soft arm drapes behind you, to my side,

and as I expect embrace, I am surprised by your grip,

strong, yet tender, and under your command, I surrender wholly.

You are in charge now, and I have become a slave to your eroticism.

You gently turn over, never releasing me, and the gentle pull as you do brings me to life

Your breasts fall together, one nipple hidden in the sheets, the other large, exposed,

and I lean in to suckle.

I imagine what it is like to drink from them, to taste another part of you,

and as look up into your face, your eyes lock onto mine, and I see your soul clearly;

I see deep dark lust. I see ferocity, I see the same intense abandon I saw the first time we made love,

and in this moment you overtake me wholly.

I’m sure subconsciously I remember your firm breasts sliding down my stomach as your body changed position,

but all I feel is your long smooth hair drifting across my mid section,

and your breath,

Hot, moist and heavy,

drifting down me from that most sensitive head to the thick base that is anchoring me upright.

You keep me like kartal escort this long enough that I can barely distinguish the heat from your breath from the heat of your mouth,

But then I realize the new sensation, an entrancingly warm, wet sensation, and it my turn to surrender.

I watch in erotic fascination as you slowly take me in, and am amazed at how your lips are the only thing that touch me on your slow descent.

Until you reach the bottom. I moan as I touch the back of your throat, and suddenly your mouth seals down around me and traps me in a vacuum of sensuality. Slowly and skillfully you rise, till your lips expand as you reach the full width

I can feel the first of myself escaping, and jump a little as you gently pull off of me, then lick it out of its source, then fall back down the entire length of me again.

You are like a cat to a mouse; playing till your prey is just about done, then skillfully allowing a moment of escape.

This time there is no escape though, and as your game plays out, your hands tenderly find my fruit.

You cup them, caress them and lick them. And as you move back to take me in, you find that spot, and you expertly explore as you suck me back in.

I am lost, with little control, and at the threshold.

I am about to fill you. I need to.

My plans for a night of lovemaking have been taken over. You have expertly taken back that which I stole from you,

and as you take from me, you also give back.

The autumn wind still desperately tries to find entrance, but tonight our fire has forced retreat, and we rest in its glow.

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