The Bergen’s

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Note from Slick: a young man finds out his girlfriend’s family shares more than just birthday presents. All rights reserved.


Tommy Jacobs was 16 years old when he first met Cindy’s mother. It was the night of the Jr. Prom when he rang the doorbell and stood nervously with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. The door opened and he saw an older version of Cindy. Blonde hair, blue eyes and a smile that could melt even the coldest of hearts.

“You must be Tommy,” Susan Bergen said as her eyes looked straight into his. “Are you sure are only 16?”

“Ye..esss Ma’am,” he replied.

“You look a lot older,” she whispered as she moved aside to let him by. Cindy’s father Gene stood in the hallway with a video camera.

“Cindy, your prom date is here!” Gene yelled. He greeted Tommy and they all turned to watch Cindy stroll down the stairs in her lovely black silk ball gown. The video camera went on and Cindy smiled all the way down.

“Hello Tommy,” she giggled.

Tommy had never seen her dressed like this. Normally it was jeans and a tee shirt or a denim skirt and blouse. The gown made her look a lot older. It was the first time he had seen the pink tops of her forming breasts.

“Now don’t get any nasty ideas,” Susan whispered in Tommy’s ear as Gene took a panorama view of his daughter.

Since Tommy only had a learners permit Susan had to drive them to the prom. “I’ll be back here at 10:00PM sharp so don’t get lost.”

Tommy had hoped for some time alone with Cindy because all they had done up to that point was some kissing in the movies.

“Your mother is pretty cool,” Tommy commented as they danced under the reflective silver ball.

“She likes to tell everyone we are sisters,” Cindy whispered. Her lips brushed against his ear. “I’m sorry she had to drive us tonight. But, what we do in the back seat on the way home is our business.”

“But, she will be driving,” Tommy said.

“My mother is pretty cool about those things.”

The rest of the prom was a blur to Tommy and when he got into the back seat of the big Lincoln car with Cindy he saw Mrs. Bergen’s smile. “I’ll take the long way home,” she giggled.

Tommy sat away from Cindy until she pulled him over to her. “You can kiss me now,” she whispered.

He looked in the small rearview mirror and saw Mrs. Bergen’s eyes starring at him. “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” Cindy said as she pulled his lips to hers. At first Tommy pushed her away until her tongue caused him to forget that her mother was so close. The ten minute drive home felt like a minute as the car pulled into the driveway.

Cindy smiled as she got out of the car. “Tonight was wonderful.” They stood by the side of the car while Cindy again pulled him to her. They kissed for another 30 seconds and then Cindy dashed into the house. Tommy turned to walk down the street to his house until he heard Mrs. Bergen voice.

“Tommy come here.”

He turned and saw her standing in the dark shadows of the driveway. She smiled as he walked up to her. “Yes ma’am.”

“I didn’t get a kiss.”

‘I…….I…don’t understand.”

“In our family when people leave we give each other a kiss.”

“Oh,” Tommy said smiling. He had an aunt that he had to kiss every time he left her house. He moved to kiss her on the cheek and suddenly her head turned until their lips pressed together. Her hand moved behind his head and held their lips together until her tongue teased against his closed lips. His own tongue reacted and moved out to push into her mouth first. As it moved past her lips she bit it and held it tightly between her teeth.

“Why Tommy were you trying to French kiss me?” She giggled as she pushed him away.

“No…..I….was…,” he mumbled but she had turned and walked into the garage. He stood back as the garage door closed.


Tommy dated Cindy throughout their senior year and his relationship with Susan became closer and closer. When her daughter and husband were not around she made sure to hug him tightly as well as wear very scanty clothing. It was on his eighteenth birthday that Tommy realized his girlfriend’s mother wanted their relationship to be special.

It was in the back yard of his house after most of the other kids had gone when Susan helped him pick up the empty beer bottles. “So I guess you are a man now,” she whispered. The rest of the families were in the house cleaning up.

The four beers he had consumed had given him a good buzz. “Yeah that’s right,” he laughed. As they carried the empty containers to the trash cans on the side of the house Susan pushed him against the house. His hands were full so he allowed her body to press against his.

“I’m going to give you your birthday present now,” she whispered. Her fingers found his zipper and shoved it down. Her hot fingers fished inside the opening in his boxers until she round his semi-hard six inch penis.

“Oh God,” Tommy moaned as she pulled it out into the cool damp air and slowing started canlı bahis jerking him off.

“Cindy’s very lucky,” Susan whispered. “Have you fucked her with this yet?”

“Nooo,” he moaned. Cindy had only recently started giving him head.

“Does she do this to you?” Her fingers sped up.

“Yesss,” he whispered.

“You like it when I do it don’t you?”

“Oh god yes,” he moaned. “I’m going to…” Suddenly his hot juices shot out of his swollen rod and splashed onto her pants leg.

“Shit, look what you have done,” she said as she pushed back and tried to clean off his cum.

“I’m sorry,” Tommy said afraid he was in trouble.

Susan didn’t say anything as she moved down the driveway and up the street to her home. A couple of minutes later he walked into the house.

“Where’s my mom?” Cindy asked.

“She got something on her pants and had to go home to clean it off,” he said truthfully.

“Must have been those empty beer containers,” Tommy’s mother added. It was late so everyone called it a night.


For the next few weeks Susan avoided Tommy as much as she could. She could tell he was very nervous around her and didn’t want to cause any suspicion with her daughter and husband. She too had too many beers that night and had only planned on teasing him with a quick kiss. Jerking him off was definitely beyond what a mother does to her daughter’s boyfriend.

It was on a Saturday morning when Tommy arrived early to pick up Cindy for a trip to the mall. Cindy had to return a book to the library and had told her mom to entertain Tommy until she got back. Gene was playing golf.

When Susan answered the door Tommy froze. “Is Cindy here?”

Susan grabbed him by the arm and pulled him inside. “Are you stupid or something? Every time you are around me you are acting strangely. You’ve got to act like nothing has happened between us.”

‘I’m sorry. I’ll try to be better.”

“Good, now come in the den and let’s talk,” she turned and walked ahead of him.

He sat next to her on the sofa noticing the low cut blouse and loose cotton shorts she was wearing.

“You have to stop looking at my breasts,” Susan said seriously. “If I can see you doing it so can they. Understand?”

“I try not to but……..”

“You kept peeking down my blouse to see my breasts because you are wondering what they look like right?”

“Well, yes I guess…..”

“The only way to stop your curiosity is to just show them to you,” Susan said as she grabbed the bottom of her blouse and jerked it up over her braless boobs. “Now look.”

She didn’t have to tell him to look because his eyes were locked onto the wonderful mounds with dark brown hard nipples pointing upward at his face.

“You’re beautiful,” he gasped. He raised his hand to touch them.

“God, what are you doing?” she said as she pushed his hands down and sat back from him. “I said you could see them not touch them.” She pulled her blouse back on and stood up. “Cindy will be here soon so go into the bathroom and get rid of that!” She pointed at his large hard-on pushing up the front of his shorts.

“You….you want me to jerk off?”

“Yes, I don’t have time to do it myself. I’ll keep Cindy busy until you are finished.” She said when she heard the garage door opening up.

“Where’s Tommy?” Cindy asked when she walked into the den.

“Bathroom,” Susan said looking at a magazine. “His stomach was causing him problems.”

It was later that night when Cindy fell asleep on the floor watching TV and when Gene went upstairs to bed that Susan struck again. As Tommy walked by her on the sofa she grabbed his arm and pulled him down next to her.

“Cindy’s right there,” he whispered as she pushed him back on the soft cushions and slowly unzipped him to prevent a lot of noise.

“Shhh,” she smiled as her fingers snaked out his semi-soft penis. “I think it likes me.” They both watched as it expanded in her soft fingers. Susan kissed him lightly on his lips before turning to watch the TV. She didn’t miss a stroke.

Tommy looked at his sleeping girlfriend and at her mothers smooth tan legs under her loose shorts. He figured it was about time for him to do some touching. He slowly pushed his fingers against her warm thigh and waited to see if she would object. She didn’t even acknowledge his touch so he got braver and rubbed up to the bottom of the shorts and then back down to her knee.

Susan’s heart raced when he touched her leg and up until now had no intention of going past jerking him off. She thought she would wait until he touched her soaked panties before stopping him. The problem was that when he got that close her body’s needs took over.

Tommy’s fingertips pushed against her moist panties and he felt her legs open enough for him to push under the tight elastic band. As he touched her damp pussy folds her fingers tightened around his hard-on. He found her swollen clitty and started a slow teasing rub.

The bahis siteleri TV was on but they had no idea what was being said or what was happening. Tommy explored and found a small soft bush up above her slit and also found her pussy was pretty tight for a married lady.

Susan was getting close and so was he so she whispered for him to follow her into the dark dining room. He took her hand and followed her until they pressed against the wall out of Cindy’s sight.

“Kiss me,” she whispered as her mouth opened to suck in his hot tongue. His hands and hers were everywhere. He pushed down her shorts and panties until they fell at her ankles. Her knees opened to allow his fingers inside of her once again. The kissed more until Susan’s mouth pressed hard against his when she climaxed. She held in her moans as she finished and worked to bring him off which happened only a few seconds later. Susan quickly pulled up her clothing and whispered, “We have to be more careful next time.”

She kissed him and whispered that she was going to bed so if he wanted to fuck Cindy no one was stopping him.

“You know?”

“Sure silly. Cindy tells me everything.” Susan giggled and moved up the stairs.

Cindy was fast asleep when she felt hands moving over her breasts. At first she thought it was a wet dream until the fingers opened her blouse and pulled it from her chest. She jerked awake and saw Tommy. “Are you nuts?” she asked as she pulled her blouse together and looked around.

“They went to bed,” Tommy whispered.

Cindy lay back as he slowly undressed her. “What if they come down?”

“They won’t,” Tommy laughed. As his fingers parted her silky bush he quickly compared the dampness and grinned.

“God, you are so big and hard,” Cindy whispered in his ear as he lifted her hips and drove his rod inside of her. “Fuck me.”

Neither of them saw the body sitting on the stairs in the dark shadows. Nor did they see the smile and the twinkle in Susan’s eyes. It would be just a matter of time until she would be the one moaning and clawing at his back.


After fall break they would not get back together until the Thanksgiving break. It was the night before Thanksgiving when Tommy and Cindy announced their engagement to the two families. The families dined at the country club restaurant and all of them had a real good time. Susan had driven her car because she was visiting some other relatives earlier so when they all got up to leave she asked Tommy to ride back with her. Cindy went with her father.

Tommy knew something was up because Susan had flirted with him all night. When they danced she had guided him to a dark corner of the ballroom and then pushed her fingers down under his pants until she had his bare buttock in her hand. She made sure they were the last car to leave and as she drove down the long dark drive to the main road she turned onto a small side road and parked behind some trees.

“I just wanted to congratulate you privately,” she grinned as she pushed back his seat and unzipped his fly

Tommy closed his eyes and leaned back expecting her to jerk him off again but suddenly he felt her soft lips kissing his swollen tip. He looked down to see her eyes starring at his as her mouth opened and engulfed his crown. “OH MRS. BERGEN!” He moaned.

She popped her mouth off and licked her lips. “You can call me Susan when we are together like this.” Her mouth opened wide as her head pushed down, down and down until he was swallowed whole. For the next four minutes Susan gave him everything she had. Suddenly his hips bucked upward and his juices filled her mouth and throat. She swallowed and took another load and then another. She wiped her mouth again and sat upright. “We better get going before they miss us.”


Now that they were engaged Tommy was welcomed in as part of Cindy’s family. It was the next night that Susan suggested that he sleep over instead of leaving at midnight. She led him to the spare bedroom and helped him pull down the bed covers. “Stay awake until 1:00AM,” she whispered. “And don’t jerk off.”

It was quite apparent what she wanted to do. Tommy and Cindy necked and petted for the next thirty minutes on the sofa until he told her he was tired and wanted to get some sleep. She walked him up the stairs and after kissing him by the spare bedroom door she whispered, “Do you want me to come to your room tonight?”

“No,” he quickly said. “I’m really tired.”

“OK, but I’ll be dreaming about you,” she said as she gave him once last hug.

Susan heard the doors close and saw she had thirty minutes before going to his room. Gene was snoring heavily so she knew he was out. Hopefully Cindy would be the same. Thirty minutes later she removed her pajamas and pulled on a silky robe.

Tommy lay wide awake with a stiff dick as he awaited his mother-in-law to be. He knew he should stop this madness because if Cindy or Gene found out about it their wedding and their future would be shot. He heard the bahis şirketleri door slowly open and saw the shape of her body move into the room. She turned, locked the door and walked slowly to his bed. “Are you awake?” She smiled knowing full well that he would be.

“Yes,” he whispered as his hand moved out to touch her leg just above her knee. She moved closer to the bed and allowed his fingers to drift northward under her robe.

Tommy moved slowly to make sure she wouldn’t object until he crossed over from her leg to the vee. He expected to touch her panties and froze when his fingers pushed into her moist pussy lips. Her legs opened to allow his middle finger to push deeply inside of her.

“Move over,” Susan whispered as she opened the robe and let it fall at her feet. Her naked body moved under the sheet until it pressed against his bare chest. Her hard nipples poked into his hard body.

“God you’re naked,” he whispered, while moving his fingers down over her bare buttocks. They were both breathing heavily when her mouth and tongue sought his. He felt her push down his boxers until they were both nude. They pushed and rubbed their bodies back and forth until Tommy moved over on top of her. He tried to push her legs open but she kept them together.

“We can’t fuck,” she whispered.

“I want you so much,” he moaned as he pushed his raging hard-on against her small bush.

Susan had not planned on him pushing to fuck her. She had thought they would just touch and suck. Her fingers curled around his rod. “Fuck my hand,” she whispered. But, he didn’t move. “Tommy we can’t do it.”

His mouth moved back onto hers and his fingers caressed her soft mounds. “Just let me put it in once and take it out,” he begged.

Susan took a deep breath. “If I do you won’t be able to stop.”

“I will…………..I promise. I just have to know how it feels.”

Her body was on fire and although her sensible mind said no her wanton mind said yes. Her legs opened and his lower body moved between them. “Just once,” she whispered as her fingers found his pole and guided it to her heavenly hole.

Tommy was ready to pop just knowing his hard prick was about to enter the older woman’s pussy. He slowly lowered his hips until the huge crown pushed into her moist folds.

“Go slow,” she whispered. He was at least two inches bigger than her husband. Her legs wrapped around his hips. Suddenly another two inches pushed inside. “You stud,” she moaned. “Give me all of it.”

Tommy grinned as the lowered the other three inches deeply inside of her. Their pubic hairs intertwined and both knew he had reached the bottom.

Susan suddenly lost control and pulled his mouth down to hers. She was about to tell him to fuck her when she felt his body shutter and then his spunk splash against the back of her pussy. “OHHH!” he moaned loudly.

“Shhh,” she giggled as she placed her hand over his mouth to keep him quiet. A minute later he had unloaded everything and collapsed down on top of her. She pushed him to the side and rolled off the bed. Neither said a word as she put her robe back on and headed back to her room.

Cindy was awake and thinking about joining Tommy anyway when she heard his loud moan. Her curiosity got the best of her so she moved to walk down to his room when she peeked out and saw his door opening. Her hand covered her gasp when she saw her mother walk out of her fiancée’s room wearing a light robe that was unbuttoned. Cindy managed to go back to bed but got little sleep that night.


“Good morning,” Susan said to him the next morning when he strolled into the kitchen wearing a tee shirt and jeans. “Did you sleep well?”

“Yes, he smiled and looked around. “Where are Cindy and Gene?”

“They went jogging. They just left and should be back in about thirty minutes.”

Tommy grinned and moved behind her chair. “So that means we are alone.” His fingers moved to her soft neck above her robe and started a slow massage.

“Is sex all you think of?” she giggled. His fingers rolled over her shoulders and down under her robe and pajama top. A few seconds later he was cupping a soft breast in each hand.

“I want to do it again,” he whispered. This time he would not cum so fast.

“That was a mistake,” she moaned as he toyed with her nipples.

“You know you want me inside of you again,” he whispered as he leaned down to suckle her earlobe.

“It’s too dangerous,” she said as she turned her body. Her fingers unzipped his jeans and pushed them down with his boxers to his knees. Before he could object her fingers wrapped around the middle of his shaft and pulled it to her opened mouth.

“Oh Susan,” he moaned remembering not to call her Mrs. Bergen. She pulled it from her mouth and started licking up one side and down the other. Her fingers cupped and caressed his taunt sac while her lips clamped tightly around him. Her head moved back and forth slowly, then faster and then really fast until she heard him grunt and his juices fill up her mouth. Instead of swallowing she moved to the small bathroom to spit it out.

“Let me do you,” Tommy said when she returned to now stand next to him who was sitting at the table.

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